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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 19

2022-03-15 02:24:41Publish Time: 816 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 19: The Martial Art Master That Climbs Out from the Grave

"As you can see, the horror movie that I co-produced with Feng Xiaogang and Wu Jing was accidentally stolen by international hackers and uploaded on the Internet..." Zhang Yimou described in the interview.

Wu Jing smiled slightly and talked very fast.

The reporters at the other side couldn't hear clearly.

"This is an unprecedented movie. It was directly approved by the National Folk Culture Bureau and supported by the head of the State. The movie with great cost, great background, great innovation, Chinese unique modern social background...”

Looking at Feng Xiaogang, he had already held a number of super-definition film posters, and eloquently gave reporters on the scene introduction on how hard the film crew worked.

At the end of the film release conference, three well-known directors made a gesture, and all the lights on the scene suddenly disappeared.

"Now, let us welcome the actor found by the crew, the male lead with superb emotional performance - Fu Lu!"

Bright and dazzling spotlights shone down the red carpet on the high platform.

"Hello everyone, I am Fu Lu, the male lead in the movie ‘Shanghai Spiritual Haunted Event Tracking Report’."

The curtain was slowly pulled up, and Fu Lu was slightly embarrassed to walk out along the red carpet, and then smiled at numerous reporters and fans.

Suddenly, thousands of online fans who had seen his "exquisite acting" shouted with excitement.

After receiving the flowers from several consecutive online fans, Fu Lu took the initiative to thank the three directors for their teaching and caring, so that he could be famous all over the Internet.

In the future, he would also strive for the life of China's performing arts, strive to create more and better film works, and enrich the spiritual life of the people throughout the country.

Looking at the headlines, suddenly some paparazzi stated that a star actor had a tax evasion contract!

A married female star had an affair with her broker.

The inbound and outbound video of the hotel was released!

"The huge power of the state machine is really amazing."

"In less than a few hours, not only did the three famous directors took the initiative to come out, but the male lead Fu Lu clarified the authenticity of the film..."

"They even distracted everyone with some affairs and scandals. Their means are really amazing."

Quiet and alone, Hu Feng didn’t say anything, but countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

“Report the statistics of the video.” Hu Feng communicated with the system.

“Since the host forcibly released the video on the Internet...” System Intelligence AL analyzed the statistics.

“Until now, it has been three hours and fifteen minutes. About 40 million Internet users have viewed your edited video, but there are fewer than 100,000 people in the world who believe that ghosts exist. Most of them are players who have downloaded and played the game."

"So, how many fudge values have I collected?" Slightly crooning, Hu Feng was also prepared for this result.

After all, they didn’t see it with they own eyes.

If a video could convince the well-informed Chinese netizens that ghosts existed, it was definitely a joke!

"81009.83 points of spiritual power have been collected and automatically converted to the fudge values."

"You had about 1500 fudge values before, so the current total balance is 82509."

Hearing this news, Hu Feng became energetic.

Lazily leaning against the computer chair, his hands clasped his neck and leaned back, staring at the ceiling motionless.

At the next moment, Hu Feng seemed to be recalling something.

"I remember being attracted to TV dramas for the first time in my childhood, because I saw a costume martial arts drama. The martial arts master who can fly here and there, showing off his skills in sword, it is really desirable."

"When the first time I read online novels in junior high school, there was an ancient martial arts master traveling to the modern world - ‘The Campus Martial Arts Master’ written by Ink White also makes me crazy. Sometimes when I read the climax of the story, I even want to be the character."

"System, if I change my body shape and change my voice." Hu Feng asked. "Then become a martial arts master who is fearless of firearms, heroic, and vigorous. If I show up in front of the national government to show the true internal power of Qi, how about it?"

"There is no reference in the database..."

Forget it, you don't have to answer it!

Hu Feng stood up and meditated in the room.

Not long after, he had a new fudge project in his mind.

"I know it. This time I will turn myself into a martial arts master, showing the martial arts world the internal power of the body, and letting them believe that there are martial arts in this world!"

He began to conceive the details of the plan and sort out the obvious loopholes.

"For an ancient martial arts master, the first difficulty after coming to reality is to communicate with people."

"The way how ancient martial arts masters talk is too inconsistent with modern people. If I want to pretend to be an ancient martial arts master, then I must not have such communication barriers."

Hu Feng had an idea.

"Right, Minguo (PS: Republic of China, 1912-1949) was not far from now, but it is in line with the identity of the ancient martial arts master I want, and the people of Minguo and modern people will not have any communication obstacles! Like the invincible iron fist Sun Yat-sen, the demon stone San Yazi, the reincarnation king Yuan Shikai, fast runner Jiang Zhongzheng, Huang Feihong, and Huo Yuanjia..."

"But the problem is coming again!"

Hu Feng asked himself. "How can a civil martial arts master live quietly until 2018 without being discovered? Doesn’t he eat, drink, age, and is detached from the outside world?”

“There is only one answer. This martial arts master of Minguo must have a different practice method. He can be buried like a tortoise in the underground all year long without aging!"

"A secret martial arts master has been recovering in the grave since the past because of serious injuries. After decades, he is awakened by a group of tomb thieves..."

"In this way, the identity background of this secret martial arts master will be good, but it is too monotonous, not enough to attract great attention at national level."

Frowning and thinking for a long time, Hu Feng had a rather bold and exaggerated identity background.

The mysterious exercises that this secret martial arts master practices is from his lover Lin Qingxue.

Lin Qingxue, whose real name is Qinglan, is a female disciple of Kunlun, a great master.

Eight Allied Forces and the Japanese invaded China.

The Chinese nation was trampled and abused by foreigners.

It was even humiliated with a nickname ‘Sick Man of East Asia’.

When he just got secret martial arts from his lover, he wanted to challenge the foreigners but got shot directly by the Japanese army and almost died on the spot.

In order to let him survive, Lin Qingxue searched for an ancient tomb, sealed his body in the coffin to recover, and sacrificed her treasure - a bronze lamp fueled by her love, to protect his soul and disappeared without a trace.

70 years passed.

A group of tomb thieves took the detonator and shovels to unearth the tomb.

The master was awakened, and he showed the Chinese martial arts with intrinsic strength in front of the national people.

Everything started.

Out of the tomb, since he didn’t age for the past 70 years. He tried to find his lover.

Qinglan, a female disciple of mysterious Kunlun.

The legendary lamp from Kunlun - lovers lamp!

Throwing out such a big amount of information, Hu Feng didn’t believe that the country would remain indifferent!