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After Becoming the Stand-in for the White Moonlight – Chapter 20

2023-10-15 23:10:00Publish Time: 5,264 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 20

One of the elder martial sisters from Kunshan blushed and quickly scolded her own younger martial brother in a low voice, "How can you speak like that?"

Realizing his slip of the tongue, the younger martial brother quickly closed his mouth. His gaze accidentally swept through the crowd and he suddenly shivered.

The elder martial sister from Kunshan asked, "What's wrong?"

Looking up, even she was a little dumbfounded.

By the side of the younger martial brother, a young man had appeared out of nowhere, calmly gazing at the mountaintop.

He wore black boots, a dark red silk pouch hung from his waist, and there was a touch of cinnabar between his eyebrows. Although his features were extremely attractive, he gave off a cold, frosty aura.

His gaze landed on the elder martial sister, who was not wearing a skirt, and it seemed like the cinnabar between his eyebrows became even more vivid.

Why does this person emit a strange aura?

The younger martial brother from Kunshan wondered in a daze.

But the strange aura disappeared in an instant and soon vanished completely, as if it was just his imagination. When he focused his gaze again, the young man had already disappeared.

Amidst everyone's attention, Lu Pihan finally made a move. He reached out and took off his outer robe, throwing it onto Gan Nan's head, and said coldly, "Put it on."

Gan Nan was slightly stunned, but after a moment he realized that he was being told to put on the robe. He hurriedly wrapped himself up in it, breathing a sigh of relief and climbing out of the pit with a flushed face.

Although this elder brother looked a bit scary, he seemed like a good person.

"G-Goddess..." Gan Nan quietly moved closer to Qiao Wan, returning the pale pink chiffon dress he was holding to her.

"Your dress."

Qiao Wan took the dress without saying a word, but she knew in her heart that she was in trouble.

Being slandered was a small matter, but having Elder Martial Brother's cold face was a big deal.

Qiao Wan felt heavy-hearted.

Her current mood, to be honest, was the same as when she had to wait for her father to finish the parent-teacher conference.

Qiao Wan was practically raised by Lu Pihan.

Although Elder Martial Brother wasn't much older than her, he was probably old enough to be her father in the mortal realm.

After years of being together, Qiao Wan could tell that Elder Martial Brother actually tried his best to cultivate her into a graceful lady who excelled in both arts and combat.

Although Elder Martial Brother appeared cold and cool, and his seemingly fashionable weak physique, Qiao Wan knew in her heart that Elder Martial Brother was a straightforward guy, a straight up, iron-hearted guy, with the same taste as most straight guys, who liked elegant women who excelled in intelligence, bravery, and talents in various fields.

Rumor had it that Lu Pihan came from a well-known family before coming up the mountain, so naturally he cultivated Qiao Wan in the direction of dignity and elegance after Zhou Yan handed her over to him.

Under the guidance of Lu Pihan, Qiao Wan learned a bit of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. It's always good to have more skills, and she can just about manage to impress others with them.

Although she learned a bit of music, chess, calligraphy, and painting, after all these years of physical training, Qiao Wan, with her tight and muscular arms, seems to be walking further from the path that Lu Pihan hopes for...

Now it seems like there's no hope left.

Feng Wangyan glanced at them and sneered, "The younger martial sister has truly broadened our horizons."

With a gesture from Lu Pihan, Qiao Wan obediently pulled Gan Nan to the side and stood in the shadow behind Ma Huaizhen, attempting to make them less noticeable.

The man in the wheelchair glanced at them, his gaze shifting between the two before he slightly smiled, sending a chill down their spines. "You've improved."

That half-scarred face smiled, emitting a palpable sense of danger.

Qiao Wan felt nervous, "Senior..."

She had just left a pit in Qinghuan Peak, and Ma Huaizhen was clearly planning to settle the score with her later.

Gan Nan silently took a small step behind Qiao Wan.

This senior looks quite terrifying as well.

After Qiao Wan and Gan Nan stepped back, Lu Pihan looked up at Feng Wangyan. His tone was calm, "You don't have to worry about the matter with the younger martial sister, my immortal friend."

Feng Wangyan responded, "In the middle of the night, engaging in ambiguous relations with a man and causing such a commotion, this is the waste that you're willing to protect, even if it means using Xiaoxiao to blackmail me."

Lu Pihan remained expressionless, "Xiaoxiao is a disciple of the Kunshan Sect, and she is also my younger martial sister."

"One is from the sect that raised her for many years, the other is a person she met by chance in the demonic realm. Who is closer and who is more important, Xiaoxiao has her own judgment. There's no need for my immortal friend to make decisions on her behalf."

Lu Pihan glanced at him coldly, "However, it seems that my immortal friend's behavior is somewhat peculiar. Firstly, I've heard that the Phoenix Clan of Danxue Mountain was already wiped out long ago, yet my immortal friend happens to appear in the Broken Bone Deep Abyss. One can't help but wonder about the connection between my immortal friend and the demonic realm."

Lu Pihan continued, "Secondly, my immortal friend is not resting in the cave and instead causing chaos in the middle of the night. I wonder what your intentions are."

"Based on these two points, how can I know whether my immortal friend is good or evil, whether he is involved with the demonic realm? Are you using Xiaoxiao's name to do something else?"

"My words just now were not meant as blackmail, but to protect Xiaoxiao."

"If my immortal friend is truly involved with the demonic realm, then it's not a matter of outnumbering the opponent," Lu Pihan lifted his eyelids and said coldly, "This is for the sake of eradicating evil and upholding justice."

Qiao Wan observed this and involuntarily twitched her lips.

Elder Martial Brother seems unusually ruthless today.

The Phoenix Clan of Danxue Mountain has been extinct for eight hundred years. Without any background or support, it will be difficult to keep standing on your own. I can easily take you down.

Not only can I take you down, but I can also do it in the name of eradicating evil and upholding justice.

Clearly, Elder Martial Brother doesn't have the awareness to protect biodiversity and endangered animals.

Elder Martial Brother is truly a cruel and ruthless Elder Martial Brother.

Qiao Wan, startled, felt a loud alarm ringing in her heart.

Don't let love distract you, focus on cultivation and strive for progress every day, that's the real way to succeed.

Ma Huaizhen, sitting calmly in his wheelchair, couldn't help but chuckle disrespectfully.

Gan Nan, clearly in the wrong place, looked at the two immortal friends in front of him, then turned his head to glance at Qiao Wan. His heart was in turmoil.

Although he didn't understand what the two immortal friends were saying, this elder martial brother seemed really terrifying. This place wasn't where he was supposed to be. Could he leave?

Lu Pihan, after speaking, Feng Wangyan's face turned red and white, showing an unpredictable and magnificent change.

Lu Pihan really went straight for the jugular, his words were fast, accurate, and ruthless, not sparing any dignity or politeness.

Though he hadn't appeared in a long time, he still possessed the ability to weigh the pros and cons of the situation.

However, he was a member of the Phoenix Clan from Danxue Mountain. How could he bow down so easily?

Feng Wangyan's face turned stiff.

But Lu Pihan seemed oblivious and continued looking sickly, without giving any face or indication of backing down.

Feng Wangyan's face became even stiffer.

The other disciples from Kunshan didn't dare to say a word.

Just as the atmosphere became tense, a streak of light followed by a barefoot girl with loose hair appeared.

"Elder Martial Brother!"

"Little Phoenix!"

The girl put away the light and hurriedly took a few steps forward.

Mu Xiaoxiao!

Seeing the girl's face, the disciples from Kunshan who were watching below were suddenly energized!

They weren't mistaken, it was Mu Xiaoxiao! Had she woken up?

For those who didn't know Mu Xiaoxiao, they looked puzzled. Fortunately, there was an elder martial sister who quietly explained things to them.

She had just heard that something happened at Qinghuan Peak and didn't want to disturb Zhou Yan, so she rushed here. Seeing this scene before her, Mu Xiaoxiao let out a sigh of relief. Thankfully, they hadn't started fighting yet. The situation hadn't reached the point of no return.

"Xiaoxiao," Feng Wangyan was momentarily stunned. His face also softened a little. "Why did you come?"

The girl arrived in such a hurry that she didn't even have time to put on her shoes and socks. Her bare feet were pure white, and her black hair cascaded down to her waist, making her face appear even more delicate. In the darkness, she seemed fragile, as if she could transform into a fairy.

"I... I was worried about all of you."

Her chest heaved, and she forced a smile.

Gan Nan, with his bright green eyes, looked at her with confusion. "Immortal, why does this lady resemble you so much?"

Qiao Wan frowned as she watched the situation on the mountaintop, becoming even more worried.

She reached out and pressed down the blankle head in front of her, blinked her eyes, and whispered a hushing sound.

At this moment, Ma Huaizhen, who had been facing away from them, suddenly turned his head to look at her, smirked, and said, "Don't you want to go up and greet your elder martial sister?"

Seeing the situation in front of her, Mu Xiaoxiao also knew that it would be difficult to handle. She didn't look at Feng Wangyan anymore and walked barefoot to Ma Huaizhen.

After seeing Qiao Wan standing near the wheelchair, Mu Xiaoxiao nodded slightly as a greeting. She then turned to Ma Huaizhen and respectfully greeted him, cautiously calling him "senior."

The man in the wheelchair didn't move or even look up at her.

Mu Xiaoxiao didn't get angry because Ma Huaizhen didn't give her face. Instead, she became even more obedient and humble.

She had little contact with Ma Huaizhen before, so Mu Xiaoxiao worried about what kind of temperament this senior possessed.

"Senior, Xiaoxiao greets you." The girl's voice was soft, and now, in a plea, her tone became even lower, making her seem obedient and pitiful.

The girl standing in the cold wind had delicate and rosy toes peeking out from the hem of her skirt.

Mu Xiaoxiao curled up her toes helplessly, rubbing the tip of her right foot with her left foot. She looked like a rose in the cold wind - delicate and resilient, making people feel sorry for her.

In this situation, it seemed a bit unreasonable for Ma Huaizhen to remain unaffected.

The other disciples who looked on couldn't help but whisper.

Mu Xiaoxiao is really beautiful.

"If it were me, I couldn't bear to keep a stern face," someone puckered their mouth. "Hall Master Ma is too cold-hearted."

"What Xiao Feng did was indeed wrong, disturbing the senior like this," Mu Xiaoxiao felt a little lost as Ma Huaizhen showed no reaction. "But he just arrived in Kunshan and didn't know the way. It was unintentional to trespass Qinghuan Peak."

"Xiaoxiao!" Feng Wangyan was angry, but when his gaze fell on the girl's pale face, even though he still felt furious, some of it dissipated, and he no longer erupted.

Mu Xiaoxiao didn't look at him and lowered her head, softly saying, "Senior, please be magnanimous and forgive Xiao Feng this time."

"Is it okay?" The little girl elongated her tone and cautiously asked.

She caught a glimpse of Qiao Wan from the corner of her eye and hurriedly said, "Martial Sister Qiao Wan, I know you have a good relationship with the senior."

The girl blinked and pleaded, "Please help persuade Master Ma."

At this point, Qiao Wan was pretending to be dumb and clueless. Mu Xiaoxiao abruptly shifted the focus to her, making it awkward to continue staying silent.

Qiao Wan's eyelashes flickered, and she didn't respond immediately.

Only then did Ma Huaizhen react.

He carefully looked at Mu Xiaoxiao.

The girl had fair skin like jade, and her eyebrows and eyes resembled a peach blossom in early spring. Her anxious expression made her look like a poor little mouse, just like Xiao Song. It was hard for anyone to remain unmoved.

What was going on here?

Ma Huaizhen didn't speak, and the people felt a sense of confusion.

Had Hall Master Ma changed his attitude?

Wasn't it said that the previous senior martial sisters and brothers who pleaded with Ma Huaizhen had already failed?

Under the gaze of everyone, Ma Huaizhen withdrew his gaze and finally, slowly opened his mouth.

"Don't play this trick with me."

The man raised his lips with a strange smile, revealing his half-eaten face which looked eerie in the dark.

The Kunshan disciples who knew a bit about Ma Huaizhen suddenly felt a familiar chill, and shivered together.

Sure enough, the next second, they heard the man say coldly, "Zhou Yan might fall for your tricks, but they won't work on me."

The man twitched the muscles on his cheek, sneering, "Did Zhou Yan teach you to flirt with men and act foolish?"