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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 118 Part 2

2023-09-03 01:55:00Publish Time: 1,803 views
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Chapter 118: Believe in Bai Yan! (2)

One after the other, people with tired and numb expressions quickly walked into the cafeteria, no one dared to linger in one place, fearing punishment.

The lunch break lasts for half an hour, and for them, this half hour is a precious "free time".

The people here are all Dark Sorcerer's Apprentices, heretics, criminals… all sent in by the Core Operators from Babel Tower.

One by one, they are continuously brought in until there are more than thirty people.

Took a seat.

Sella and several Dark Sorcerer's Apprentices sat together, including the bald and short old man from before, all of them seemed to be under the leadership of Sella.

This red-haired woman was playing with a small red fruit in her hand, with a faint serene smile on her face.

The red fruit was Fire Dragon Gold, an advanced material for magic medicine. Although it was a waste to consume it directly, it would bring the consumer a pleasure akin to smoking.

"Praise the great master of Babel Tower."

Sella and her companions were entirely different from others; they closed their eyes in utmost devotion to pray to the owner of Babel Tower before every meal.

"Praise the Lord, and the Lord will give you His blessings."

Nonchalant with red hair, Sella distributed a red fruit to each person, who greedily consumed it with a look of great satisfaction.

Some people around showed envy and hesitated whether to join in.

Sella sat among the crowd and continued to speak, "I ended up here because of my wrongdoings and deserve to be punished."

"However, our great master of the Babel Tower is merciful and kind. He didn't annihilate us directly, but instead chose to give us a chance to reform."

"Only through sincere repentance."

"And submission to the will of the master of the Babel Tower."

"Only then can we have the opportunity to leave this place of trial."

Several people who had eaten the fruit nodded, closed their eyes, and began repeating Sella's words. Even the once extremely irritable bald guy was no exception.

Reno sat in the corner, coldly staring at the scene.


That woman only wanted to toy with people's hearts.

As a long-standing aristocrat, Reno was well aware of this and felt disdainful.

He ate some food casually and got up to go to the window.

Reno looked towards the laboratory on the other side of the cafeteria, where the area was very spacious and numerous strange monsters were trapped by various devices.

"Number three".

The Shadow Fiend with a sewn mouth, who was of the exterior of a black-haired weak girl, was also there. She was firmly fixed in a jar, surrounded by various needles and tubes, constantly being drained of unique substances.

Reno was simply unbelieving. The power of that Shadow Fiend was not much inferior to his own, but now it was completely at the mercy of others.

Tragic ending.

And on this side, he was merely fortunate to a certain degree.

However, this terrifying humanoid creature was never fully exhausted, just like each of these monsters and aliens maintained a healthy level of well-being.

"Master of Babel Tower… what kind of being are you, exactly?"

Reno muttered to himself.

Once again, how can we depart from here?


In the office, Bai Yan was pondering about the captain's affairs.

She seemed very uneasy just a moment ago.

Since both the big guy and Holly are unaware of the reason, perhaps only Lin Bian would know the reason.

Suddenly, Bai Yan discovered that his phone was ringing, so he answered the call.

The call was made by Alan.

"I will repay the money in a few days," Bai Yan said immediately.

However, what Alan said was different from that, as his tone was extremely serious.

"Bai Yan, this matter is very important…"


Bai Yan was incredibly shocked upon hearing this news, so much so that he could immediately ascertain one thing.

The storm is about to strike!

Alan continued on the telephone, "Yes, that's right, the 'Emperor' has suddenly been transferred to another mission."

"This is the order of the kings, a formal decision made by the Air Alliance's Hundred Kings Assembly. If the 'Emperor' violates it, he will be considered a traitor."

Bai Yan had a sense of foreboding in his heart.


Just saying "if", the "Mr. Mystery" who had just designed the fake death scene would have known in advance that the "Emperor" would be transferred.

Therefore, can it be explained…

Other high-level members of the Black Star Faction have even infiltrated the uppermost echelons of the Air Alliance's society.

Next, "Mr. Mystery" will seize the limited time and fight to the death!

"Who can possibly know what tomorrow holds?"

His tone was very calm.

"Alan, the world is forever changing, and there will always be unexpected events… but no matter what kind of changes occur, there will always be someone who can successfully persevere and stand at the end."