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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 13

2022-05-06 16:57:24Publish Time: 4,310 views
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Chapter 13: Recovery Spring

The Babel Tower had nine floors, and the construction area of each floor was 100 square meters. The Recovery Spring was located on the second floor, which occupied half of the area.

The Recovery Spring was a relatively large building in the Babel Tower. “It’s just a spring. Why build it so large?” Bai Yan couldn’t figure it out.

Fortunately, as long as the first Recovery Spring was established, there was no need to occupy additional land when building the spring for males and others.

[10 energy points deducted.]

He grit his teeth lightly. There were still dozens of points away from a new ten summons. He really wanted to open more foundations.

“Calm down. Foundation is not that urgent. I have to summon another operator to complete the weekly mission.”

In the early stage of Babel Tower, players could complete five weekly missions in one week. However, each operator could only attend three weekly missions, so Bai Yan had to summon another operator to complete the missions with Nighsaber as soon as possible.

The reward for each weekly mission was 30 energy points. If he couldn’t complete the remaining two missions, he would be distressed for losing 60 points.

And there were no restrictions for daily missions. Nightsaber could undergo training all the time.

He figured out that he could earn 290 energy points for a week, including 140 points from daily missions and 150 points from weekly missions. Coupled with the points from each battle, he could summon ten times each week. Bai Yan felt great.

“Queen of Scarlet Moon, you belong to me!” Bai Yan muttered.

‘Give me Queen of Scarlet Moon, please!’ Bai Yan prayed in his heart.

Nightsaber was the most powerful operator in the late-stage, and Queen of the Scarlet Moon was the strongest operator in the early stage , no doubts about that.As a powerful leader of the Blood, her initial attributes were extremely high, and there was a yawning gap between her and Nightsaber.

Bai Yan sat up in bed and drank a glass of water. After that, he picked up his phone and walked out of the apartment. The plants in the park near the suburb were flourishing. The street was clean, without any leaves. Residents nearby like to hang out here.

He sat on the bench and opened the game. There was already a notice that Nightsaber had to get out of the Recovery Spring. Bai Yan checked her information again and found that Nightsaber’s mood had directly become 8!

[Primary recovery spring. Boost operators’ mood to 8 and above.]

After soaking in the spring, the operator’s mood would rise to 8 and above with the same energy points cost. Therefore, the most profitable gameplay was to “squeeze” the operators until they were on the verge of breaking down. Then put them in the spring when their mood dropped to 1.

Bai Yan felt relieved that the 10 points were not wasted. Next, he would continue to squeeze Nightsaber to complete the mission. Before that, some of the energy points he earned would be used on Nightsaber, of course. Both of them had a bright future.

The warm breeze blew on his face. Bai Yan opened the popular video website on his phone and browsed videos of the account of Babel Tower.

Some netizens were arguing in the comment area of the latest video.

Noonerepeat: Hey! These videos must be real. WHY DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT?!

Cutesweetfish: LOL. Give me money, and I’ll believe you.

Thebeginningofallsorrow: TIP ME OFF!!!

Noonerepeat: Fine. Believe what you want.

Bai Yan felt that there were officials of the website in the comments area to divert attention. They didn’t want users to talk about this. This matter could not be held back. Paper can never wrap up fire and people in the world would know the mystery sooner or later.

“I have to go to class.”

Although he was aware of the existence of the supernatural, Bai Yan still decided to go to school as in the past. He didn’t want to be perceived as different.

In the neglected villa, withered leaves fell to the ground.

Mu Ling stood in the courtyard and kept performing her sword, practicing her excellent skill.

She practiced for a while, then suddenly froze. She was mentally exhausted, so why did she continue practicing? And she could even feel an inexplicable joy as she practiced.

That was weird. Mu Ling felt that she was out of mind.

The black hound that was raised by her father suddenly came to her mind. After a period of training, the dog would be obedient.

“Urgh! I’m not a dog!” Mu Ling quickly shook her head and shuddered, throwing this terrifying thought behind.

The familiar male voice sounded in her head again. Mu Ling subconsciously tensed up!

[Nightsaber, you’ll enter the Recovery Spring of the Babel Tower and heal your broken body and mind.]

“Recovery Spring? What’s that?” Mu Ling was slightly stunned.

In the next moment, everything around her began to fall apart. She felt all the visual elements disintegrate and reassemble. A huge sense of withdrawal made Mu Ling realize that she had been teleported. It was as if she was in a totally different place. Perhaps she was not in the real world.

When everything miraculously reformed, Mu Ling realized that she had already arrived at a golden beach surrounded by white fog. White fog enveloped everything around her, and the three suns in the sky were also hidden. Seeing the three dazzling golden balls of light, she was certain that she was definitely not in Noah.

“Is this the Babel Tower?” Mu Ling froze a moment. She suddenly realized that she could speak and that the Savior didn’t manipulate her this time.

‘I’m free!’ Although she was in a strange place. She still felt happy about the freedom.

“So this is what the interior of the Babel Tower looks like. I couldn’t tell it was a tower at all.” She looked at the three suns. Was the magical scene real?

Mu Ling felt extremely shocked and was speechless for a long time.

“Whoosh.” She heard the sea waves, and the faint salty smell came into her nostrils. Beside the golden beach was the ocean. In the endless blue sea, the swell curled with the white foam as if there was a special magic that tempted people to walk into. White clouds swirled around it, making her realize that this sea of clouds was not normal.

“This is a spring?

You called this sea a spring?

I have to soak in it, right?”

The situation was too bizarre, and she couldn’t relax at all. In addition, Mu Ling didn’t know if the Savior was secretly observing her, so she didn’t take off her clothes.

She took a deep breath and walked into the sea as calmly as possible.

‘What’s this?’

The moment she walked into the sea, she felt an unprecedented comfort! The fatigue in her body was being sucked away bit by bit. Depression, anger, sadness… all the negative emotions in her heart were being sucked away after she walked into the endless sea.

“It feels so good…” She couldn’t help but close her eyes.

Mu Ling felt that all her cells were melting and gradually becoming one with the sea. She was comforted gently as if she had returned to her mother’s womb. Unknowingly, tears fell from her cheeks.

After Only God knows how long, she finally opened her eyes again and found that she was still standing in the courtyard and had not moved at all. At this time, she felt better than ever.

Mu Ling revealed an extremely rare smile. She was even more grateful and in awe of the Savior. This was the power of the Babel Tower. Or rather, the power of the Savior.

“Amazing! Could the Savior be a superpower above the Heaven Enlightenment?”

She thought of the suspected “Savior” in school and began to wonder if she was overthinking. That young man might only have the same voice as the Savior. After all, he looks like a normal person.

She couldn’t shake the feeling that she should make sure of that. So, she decided to go to school.