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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 20

2023-11-01 16:10:00Publish Time: 1,798 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: Alice-Hiess

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Chapter 20: Go On, Let's Tally Up Your Sins!

Go ahead, let's count how many times you have strayed!

"Once upon a time, twice upon a time, thrice upon a time…"

With such a clear and crisp shout, Loria's mind turned chaotic and uncontrollably began counting.

In fact, the simulator meticulously listed her every experience of straying.

Therefore, as long as she continued counting day by day, she would surely…

"Uh-oh, something feels wrong."

While counting and shouting the name of Guildmaster Adeline on one side, and being punished by the little demon girl on the other, Loria discovered a very serious problem.

Taking her first time straying from the path as an example.

That day, she alone "shattered" over thirty water spirit girls.

Is this considered straying once or straying over thirty times?

Taking the two-day, two-night epic battle between her and the Dragon Princess as an example once again.

Although her sparring partner was only the Dragon Princess, during the two days and two nights, they definitely experienced countless "conflicts" and "outbursts" between them.

Is this considered straying once or straying many times?

The famous vampire elder Dio had a famous saying-

[Will you remember how many pieces of bread you have eaten?]

After deep contemplation, Miss Loria realized that for "her," who had a habit of straying, it was now impossible to figure out how many times she had actually strayed.

"But one thing is certain!"

Because sometimes, as the "Heroic Knight, Exemplary Wife, Pure and Chaste, and Pure as Jade" she would venture into several monster girl tribes, Guildmaster Adeline had at least over a hundred "green hats" on her head, and if we count any more, it would be even more incredible.

In just a hundred days, she could open a hat shop. If time went on, perhaps she could even open a wholesale hat market.

"Hello, Guildmaster Adeline, you look so sad, sob sob sob…"

In her little bed, Loria picked up the corner of her blanket and wiped away her tears.

But soon, she returned to normal.

"Even though it had turned a little green…"

But all in all, Guildmaster Adeline was actually doing quite well, right?

Every day, people praised her wife, and because her wife performed exceptionally well, she became famous as well. Even the Lidilia family became the most celebrated in high society, gaining numerous benefits.

"And besides, I never said she couldn't touch me. Every time I fed her well, I always loved her inside. Although I strayed and deliberately dedicated myself to the monster girls, I am still a model wife!"

Whose life hasn't had a single moment of adversity?

Guildmaster Adeline was clearly no exception.

All right.

The sorrow over Guildmaster Adeline's unfortunate encounter had already come to an end, and now it was time to think about happy things!

Loria quickly flipped through the simulation results.

Considering how many times she had battled in the simulator, receiving an endurance reward was a common occurrence.

What really troubled her was that her charm had increased once again.

Charm: 11.

Oh dear.

If it continues like this, could it be any humanoid creature wanting to do something to her?

To be honest, after glancing at her reflection in the mirror, Loria felt an electric surge deep within her.

But she promptly stopped herself.

On the first day of "Abstain from Lust," it was crucial not to revert back to day zero.

"Yes," she replied.

Although she had failed to abstain from lust in this practice simulation, descending into a complete state of debauchery, finding pleasure in corrupting her own other half, she still acknowledged the discoveries made before the attempt to abstain from lust.

Now it can be confirmed that the water spirit tribe is the key to the investigation. If we go and wait there in advance next time, maybe we can catch the mastermind!

"So I must continue to abstain from indulging in lust, and never let it hinder me from important matters!"

As you continue reading, you'll discover new opportunities for rewards and a special prize called the "Heart of the Succubus".

This name made Loria feel resistant.

How could a righteous knight like her, whose goal was to subdue monster girls, ever have any connection with such an annoying creature like the Succubus?


Loria shyly twisted and crossed her legs together.


I need to become stronger.

[Heart of the Succubus]: Through the trials of water and fire, you unintentionally grasped the ways of the succubus' cultivation. When your body is in an intensely excited state, all your attributes are increased by 10%.

In the enchanting world of magic, the term "all attributes" refers to every quality that defines a being, except for charisma.

Loria gasped for a breath of cool air.


Now her basic attributes are not high, so the 10% increase doesn't show much difference yet.

But when her attributes become higher, perhaps the 10% increase will be enough for her to shatter the entire realm!

"In order to protect Creek Town from harm, to maintain its peace, and to uphold love and true justice, I willingly take on the title of the Enchanting Demon!"

Loria sighed and swiftly extracted both the "Dual Wield Boost" and the "Heart of the Succubus."

Upon careful calculation, in her excited state, she should now possess 15 points of strength and 24 points of endurance when wielding with both hands. This undoubtedly qualified her as a top-tier F-grade adventurer.

The only problem was…

"Could I stand steady with my legs, while being in an excited state?"

Loria was very worried.

Because her body was too sensitive.

Whenever she thought about the way the female protagonist in the r18 game reacted to shocks, she felt uncertain in her heart.

Let's wait and see.

Worst case, I will find another way to defeat the opponent!

Although Loria still had money with her, today she had decided not to continue simulating.

She stood up and went to take a bath.

Halfway through washing, she lowered her head to glance at her clean and smooth abdomen without any markings. Should she give the Heart of the Succubus a try to see its effects?

"No, no, must continue to abstain from indulging in desires!"

Boredly enduring until dusk, Loria reminisced about what had happened on the first day of the simulation.

She and Guildmaster Adeline crouched near her house for half the evening, but no one came to harm her. However, this didn't mean that the mastermind behind the bawdyhouse didn't have intentions to target her.

"Maybe it was because they noticed that I wasn't home early, so they didn't take any action."

Loria felt uneasy.

After hesitating for a long time, she finally decided to seek Guildmaster Adeline.

Although it is said that she embezzled and exploited Guildmaster Adeline, even making her wear "green hats", all of that happened in a simulation.

Guildmaster Adeline surely wouldn't know about all this, right?

In reality, she and Guildmaster Adeline had no conflicts whatsoever. As long as she didn't show any signs of fear, Guildmaster Adeline should still accept her!

"Yes, it must be like this!"

Half an hour later.

Bathed in the glow of the setting sun,

Loria, dragging her suitcase, appeared outside Guildmaster Adeline's tall and beautiful mansion.

Looking at the expressionless busty blonde sister standing in front of her, the self-proclaimed big-hearted girl rarely revealed a shy side.

Only when observed up close could one truly feel the terrifying impact of Guildmaster Adeline's chest.

No wonder she constantly followed Guildmaster Adeline in the simulator; even children like big things!

But isn't it just too strange to have no feelings when being close to such a big sister like her?

Never mind, let's not think about that for now. Let's quickly explain our purpose and then go inside to rest for a while. She had put a lot of effort into organizing the luggage.

"Guildmaster Adeline, actually I have come to…"

Loria explained her purpose.

"So I see," nodded Guildmaster Adeline, "In that case, I suggest you hurry and go to the police station to file a report."

With that, she turned and walked towards the back of the gate.


Loria was confused.

"No, the story doesn't unfold like this," she exclaimed.


She gestured as if she was about to rush forward.

Guildmaster Adeline turned around and asked, "Do we know each other?"



In response to Loria, there came a loud slam as the iron gate closed shut.


Oh no, it's all over.

Could this be the retribution for causing mischief in the simulator?

Help me, please!

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