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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 113

2023-08-24 01:30:00Publish Time: 1,478 views
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Chapter 113: The Savior Must Have a Deep Intention!

There were no passersby along the road, and in the darkness, he could only hear the buzz of mosquitoes.

Bai Yan walked on the way back to the team, once again activating Mysterious Magic's extrasensory perception to be vigilant against the possibility of someone being around.

The sound of mosquitoes, the scent of the wind, the subtle sound of the soil being dug up…

He felt everything in the world, making sure there was no possibility of being monitored by the witch, and then took out his mobile phone once again.

Bai Yan's phone was actually his second new phone, not his first.

Nobody knew about the existence of this phone.

Under normal circumstances, this phone, which looked exactly the same as the first new phone, was always kept by Bai Yan inside Babel Tower.

Bai Yan dared not use the first new phone he bought to play Babel Tower anymore.

Not only the Demon Hunt Agency would inspect and confiscate phones, but the witch who was concerned about him might also secretly put surveillance spells in it.

"The current situation is a bit awkward, and I must think of some ways to change the current state of helplessness."

Bai Yan fell into contemplation, beginning to ponder earnestly.

Does it still seem "appropriate" to continue being a Night Watcher?

Or, to put it plainly…

Is it still "profitable"?

Having obtained the specific way to become extraordinary from Alan, and learning a large amount of basic knowledge through the library of the Demon Hunt Agency…both of the benefits of being a Night Watcher have been obtained by him.

However, as a Night Watcher himself, it seemed that he couldn't simply disappear without further thought and leave things as they were.

"Hmm, this matter requires further consideration. It would be better to deal with the current situation first."

Bai Yan knew what he needed to do immediately. He quickly clicked "Restart" and began a series of actions on his way back to the team.

The difficulties of the new task are clearly twofold.

Firstly, the enemy that "Nightsaber" cannot kill, and even becomes stronger after each defeat.

Secondly, the enemy that will result in death upon encounter… the "Emperor's Meeting Kill" is too decisive to avoid.

"However, the reality is not so. In the real world, there can be no unavoidable attack, everything is dynamic and three-dimensional."

On the way back to the team, Bai Yan began considering the solutions.

He soon came up with an idea, his lips curling into a faint smile.

"Trust me, Mu Ling."


There was a team of thirty Night Watchers from the Demon Hunt Agency…however, there was an extra one today.

The pure white young man, "Emperor" Kessel, dressed in a white suit and with a delicate facial expression accompanied by a teardrop mole on the corner of his eye, seemed to be a perfect candidate for cross-dressing.

The decisive battle was about to begin when Alan suddenly found Kessel and, after a moment of silence, spoke:

"Personally, I think that perhaps the Demon Hunt Agency should not be enemies with Babel Tower… after all, their behind-the-scenes figure is a powerful god, and constantly provoking them is not a good behavior."

He didn't dare to say this to Lin Bian, but he was willing to discuss it with kind and gentle Kessel.

Kessel nodded calmly and asked in return, "So, are you planning to surrender to the Black Star Faction?"

"As we all know, the Black Star Faction's mastermind is a deity, perhaps even an Outer God."

Alan said solemnly, "No, it's not like that at all. The Black Star is the enemy of the entire Air Alliance, but Babel Tower has shown goodwill to the city on numerous occasions."

"Furthermore, the Outer God who supports the Black Star Faction doesn't have enough influence on the mortal world, while the presence behind Babel Tower can cause quite an impact."

Kessel gazed at the ground, suddenly interrupted and uttered:

"I have special instructions from above. I must catch the members of Babel Tower… So, when they appear again, I will not waste time talking, but will choose to extract their souls directly."

Alan was stunned and said, "Who do you mean by special instructions from above? Is it the 'World' of Eyes of the Empire, or the kings of the Hundred Kings Assembly of the Air Alliance?"

The pure white youth raised his finger and smiled, pointing to the sky.

"Higher up."

Alan was completely stunned, looking up at the night sky.

A direction from higher up?

How is it possible? They haven't had any directions for years.

A mere Tatsumi City, just a city affair, would actually attract their attention?

No wonder the "Emperor" was determined to catch the people of the Babel Tower, Alan finally figured it out.

If it is their decision, even the "Emperor" cannot violate it.

Alan fell into contemplation. The Savior is undoubtedly a divine presence, and the lofty "Rainbows" would intervene… although it may sound exaggerated and difficult to accept, it is logically justifiable.

The Savior of the Babel Tower, though possessing immense influence, cannot possibly appear in Noah's world as a god from beyond. His impact cannot surpass that of the local gods.

Therefore, the "Emperor" is not afraid of offending the Babel Tower. This is also the main reason why Demon Hunt Agency dares to confront various cults and even overthrow the forces supported by gods.

The Outer Gods are undoubtedly powerful and can affect the present world, but they are still very unlikely to come to Noah's world… "Descent" is a great achievement pursued by almost all cults.

Alan's thoughts are complex and subtle. Regardless, he hopes for an alliance between the Demon Hunt Agency and the Babel Tower.

"Do you want to work with Babel Tower?" Kessel suddenly asked, his eyes also looking at him.

Alan was taken aback but quickly regained his composure and replied with a smile, "Yes, to some extent. I believe that the Demon Hunt Agency should not make too many enemies. The balance we have maintained with Pastor and Queen of the Scarlet Moon was quite good."

Kessel nodded and calmly said, "I see. So, you are a dove faction who holds such an idea."

He fell silent for a moment and then continued, "Your qualifications are among some of the best I have seen. Only a handful of people in the Air Alliance, such as the 'Witch' and our boss 'World', can be compared to you. Your future is unlimited… in any case, it will be the future of you young people."

Although Kessel's appearance was young, at this moment his speech took on a mature and imposing tone.

"No matter what you think, as long as you fight for the Demon Hunt Agency and the Air Alliance, your choices are not wrong, and I will not interfere with the younger generation's decisions."

His tone suddenly became heavy, like a frost, making Alan nervous.

"There is only one thing, and that is never to betray."

Kessel raised his head and gazed sternly at the man in front of him.

Alan nodded with mixed emotions and answered seriously, "Hmm, I will not betray."

The pure white youth Kessel still gazed at Alan. He said that his "Hunter Eyes" could see the precise talent values of a person, but it was a lie; after all, this was the real world, not a game.

In fact, his "Hunter Eyes" could see the cracks around people, and the more cracks there were, the greater the potential for breaking away from the world's constraints.

The more one can break the established rules of the world, the more likely they are to become stronger.

Extraordinary power itself is a product that goes beyond rules and mundane restrictions.

Kessel knew that the "potential" of many people in the city was greatly exaggerated, including Alan in front of him, the witch he had long been familiar with, and… the two members of Babel Tower he had seen last time.

Oh, and there is also a Night Watcher named Bai Yan.

His own "Hunter Eyes" turned out to be completely ineffective against him.

He frowned, wondering how so many extraordinary people could gather in one city. Could Tatsumi City be hiding some unknown secrets?


Mu Ling walked on the dark street with a black cross in her hand.

She breathed the slightly damp air, feeling a significant difference from her past self.

"Speaking freely and openly… free from many constraints, yet still under the control of the Savior."

Mu Ling muttered to herself.

Like Maryse after her last mission, the current Mu Ling had learned to speak and express various emotions through her facial muscles.

She was not very surprised by this.

The Savior was not originally a slave owner and it is natural for him to return the right to speak to them. This is normal.

And His thoughts must have a reason.

Therefore, it must be for some unknown and unnecessary reason that He thinks it is time for the members of the Babel Tower to speak freely.

If Bai Yan could know the series of thoughts in Mu Ling's mind, he would definitely applaud her expertise, exclaiming, "Oh my, why didn't I think of so many reasons?"


Hearing the sound, Mu Ling frowned.

The next moment, she had already seen it.

Holding a huge white stone pestle in hand, the muscular and towering monster's skin had already decayed and turned black, emitting a foul odor.

"No. 8."

This terrifying monster stood at a height of over three meters, accompanied by an oppressive force that no one could ignore.

Perhaps the most eerie thing was the broad smile on its face, as if mocking its enemies, mocking the existence of life and the world altogether.

"So it was you!"

Mu Ling's eyes narrowed as she recognized this enemy who had taken part in the ambush to Hoo Xin. And he was the only one who escaped punishment.

Then tonight, let it rest forever here.


The monster roared and charged over with the large stone pestle in its hand.

Mu Ling gazed at the enemy running towards her, though his speed was not slow, it was still far inferior to her own.

Moreover, its movements lacked any skill, thus posed no threat.

"I can finish you off quickly."

"Sleep here, I'll give you liberation!"

Just when Mu Ling thought she would wield the black sword and launch an attack directly, something completely unexpected happened to her.

She was running away!

Yes, Mu Ling found that her "self" had no fighting spirit, and after claiming to give the enemy "liberation"…she turned around and ran!

What is happening here?

Why didn't you kill it?

"My Lord, the Savior?"

I have already boasted big words, haven't I?

Mu Ling, who values honor, found herself "fleeing in confusion" and felt a little aggrieved at first. But soon she realized there must be a profound meaning behind the idea of the Savior.

"Hmm, there must be some sort of profound meaning…"