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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 21

2023-11-03 15:32:00Publish Time: 1,446 views
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Chapter 21: The Boring Guildmaster Adeline

Loria sat on the roadside, her mind in a mess.

She was feeling very anxious now.

Thinking from another's perspective.

If she were the secret mastermind behind that bawdyhouse, and saw her slave business being disrupted by an ignorant lady knight, what would she do?

"Of course, they immediately caught the foolish person, play her and then sell her as a slave or a geisha!"

Loria didn't believe that the secret mastermind would give up on seeking revenge against her.

Just like how she could never resist getting close to the monster girl in the simulator, the person who had grown accustomed to the scent of blood would not let their enemy slip away!

"I am going back now. Even if no one comes to assassinate me tonight, what about tomorrow? And the day after tomorrow?"

I cannot go back.

Before she had enough power, she had to cling tightly to Guildmaster Adeline's leg.

Even if she couldn't hold on, she had to at least borrow Guildmaster Adeline's prestigious name to intimidate those insignificant individuals.

Speaking of Loria, it made her angry.

"I haven't done anything strange, why is the guildmaster's attitude different from what it was in the simulation?"

Could it be because she arrived too early and happened to run into Adeline when she was in a bad mood?

There is no justice left.

Loria looked up.

If you close the door, will I no longer be able to climb over the wall?

If you don't let me go into your room, then can I not sleep in your garden?

She circled around to the back door of Guildmaster Adeline's house, about to pick an inconspicuous spot to jump over directly, when suddenly, a window of the grand house opened.

Adeline, who had peered out from the upper half of her body, didn't say a word, but her gaze already conveyed her attitude.

[Get away]


Loria dragged her suitcase and walked into the distance.

With everything that had happened, she could only go and find a hotel to spend the night.

However, what disappointed her was that she went to several hotels in a row, but they were all fully booked.

The small town, built by adventurers, was like this. Every day, countless adventurers would stay at the inn. If you wanted to book a room at night, it would be a matter of luck.

"Does that mean I have to find a place to stay overnight on the roadside?"

Loria was filled with endless confusion.

But if she didn't want to sleep on the street, she would have to simulate again to predict the dangers.

Today she had already simulated three times, and if she did it again, it would cost her one thousand Oder coins.

That was exactly one thousand dollars!

Although Miss Loria had just received a lot of money from Yukihime, she still couldn't bear to spend it.

In a state of extreme anger, she muttered some really mean words deep down in her heart.

"Naughty Adeline, just you wait! If I get the chance, I'm going to put even more hats on you. Not only that, but I'm also going to do it right in front of your face! While you're asleep, I'll play tricks with cute magical creatures. Or maybe I'll hide behind a wall where I can see you but you can't see me, and study the human body with the adorable magical creatures!"

Loria walked dejectedly towards a small alley not far from her home.

She decided to stay there until midnight, waiting for the free simulation opportunity to refresh so she could simulate again.


Unlike what most people would expect from a noble, Adeline von Lidilia's life was rather ordinary.

She didn't wear makeup, didn't do her nails, didn't attend balls, hardly had any social engagements, and had no interest whatsoever in high art.

After work, what she often did was stand by the window and gaze at the scenery, the same scenery every day, until it was time to rest.

If I had to use one word to describe myself, it would definitely be "boring."

Adeline clearly remembered how her subordinates evaluated her-

"It felt like a woman in her forties or fifties, who was uninterested in anything."

Actually, it's quite fitting.

However accurate it may be, deep down she couldn't help but feel a little sad.

She was only 22 years old, and she hadn't even lived a third of her life yet, but she acted as if she was about to be buried.

Adeline tried to change herself.

But unfortunately, before this, she had already earned the title of "Empress of the Adventurers Guild".

Even when she tried to speak with a gentle voice, it would still make the other person tremble with fear.

"Indeed, I have to give up."

Adeline no longer wished to accommodate others.

Otherwise, as the eldest daughter of Count Lidilia, she would not have appeared in this border town.

Not having any friends wasn't a life-threatening matter, especially as she went through her days at the military academy.

However, today a little unexpected incident occurred.

When Adeline was counting how many leaves there were on the tree outside her window, she spotted a familiar face approaching her house, dragging a suitcase.


At the age of 16.

She was 160 centimeters tall.

She had a head of slightly white, flaxen long hair, and her pupils were shining red like gemstones.

Adeline immediately recalled Loria's intelligence in her mind.

"Her parents passed away during a surge of evil creatures, and she was adopted by an orphanage when she was 5 years old."

"Two months ago, as an outstanding graduate of the Knight Training School, she was recommended to work at the Adventurers Management Guild in Creek Town."

"Loria, who was working diligently, had an excellent attitude. Among the new employees, she was second only to Felix in being a role model."

"She is always on time, never leaves early, never engages in the adult topics adventurers like to discuss, has a pure and simple heart, looks adorable, and is secretly seen by many as an ideal wife."

"So, why did she come to see me?"

Adeline went downstairs to open the door, feeling a faint sense of anticipation in her heart.

But the result was disappointing.

She couldn't see any trace of nervousness on Loria, who had asked for her help.

Is it someone who deliberately used an excuse to approach her but actually was interested in her surname?


Adeline swiftly closed the door and warned Loria with a stern look as she attempted to climb over the wall.

Watching Loria walking away with her suitcase, she continued to boredly count the leaves.

But this time, she couldn't calm her restless heart.

She had indeed encountered many people who intentionally approached her, but Loria was the first person who came directly to her home.

"She said that the bawdyhouse had a powerful boss behind the scenes, which wasn't completely unreasonable."

Adeline put on a deep blue coat and carried a knight's short sword as she left home.

She wasn't interested in Loria, and certainly didn't want to marry her like others did.

The reason she went out was simply because she couldn't stand human traffickers.


In the dark night.

Loria was caught in a fierce battle.

She thought that her greatest opponent at the moment was the slave trader hidden in the darkness, but after entering the narrow alley, she realized she was wrong.

"Never-ending, huh!"

Loria had been engaged in a fierce battle with the mother mosquito for nearly ten minutes.

As she was able to tame various monster girls in the simulation with her incredible endurance, she found herself completely defenseless against this group of elusive mother mosquitoes.

She is feeling very angry right now, so angry that she could burst her clothes.

"You have the ability to suck my blood, do you have the ability to turn into a mosquito girl? Let's see if I can suck you dry!"

Clap! Clap!

Loria tried to clap her hands again, but missed. With no other choice, she wrapped herself up like a rice dumpling, even covering her head.

A few minutes later.

As she fiercely stared at the mother mosquito flying in front of her, a man suddenly walked in from the end of the alley.

"Excuse me, is Loria Jaratiya's house just ahead?"

They had really arrived!