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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 6

2022-03-15 01:33:00Publish Time: 939 views
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Chapter 6: Easter Eggs?

When Fu Lu was extremely upset, a prominent color-changing title on the Ghost Forum attracted him.

【Top secret! Hidden NPC in black cloak. You can get unlimited fatigue! 】


With years of experience with forums, Fu Lu suspected that it was another hype.

But the obsession with the game made him click it.

The post’s author not only put multiple HD pictures of max fatigue on the front page, but also explained how to trigger the Easter eggs in detail, in order to prove the authenticity.

With the section of introduction, Fu Lu understood it thoroughly.

It turned out that the author met a mysterious geek wearing a black cloak at his birthplace.

The other party was not only immune to all physical and magical attacks, but also asked him whether he believed that ghosts existed in the world or not.

Two options popped up on the mobile screen -【Believe】and【Do not believe】.

At that time, the author thought that he had triggered a random mission, so he immediately chose ‘believe’.

However, he mistakenly chose ‘do not believe’.

As a result, the mysterious geek in black cloak smirked and took out ten bloody books made of human skin, letting him randomly draw one.

At that time, the author drew a story book which recorded a man who suspected his wife had an affair with their neighbor, so he cruelly murdered his wife, his child, and his neighbor.

After reading this book, two bizarre permanent buffs immediately popped up on his attribute panel.

One was【Increase the chance of ghost haunting by 100%】, and the other was【Max fatigue value】.

The author speculated that the geek in black cloak would appear randomly near the birthplace of the player.

Ten books made with human skin probably indicated that only the first ten people encountering him would gain the permanent buff with unlimited fatigue value.

Therefore, players reading the post better patrol the map of their birthplace and strived to encounter the geek in black cloak.

Once the ten books were drawn, the others would have no chance.

"Really? How can a mobile game company make such an Easter egg? It’s so unfair!"

"Thanks, I will try it at my birthplace right away."

"Wow! No way. I saw the geek the day before yesterday, but I thought he was just a wandering neutral ghost. I didn't look at him carefully before going for the copy..."

"The guy who bypassed him lost the chance to win a billion. LOL!"

"100% fake. Don't believe him!"

Originally a large number of players suffered from lack of fatigue, and now it became bustling in the forum after someone claimed to find Easter eggs with unlimited fatigue value.

In less than a few minutes, the originally eye-catching color-changing post became popular with several hundred replies.

Fu Lu, who was doubtful, then read the replies below.

In the 295th reply, there were suddenly screenshots of a player who showed off that he encountered the geek in black cloak near his birthplace.

He followed the instruction and chose【Do not believe】.

Then he really received a book made with human skin from him and read a horror story completely different from the author’s.

This lucky player also uploaded the screenshots - on his character status, there were two eye-catching permanent buffs.

They were 【Increase the chance of ghost haunting by 100%】and【Max fatigue value】as the author mentioned!

This player also claimed that there were only eight books left after he drew it!

This heated up the entire forum!

With his reply, a large number of players in the forum were overjoyed.

Many players were excited and desperately posting, to claim to take the remaining eight books for the permanent buff with unlimited fatigue value.

Affected by this atmosphere, Fu Lu became eager to try.

He minimized the Ghost Forum, tried his luck, and controlled the character to wander around his birthplace...

"He swallowed the bait." Paying attention to Fu Lu’s move, Hu Feng, the leader behind the scenes, smirked.

In fact, the author didn’t exist at all, neither did the lucky player with the 295th reply.

All the screenshots and texts were the illusion he designed!

All the players that claimed to try, in the Ghost Forum were faked by Hu Feng in order to create an atmosphere deliberately.

From beginning to end, Hu Feng had only one purpose - make Fu Lu bite the bait and act in accordance with his script.

For example, make Fu Lu believe that he was the lucky one, look for the geek in black cloak, and ‘coincidentally’ encounter him! ...

One minute, five minutes, and thirty minutes passed.

Wandering back and forth in Jing’an District of Shanghai, his birthplace, Fu Lu hadn’t found the geek in black cloak yet.

"Hmm, this map is so big, and there are even tens of thousands of players..."

Unable to find the target, Fu Lu was slightly frustrated.

"How can I be so lucky?"

"I am an ordinary person who can’t even win a five-dollar lottery, and now I actually want to compete with tens of thousands of players? I am really stupid!"

When he was about to give up, a figure in the lower right corner of the mobile phone screen suddenly attracted Fu Lu.

He was even excited and ecstatic. "What? How? It’s so exciting!".

Several roommates happened to return to the dorm.

"Are you okay?"

"Do you win a lottery?"

Shocked by Fu Lu, several roommates could not help but get stunned.

With a smile, Fu Lu looked ecstatic.

On the screen of the mobile phone, a geek with a ghost mask in black cloak stood still, and his dress was exactly the same as mentioned in the forum.

Without hesitation, Fu Lu controlled the character to walk over, which actually triggered the question【Do you believe that ghosts exist in this world? 】.

After choosing【Do not believe】, suddenly the geek in black cloak had a strange smile.

The indifferent eyes behind the mask ruthlessly glanced at him. Fu Lu couldn’t help but had goosebumps. His back even sweated!

At this moment, his hands were shivering.

He couldn’t even hold the thin mobile phone.

Although Fu Lu had heard countless ghost stories, seen countless horror movies, and read so many spiritual novels, he had never experienced the so-called fierce looks!

He even couldn’t remember what happened next. Being shocked, he saw the geek in black cloak give him the last bloody book made with human skin in his hands and turned it into black smoke.

Taking a nap for a few minutes, Fu Lu felt a little warmer, but he was still weak.

"Did I catch a cold? It's a bit uncomfortable."

It was hard for him to believe that an NPC in a mobile game could shock him with a single glance.

He comforted himself picked his phone up. He checked the game character repository.

Obviously, he still remembered that he must control the character to read the book in order to get a permanent buff with unlimited fatigue value.

【Bloody/Love Letter】

Opening the repository, and the title of the book showed up.

He started to read it.

"He is a handsome man. She is a silent and ugly woman. Even with the love/temptation to write a love letter, she cannot recover his fake tenderness."

"The temptation of friends, the joking bets, the fake cares, the affected approaching, and the ridicule after the truth debunked."

"The heartbeat that stops, the cold corpse, and the love of a lover. She has been forgotten."

“No one knows that from this moment, she and the bloody/love letter legend have merged."

"When the bloody/love letter emerges in the world, her figure will also return."

Continuing on the follow-up content of the book made with human skin, Fu Lu roughly understood the story.

In a middle school in Jing’an District, under the temptation of his friend, a handsome man bet on how much time he spent, so that the ugliest girl in the school would fall in love with him and had sex.

He encountered her in the library and started creating contacts step by step.

Spending time and energy, it took more than a month to reach the goal.

Then, he broke up with her without any politeness.

He proudly announced that he had already successfully won the bet.

At the beginning, the girl thought that she wasn’t good enough.

Hence she sold everything, such as silver headwear, to buy cosmetics and clothes to dress herself.

At the same time, she also made a wish in the temple and wrote many love letters to her ex-boyfriend in an attempt to recover the relationship.

However, soon, with the spreading of the news of their bet, she thoroughly understood everything. She was desperately frustrated.

Late in the night after three days, the teachers and students witnessed a girl with unclear face throwing bloody love letters on the roof of the old school building that had been closed for many years.

Her three roommates found out that she had no breath! With the forensic identification, they believed that she died of a heart attack around 72 hours ago.

The identification news scared everyone in school because her roommate had been with her for the entire three days.

During this period, they not only talked to her and comforted her many times, but also helped her with water and food.

If the forensic results were correct, what did they get along with then?

Quietly, on the game character status, two permanent buffs were added -【Increase the chance of ghost haunting by 100%】and【Max fatigue value】.

"Finally, I no longer have to worry about the fatigue limit!"

When he moved his finger to the screen of the mobile phone, he suddenly noticed that there was a red letter on his desk. He had a bad feeling inexplicably in his mind.

He sweated all over his forehead.

Picking up the letter, he could clearly see that a red heart pattern was set in the central seal.

There was also a slightly scattered rose fragrance.

All kinds of features showed that...this was a love letter!