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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 13

2023-10-20 16:25:00Publish Time: 1,850 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 13: Miss Loria, the Mistress of Cunning Schemes!

You relaxed and smiled.

These words made Miss Loria, who had already sat up, feel as if she were facing a formidable foe.

After observing for these past few days, she discovered that the simulated contents of the simulator were written very succinctly.

Although it wasn't to the extent of being extremely concise, there were also very few detailed description.

Once detailed descriptions appear, it means that something bad might happen!

"Don't go, please don't laugh, please quickly cry for me!"

"It's okay if you don't cry, just shout for help directly. The people outside will definitely rush in to save…"

The end.

There was no need to be rescued anymore.

Just as Loria was excitedly slapping her own thigh, new simulated content emerged.

[Vita said, "Even if you shout, it won't help because before coming in, I secretly told the hotel receptionist that tonight's game would have a storyline, so the receptionist should not be surprised."]

[You pretended to be very scared, tremblingly begging Vita to spare you, but Vita became even more excited instead.]

[Vita began to punish you, and the dual assault on your body and spirit fully awakened your optimistic talents. You broke down, Vita couldn't dodge in time, and you almost choked her to death.]

[Angry Vita punished you all night until the next morning, and in the end, both of you fell unconscious from exhaustion.]

Loria's face turned dark halfway.

On the first day of the simulation, she was determined to make a big splash.

Is this what you meant by making a big splash?

"Oh dear, why didn't I just drown that wicked woman, Vita, in the simulator?"

Loria felt that the one responsible for spoiling this simulation opportunity again was Vita!

"Speaking frankly, even if I have 1% of the blame, does that mean that Vita doesn't have 99% of the blame?"

"Yes, I have impure motives. I wanted to take advantage of Vita's connections, but if Vita simply ignores me, then there wouldn't be so many troubles, right?"

"And this time, she was the one who started it, I was just going along with her performance."

Loria felt indignant.

She continued to look down.

[Day 11: Waking up in the morning, looking at you "crying" in the corner, Vita sincerely apologizes to you and promises to make every effort to make it up to you. She also says that if you're willing, she will take you away from Creek Town, this place of trouble, and arrange a place to stay and work for you in the Imperial City. "Crying," you tell her that you don't want any compensation, you just want what happened last night to not exist.]

[Vita continued apologizing, she told you about her childhood and the abuse she and her mother endured, and she informed you that afterwards, she would occasionally become unstable and have intense violent tendencies.]

[You embraced Vita to comfort her, and she was deeply moved by your gesture. She said you were a kind girl and assured you that she would not let you down.]

[Because the bed in the Lovers' Inn got flooded, Vita had to compensate the Lovers' Inn with 20 Oder coins.]

[Day 12: You made an excuse to stay home with Vita instead of going to work. You and Vita spent the whole day goofing around at home. You told Vita that you didn't like money, which made her even more guilty. She insisted on making you sleep in a pile of coins.]

[Day 13: You continued to have fun and goof around with Vita at home. Around noon, while you and Vita were playing in the bathtub, you heard a knock on the door from outside. Nervously, you opened the door and found Guildmaster Adeline standing there. Guildmaster Adeline said she would discuss work with you tomorrow.]

[Day 14: Guildmaster Adeline told you that the investigation had made progress. Nearby Creek Town, water spirits had inexplicably been attacking passing merchants, which had never happened before. She was preparing to organize a team of adventurers to investigate the cause.]

[You were not interested in this at all, because Vita had told you that she would take you away from Creek Town in two days. As you were about to leave the office, Guildmaster Adeline suddenly asked where you and Vita had been in the past two days. You stumbled over your words and couldn't come up with an answer.]

[Guildmaster Adeline said that she knew Vita was hiding in your room yesterday. She also said that she had conducted an investigation at the Lover's Inn. The receptionist at the inn heard your cries for mercy. Guildmaster Adeline told you not to be afraid and assured you that she would bring justice to your situation.]

[You remained silent, and Guildmaster Adeline had no choice but to let you go.]

[Day 15: You heard from your colleagues that Guildmaster Adeline and Vita started arguing.]

[Day 16: While you were playing a game of pretend with Vita, Guildmaster Adeline suddenly burst in from outside, and the two of them started fighting.]


No, what kind of role-playing game is this we're playing?

"No, no, that's not it," Loria wanted to know something else. She just wondered why Guildmaster Adeline cared so much about her.

Could it be that Guildmaster Adeline has always had feelings for her?

[To your surprise, Guildmaster Adeline couldn't gain the upper hand. But as the commotion grew louder, Vita had no choice but to flee.]

["As Guildmaster Adeline held you in her arms, you sobbed and reported Vita. You said that Vita had forced you into all of this. Now, your reputation is ruined, and you feel too ashamed to keep on living."]

[Guildmaster Adeline stopped you and assured you that she would bring justice for you.]

[Day 17: Guildmaster Adeline welcomed you into her home and stayed by your side at all times.]

[Day 18: You said you wanted to repay Guildmaster Adeline, but besides offering your physical presence, you didn't know how else you could express your gratitude.]

[Day 19: You and Guildmaster Adeline took the final step together, and Guildmaster Adeline proclaimed that she would grant you a future.]

[Day 22: Vita returned secretly, and you tearfully reported Adeline. You claimed that Adeline had pressured you into this, and that she had long coveted your beauty.]

[Vita tried to take you away, but Adeline caught them. They started fighting once again, and Vita managed to escape once more.]

[You believed that following Guildmaster Adeline would lead to a brighter future, so you reported Vita once again. You claimed that Vita had intended to harm you while Adeline was away, which made Guildmaster Adeline very angry.]

Loria was completely bewildered.

What is this?

"Impossible! I, Loria, am pure and virtuous. Moreover, I am not very intelligent, so it is absolutely impossible for me to do such a thing!"

[Day 23: The commotion caused by Guildmaster Adeline and Vita caught the attention of Claren City. An urgent investigator was dispatched to look into the matter, but there was no sign of a monster wave occurring.]

[On the 24th day, Vita became wanted nationwide.]

[Day 25: To show gratitude towards Guildmaster Adeline, you put forth your utmost effort to exhaust Guildmaster Adeline until she fainted.]

[Day 26: The injuries sustained during Guildmaster Adeline and Vita's battle resurfaced, causing them to be admitted to the hospital. Tearfully, you apologized to them.]

[Day 30: Guildmaster Adeline, after being discharged from the hospital, privately agrees to spend her life with you. Finally, your wish comes true as you become a noblewoman.]

[Simulation ends here]

[Achieving the ending: The Crafty Village Girl]

[Achieving the Ending: Living Happily Ever After with the Guildmaster II]

[Congratulations to the player for achieving the accomplishment "Pure as Ice and Jade", and gaining an extra reward of +1 Intelligence.]

[Congratulations to the player for achieving the accomplishment "Noble Lady", and receiving an extra reward of +1 Charm.]

[Congratulations to the player for achieving the accomplishment "Taming the Enchantress", and receiving an additional reward of +2 Stamina.]

[Congratulations to the player for achieving a Grade D rating, granting the reward of Dual Wielding Bonus.]

Loria was completely stunned.

She had thought that this simulation would lead her to a brand new world, but little did she know that the reality would turn out to be completely different!