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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 67

2022-03-15 02:41:10Publish Time: 529 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 67: Post with Geographical Discrimination!

When the trainee onmyojis, including Sumika, were fighting against the projections of the ghosts, Hu Feng also began to move on to his next step.

Unlike the simple and rude cyber tactics that he used in Mainland China, now Hu Feng in Japan, in order to convince everyone that everything was a spontaneous behavior of the netizens creation as much as possible, in turn, invaded those Internet accounts who hadn’t been online for a long time and began uploading videos and graphical visuals on Twitter, YouTube, Niconico and other websites.

“Tokyo’s night scene as beautiful as ever and a video taken off at work early morning to commemorate the occasion.”

Roughly this title, just looked like as if a netizen in Tokyo, Japan, who had nothing to do with, had uploaded the videos to Twitter.

But in fact, this was a post that Hu Feng deliberately designed.

Just clicking on the video, you could see the figures of onmyojis wearing hunting suits inadvertently showing up on the screen.

Of course, the tweet title wasn’t complete, because it wasn’t enough to attract the vast majority of people to watch the content.

How do I do it?

Hu Feng began to add all the most commonly used attraction methods of the news media especially - create a geographical discrimination in Japan!

"When I was studying in Kansai in my early years, I hated the environment there."


This, was the key word that aroused the war between Tokyo and Osaka!

Kansai? What the hell are you talking about?

In the minds of Tokyo people and Osaka people, the specific division of Kansai might be different.

To this day, many Tokyo people hated Osaka people very much, saying that they weren’t educated. They never followed the rules and all of them were funny artists.

The Osaka people, in turn, liked ridiculing the Tokyo people. They were generally arrogant, indifferent and worked in a depressed atmosphere all the year round. They never knew how to live with nature and have fun. They felt that everywhere except Tokyo was countryside.

After setting the title, as predicted, more than 30 netizens came to browse the video and left comments and the number was still rising.

Without paying attention to these people, Hu Feng had been busy thinking about other similar titles and uploading the videos to the website.

After Hu Feng posted with thousands of accounts, he also pretended to be attracted by the title with other accounts and publicized the comments below, as if he unconsciously had an amazing discovery.

"What happened? At 0:14, how do I see a group of Onmyojis wearing hunting suits? Looks like they are besieging something?"

Hu Feng followed with another account. “Zooming in to the limit, it looks like an old tree!”

Many netizens had also been attracted by Hu Feng, who were greatly shocked by the figures of onmyojis in the video.

"Are they the onmyojis that hunt ghosts at night? No way! It’s 21st century now, how can there really be ghosts?"

“Are they probably youngsters playing cosplay at night?” Hu Feng replied with other account.

However, many Japanese netizens resolutely disagreed with his statement.

"This is impossible! It looks like a certain area in Tokyo, but it’s not Akihabara…... How can someone cosplay publicly here?"

"Right! Cosplay in the middle of the night? There must be something in this!"

"At 1:19, I saw the billboard of that building! It should be near the Chiyoda area where I live. I have already notified the police! Checking these things is their responsibility."

Gradually, more and more netizens had begun to forward similar videos and images to their friends and family.

With the promotion of Hu Feng, millions of Japanese netizens had seen videos of onmyojis tonight.

Many netizens who hadn’t yet fallen asleep gathered on the forums to chat about it. Some people thought that a network pusher had carefully prepared for the plan, otherwise it was impossible for it to spread so widely in just a few hours. There were no onmyojis at all, it was simply a network hype.

Some people thought that onmyojis barely showed up in the video, indicating that the person who captured it didn’t notice it, so it was likely to be a real supernatural event.

And those onmyojis wearing white hunting suits seemed to be fighting around a tree, were there really so-called ghosts in this world?

Are the deeds of the great onmyojis exorcising, which has spread since Heian Era, real?

Regardless of whether these Japanese netizens believed it or not, Hu Feng could be sure that in the next week, the term onmyojis would definitely emerge from time to time in their minds.

"The more haste, the less speed." Hu Feng already had a decision.

After the majority of Japanese netizens first digested some information of onmyojis and tried their best to guess, he would secretly create a coincidence 3 days later, so that the journalists would happen to encounter a team of trainee onmyojis who were fighting against ghosts at night and the hype would continue.

He believed that these journalists were also very interested in the mysterious characters mentioned in the local legends - onmyojis. Their reports would absolutely be enough to overwhelm the public opinion in Japan!

In Chiyoda-ku, the fight between Sumika's trainee onmyoji team and the human face tree gradually came to an end.

Although it was their first time carrying out a battle against the ghosts, with psychological security brought about by the advantage of the number of people, Sumika and others overcame their fear and beat it hard with all the onmyoji techniques since its main trunk was completely fixed and it could only attack with branches or the parasitic vines.

It took nearly half an hour for them, the novices who had no combat experience, to completely eliminate the projection of human face tree.

In an instant, all five people clearly saw a faint light as thick as a desk lamp flying out from the human face tree projection and was divided into five groups of different sizes, which injected into their endowing notebooks respectively.

Almost at the same time, Sumika and others heard the prompts in their ears - they received 50 to 200 experience points, depending on the contribution of each person in the battle.

On the corpse of the human face tree projection which light dissipated, there were two pieces of level-1 parasitic-plant-like shikigami fragments [dodder], which made people feel surprised and excited.

How do five people split two shikigami fragments?

Looking at the two dodders, the five negotiated for a long time and finally determined that they would decide it over a game of rock paper scissors.

The two winners could take the booty.

Before they started it, they heard the police siren in the distance.

They dared not stay in the same place, so they fled with two pieces of dodders.

It was not long after they left, the police car parked on the side of the road and the inspection minister with a group of policemen also quickly rushed over, beginning to check the scene.