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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 140

2022-03-15 03:04:07Publish Time: 447 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 140: Atlantis Civilization Messenger

Inside the National Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing, China.

The fact that the meteorite stopped its descent improperly in space became the focus of researchers and all technicians recently.

Every day, experts and professors proposed a lot of speculation and hypotheses, and then everyone discussed about it, trying to fully explain the root cause of the incident.

Today, Professor Fang proposed that to not look at the meteorite from the perspective of the natural laws of the universe.

If the initial acceleration and the bizarre stagnation were both supposedly man-made manipulations, could anyone explain everything perfectly?

Simply put, Professor Fang suspected that an Extraterrestrial life controlled the meteorite!

The conjecture suddenly stunned everyone.

Since the Soviet Union launched its first extraterrestrial satellite in 1957, the universe had officially appeared in front of global countries.

In the universe, whether there were intelligent lifeforms apart from the human race had become a lifelong study for numerous astronomers.

Unfortunately, even now, the exploration from major powers in the world still could not provide direct evidence to show signs of any alien intelligence life that did exist.

To Professor Fang’s conjecture, all the experts couldn’t help but realize that it was a possibility that the aliens were controlling the meteorite because the meteorite would have to conform to the basic laws of the universe even if there was a change in its speed and orbit according to the natural laws of physics.

Usually, the gravitational waves of nearby stars was the most important reason for the change in meteorite.

However, both the acceleration and the stagnation of the meteorite indicated to some human factors faintly!


Reciting this word, a large number of experts and professors became excited.

Civilization or race different from the Earth!

In the universe, humans finally had new friends?

Were they good or evil?

Were they also the same carbon-based lifeforms as humans?

Or a silicon-based mechanical life?

Or was there no entity, but quantum signal integration?

Before anyone actually saw an alien, no one dared to assert their customs, languages, appearance and ethnic history.

In the eyes of Hu Feng, it was time for the Atlantis civilization to have their debut.

The meteorite had parked in the orbit for 12 hours now.

Regarding the idea of aliens, the Chinese government also tried to launch electromagnetic waves to establish contact with the aliens behind the meteorite after submitting the report to the head No. 1.

However, it was a pity that they only received silence.

When some heads of the Chinese government were skeptical whether they were actually aliens, the latter actually showed up!

These aliens quickly took over the authority of the major television stations and all online websites around the world to start their own announcement.

The azure sea occupied the homepage of the TV screen and the major websites.

One 2-meter-tall person with hands and face resembling humans but the lower body of that of a mermaid spoke Chinese, English, French, Japanese, German and other languages simultaneously.

"Humans on earth, I am Robert Wilson. I would like to say hello to you on behalf of the Atlantis civilization."

"After eight hours of Earth time, I will act as the messenger and come to the UN headquarters..."

"Repeat, after eight hours of Earth time, I will be the messenger and contact the UN headquarters..."

Robert, who claimed to be the Atlantis civilization messenger and resembled a male mermaid, had completely disappeared.

At the same time, people from all continents wondered if they were still sleeping.

Some people insisted that he was not an alien, and it must be some international hacktivists who interfered with the Internet and made such malicious jokes.

Some skeptical with aliens deliberately called the police and the city government, hoping to confirm whether it was true or not.

In China, it caused the attention of the network police department for the first time.

After an urgent attempt to physically break the network in vain, the national network police department had to admit that it was not done by any highly skilled international hacker, but might have been done by aliens!

After an urgent report to the head, the Chinese Foreign Minister rushed to the United Nations headquarters.

Similar situation also occurred in countries all over the world.

American President Trump also headed to the United Nations Headquarters Building with the Secretary of State and other senior US officials.

On the way, President Trump secretly sent massive electromagnetic waves to the meteorite to repeatedly emphasize that the US welcomed the alien intelligent life with world's unique international space station, hoping that both sides could jointly build a harmonious solar system in the future.

President Trump obviously hoped that it was best to attract the interest of aliens and let the alien wisdom life only establish diplomatic relations with the United States.

After all, President Trump had no doubt about their technical level of controlling the meteorite!

If aliens and the United States teamed up, they might dominate the earth and even the solar system in the future.

"God bless America!"

On the special plane, President Trump could not help but smirk.

Unfortunately, how could Hu Feng be interested in the United States?

Therefore, the vast amount of information secretly sent by the International Space Station ended up with no response.