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After Becoming the Stand-in for the White Moonlight – Chapter 33

2023-10-28 23:40:00Publish Time: 5,295 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: dafna-bli

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Chapter 33

Qiao Wan looked calm and said, "Martial Brother Xiao, what obsession do you have with my mother?"

Xiao Boyang's face turned red and then pale, and he said, "Damn it!"

Qiao Wan sighed about Xiao Boyang's insistence on harming her entire family.

Seeing her shaking her head and sighing, Xiao Boyang became even more furious.

Qiao Wan quickly released her spiritual consciousness, hoping to wake Xiao Boyang up and make him see clearly.

The cocoon in the cave opened its eyes and looked around. When it saw its own helpless state, it was stunned, and it struggled with great difficulty.

Qiao Wan sighed and sent her spiritual consciousness back. She then pushed Xiao Boyang away with a bang.

"Did you see clearly?"

Xiao Boyang's face looked ugly as he asked, "What's going on?"

Qiao Wan thought for a moment and said, "I think the Human-faced Scorpion-tailed Spider might be treating us as food reserves."

Human-faced Scorpion-tailed Spider?

Qiao Wan's own name for it? Xiao Boyang thought to himself, but it's actually quite fitting.

Xiao Boyang asked, "So what do we do now?"

Qiao Wan clapped her hands and said, "Let's call for help one by one."

"Call for help?" Xiao Boyang glanced at her, looking skeptical. "How can we call for help when we can't even move?"

Qiao Wan sat down confidently and said, "That's your problem, not mine."

Her spiritual consciousness was much stronger than his.

Shouting for help was important, so Qiao Wan didn't waste time with Xiao Boyang. She tried her best to activate her spiritual consciousness and wake up one cocoon after another.

Luckily, the difference in cultivation level among everyone wasn't too big, and they hadn't consciously trained their spiritual consciousness before. Qiao Wan easily entered each cocoon without much effort.

Soon, there were voices echoing in their sea of consciousness, confused and questioning.

"What's going on?"

"What the heck is this place?"

"What the hell is this thing?"

Xiao Boyang was stunned for a moment, and his eyes widened a bit.

When did Qiao Wan learn this thing?

More than ten "cocoons" stared at each other with big eyes, and they all discovered a cruel fact.

They were awake, but they couldn't move at all. They could only stare at each other with affectionate gazes, using eye contact to communicate.

Wang Wu : "What should we do now?"

Chen Li: "Who am I supposed to ask?"

Qiao Wan gasped for breath as her consciousness returned to her mind. The pain in her belly seemed to be getting worse, a pulsing sensation that felt stronger, as if something was wriggling inside her.

Qiao Wan turned green in the face.

The feeling was strange and unsettling, giving Qiao Wan a sense of impending doom. She had to let it go to figure out what exactly was inside her belly.

But what should be done now?

She was awake, but still unable to move.

Someone asked, "Qiao Wan , you're the one who woke us up, and you're the only one who can still move. Come up with a solution quickly."

Qiao Wan gave a helpless look and replied, "I can only move my consciousness, nothing else."

The pain in her belly grew, as if something had hit it hard, causing Qiao Wan to break out in a cold sweat.

Just as everyone stared in disbelief, there was a rustling sound coming from the opening of the cave.

Qiao Wan , Xiao Boyang , Wang Wu , Chen Li, and the others strained to turn their eyes towards the cave entrance.

What... what was that?

After seeing what was happening at the cave entrance, everyone's scalp tingled and goosebumps formed rapidly all over their bodies.

The entrance had gradually filled with numerous young Human-faced Scorpion-tailed Spiders, densely covering the ground like a wriggling sea of black creatures.

Xiao Boyang 's face changed several times, feeling nauseous but unable to vomit as his mouth was sealed shut.

These densely packed spiders were appearing from all sides of the cave walls and ceiling, with more continually joining in.

The black sea of creatures began to crawl up the cave walls, slowly approaching the hanging "cocoons."

As the spiders drew closer and closer, Wang Wu couldn't believe his eyes.

"Damn it! We need to come up with a solution, quickly!!!"

If they didn't come up with a plan soon, all of them would be done for!

"Qiao Wan !!"

"Qiao Wan !!"

The army of scorpion-tailed spiders was ready, crawling toward the "cocoons." No matter how much Qiao Wan and Wang Wu struggled, the "cocoons" remained tightly bound.

In the blink of an eye, the spiders had climbed up the "cocoons," wagging their scorpion tails before piercing the flesh and injecting venom with their pincers.

Their mouths sealed tightly with spider silk, everyone was drenched in sweat, eyes watering from the pain, and they could only endure the agony.

Wang Wu stared angrily, his teeth grinding together!

If they didn't come up with a plan soon, in less than a quarter of an hour, these "cocoons" would be drained and turned into empty shells.

The pain aligned eerily with the nightmare of being bitten by ghostly faces.

Qiao Wan was in excruciating pain, sweating profusely.

The pain worsened, but her mind seemed to clear.

The only thing she could still control was her consciousness.

Consciousness... What could she do with her consciousness?

Gritting her teeth, Qiao Wan closed her eyes and activated her consciousness, stumbling and plunging into the mind of a Human-faced Scorpion-tailed Spider.

Just as Qiao Wan planted herself inside, everything turned black before her eyes. What followed was a distorted and eerie presence that rushed into her mind.

Meaningless desires such as greed, jealousy, and a violent urge to kill were instantly stirred up, surging in her heart.

As these violent and murderous desires surged, her heart also felt empty and lost, as if floating in a vast void.

Qiao Wan was stunned, her eyes filled with confusion.


Xiao Boyang and Wang Wu, who were hanging upside down, were equally bewildered, even forgetting the pain of their flesh being torn.

Something seemed off with the "cocoon" on Qiao Wan's exposed head.

There, her frowning face displayed a cold and fierce expression, with a hint of red flashing through her eyes!

This is...a sign of being possessed!

Qiao Wan!

Xiao Boyang desperately twisted his body, wanting to shout, but his mouth was tightly bound, preventing any words from coming out.

As the red glow deepened in Qiao Wan's eyes, it suddenly disappeared, replaced by clarity.

It's over, it's all over.

Wang Wu, witnessing this scene, felt a sense of despair.

Suddenly, the cocoon moved!!

The cocoon extended an arm.

An arm?

Everyone was in shock.

All they could see was the girl trembling as she struggled to raise her hand, tearing away the strands of the spider silk tightly wound around her mouth.

As she looked up, her eyes were clear once again.

Xiao Boyang, stunned, went from panic to joy in an instant!

Xiao Boyang truly felt, with overwhelming sincerity, that he had never loved Qiao Wan this much before!

Directing these scorpion-tailed spiders to bite open the "cocoon" and set himself free, Qiao Wan glanced around.

She couldn't handle this many Human-faced Scorpion-tailed Spiders alone.

But there wasn't enough time to set the others free.

Seeing that there was still a living person, the other Human-faced Scorpion-tailed Spiders closed in.


There was another way...

Without hesitation, Qiao Wan closed her eyes and suppressed the negative emotions surging in her consciousness, continuing to extend her spiritual awareness forward, one step at a time.

One after another, she forcibly intruded into the consciousness of the countless scorpion-tailed spiders present, establishing a connection with these creatures!

Countless awarenesses screamed and resisted, feeling as if their heads were being brutally struck with a hammer, blow after blow.

The pain contorted Qiao Wan's face, her temples throbbing.

When invading the consciousness of these creatures, they were most vulnerable to being infiltrated by the sinister presence.

The lower-ranked creatures, with undeveloped intellect, only contained pure malevolence in their consciousness. It was easy for them to harm cultivators in return.

It was like a demonic cultivator with logical thinking in their mind. If you invaded their consciousness, it wouldn't be a big deal.

But a creature with no logical thinking, no intellect, and nothing in its consciousness, it was just a strange chaos, only desiring survival and slaughter. Infiltrating its consciousness could easily be influenced and even thrown off by this pure malevolence.

Qiao Wan didn't have much formal training for her spiritual awareness, except for a lesson she had in her dream, so even though her spiritual awareness was strong, she didn't know how to use it. That's why she was caught off guard and her mind was disturbed by the sudden screeching sound.

But now there was only one method left.

Qiao Wan forcefully established a connection with the Human-faced Scorpion-tailed Spiders. It felt like her brain was being squeezed between two iron plates, being pulled apart and crushed over and over again.

In the last moment before losing consciousness, Qiao Wan endured the intense pain in her head and followed the teachings of the Buddha to expand her spiritual awareness to the maximum. She tightly wrapped it around the spiritual awareness of the other Human-faced Scorpion-tailed Spiders and twisted it forcefully!

One by one, inch by inch, they were all crushed!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!!

Expanding from Qiao Wan as the center, her invisible spiritual awareness spread outward!

One by one, the countless scorpion-tailed spiders exploded, forming a circle upon circle, and died!

Before dying, they let out a piercing scream, like a fierce storm, sweeping through the entire cave!!

The sight of thousands of scorpion-tailed spiders all exploding at once was truly magnificent.

In an instant, limbs and flesh flew, and brain matter mixed with bodily fluids scattered everywhere.

Everyone's eyes widened as they helplessly watched the scorpion-tailed spider heads flying in the air, with squelching sounds, and the strange greenish fluid spraying onto their faces.

From Xiao Boyang, to Wang Wu, to Cheng Li, and everyone else, they were all drenched, not one was spared.

Xiao Boyang turned greener by the second, the contents of his stomach churning. His face indicated that he would collapse and faint any second now.

The Human-faced Scorpion-tailed Spiders, from inside the cave to the exit, and even in the tunnel, all died!

Qiao Wan exhausted all her strength and fell into the pile of insects. Her face was bleeding from every part that had even a small opening.

Summoning all her strength, Qiao Wan commanded the remaining scorpion-tailed spiders to bite open each cocoon.

Xiao Boyang sprang out from a "cocoon". Without even wiping his face, he looked at Qiao Wan and his heart sank, "Qiao Wan?!"

Supported by Xiao Boyang, Qiao Wan weakly shook her head, "I'm fine."

But now, it was more important to contact Yuan Liu and Pei Chunzheng.

Qiao Wan shifted her gaze to the dead spiders beneath her. Without hesitating, she closed her eyes and expanded her spiritual awareness, connecting with the remaining monsters scattered throughout the cave. Like weaving a web, one by one, she followed the paths of the scorpion-tailed spiders and expanded her spiritual awareness forward.

Only by doing this could she call for Yuan Liu and Pei Chunzheng to come and support them.

This sensation was like tearing herself apart. Qiao Wan couldn't help but suspect that in the next second, she would be performing a live demonstration of "tearing myself apart."

Taking a deep breath, Qiao Wan looked angry with wide eyes and shouted, "Go!"

As soon as she spoke, the creatures in the cave obeyed her command and ran off in all directions!

These scorpion-tailed spiders lived in the Mudstone Secret Realm and were very familiar with the many paths and intersections.

Following Qiao Wan's orders, they ran swiftly and easily.

The girl sat on the ground, her eyes still shining red. Though she looked messy, it was clear that she had a powerful presence.

A member of the secret organization stumbled and stood up, seeing Qiao Wan in awe and exclaiming from the heart, "Wow... she's amazing!"


Yuan Liu and other members of the secret organization were still trapped and going in circles.

Thinking about the sharp scream that had come from the person's face earlier, Yuan Liu's face darkened.

What the heck is this?

"Leader..." one of the members suddenly opened his mouth wide. "Look over there..."

Yuan Liu replied impatiently, "What are you looking at? Can't explain clearly?"

"No, no, that's not it." The member trembled as he pointed behind him. "Look, leader..."

Yuan Liu glanced irritably, but when his gaze reached the entrance of the cave, his eyes widened.

"Damn it!!"

Countless Human-faced Scorpion-tailed Spiders crowded on the cave roof and walls, one on top of another, like mountains collapsing, and they came rushing with a deafening roar.

Seeing the mighty army of Human-faced Scorpion-tailed Spiders charging towards them, Yuan Liu's eyes widened.

What the hell is this?!

"Leader! What do we do now?!"

"What else can we do?" Yuan Liu yelled, his voice loud. "Run!!!"

The leading Human-faced Scorpion-tailed Spider suddenly opened its eyes, its lips moved twice, and it spoke with a sweet girl's voice.

"Yuan Liu! Stop!"

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

What is this thing?!

Yuan Liu trembled all over, his scalp tingling. He ran even faster, his feet hitting the ground like fire wheels. He cried out in anguish, "Qiao Wan is gone! Qiao Wan is gone!! Run for your lives!!!"

Every word came with anguish!

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