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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 146

2022-03-15 03:04:55Publish Time: 401 views
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Chapter 146: Victim

Time passed by, and right after Hu Feng joined the National Special Bureau, the cyber evil spirit became active, and so there were more and more victims!

Wang Laoju was the first victim, but by no means the last one.

As usual, Wang Laoju, a Bilibili stream, was playing computer games on her live broadcast and chatting with her fans.

"My IQ is over 50!"

"I’m the best streamer!"

Along with his slogan, the atmosphere on her channel was good.

However, suddenly, Wang Laoju was stunned in front of the camera.

Her eyes widened in disbelief, narrowed the distance between himself and the computer screen, and kept asking his fans.

"Sun Prison Invitation Letter, Congratulations on entering as the number 0011 criminal..."

"What! Does everyone see this? Is the hacker joking with me?"

Her fans looked at the screen in confusion, but only saw the screenshot of Dark Soul.

"Didn't you wake up yet?"

"What? I don't see anything..."

"This joke sucks, Laoju!"

As if ignoring them, Wang Laoju looked straight at the computer screen speechlessly.

In the sight of his fans, something incredible happened.

Ripples appeared on the computer screen and sucked Wang Laoju’s head inside suddenly, and swallowed her limbs at an extreme speed visible to the naked eye.

In a flash, everything in the room was normal, but the streamer went missing.

Wang Laoju is missing?

"Laoju, is this a special effect?"

“Laoju, come out! You scared me! ”

"Is this real? Is there an accident? Did the computer eat him? Was she kidnapped by an alien?"

"Call 110! Who knows where Wang Laoju lives?"

Some even called the police.

However, no one knew that not only she disappeared; instead, more than 300 streamers disappeared for no reason.

All local police calls were occupied since the victims’ families or friends kept calling every minute.

On the Internet, various rumors began to spread quickly though no one knew why they disappeared.

A conjecture was gradually accepted by most netizens.

The case of the mysterious disappearance of a large number of people living in the country in the past week might be a new supernatural event similar to Hyakkiyakou in Japan!

It was referred to as [computer eating people].

So needless to say, those mysteriously disappeared would not come back again.

Internet cafes and nets across the country plunged in turnover; workers in major companies that used computers were worried that they might disappear in the next second.

Many people relying on computers when working, such as game planning, programmers, engineers and designers, started considering whether to change careers or not.

After all, if they went missing, what would be the use of more money?

Wang Laoju’s broadcast room had been temporarily taken over by the National Special Bureau, and they asked his wife to leave temporarily.

On the third day of Wang Laoju's disappearance, Captain Hu Feng started searching with other members, trying to find about any clues.

Hard work paid off.

4 days later, Zhang Shichao, the dog totem heritor, succeeded in smelling a faintly invisible, heterogeneous breath from Wang Laoju's computer hardware!

After disassembling Wang Laoju's computer hardware, Hu Feng finally found an unmoved, small shadow glued on the back of the computer.

Realizing that it might be an important evidence, Zhang Shichao took out a transparent glass dish and was ready to bring it back.

However, just as he took out the faint shadow, something weird took place!

Now exposed to the light, the sesame-sized shadow swelled and grew.

In a blink of an eye, it became a strange faceless existence in Japanese-style ninja costume composed of shadows with kunais at his waist.

The faceless ninja raised his hand and dozens of shurikens flew out towards the crowd.

The thick ink-like shadows quickly filled the room and the whole room was plunged into darkness.

Wu Zijuan and others immediately sought shelter to protect themselves and cooperated to counterattack, as they had trained in the base of the national special bureau.

However, before they acted, a bright lightning rumbled in the dark room!

Later, they heard a heavy object slamming down on the ground, then the darkness was disappearing quickly, and the normal light was restored again.

"Don't worry."

The darkness disappeared completely

Hu Feng, with a pair of dragon horns on his head, stood still and stepped on the ninja who had a cracked wound on his chest.

The body and limbs of the ninja dissipated and collapsed rapidly.

The totem inheritors quickly came over.

With a close look at the monster that had not completely collapsed and disappeared, everyone was stunned.

Wu Zijuan could not help but murmur. "Why does it look like the servants of Xiangliu? The same shadow shape, the same ninja dress..."