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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 141

2022-03-15 03:04:15Publish Time: 401 views
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Chapter 141: Alternative Interpretation

After the mermaid Robert claimed claimed himself as the messenger of the Atlantis civilization, many news and media channels in various countries quickly reported, the heads of government rushed towards the United Nations headquarters, the words about aliens, Atlantis and mermaid Robert had become the hottest keywords on the Internet all over the world.

Every second, at least 7-digit netizens searched it.

The discussion about Atlantis had heated up on the global Internet.

Before Robert had yet appeared at United Nations Headquarters and talk with the leaders, a large number of experts and professors started using personal online accounts to discuss about the specific topic that aliens might talk with national leaders, or to analyze how many years ahead was their current technology from us, and to predict what this planet and its nations would evolve into in the future.

To put it simply, as long as it could quickly attract the attention of netizens, they would do everything!

In order to maintain the heat, they even threw out some nonsense such as that the aliens might take the opportunity to brainwash the leaders and then control the world secretly.

The journalists, though without the professional qualities of experts and professors, also started spreading rumors with unilateral information.

Soon, just a few hours later.

An article from the British Times combined with the alien and Andersen's fairy tale ‘The Daughter of the Sea’ quickly went viral.

In China, journalists changed a title and translated it into Chinese, immediately making it their own original news.

【Shock! News that 1.3 billion Chinese do not know! As early as hundreds of years ago, Andersen secretly informed the world of the existence of the alien mermaids from Atlantis civilization.】

"Today, the news that the aliens came to earth has become viral. Here, I want to analyze a secret with everyone."

"That is, as early as hundreds of years ago, the famous European fairy tale writer Andersen, in fact, in the fairy tale of his book ‘The Daughter of the Sea’, has already concealed the existence of the alien mermaid family in the Atlantic Ocean!"

"If you don't believe it, you can read the fairy tale ‘The Daughter of the Sea’ again, or listen to us carefully."

"’The Daughter of the Sea’, formerly known as ‘The Mermaid Princess’, tells the story of the princess mermaid giving up her free life on the seabed and 300 years of life without fear of illness in order to pursue the human prince, leaves her wonderful voice in the hands of a vicious witch, drinks the witch potion, endures great pain caused by turning the fish tail into human legs, and pursues the love with her lover... However, she eventually ends up in bubbles and dies. ”

"In the past, when I read this fairy tale, I was sad for the mermaid princess, hated the vicious witch, and complained about the temperament of the prince."

“However, with the appearance of Mr. Robert, I suddenly found out that I was too superficial in the past!”

"Please look at the background of the fairy tale first."

"Before meeting the prince, the princess was a mermaid living at the bottom of the sea. She was free and comfortable all year around. She had a long life span of 300 years..."

"Living on the bottom of the sea, there is no doubt that the little mermaid does not belong to any human race."

“Lifespan of 300 years?”

“Do you know what the normal life span then in Europe was? Less than 34 years!”

“Even in the 21st century, how many of Chinese can live healthily to 100 years old?”

"Maybe some readers would call me mentally retarded now."

"As a person who masters the truth, I will tell you the truth even if everyone hates me!"

"Take a look at how the little mermaid drinks the witch potion, suffers from the pain, turns the fish tail into human legs, and then leaves the ocean to meet the prince..."

"Does the mermaid family had such a technology hundreds of years ago? Human genetic modification technology! This is the superb technology that humans can't do now!"

"According to my understanding, the witch should be the female mermaid scientist at that time."

"With her help, the little mermaid was able to turn her lower body into human legs by taking medicine!"

Internationally, many who believed the interpretation blindly began to hold large-scale demonstrations to protest strongly that the governments concealed the secret for so many years and demanded the immediate decrypting of all government documents involving aliens since citizens in democratic societies had the right to know.

In the face of their behaviors, the leaders of European governments hated the journalists, but they had to deal with it in line with the principle of differentiation and appeasement.

The European governments invited famous scholars and stars to cooperate with the announcement that there were no so-called secret documents and archives.

Everything was a random assumption of the irresponsible journalists.

They also solemnly announced that they would invite formal news media organizations to conduct live broadcasts outside the United Nations Headquarters building to inform people of the meeting between the aliens and governments as much as possible.

As the vast majority of people attending the demonstrations left, a small number of diehards insisting on staying and even tried to throw the simple firebombs against the explosion-proof police who blocked the road.

For them, the European governments no longer moderately appeased and directly punished them.

With high-pressure water guns, rubber bullets, tear gas, refusal horses, cages, stun guns and other weapons and equipment, they soon took down everything.