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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 97

2022-03-15 02:45:11Publish Time: 456 views
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Chapter 97: China with the Pressure

When President Trump received news from Japan, China, which was also a superpower, obtained the first-hand Japanese domestic information with its own channels.

In the central administrative building, a large projection screen displayed a variety of camera records from Japan about the 36-hour period.

Everyone in the central government building remained silent and concentrated on the records, all kinds of abnormal celestial phenomena and millions of demons on the streets, Prime Minister Koizumi Ichiro who got attacked and a large number of people’s yang force being sucked by ghosts, many onmyojis wearing white hunting suits who exorcised evil spirits on the streets......

Since most of the surviving onmyojis who participated in the crusade of the Shuten-doji were bribed with hush money by the Japanese government, temporarily no intelligence personnel knew the Chinese-Japanese mixed samurai who claimed to be a descendant of Emperor Yan and joined the crusade team halfway as only a few high-level officials such as the emperor and the Prime Minister got the information.

"It is really impossible to imagine that such supernatural phenomena that violates scientific rules happened in our neighboring country...... Moreover, it was so serious that it spread across the country. In the end, they even needed a group of onmyojis to save the world." Because the information had been confirmed many times, the head No. 1 exclaimed after taking a look.

"Speaking of it, the Ghost Gate incident that broke out in Shanghai 2 months ago directly involved more than 70,000 people...... If we didn’t take urgent measures, once it became out of control, I am afraid that it would have been as chaotic as Japan today."

"At the moment, some of the ghosts in Japan seem to be completely immune to the hot weapons, which is an unprecedented impact and challenge for our existing technology level."

The head No. 2 showed his fear.

Other central heads couldn't help but imagine what would happen if they encountered the same situation considering the state's military power and local police force.

After several deductions, everyone had to admit that perhaps the situation would not fall into chaos like Japan with China’s high political mobilization ability, but the government would still become powerless!

After all, their opponents are non-human demons with various magical abilities, somost of the soldiers and policemen were helpless.

The head No.1 pondered and looked at the Secretary-General. "What is the current preparation of the National Special Bureau I have set up before, trying to build a supernatural combat force that can stop the spiritual phenomena?"

"According to the Kunlun Basic Skills given by Meng Jingyu, a total of 1091 successful national special bureau personnel are trying to practice the Dragon Elephant Waves…… Those with great improvement have already reached the 147th level, their physical quality has greatly increased, and their blood circulation has accelerated.”

Flipping through the file on his hand, the Secretary-General replied very quickly. "According to the folklore, these bloody cultivators should not fear ordinary ghosts, but since no one has ever faced one, we don’t know what the situation will be......"

"But the Special Olympics Bureau selected some elites and formed a special mobile team with 30 people. As long as we confirm a supernatural event in the country, we can immediately mobilize them."

Hearing this, the head No. 1 couldn't help but frown. "30 people? If our country is like Japan, what’s the use of such a small squad?"

"We need a wider vision! It took you a long time to establish such a small squad of 30 people, the efficiency is too low!"

Extremely dissatisfied knocking on the conference table, the head No. 1 continued to blame the Secretary-General. "Tell Guo Zhaojian, if the national special bureau is understaffed, he can choose elite soldiers from the five military regions to practice ‘Dragon Elephant Waves’. When the confidentiality measures are strictly practiced, we must also raise this number!"

"One year, I will give the special national bureau 1 year!"

"At least 50,000 people with 1,000 level of Dragon Elephant Waves should join the front line. Assume supernatural phenomena to take place in various places in China in the future, they are the protectors of the 1.4 billion people.” The head No. 1 erected five fingers and looked very resolute.

"Yes, sir!" The Secretary-General left and went to the National Special Bureau to convey the order.

As he left, the head No. 1 looked around and continued to discuss the study.

"At the moment, we still don't know whether the Japanese government has concealed these publicly and semi-publicly, according to the information collected by our frontline agents."

"In order to prevent the worst case scenario, we can't work on the currently known information. We should repeatedly check and find out the missing files." The head No. 2 stood out and said.

"You are right, but if we don't take measures for the time being, won't it be too late? If the known information is already the whole content, then how can we maximize the national interests if we fall behind? What's more, if we can study on the source of these onmyojis, it would be really worth it!"

As there were different opinions from the central heads, the head No. 1 concluded. "We need to work on both."

As the meeting ended, they confirmed that they must continue to increase their intelligence work on Japan and put pressure on Japan in the international meetings, finding out the information about supernatural phenomena in Japan as much as possible.

Moreover, they should contact the onmyojis who had exposed their existence and tempt the latter to leave Japan and come to China from Japan through various channels.

In particular, Ono Sumika who was claimed to be the descendant of Abe no Seimei and possessed the powerful shikigami Royal Nine-tailed Fox was highly valued.

To the end, the head No. 1 sent someone to the embassy in Japan and if possible, the first goal was to extradite Ono Sumika.

As the meeting ended completely, the head No. 1 concluded the overall strategic policy. “Find out the source and put more pressure.”

As for the extradition of the onmyojis to China, because it couldn’t be exposed, it was not recorded by the conference archives and was carried out secretly.