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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 5

2022-03-15 01:30:38Publish Time: 1,012 views
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Chapter 5: First Fudge Project

He continued to scroll down to see the post.

There were trade posts, team posts, and ‘looking for brothers and sisters’ posts…

There was no guide post at all, which made him speechless.

"The game forum seems to be popular, but how can there be no guide post? No way, now I can only post an article for help."

He was no longer hesitant.

"How to pass【The five in the barren mountain】?" After typing the title, Fu Lu continued to describe what he encountered.

After a while, there were more than a dozen responses.

"A level-0 rookie challenges the copy alone? How brave!"

"You’re killing yourself! You have no level and equipment. Your health points should be less than fifty, right? An attack of a ghost can kill you, and you have no power to fight back. I advise you to level up and then challenge it."

"Hey, you’ve tried the same copy three times. I think you must have spent 110 points of fatigue, right? Are you stupid?”

"Rookie, I was as ignorant as you are, two days ago. You must transfer to a new job at level ten before trying the Strange Talks. Otherwise, unless you’re super brilliant or super lucky, you never pass a copy without dying!"

"You must have not started the novice guide mission. This mission can help you reach level five, and it will randomly give you three treasure chests of varying quality."

Fu Lu browsed the information and felt a little stunned.

After transferring a new job at level 10, the player's various attributes would soar, so that you would have the power to challenge it.

Challenging without levels like him would simply be in vain.

Fu Lu continued the game, found the novice guide he previously skipped, and started to do it step by step.

He then understood the player's apprenticeship mainline assessment missions, the color of ghosts, how to spend the money to buy their own needs, the player's independent trading system, the actual fights against ghosts, and three transfer careers of apprentices - fighters, mages, and assassins.

Unconsciously, Fu Lu was completely immersed in and followed the rhythm of the game.

Even after he reached level five and the novice guide disappeared, he still spent the fatigue value like he used to, killing ghosts and doing missions.

"Fu Lu, the professor will have a roll call, we should go!" Nearly 2 p.m., several roommates called him in the hallway.

But no one expected that Fu Lu, who never skipped class, would turn a deaf ear to them and kept looking at the screen of his mobile phone.

A few roommates shouted several times in a row, but they only got a weak response.

"Leave me alone." Obviously, Fu Lu already couldn’t stop it.

Even if the professor had a roll call, it was difficult for him to let go of his phone.

Time passed.

Due to the deliberate arrangement of Hu Feng behind the scenes, each player's fatigue value was used very quickly, but the store never provided any products to restore fatigue value.

The only thing that allowed players to kill a few more ghosts and try one Strange Talk was the energy pill.

It only dropped after killing high-level ghosts or appeared randomly in the treasure chest of the Strange Talks.

The chance was slim.

Hu Feng sometimes even thought that if he posted the dropping rate in the forum as a moderator, the players would become really crazy.

It was even more likely to win a million lottery!

In addition, Fu Lu spent 90 points before knowing it.

After a while, Fu Lu, who tried his best to eliminate the ghosts, found that a prompt popped up on the mobile phone screen.

"I am very sorry, you’ve run out of your fatigue value. You’re unable to attack or enter the Strange Talk. Please restore the fatigue value."

"System prompt: the player's daily fatigue value of 300 will be refreshed at 12 a.m. every day."

Fu Lu was crazy. The prompt really made him uncomfortable as he was now immersed into it!

"This must be a conspiracy of the game developer. There must be props to restore the fatigue value in the shop!"

Although he already knew it, he still couldn't help but choose to pay for it. Fu Lu paid for thirty gold coins and entered the shop right away. However.

"What the hell?" What shocked Fu Lu appeared.

Looking around, the number of goods in the shop was so small - nickname rename card, forum post color change card, and forum rename card.

After playing games for so many years, he had never seen such a simple shop!

There was no item that would exchange money or the props he needed most, to restore fatigue at the moment!

"Damn, do the game developers really want to make money?"

"Two rename cards and a color card. What should I do with these three cards? I want to spend money to buy something, but there’s nothing at all!"

Fu Lu suddenly thought of the trade post he saw before in the Ghost Forum.

It seemed that someone was collecting medicine used to recover the fatigue value.

I should also buy them! He thought.

Fu Lu directly posted in the forum.

However, Fu Lu wasn’t the only player who lacked fatigue values.

Even if he asked to buy with WeChat cash, he couldn’t receive any request.

"Damn! There are still eight hours before midnight, it's too hard!"

It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and he felt like it was forever.

Behind the scene, Hu Feng home at this moment was looking at the number of gamers reaching 50,000.

He began to follow up on his own design.

He wanted to let single-digit players trigger the hidden NPCs, make ghosts in the mobile game come into reality, and appear in front of the players.

He convinced tens of thousands of players that this mobile game was very weird with those who encountered ghosts, and made ghosts in the game come to reality!

After several days of scrutiny, Hu Feng had already thought about it all.

"A single player encountering ghosts is not enough to shake the entire mobile game, making all players believe that there are ghosts in the world…

But if the police, the Internet and other news media are involved, making the situation more complicated, it will be the time when I collect tons of fudge values!”

Hu Feng sneered.

"Archimedes said ‘Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.’ Then I say, give me a player who encountered ghosts and I shall prove that ghosts exist!"

"System, from the players online, give me those who choose the birthplace in the game as Magic City.”

“At the same time, detect those death case which are recently involved with ghosts in reality.”

“If the birthplace of the players encountering ghosts is identical to where the death case which took place in Shanghai in reality, isn’t it easier for people to fall into the horror speculation!"

Closing his eyes, massive information collected by the system flashed through in his mind.

Soon, two of them caught his attention.

【Freshman Fu Lu in Jing'an District is highly obsessed with mobile games, but suffers from lacking fatigue values】

【In Jing'an District, the scary rumor of XX Middle School's blood / love letter, it was rumored that a girl who broke up was killed】

It’s perfect for me!

Hu Feng happily planned his own fudge script.

"Guide Fu Lu in various ways to find the hidden NPCs in the mobile game - and tell him the strange story of blood / love letters."

"Use the remaining fudge values to create a figurative blood / love letter and female ghost. I will control them to walk into reality to entangle and intimidate Fu Lu."

"Force Fu Lu to seek police protection, so that the police can intervene in this mobile game. With the help of the country, make the remaining tens of thousands of players know that ghosts really exist. When they are panicking, I will take the opportunity to harvest lots of fudge values!"