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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 115

2022-03-15 03:00:46Publish Time: 454 views
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Chapter 115: Sasuke

In the face of the ten suns and bloody rain, the emperor feared and could not help but think of the bad weather which seemed similar, when the Hyakkiyakou took place.

But unlike the Hyakkiyakou, the disaster this time seemed to be more exaggerated because the Shuten-doji was defeated by the ordinary people in annals of the history, but the Orachimaru was so strong that even the God of Sea took it seriously.

As Ono Sumika, the best onmyoji in Japan, voluntarily came to seek the 2 remaining artifacts, she seemed to be willing to prepare for the forbidden spell in person to deal with the Orachimaru, listening to this the emperor was overjoyed, hence he handed her the other two artifacts, and ordered to prepare the materials as soon as possible.

In fact, the emperor wanted to ask the United States Joint Fleet to help, but the two countries were too far away, hence they couldn’t arrive in Japan within six hours.

As for the Navy Self-Defense Forces, the emperor believed in their loyalty, but didn’t believe in their combat effectiveness.

In desperation, the emperor found that he had to rely on Ono Sumika, so he was very generous.

4 hours later, under Mount Fuji, a large number of construction workers gathered here temporarily and started building a grand altar towering into the sky under the personal guidance of Ono Sumika.

A large number of truck drivers transported fresh blood that had been urgently taken out from the blood bank, and poured down the liquid along the grains of the ground of the altar.

Looking down from above, tens of thousands of tons of blood made the altar like an island floating on the sea of blood, and the pungent bloody smell made people feel both disgusting and strange.

Thousands of witches, priests, and famous figures of the shrines in Tokyo all followed the will of the emperor and unconditionally obeyed the arrangement of Ono Sumika, wore kimonos, held bamboo leaf fans, stood on the altar, and performed the traditional Japanese Kagura dance.

To put it bluntly, the memory of forbidden spell that Hu Feng gave to Ono Sumika was in fact the spirit possession, which was a way to allow the gods to possess their bodies according to records.

But unlike the Chinese spirit possession, Hu Feng specially added many traditional Japanese features and expanded the scale to make it look extraordinary.

From the view of Ono Sumika, she had already learned from the lucky cat that there wouldn’t be any blasphemy even if she failed the spirit possession.

What's more, it was impossible for her to defeat the Orachimaru, so she could only pray that God of Sea could possess her body.

She now only had a slight chance to succeed in the ceremony of spirit possession, but what if she succeeded?

If she succeeded, would she be qualified to fight against the Orachimaru and protect the Japanese people?

Thinking of this, Ono Sumika took a deep breath, put the Kusanagi Sword and 8-footed Mirror on the altar, and returned to the center of the altar, letting the religious figures around her continue to perform the Kagura dance.

She began to sing and read prayer spell quickly. "Aspirations, the God of Sea......"

As she recited the spell, the demon power drawn through the shikigami contract was consumed rapidly, and the invisible waves began to spread, as if they were about to be heard in the heaven.

The most obvious change on the entire altar was the wind.

It was not the breeze from the daily life, nor the cool breeze at night…...

The sudden wind blew around the altar as every pore on their bodies could feel its chill.

Those who were performing the Kagura dance even vaguely felt that there seemed to be a pair of invisible eyes staring at them from the darkness.

But when these dancers tried to look for the eyes, they couldn't find them anyway.

"Did we really please the gods? He is watching us?"

Not daring to be careless, the performers were highly concentrated, and they didn’t stop performing.

Under the altar, in the ditches like grains on the ground, the blood suddenly bubbled and began to boil.

Ono Sumika was still praying, and strong wind started blowing accompanied by her tone.

As all the bloody scent dissipated, the wind also knocked down the performers, forcing them to stop the Kagura dance.

And the blood on the ground was also boiling to the extreme.

The rising turbulence was unified in the altar behind Ono Sumika, and a huge blood-colored giant with a height of kilometer was rapidly being born.

"I’m the God of the Sea, Sasuke!”

Dazzling brilliance illuminated near him, there seemed to a voice roaring, and the sound seemed to be imprinted in the listeners’ hearts.

"Blood is water. According to his look, he should be the God of the Sea, Sasuke!”

"The god has come to the world!"

"One of the three most powerful gods of Takamagahara! Ono Senpai can actually summon the god!"

Many people heard the news, and the onmyojis watching in the distance also hurriedly bowed.

After all, Japanese believed in spiritual things, hence this grand scene really shocked everyone, especially the emperor, who claimed himself to be the descendant of Amaterasu!

In Japanese mythology, Sasuke was the younger brother of Amaterasu, thus the emperor was so excited that he almost fainted when seeing the God of the Sea, Sasuke.

And those ordinary Japanese couldn't wait to rush over to ask Sasuke to give them his blessings.