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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 116

2022-03-15 03:00:54Publish Time: 522 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: tinyEdit

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Chapter 116: Orachimaru

After roaring, the huge kilometer-high blood-colored giant not only shrank at a speed visible to naked eye, but also began to stick on the body surface of Ono Sumika.

In just a few moments, the scarlet giant had shrunk into a 160-centimeter-tall female figure.

Like a layer of armor, the blood-colored figure that accommodated Ono Sumika was dark red as tens of thousands of tons of blood were all compressed inside.

As Ono Sumika touched the blood-colored figure with her limbs, face and nose, she felt infinitely heavy and stable, but it didn’t affect her normal exhalation or speaking action at all.

With the action of moving her limbs, Ono Sumika could feel the infinite power hidden in her body as all kinds of magical spells seemed easy to cast.

Reaching out her hands, the Kusanagi Sword and 8-footed Mirror all fell into her hands.

Staring at Mount Fuji in front, she could even see through the infinite layers of soil, seeing the black-mist-like Orachimaru hidden and sleeping in the depths of the earth.

"It is no wonder that we couldn’t find it with the means of science and technology. It turned out that its body was inconsistently being transformed. The seal would be destroyed in 30 minutes. At that moment, its real body will rush out of Mount Fuji…..."

With the success of spirit possession, the ability brought by the incarnation of Sasuke enabled Sumika to judge the situation of the Orachimaru.

"If I fight against it, the land will suffer a lot. Before the war, I will first cast spells to protect Japan." As the Orachimaru had not completely escaped from the seal, Sumika already flew to 10,000 meters high in the sky, cast a spell, and endless sea water rushed over to the shores like a tsunami.

But unlike the indiscriminate destruction of the tsunamis in the past, these tsunami waves immediately formed blue shelters after approaching the cities and began to shroud all coastal cities and living humans.

The tide still advanced like an eternal motive with infinite power, and the shelters appeared one after another, almost covering the whole surface of Japan except Mt. Fuji.

"It’s amazing......"

Compared with the formations built by numerous onmyojis together with tons of efforts during the Hyakkiyakou, she set the shelters a lot way easier after being possessed by the God of the Sea.

However, she didn’t expect that the shelters aroused an unimaginable panic in Japan before the emergence of the Orachimaru.

Some thought that everyone was about to be engulfed by a natural disaster like the Hyakkiyakou, and the blue cage that stopped people from getting out was the evidence!

Some whimsy people considered that everyone in this city had crossed into the world of Shingeki no Kyojin, but the so-called giant wall that protected humans had been replaced by seawater prisons that restricted people from entering and exiting?

In order to appease the people, the emperor and Japanese politicians urgently broadcasted the situation from Mt. Fuji with satellite signals, and insisted the various news media to promote that the blue seawater curtain that covered the entire surface of Japan wasn’t a bad thing, but meant to serve as a protector.

As for Ono Sumika, she was even praised by the emperor in front of everyone.

The emperor claimed that the demon mentioned by the nightmare samurai in the doomsday prophecy was also no match for Sasuke as it was just the Orachimaru that once got killed.

Sasuke would definitely help Ono Sumika repeat history, once again eradicating Orachimaru.

Internationally, the strange phenomena that happened in Japan in recent days had also caused other countries to smell the possibility of another supernatural event, hence they had adjusted their satellites to monitor the Japanese land.

After 30 minutes, Mount Fuji started to shake!

This mountain, which collapsed more than 6 hours ago, seemed to have reached the end of its life, was completely smashed, a huge snake came out from the ground.

As it came under the ten suns, its huge appearance was completely presented to the world.

Eight triangular horrible snake heads, pale and sharp bone spurs stood on both sides of the snake heads, and the pointed teeth, dazzling scales, the body with the length over thousands of feet, and the tail that arbitrarily slapped the ruins of Mount Fuji.

In its mouth, bright red tongues tipped out, and a terrible smell fluttered in the wind.

Whether it was tree vegetation or a building, as long as it touched the putrid air, it would be turned into muddy swamps.

Even if you didn't experience it personally, you could still feel its arrogance from TVs or mobile phones.

When ordinary humans faced tigers or lions in a zoo, they would be afraid when seeing them at a close distance since it evoked the invisible fear from the ancient genes, the fear of a person who faced top-level predators in the wild.

Even if it wasn’t a mythical legendary monster, its large body would still bring endless shock and fear.

Eight heads couldn't help but size up Ono Sumika in midair, and her shadow was reflected in the lantern-like scarlet pupils of the Orachimaru. "You smell familiar. It’s interesting."

"Orachimaru! In the past, Sasuke could kill you. Today I inherit that magical power, and I will repeat this history with the Kusanagi Sword!"

Shaking her wrist, the Kusanagi Sword appeared, the sword pointed towards the Orachimaru close at hand, and Ono Sumika shouted solemnly.

"Kusanagi Sword? Orachimaru?" The most middle of the snake head was obviously slightly stunned.

Sticking its tongue out, each face of the snake heads could not help but seem to be wondering.

"Go to hell!"

Not going to talk nonsense, Ono Sumika stabbed towards the nearest snake head with the Kusanagi Sword, and the sword whistled in the wind.

Instead of hurting all its fingers, she should break one of them!

Ono Sumika thought so.

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