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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 98

2022-03-15 02:45:19Publish Time: 532 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 98: Crazy Chinese Netizens!

It had been 9 hours since the communication between Japan and the outside world was re-established, major countries such as China and the United States had already understood and adjusted themselves to Japan's recent strategy.

Different from the Japanese netizens on Twitter and YouTube as they only posted short articles, videos and partial pictures to vent their emotions, the news media and social platforms of all countries in the world reported on the supernatural phenomena that had pervaded the country crazily.

Many media channels that specialized in exaggerating the news to attract readers' attention directly issued special news articles and only reported information in Japan from beginning to end.

On the online news platforms, the following headlines even went viral.

ABC: Shocking the world! There exists supernatural events in the world that have been witnessed and experienced by hundreds of millions of people in Japan. (With a picture of the Hyakkiyakou, accompanied by the Japanese goddess Valkyrie Ono Sumika)

CBS: The Japanese people were attacked by a supernatural disaster. The superhero Onmyojis saved the world before the big trial and successfully destroyed the strongest ghost Shuten-doji at the last moment before the end of the time limit.

BBC: Today, 38 years after the Hiroshima agreement, Japan has once again suffered a major blow! The Hyakkiyakou, an entity comparable to the terrorists in the Middle East. (With a 3-hour video of the Hyakkiyakou filmed by the British Embassy in Japan)

GRF: Within 36 hours, a member of the world nation, the Yamato nation was close to death and destruction! The supernatural onmyojis prevailed till the end and successfully saved the nation from falling into the abyss. Click in to take you to experience the life of onmyojis!

On the Internet, the news that Japan, a developed country, a very important member of the ‘democratic and free’ society, was inexplicably disconnected from the outside world within 36 hours and attacked by supernatural monsters, was reported by the media in various countries and in just a few hours, it had attracted the attention of numerous people all over the world.

Exotic, powerful and seemingly omnipotent supernatural onmyojis, brutal ghosts, mediocre and helpless Japanese government, fleeing Japanese people who called for help desperately......

The information in the news report was comparable to the real version of the movies made with special effects in Hollywood, as numerous people were so fascinated and desperately wishing to become one of the supernatural onmyojis!

Of course, all the netizens from all countries in the world had hidden their thoughts and pretended to be extremely concerned about the victimization of the Japanese people and strongly urged to protest against the inaction of the Japanese government, cursed the monsters who sucked people’s yang and spirit.

But on the Chinese Internet, despite the firewall created by the China Netcom Office, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and other agencies, most Chinese netizens were ignorant of changes in the world, however, there was still a very small part of the Chinese netizens who were proficient in ‘jailbreaks’ and observed the changes in the world.

As early as the first hour of the complete disconnection between Japan and the outside world, these Chinese netizens had begun to pay attention.

While gloating, they were also pondering what was happening in Japan.

Today, these Chinese netizens were extremely shocked to discover that the facts were so incredible and their materialistic mentality in the past was subverted by browsing the information on the extranet!

Because there actually existed supernatural phenomena, supernatural monsters and people!

Science was no longer omnipotent since not only the devils, ghosts, onmyojis and the Shuten-doji existed in the illusion of the idealists, but also existed in the world!

Through the self-explanation of the onmyojis, it seemed that the gods of Takamagahara had already left the world and each onmyoji had a lucky cat who accompanied them to deal with non-combat problems!

Fortunately, they defeated the Shuten-doji and ended the Hyakkiyakou before the doomsday actually came.





Various nouns became very strange in the eyes of Chinese netizens, but made people come into contact with it.

These Chinese netizens really hoped that they could go to Japan in person and meet those so-called onmyojis.

There were also Chinese netizens who thought there must also be supernatural people in China since the population of China ranked amongst the top three in the world!

Among Taoists and monks, maybe there were several with real talents.

Perhaps these people had long exposed themselves, but the general Chinese people had no way to know them because of the control and isolation of the national government.

More Chinese netizens began crazily spreading foreign news in China, making the Chinese authorities that had been closely monitoring the Internet in China eager to eliminate the information from the extranet.

But before they started, a document from the superiors made them feel like a deflated balloon.

It turned out that considering that there were a large number of students and laborers studying and working in Japan, they would definitely publicize what they had seen in Japan, so it was really hard to block the news since the number of these people was nearly one million.

Moreover, the large-scale supernatural phenomena of a huge scale might take place in China.

As precautions, the authorities strictly prohibited blocking the news from the extranet, on the contrary, it was necessary to expand the propaganda, and to report the news in Japan more comprehensively and completely.

They wanted to slightly remind all Chinese netizens that supernatural things really existed in the world.

In the future, if similar supernatural phenomena really occurred, they wouldn’t be scared and panicked.

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