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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 106

2023-08-10 01:10:00Publish Time: 2,059 views
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Chapter 106: Let's Begin, the New Meeting

"In short, a troublesome woman."

Bai Yan could sense Moon Witch's pursuit and knew that she enjoyed fun, but he didn't feel afraid as she was not a psychotic villain.

Throughout the first playthrough, she always wanted to join the legendary Babel Tower.

After becoming a member of Babel Tower, the "Moon Witch" expressed great joy, claiming to have fulfilled a millennium-old wish of reincarnation throughout generations.

Though not entirely clear, this fellow seemed quite willing to emerge from the "pool".

However, with this fellow watching him constantly, Bai Yan knew life wouldn't be easy for him in the future, and thus he sighed heavily.

Even at home…in fact, it was not necessarily safe.

Yes, now that she has made it clear that she is paying attention to him, it is possible for her to set up observational spells in his home. Therefore, it is even possible for him to expose his identity while playing "Babel Tower" at his house.


The consequences would be unimaginable once his true identity is exposed, causing Bai Yan to frown involuntarily.

In the worst-case scenario, she would forcefully confine him before delving into what "Babel Tower" really is.

"It's better not to have this kind of thing happen."

Bai Yan realized he was not her match.

The current "Moon Witch" is very powerful, even though not as strong as the earlier "Queen of the Scarlet Moon", she cannot be challenged by the likes of "Nightsaber", "Psychic Dancer", or "Mysterious Magic" at the beginning.

With half of the "Ruin" level Relic, Book of Concealment, in her hands, ordinary superhumans who are not at the Crown level have no chance of winning.

"Ruin-level" is the highest level of Relic, and in "Babel Tower" only single-digits of "Ruin-level" Relics were mentioned.

Within the world of Noah, there are actually not many people who know about the "Ruin" level Relic, and at least Mu Ling and Maryse have never even heard of it.

If we were to classify the levels of Relic more carefully, they could probably be divided into four categories, "ordinary Relic", "advanced Relic", "Civilization-level Relic," and "Ruin-level Relic."

The Book of Concealment is, in fact, a part of the "Ruin" level Relic.

As for the whereabouts of the other part, in fact, even Bai Yan is not quite clear, because every time he drew the Moon Witch in his past life, she had already gathered the other part by herself.

He only remembered that the effects of the "Ruin" level Relics were extraordinary, and it was not just a matter of unleashing combat power beyond level.

It could change the world.

One of the effects of the "Ruin" level Relics is to forcefully establish new rules throughout the entire world, and once a person violates the rules, they will be punished accordingly, even the gods must obey.

Bai Yan couldn't help but sink into contemplation, whether he was at home or playing on his phone in the office, he was likely being monitored by the witch.

So, where is the absolutely safe secret place?

Does such a "safe house" really exist for himself?


By the way, he has it all the time, he just doesn't pay attention to it temporarily.

Bai Yan was well aware that in fact, that place full of secrets was worth further exploration.

"Hmm, let's go there."

There is a place that is absolutely safe, even the witch cannot pry into it.

Babel Tower.


Bai Yan once again entered the interior of the Babel Tower.

He sat on a lofty throne, behind which gleamed a colossal golden sun. The wind incessantly blew against him.

Bai Yan could feel the warmth brought by the sunlight.

This is undeniably a real world.

He retrieved his phone, and "Babel Tower" could run smoothly here. Meanwhile, the inner part of Babel Tower is an absolutely secure place.

"The leader of Babel Tower plays 'Babel Tower' in Babel Tower…to prevent the members of Babel Tower from discovering that the leader of Babel Tower has 'Babel Tower'."

The basic situation is like this.

Bai Yan looked at his phone and realized that Alan's mood had dropped again recently, and the new member's mood wasn't high enough either, so he dragged them both into "Recovery Spring".

After he finished the operation, he thought of something.

Recovery Spring is divided into "male", "female" and "asexual". This means that where they soak in "spring water" is not the same place.

Bai Yan remembered the so-called "Recovery Spring", which was, in fact, an ocean.

"If I go there now, will I run into them straight away?"


Everything in the house was collapsing, vanishing, and disintegrating into the most basic particles.

The world shattered and then reassembled in the next moment.

Alan took a deep breath and looked at everything before him, until he confirmed that he had entered a new world that was different from reality.

White mist surrounded everything, and he walked on white sandy beaches, while three suns in the sky radiated a soft golden light.

This was Alan's first time visiting the Recovery Spring.

"Is this the inside of Babel Tower? What is the purpose of this spring water…"

Should I touch it or not?

Whatever, let's just go with the flow.

Alan attempted to bend down, his fingers lightly touching the soft seawater. In an instant, his mind went blank, as if he had become a part of the ocean.

This feeling…

It's as if he once again experienced the taste of that exquisite cuisine…

So joyful…

It's as if he returned to the very beginning of his origin…

Alan lay down on the white sand beach with a satisfied smile on his lips, obviously having reached the pinnacle of happiness.

Draped in a black robe, Bai Yan approached from the side, his face completely obscured from the outside world. He kicked the fallen man with his foot.

"I've never seen this 'Spring' power firsthand before. It's amazing how great the reaction is after touching the seawater here."

Bai Yan gazed calmly at the boundless sea, and this "Recovery Spring" seemed to possess some kind of magical power, attracting people to merge with it.


But he refused.

Bai Yan dislikes anything that could make him lose his senses, whether it was in his past life or present life. He hasn't even gotten truly drunk before, pretending to be drunk at reunions and graduation dinners.

To Bai Yan, getting drunk and revealing his true nature in front of others was no different from doing a handstand with his pants down.

Therefore, he wasn't particularly eager to try the magical powers of the "Recovery Spring".

"I see, so there is more than one 'Spring'… The sand over there is golden, while this side is white."

Bai Yan smiled ever so slightly, and the next moment, he had already arrived at the other beach of Babel Tower.

Now, the "Cybertyrant" is also inside Babel Tower.

This was her first encounter with the Babel Tower.

"Why didn't she heal her own body…"

Bai Yan squinted his eyes, slightly curious.


On the golden beach, the totally black mechanical wheelchair was conspicuous and anachronistic.

The disabled girl, sitting on it, contemplated quietly and watched the scene before her.

Three golden suns, a golden beach, an endless ocean - everything was subverting her previous understanding.

Had she been transported to another world?

"Recovery Spring?"

She pondered for a long time and didn't rashly enter the seawater, but rather emitted a dazzling red light from her artificial eye.

Soon, a mechanical tentacle popped out of her wheelchair and entered the sea to start extracting.

[In the process of analyzing the components…]

[Unable to resolve…]

[Unable to resolve…]

[Unable to resolve…]

"Strange, but one thing is certain, this is definitely not ordinary seawater. The interior of Babel Tower is indeed very mysterious… completely incomprehensible."

After pondering for a moment, Amy's frail and feeble body remained unmoved and the mechanical tentacles bounced back from the seawater and began absorbing the sand and pebbles on the golden beach.

[Analyzing ingredients…]

[Natural round-grained memory sand. It is composed of a large number of fragmented memories and exists only in a few records as a mysterious substance.]

Amy was stunned.

Are these endless golden sand beaches, around her, all fragments of shattered memories?


She gazed upon the three suns in the sky, which seemed to be rising with increasing curiosity, her face slightly flushed.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to detect the composition of those three suns. Perhaps they are not even real suns?

Exploring novel and unknown things fills Amy with an irresistible urge. She didn't have many hobbies since childhood, but this certainly counts as one.

"Since it's called Recovery Spring, it shouldn't be something harmful. Moreover, if the 'Savior' wants to harm me, I won't be able to resist it anyway."

After logically sound analyses, Amy calmly maneuvered the mechanical wheelchair forward.

The black wheelchair gradually sank into the water as the sea approached continuously, making Amy a bit nervous.

At last, the unknown "sea water" touched her thin and weak lower body that had no legs.

After that, she knew nothing.

Such a feeling of happiness.

For how long had it been since she had felt this kind of happiness? Amy didn't know why, but suddenly she wanted to cry… but she couldn't.

Amy is the only one who retains a modicum of sanity in such a state.

Recovery Spring didn't restore her physical disability; evidently, the long-lost parts of a grown body are not considered part of the "injury".

Bai Yan silently watched from afar without any inclination to approach.

The so-called 'Cybertyrant' is merely a pitiful young girl.

She didn't choose to recover her body, there must be an important reason, no need for further persuasion.

Respect her thoughts.

Then Bai Yan left Babel Tower. In the real world, he was hiding in a public restroom of a ubiquitous department store.


The next day.

Bai Yan initiated Babel Tower's internal meeting for the third time.

He sat atop a tall crystal throne, while the ceiling of the crystal palace was completely transparent, revealing the vast, dark universe overhead, adorned with numerous dazzling stars that shone with utmost brilliance.

Amidst thick and vibrant clouds of black mist, the silhouettes of four Core Operators gradually take shape.