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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 20

2022-03-15 02:24:49Publish Time: 712 views
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Chapter 20: To the Extreme

Hu Feng’s plan was completed properly, and he began its implementation.

The first step was to find a land that conformed to Feng Shui.

Fortunately, in modern society, science and technology were well developed.

Hu Feng didn’t need to consume a lot of fudge values to let the system scan the land.

He could directly watch the satellite river map online.

After a few hours of busy work, he found what he wanted.

Xi'an, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, was known as the Oriental Emperor Valley.

There was a stretch of mountains and rivers exactly like the arrangement of the Nantok Star.

It looked like a long spoon, similar to the spoon that old man used, to drink alcohol.

In the folk customs of China, the Big Dipper decided death, and the Nantok Star decided birth.

The Nantok Star, in the Taoist culture, was also known as the six stars the compelled life.

What Hu Feng wanted was to provide a strong evidence, to explain why he could live in the grave for more than 70 years when for the country started investigating the secret master of Minguo.

That was to prove that the female disciple of Kunlun - Lin Qingxue did exist! After all, the land specially used for the burial of the body of the master was the proof!

"System, this place in reality must not be discovered!"

The space around was fluctuating. At the next moment, Hu Feng had showed up at the destination in stealth.

In front of him was a vast mountain with various vegetation and trees, and vines and weeds everywhere.

Hu Feng understood that from the satellite map, this was the layout of Nantok Star.

"The feng shui pattern is done, and the next step is the ancient tomb." Hu Feng blinked and decisively communicated with the system, asking it to imitate the unearthed tomb from Qin and Han dynasties in the depths of Xi'an and to copy one.

It cost 10,000 points of fudge value.

A large tomb from the Qin and Han dynasties, which was 30 meters long from north to south and 22 meters long from east to west, appeared quietly in the mountains where Hu Feng chose.

According to his requirements, the system also had a number of tomb structures with magnificent and complex painted murals.

Beside the main room of the tomb was composed of three wooden blocks.

In addition, there were stone statues of samurai, beasts and other guarded burial chambers, the sacred path, the gold and silver beads for funeral, silk clothing, copper lacquerware, Han Dynasty coins...

Hu Feng was ready to pretend to be the martial arts master of Minguo, and to lie in the main coffin that was dug up.

Each inch of it was made of wood with anti-corrosion and insect-repellent, the outer layer was solemn, the inner layer was magnificent, and the monsters were engraved in different sizes to symbolize the longevity.

Then, Hu Feng consumed another 5,000 fudge values to create a meteorite from outer space.

He made a Chinese ancient palace lantern with it, engraved with a large number of runes.

The outer layer was also plated with a layer of bronze and patina.

Looking at it from afar, this lantern must be loved by the owner.

The surface was rounded and had a bright luster.

"This lamp is the lover lamp, burned by the love. It comes from Kunlun. It belongs to his female disciple."

“The concerted lights will be automatically extinguished when the thieves break in. Unless they can find the tears of true lover in the heaven, the light will not be lit up again."

Laughing, Hu Feng had an idea.

Suddenly, the lover lamp flew to the top of the main coffin.

There was no fuel in the lamp, but a faint flashing candlelight could be clearly seen automatically.

"The feng shui pattern of the mountains and rivers, the arrangement of the coffins of the Qin and Han dynasties, the sympathy of faint lights of the lovers lamp..."

Noticing that the preconditions of the martial arts master was almost ready, Hu Feng spent remaining fudge value on strengthening his camouflage and deformation.

First of all, he needed a skill that allowed him change thousands of faces and body shapes as he desired.

Hu Feng immediately consumed 3,000 points.

The skill ‘camouflage’ poured into his memory.

The details of various exercises were in mind, as if he had practiced in his previous life, it was hard to forget.

"Become a fierce and strong man." He outlined his own appearance in his mind.

In an instant, strange things happened! Hu Feng’s whole body made a loud noise, his bones were pulled up and the contours of the face suddenly changed...

Taking out the mobile phone screen as a mirror, and the first thing that caught his eye was a man with the height of 190 cm, a scar on his cheek.

He looked very serious, and his arms were thicker than the common thighs.

Trying to speak, Hu Feng heard - the voice of a completely strange old adult man.

"Good skill. Change again!" In the following time, he continued to change.

A gloomy thief, a fat office leader, a bloodthirsty underground professional boxing player, a silent and lonely youngster, a lovely kindergarten children...

No matter what kind of person, Hu Feng found that as long as he thought, he could vividly imitate them.

There was only one problem.

The ‘‘camouflage’ only allowed him to change into male characters.

However, Hu Feng thought about it, and he didn’t care about it at all.

He also needed to do something more important.

That was to set up specific martial arts! Qinggong was necessary because it was so stylish choice.

Thinking about it, Hu Feng decisively consumed 9,000 fudge points to create the skill ‘shrink’.

Stepping out, he could reach at least tens of meters away.

If he had enough qi, it was possible to cross the horizon.

Shrink the world, and everything would be near!

As for the choice of internal power and external skill, Hu Feng considered that since he was a master, the ordinary martial arts were not enough to highlight his strength.

Simply consuming 50,000 fudge values at a time, he create the skill ‘train’ that originally belonged to the novelist's fantasy.

"Train the skin"

"Training the flesh"

"Training the muscles"

"Training the bones"

"Training the internal organs"

"Training the bone marrow"

"Change the blood"

Ultimately he reached the extreme! He couldn’t be harmed.

He could smash the void if he wished. He could detect any change in 10,000 meters, even the ambush of any person.

He was immune to all the hot weapons except the massive nuclear bombs.

The original fudge value dropped to only 5,509 points left.

But Hu Feng didn't care at all.

Because he had already reached the extreme!


There was a sudden thunder and rain poured.

"Is this the extreme body? The physical strength becomes unlimited, the blood becomes strong, and the five senses becomes developed..."

Hu Feng took a breath. He felt his body so light and energetic, for the first time.

In the storm, he was dry, as if the world preferred him and deliberately created an invisible shackle to block the rains.

But if you looked into in, you would find that this was not the case.

Before the raindrops fell on Hu Feng, they have been evaporated by his qi!

Looking at Hu Feng's eyes, they were bright and clean.

In the depth of his pupils, there seemed to be a vast starry sky, which made people deeply sink into it.

"I actually have a feeling. If anyone is malicious to me now I can detect it. If he mentions my name, I can detect who he is, where he is, how many other people are around him... It is a little bit magical!"

Hu Feng smiled.

He was shocked by his abilities.