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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 14

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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 14: I Don't Want to Keep Trying

"How could I be such a wicked woman? It's impossible, impossible…"

Loria, who had curled back under the covers, was deeply shaken. Even the blanket draped over her began to tremble.

She couldn't accept the outcome of this practice exam; it was simply unacceptable!

Although she explored every corner of Creek Town's bustling streets without spending a penny during this practice,

Even though in this practice, the monster tide vanished and Creek Town was saved.

Even though in this practice, she successfully accompanied Guildmaster Adeline and became a noble lady.



Miss Loria furrowed her brows, realizing that things were not as simple as they seemed.

In terms of the outcome, this was the best result she had simulated so far.

In the previous simulations, she either got defeated by monster girls, killed, or became a geisha. But this time, she ended up becoming a noblewoman!

Detective Loria gently touched her chin.

"If I remember correctly, my initial dream was to secure a stable job, and then happily live a laid-back life holding onto that secure job."

Before this, in her eyes, the Adventurers Management Guild job was the secure job she sought.

But in this simulation, isn't Guildmaster Adeline also a new secure job?

As long as she held onto this secure job, everything she had longed for would be within her reach!


She had it.

The status of a noblewoman carries an extraordinary reputation, after all, not everyone can enjoy this title, only the wives of the nobility are worthy of it.


She had it.

The Lidilia family was a noble family, though not as prominent as the four prestigious families of the Oder Empire, they were still considered a "traditional power" that would protect her effortlessly.

As for lying flat, that became even more possible.

At night, she would lie flat beneath Guildmaster Adeline - sometimes even during the day.

During the day, she would lie flat as countless maids attended to her.

Similarly, when it comes to lying flat, lying at Lidilia's house is a completely different experience from lying at her own home.

Let's not talk about money and such vulgar things. In her own home, there was no Guildmaster Adeline to help her treat the lingering effects of her hypersensitivity, making her feel fulfilled.

"Upon careful thinking, isn't this a perfect ending? Why did I bother putting in so much effort!"

Loria got so excited that she jumped out of bed, even thinking about tearing up the marriage certificate with Guildmaster Adeline right away.

But just as she was about to slip her feet into the shoes by the bedside, she suddenly came to a halt.


She suddenly realizes that this ending is not particularly perfect.

Never mind what Vita might think, the important thing is that she comes from a humble background. Even if Guildmaster Adeline has a high opinion of her, what about Guildmaster Adeline's family?

From the previous encounter, they were not friendly.

And surely, a noble household must have a heap of rules to govern her.

"Since both my background and abilities are inferior to Guildmaster Adeline's, there's no way I can afford to have another affair, otherwise I'll surely be caught and killed…"

Pfft, pfft, pfft.

Miss Loria, possessing high moral character and purity, remained steadfast in her loyalty to love. She had no desire to engage in an illicit affair with a sinister monster girl, contrary to popular belief.

She merely wanted to express that by doing so, she would lose her personal freedom.

The great knight King Ludin once said--

Life is precious, but love is even more valuable.

If it is for the sake of freedom, both can be forsaken!

That doesn't sound like something the knight King Ludin would say, does it?

Forget it, it doesn't matter.

Loria returned to her cozy bed, feeling that this ending didn't match her wish to simply lie down and be free.

"I, Loria, will never allow anyone to manipulate me! Whether it be the monster girls, Guildmaster Adeline, the princess, or even the goddess, none of them can do as they please!"

Loria started searching for any other information that the simulation might reveal, and she analyzed the gains and losses, preparing herself for the next battle.

First, this simulation didn't clear Vita of suspicion.

A reporter who had traveled far and wide possessed strength that could barely rival Guildmaster Adeline. It made some sense, but not entirely.

"This time, I only scratched the surface of her secrets. Next time, I will dig deeper and uncover everything!"

Then came the most important piece of information.

As the simulation reached the 13th day, water spirits attacked passing merchants!

You should know that water spirits are famous for being gentle magical creatures. Many water spirit girls work in massage parlors and are well-loved by customers.

"There must be a problem. I remember during the last simulation, the monsters in Creek Town used illusion magic. Something must have happened before that."


In the next simulation, the focus was on both exploring Vita's intentions and entering the territory of the water spirits, to see what exactly had happened over there.

"Before the simulation begins, I have one very important thing to do!"

Loria clenched her teeth tightly, her fingers gliding over the simulated writing.

After multiple simulations, one thing has become very clear.

Although there were many factors that caused the simulation to deviate from her expectations, the most crucial point was undoubtedly "sex"!

"Stop looking at inappropriate things! I must stop looking at inappropriate things with all my determination! If I can stop looking at inappropriate things, my productivity will increase at least twofold!"

"It's a little difficult to defeat it by myself, I need to find other people to help."

Loria turned over, and her gaze finally landed on the simulated reward.

This time, she simultaneously achieved two different outcomes, marking a new breakthrough.

But what's even more eye-catching are the attribute rewards and the new talent reward [Dual Wielding Bonus].

[Dual Wielding Bonus]: A ancient blessing descends upon you, granting you an increase of +5 in strength whenever you enter the dual wielding state.

[Note 1]: The term "dual wielding" refers to both holding an object in each hand and holding objects with both hands.

[Note 2]: Regardless of what is being held, the effect of +5 strength will always be activated.

Loria extended her hands.

"Dual wielding?"

In her left hand, she held one sword, and in her right hand, she held another. Then, she switched to holding both swords with both hands.

She suddenly felt excited.

For the lady knight, it was truly a divine skill!

You see, her power originally had only 7 points, but after adding 5 points, it became 12 points.

Super-duper mega boost!

"Wow, this way I can hold the girl's right foot with my left hand and her left foot with my right hand, and it might trigger a dual-wielding bonus, right?"


Still, holding a shield in the left hand and wielding a sword in the right hand suits her radiant image better!

This reward will be kept for later. If the following two attempts don't receive significantly better rewards than this one, then it will be chosen.

Loria turned off the simulator and enjoyed a peaceful night's sleep.

In the morning, after quickly eating something, she put the spare door panel from her house into the inventory. This way, she also acquired the knight's shield.

Next, she deliberately wore a cotton helmet and then rushed out of the house.

Before strolling near the entrance of Hop and Skip Slime, she planned to contact Li Wei, the patrol officer, first. She wanted him to ambush nearby, so they could catch those sneaky attackers in time.

"Did all this preparation and I still can't believe they would harm me so much, making me lose 30 Oder coins!"

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