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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 66

2022-03-15 02:41:02Publish Time: 539 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 66: The Show Has Just Begun!

After reading these prompts, Sumika curiously clicked on trainee onmyoji forum.

"It's so hard! Why do onmyojis still have to learn, read, and familiarize themselves with the old books like Yi Jing? I didn't take such things seriously when I was studying. Now I became very anxious!"

"Help! Senior onmyojis, does the number on the notebook symbolize the capability of my dormant blood? The smaller the number, the stronger the awakened blood?"

"In the current Japanese society, how to hide ourselves as we have the noble origins of onmyojis?"

"My personal speculation and a rough analysis of the so-called ‘ancient evil’ according to the brief information currently known!"

“Recruiting three to five trainee onmyojis in Kanagawa County tonight to eliminate the weak ghost ‘tube fox’!”

There were lots of people asking for help, recruiting players, and analyzing the status quo.

Of course, the most eye-catching page was the post exploring the future of all onmyojis!

"In modern society, although people seemed to have their personal privacy, yet they actually have nowhere left to hide. Even though we all have become trainee onmyojis, but still the satellites circling in the outer space orbit, monitoring equipments at urban street intersections, even the drunks, violent people, tramps? …..."

“Help! With so many obstacles, how can we trainee onmyojis protect ourselves? Not to mention that everyone has never experienced military training and all of us are completely ignorant about how to hide ourselves! If we eliminate ghosts at night everywhere in Japan, I can guarantee that the police will come to the door next day and detain us on the charge of arresting cultists, within three days!"

"Therefore, we can only communicate with the council members immediately, so that every onmyoji will have the right to live. This should be the glorious future of us onmyojis!"

Slightly biting her lips, Sumika carefully read the post.

Thinking about it, she could also understand what the author actually meant. - The modern society and technology were developed and it was no longer like Henan Era hundreds of years ago. People who had just gotten exposure to their extraordinary power and have become onmyojis with their origins had to rely on the national government, or they would be considered as aliens by the ignorant people.

However, many of the trainee onmyojis held different opinions and heated up the debates.

"Are you willing to be a dog of a council member? You are not qualified to be an onmyoji, get out!"

"Council members are all swindlers! They will forget every promise after being elected!

Haven’t you understood it yet? Instead of trusting the government, I rather get killed by the ghosts outside!"

"Stupid! You can die yourself, but you want to encourage us to suffer together? Should we sign the treaty and all get sent to the dissection table and be sliced for the purpose of research?"

Some didn’t consider it unreasonable, as there might be a way to rely on the government.

"I don't think it is necessary to take the initiative to rely on council members because the more easily we surrender, the more we will be ignored and not valued!"

"I don't object to relying on my government! But I insist that we must make bigger troubles and notify the whole Japanese people that no one can protect their safety at night except us!

Only when we reach this consensus, can we enjoy the benefits of high welfare by relying on the national government."

"In a nutshell, we have to wait for trouble!" But don't misunderstand, I don't mean that we are going to make troubles. Those ghosts will do these all and then it won’t be too late for us to rescue them......"

Some trainee onmyojis were not only ambitious, but also a bit fanatic.

"I firmly oppose the government! Yes, we are all weak trainee onmyojis now and a patrolman can kill us with a pistol…... But as long as we fight hard, each of us will awaken our origins and have our own shikigamis. We will gradually become stronger."

"The power of shikigamis is ever-changing, such as control abilities of hypnosis and illusion.

Think about it! At that time, we can secretly hypnotize the leader of the ruling party and use the illusion to secretly control the parliament. We onmyojis will be the future rulers of Japan!"

"We onmyojis shouldn’t underestimate and hide our infinite potential. I feel that it is necessary for us to stand out and overthrow the current Japanese parliament with various means or even violence, creating an impact on this deadly Japanese society."

"Stand up and look! The ruling class members are exploiting the labor benefits of the Japanese people! Listen to it! The laughter that the chaebol groups are enjoying, the fruits of others labor!"

"What are we waiting for? All the Japanese trainee onmyojis should unite! In this fight, what we can lose is only the shackles imposed by the enslavers, but we can win the world!"

"Long live gods of Takamagahara! Long live onmyojis!"

Perhaps they were usually too depressed and dull, they all spat out their true thoughts, and this endowing notebook forum had completely become a place for them to relax.

But Sumika was totally uninterested in these things. She flipped through some posts randomly, but most were similar stuff.

Decisively leaving the forum, she began to look for mission of eradicating the ghosts in the vicinity of Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

How could she stay at home during a long night?

Sumika felt like sneaking out, finding other trainee onmyojis near the Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and eliminating the ghosts together.

With her own onmyoji technique that helped people recover their strength and slightly increased their movement speed - rejuvenation, Sumika believed that no one would refuse to join her team.

It took nearly ten minutes for Sumika and she successfully found 4 members who were in the same area in Chiyoda. After agreeing on a meeting point, she immediately put on the hunting suit and headed to the scene.

Tonight, they five would try to eradicate a demon in the reality - the human face tree.

As they accepted the mission, the mission of human face tree on the map in the endowing notebook turned red, showing that some onmyojis had picked it up and they were ready to start.

Across the country, hundreds of trainee onmyoji teams were launching action against their chosen goals.

What everyone didn’t know was that this was just what Hu Feng wanted!

"Photograph the battle scenes of these trainees and then deliberately make some videos and pictures looking like they are captured temporarily. Upload them to Twitter and YouTube with various accounts, and then I will spread them on the Internet and continue to promote…...”

"I don't need the Japanese people to completely believe it. Tonight, I just want to let them have a little attention toward onmyojis."

Hu Feng had a well-thought-out plan and set a follow-up progress plan. "The show has just begun!"