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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 147

2022-03-15 03:05:03Publish Time: 402 views
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Chapter 147: Videos of Victims

I was waiting for you to ask, otherwise, how can I connect Chiyou with the clues?

"In mainland China, there exists the servant of Japanese beast?"

Hu Feng ‘frowned’ and said.

"How do we explain it? Is it possible that the victim Wang Laoju’s disappearance is related to Xiangliu?"

Wu Zijuan shook her head thoughtfully. "No, maybe it is not that simple... Maybe Chiyou also plays an important role!"


Thinking of Chiyou, the giant showing up in Japan a few months ago, the rest of the Chinese dragon group members turned fearful. "In any case, we must immediately report this major clue to our superiors."

Hu Feng made a statement.

Soon, they handed the task of guarding Wang Laoju’s residence over to the members of the second squad and left.

The turmoil in all walks of life and the faint social panic attracted the attention of the leader of the country, so he convened every related personnel to discuss how to cope with the large-scale supernatural disappearance event in the country.

As the top officials of the national special bureau, also the backbones of the 12 Zodiac totem inheritors Hu Feng and Wu Zijuan were of course eligible to participate in the meeting.

After the report of Hu Feng and Wu Zijuan, the entire conference room was silent.

Obviously, no one expected that Chiyou even intervened in the large-scale disappearance event!

The head No. 1 thought for a moment and called Hu Feng. "Hu, since you’re the first one who found this, please represent the national special bureau to talk about the matter."

This move was in line with Hu Feng’s wishes.

He decisively uttered.

"It is well known that Emperor Huang buried Chiyou’s body in different areas and ordered Dayu to build the 9 furnaces and the barrier to seal the latter before he died. Hence, when Chiyou shows up in the area, its strength will be weakened."

"If I were Chiyou, then I would find a way to destroy the furnaces, recapture my own body, and take revenge on Emperor Huang’s descendants!"

"Today, this event might have been the precursor to Chiyou plans to destroy the furnaces and the barrier."

After the speech was over, Hu Feng sat down.

The head No. 1 suddenly noticed that Cheng Bingde raised his hand and seemed to have something to say.

The head called his name and Cheng Bingde stood up with decisiveness.

He said loudly.

"I agree with the statement of Captain Hu."

"It is very likely another of Chiyou’s plans after the water monkey!"

“What do you mean?” The head No. 1 asked.

"Everyone here should know the mobile game ‘Ghost Gate’ in Shanghai at the end of July, right?"

Everyone in the conference room nodded.

"You should know the result. Ghost Gate released a large number of evil spirits, all of which were captured by the mages from the underground hell..."

He then continued. "At first, like everyone else, I thought that it was the end of the event."

"But in the past week, the strange disappearance event suddenly woke me up."

"Although the evil spirits have been taken away by the mages, the culprit ‘Ghost Gate’ seems to still existing in the world!"

Everyone followed his logic and understood what he wanted to express.

Chiyou might be colluding with Ghost Gate, thus causing the large-scale disappearance event nationwide.

After all, even the barrier restricted Chiyou, the up-and-coming star of the supernatural world - the Ghost Gate, could probably break free even if bound by the furnace barrier.

In addition, from the relationship between natural enemies, even the mages from underground hell could restrict Ghost Gate; it was no match for Chiyou!

Assuming that Chiyou and Ghost Gate colluded with each other, Chiyou helped the latter to control the mages, and the latter helped Chiyou make trouble in China with Xiangliu, destroying the 9 furnaces and the barrier…

With contemplation, more and more think tank members in the conference room felt it possible.

The head No. 1 also crossed his hands and looked solemn, as his anxiety was overwhelming.

However, at this moment, Hu Feng suddenly raised his hand.

After the nomination of the head No. 1, Hu Feng stood up again. "The speech of the Chief of Staff is quite scary, but I think that there are some defects."

"If Chiyou and Ghost Gate colluded with each other, they should be strong enough in terms of strength."

He went on. "Why do they have to make many people disappear throughout the country?"

Looking at Cheng Bingde, Hu Feng asked. "So I would like to ask the Chief of Staff, in your conjecture, why does Chiyou and the Ghost Gate have to create such a large-scale disappearance event?"

Cheng Bingde was speechless.

"Thank you, Captain Hu, you pointed out the flaws in my conjecture."

He was also very sincerely acknowledging that he was not thinking enough. "As for why they have to create such a large-scale disappearance event, I really can’t give an explanation. I can be sure that there’s a reason that they must do it."

Of course, it is impossible for you to give a logical explanation because I have not given you the next clue.

Don't worry; I will give you the clue now.

"You don’t have to be so polite, Chief of Staff."

While secretly controlling cyber evil spirit to release a large number of videos of victims on the Internet, Hu Feng he smiled gently.

"I just think that we should clarify every detail..."

"In fact, before I stood up, I was really worried that if you would demote me after I pointed out the flaw in your conjecture."

Hu Feng’s playful words made everyone laugh in the meeting room.

The head No. 1 smiled, and Cheng Bingde was stunned.

"Captain Hu, thanks for reminding me!"

Then he simply pretended to be sinister and said indifferently. "Hey! In the future, I will intentionally pick on the reports of the national special bureau! Dare to point my flaws out? You will regret it!"

The laughter in the conference room was even louder.

Some even shouted loudly, asking Hu Feng to send a big red envelope to apologize and remind him that the chief of staff was famous for being sinister.

Suddenly, the Secretary-General with the highest head of the national cybersecurity department, rushed to report new major discovery.

On the national Internet, there have been many specific videos about all the victims in the supernatural disappearance event!