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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 109

2023-08-16 00:25:00Publish Time: 1,988 views
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Chapter 109: Seniority

This is a new persona that Bai Yan has concocted for himself.

Through the power of Power Possession: Replication, he effortlessly enters the forum and fabricates a non-existent character.

Even "Cybertyrant" cannot uncover his specific information and origins, because he doesn't actually exist.

Brand new identity.


Bai Yan has already thought about the image of "Profligate" in real life and doesn't want him to remain just a character on the forum.

By using the Disguise Mask, which can alter one's appearance, Bai Yan could effortlessly create a new, alternate visage.

He wore a rather classical black robe, with black hair and brown eyes that resembled those of a Western man more than Bai Yan did. His slightly curled hair framed a handsome face with deeper contours than Bai Yan's, giving him an air of a noble scholar. His actions and manners were more elegant and exaggerated.

"Bai Yan" was a stereotypical Eastern face in Alan's perception, a college student who loved to play games and had nothing to do with noble, elegant, or scholarly temperaments.

These were all deliberate choices made by Bai Yan to differentiate himself.

He even contemplated acquiring a monocle…

This is "Profligate".

An elder with a more talkative, proactive personality, who enjoys happiness and excitement more.

In the forum, someone quickly responded to the unexpected "uninvited guest."

"Nightsaber: Are you also a member of Babel Tower?"

"Profligate: Yes, but I joined much earlier than you, I have been following Mr. Savior for many years. The number of worlds he wants to save is countless, whereas I have been active in different worlds for many years."

He actually referred to the Savior as "Mr"!

It seems that this senior is indeed very familiar with the Savior and they have a close relationship.

Offline, Mu Ling sat on the white bed with her phone in her hand, lost in thought.

"Perhaps one day, I too can gain the recognition of the Savior…"

She didn't doubt the authenticity of the other's identity. After all, the great Savior watches over everything happening with Babel Tower members. If the other was a fake, the Savior would definitely expose him immediately.

In other words, everything that "Profligate" says is true.

"X: You were not newly recruited by Babel Tower. Why the decision to join us?"

"Profligate: Because you may encounter some difficult things to refuse, Mr. Savior, He has decided to provide a guide for you."


These words stirred up a wave in everyone's heart and finally confirmed it!

It turned out that the Savior was indeed an ancient and powerful god, just as they had imagined.

Although it was expected, it still stirred up some emotions among the few people!

"Psychic Dancer: Guide? Welcome, welcome! Hello, senior! I am the most well-behaved and adorable!"

My goodness, the true nature has been exposed directly on the forum. Bai Yan silently watched without responding to "Psychic Dancer's" statement.

"Mysterious Magic: So, when we are in danger and difficulty, can you come to help us?"

Bai Yan pondered for a moment before giving an immediate response.

"Profligate: I am currently involved in a very dreadful war in another world, and it is hard for me to spare much energy to interfere in your… 'trivial matters'. I will only dispatch my clone when it is necessary to intervene and offer assistance in your world…but my clone possesses only a fraction of my true strength. Do not expect too much."

Ah, how delightful!

Finally, I can talk more!

Playing the role of "Savior" was suffocating me! Now, I can say whatever I want!

Well, not everything can be said.

Bai Yan's words and actions left room for himself, no matter when "Profligate" appears, when he exits, or how much strength he shows, he can always come back smoothly.

"X: I have always had doubts and want to ask here, why is the Savior so great but cannot solve the problem personally?"

Bai Yan had memorized the answer to this question in his mind for a score or more already.

"Profligate: The Outer Gods possess unmatched power, why don't they simply descend upon the world?"

"Profligate: The fragile multiverse has already done its utmost to restrict the arrival of great beings across various worlds with rules, even the Savior is not exempt. If He wants to descend upon the world, it is not impossible, but every time it will come at a cost, and you are not yet worthy of His doing so."

"Profligate: He wants to combat the threat brought by many great beings, so trivial matters are not worth the effort and cost."

The crowd completely comprehends and accepts this statement.

When this magnificent being comes in its real form, the "Rainbows" will probably have a stress response, and the whole world may be turned upside down… Their petty actions are totally unworthy of the Savior's own intervention.

"Profligate: By the way, Mysterious Magic, Mr. Savior asked me to give you a message… Beware of the witch."

Beware of the witch?

Alan, who was offline, froze in the bathroom. He nibbled his fingers while holding his phone, immediately becoming nervous.

Why should I be careful of the witch? This so-called "witch," could it be referring to Merete Chambers?

What's going on?

"Profligate: Her essence is a thirst for control, a true witch, hiding in the Demon Hunt Agency is just a temporary measure, and she will eventually betray the Demon Hunt Agency… This so-called 'Demon Hunt Agency,' seems to be a force or organization in your world?"

"Mysterious Magic: Hmm, Demon Hunt Agency. Everyone here has heard of this force that protects order, but I don't know the specifics."

Hehe, you're still pretending with me, aren't you? Your essence is a liar, right? Sigh, the world has fallen into moral decay. Although I don't seem to have scammed people less than you have.

Bai Yan couldn't help but grin, knowing that Alan was trying to distance himself from any association with the Demon Hunt Agency.

"Profligate: Oh, I see."

"Profligate: That witch should have a 'terrible Relic', although it appears to be a civilization-level Relic, it is actually a higher level existence, a part of a 'Ruin' level Relic."

Bai Yan deliberately revealed the Moon Witch's secret to Alan, partly to avenge the things she secretly investigated, to vent his anger.

On the other hand, he also wanted Alan and Lin Bian and other Night Watchers to keep a close eye on Merete Chambers, making sure that this fellow would not cause any trouble for him recklessly.

Once he was exposed, he always felt that there was a great probability of being imprisoned by the witch.

It's better to avoid that kind of development.

"Nightsaber: What is a Ruin-level Relic?"

"Psychic Dancer: I've only heard of Civilization-level Relic … Is it a more powerful and formidable level?"

"Profligate: The so-called 'Civilization-level Relics' are the remnants that naturally occur after the destruction of a civilization in the multiverse. They are indeed very powerful, but there are many relics of this level throughout the entire multiverse."

"Profligate: However, there are only 27 'Ruin-level' relics that correspond to 27 Outer Gods."

"Nightsaber: No, there are only 24 Outer Gods in total."

"Mysterious Magic: Perhaps he didn't make a mistake, and there are three Outer Gods that we don't know about?"

"Profligate: That's exactly right."

As the venerable predecessor of Babel Tower, he knew so much about the secrets of the multiverse! When the "Ruin-level Relic" and 27 Outer Gods were mentioned for the first time, everyone was surprised and had a special feeling.

They seemed to join the "high-end" gang and participate in the most central part of the multiverse.

Intelligence and information itself are valuable, and the senior disclosed so many secrets for free. Both Mu Ling and Maryse have a good impression of him.

They are just newcomers to Babel Tower, while "Profligate" is undoubtedly a strong fighter who has fought in various worlds for many years and defeated countless enemies beyond their imagination.

And such powerful predecessors can indeed easily become their guides.

"X: The intelligence provided by our predecessors is very valuable. I feel that it cannot be provided to everyone 'free of charge'."

"Mysterious Magic: Do you have any ideas?"

"X: Well, fair trade can promote everyone's enthusiasm. Therefore, it would be better for us to establish a trading system in the forum. Just now, I conducted a trade with 'Nightsaber', and the Savior didn't stop me. Obviously, this approach would not violate the rules of the Babel Tower."

Her execution ability is extremely strong. Just after speaking, a new trading system popped up on everyone's phone.

This also leaves no room for opposition from others.

In the trading system, everyone has their own "selling" and "buying" options. In contrast to the original bartering system, "Cybertyrant" thoughtfully designed a "credit" mechanism to make transactions more convenient.

Everyone's starting credits are the same, except for "Profligate" who has 400 more, obviously as the reward for those secrets just now.

"Profligate: Hmm, your idea is not bad. Let me evaluate the value of the items for the trade. To ensure fairness, I will not participate in the transaction between you two and will only provide information free of charge."

The next moment, all of his points were reset. This was something Bai Yan had done using the power of "Cybertyrant."

"X: Alright."

"Psychic Dancer: I agree as well."

"Mysterious Magic: Agreed."

"Nightsaber: I have no objection."


Offline, the incomplete girl who lived in a cramped room let out a slight sigh. She had originally intended to formulate the rules of the forum herself and evaluate the worth of the deals and information on her own.

However, "Profligate" had already spoken in that way and even mentioned "fairness", making it impossible for himself to say "no".

Otherwise, her idea would be too obvious and cause a decrease in everyone's favorable impression.

In fact, Bai Yan, who was playing the role of "Profligate", had already seen through the girl's thoughts.

"Cybertyrant" is often praised by many as a gentle, strong, and rational figure, akin to a mother or a good teacher. However, she always shows some degree of controlling tendencies, which can be considered a personal flaw.

"It seems there are only wrongly chosen names, but no wrongly chosen nicknames," Bai Yan muttered to himself.

"Mysterious Magic: I have some important information to offer about 'Mr. Mystery' and 'Black Star', who wants to know?"

Bai Yan was slightly taken aback, knowing that "Mysterious Magic" was offering bait, but someone was bound to bite it.

"Nightsaber: I want to know."