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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 115 Part 2

2023-08-28 02:10:00Publish Time: 1,865 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 115: "The Confession of the Emperor" (2)

Black tentacles, like the darkness of night, swam out of "Mr. Mystery's" body, numbering in the thousands, quickly covering the night sky and rushing towards the Night Watchers in front of them.

Each jet-black tentacle exerted immense pressure on people, and even a conventional army would probably be destroyed in a short time in the face of "Mr. Mystery's" power.

Kessel no longer moved forward, but stood in place.

He gazed at the man not far away.

The man resembling "Mr. Mystery" suddenly discovered that everyone under the cover of darkness disappeared at the same time, leaving him alone in a world of the night.


He witnessed two enormous pupils floating in the sky!

They were like two stars on either side, gazing at "Mr. Mystery" with an incredibly majestic expression.

In the sky, beneath the huge double eyes, tore open a mouth that resembled the darkness itself.

"Are you going to disobey the imperial decree?"

The voice, which was absolutely authoritative and completely unchallengeable, echoed incessantly in Mr. Mystery's mind, never to cease.

"Lowly soul."



Bai Yan and other Night Watchers witnessed a completely different scene.

They only saw Kessel's eyes burning with silver flames, and the black tentacles that covered the sky suddenly stopped.

Immediately, the body of "Mr. Mystery" also burst into flames, and in the bright silver flames, his body melted away like a candle.

This is the ability of the "Emperor", he is a master of soul magic, and what he just performed was the top-level magic of the soul domain.

Spiritual Covenant Decree.

A faint white light flew into Kessel's hand, which was the soul of "Mr. Mystery".

Kessel remained silent for a moment, until the white light in his hand gradually dissipated, and said, "It's over, I just analyzed his soul and confirmed that the action target is 'Mr. Mystery'."

It wasn't until this moment that everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Phew, it's over."

Alan also breathed a sigh of relief and then turned to Bai Yan, giving him a smile.

Bai Yan pretended not to have seen him and looked up at the sky.

After Kessel's repeated confirmation, the combat support personnel gradually entered the scene, and they began to cooperate with the Night Watchers to clean up and search the already concluded battlefield.

The remaining heretics who were not dead were arrested one after another. There were hundreds of heretics in the Black Star Faction stronghold, and more than half of them had been killed on the spot by the Night Watchers.

The rest, of course, had no good ending.

Bai Yan's publicly known skill is intelligence analysis, and he originally wanted to cooperate with the search, but ended up being called alone by Kessel.

The mighty "Emperor" stood alone in the corner of an old building, waiting for Bai Yan to approach.

"Bai Yan, you've arrived."

"This is for you, it contains my contact information."

Kessel lifted his head, smiled and handed a note to Bai Yan.

Bai Yan's heart sank.

This guy…

Why did he give me his contact information… and why does it seem like I can't refuse…

At this point, can we only pray that the "Emperor" is actually a woman who disguised as a man?

Kessel continued speaking.

"If you have any troubles or needs, as long as it's within my power, I will find a way to help you… except for you, and I have also given my contact information to that Night Watcher named Alan."

"I heard that you two are good friends?"

"You are the greatest acquisition in my 'journey' this time."

Kessel said calmly,

"They always talk about me, saying that I dote too much on the juniors, but I don't think so. If we let the 'geniuses' perish in the wrong way and difficulties, this country, with no one to succeed, will become what I dare not imagine."

"However, the opportunity to change the future is equal for everyone, and I don't want an unknown future."

Kessel paused for a moment and said seriously,

"We, as humans, can only protect the 'present'. Only when you all grow up, will there be an orderly 'future'."

"I don't know what you think or what kind of justice you believe in, but I can tell that you are a good person, Bai Yan."

So, he wanted to train me… Bai Yan was slightly stunned, and this kind of thing indeed conformed to the rumoured temperament of the "Emperor."

"Thank you."

Bai Yan nodded and took the note, thought for a moment, and said, "If I encounter any danger that I cannot solve, I will definitely call for help immediately, please rest assured."

Kessel chuckled and said, "I can tell that you're the type who can live for a long time, unlike Lin Bian."

Bai Yan smiled and remained silent.


Although you have a special interest in me, I am not a loyal member of the Demon Hunt Agency, nor will I be in the future.

Because I am already the mysterious leader of the salvation organization Babel Tower.

But in a certain sense… it's not exactly a bad thing, as I will find a way to make good use of you.

Bai Yan put away the note with the contact information for the "Emperor" and quietly thought about another matter.

According to the various information provided in "Babel Tower", the story of "Mr. Mystery" didn't really come to an end, but he successfully fooled the Night Watchers and even deceived the "Emperor".

And he himself may be the only one who knows the truth, but he cannot explain the reason.

Thinking of this, Bai Yan couldn't help but laugh.

Quite interesting, isn't it?

Actually, when you think about it, the good news is that "Nightsaber" still has a chance to personally deal with him.