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After Becoming the Stand-in for the White Moonlight – Chapter 19

2023-10-14 23:20:00Publish Time: 5,415 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 19

Qiao Wan: Hold on, Gan brother!

The young man, with tearful eyes, continued to fly forward in a crooked manner, saying, "I will do my best..."

Looking at the tattered cloth hanging on the White Dragon, Qiao Wan gritted her teeth and decisively took off her belt.

Today, she was wearing a top and a skirt, with shorts underneath. Taking off the skirt was not a big deal, but she couldn't let the dragon end up running around publicly naked.

Just as she took off her belt, the White Dragon exclaimed, "Fairy, I really can't hold on anymore."

As the words fell, the White Dragon suddenly shook, slanted to the side, and fell down.

Qiao Wan and Gan Nan: Ahhh!!!

On top of the mountain peak, holding a wine jug and gazing at the moon, Xiao Boyang suddenly froze when his gaze caught a glimpse of a white light in the sky. His eyes widened, and he jumped up.

What was that twisting and turning in the sky just now? Why did it look a bit like Qiao Wan?!

"Martial Brother Xiao?"

The young man turned his face with an unpleasant expression and carefully said, "I think I just saw Qiao Wan flying in the sky."

Male disciple: ...Damn it.

Xiao Boyang frowned, "Didn't you see it?"

The round moon shone brightly in the distance, casting a clear light like water.

The male disciple looked at the sky and shook his head, "There's no one in the sky," then he looked at Xiao Boyang with a complicated expression, "Could it be that you really have feelings for Qiao Wan?"

How much must one like Qiao Wan to see a girl flying in the sky?

Xiao Boyang looked again, and there was no one in the empty sky.

But he had clearly seen Qiao Wan just now.

Thinking of what the male disciple had just said, Xiao Boyang's face twisted again.

Him? Having feelings for Qiao Wan?!

Spit, spit, spit!

Once upon a time, when Xiao Boyang saw an image of a girl leaping into the air and riding on a snake demon, he trembled and closed his eyes.

He couldn't believe that he could be interested in someone like her.

It must be an illusion, it must be an illusion, it must be his mind playing tricks on him, or maybe Qiao Wan had used some kind of magic on him.

Yes, it must be Qiao Wan secretly playing tricks and using magic on him, just to distract him, so that she could defeat him in the future White Tower Competition.

Truly, a woman's heart can be the most poisonous.

Bai Long was trying to steady himself, but he was too weak, and he ended up falling down, leaving behind a beautiful white line in the sky.

All the Kunshan disciples who had been meditating, practicing, or enjoying the moon in solitude, heard the commotion and looked up.

"Did you hear a scream?"

"It sounded like it..."

"Look up there in the sky! What is that?!"

"A snake? There's a person up there too!"

"What the heck! Are you blind? How can a snake fly in the sky?!"

On Taixuan Peak...

Pei Chunzheng was sitting alone, trying to calm his mind.

He couldn't find peace.

His heart, which should have been calm, was restless and troubled.


Pei Chunzheng lowered his eyelashes and furrowed his brows.

Whenever he closed his eyes, Qiao Wan’s face appeared in his mind.

The girl struggled to get up from the bloodstains, gasping for breath. In her dark eyes, there reflected a flicker of warmth from the lights inside the city. She carefully brought the rabbit lantern that she had protected with all her might and held it out to him.

Pei Chunzheng clenched his lips tightly.

Perhaps it was guilt.

Indeed, he should feel guilty.

Throughout the years, he had been chasing after Xiaoxiao's shadow, and he had truly let her down.

But deep down, there seemed to be something missing, more than just guilt.

Pei Chunzheng tightened his fists, feeling annoyed, and looked up at the moon on the horizon.

However, at that moment, his gaze froze.

Under the bright moonlight, it seemed like something was swiftly falling.

Could it be Qiao Wan's voice he heard?

Was that Qiao Wan?

Without much thought, Pei Chunzheng's eyebrows furrowed tightly, and he quickly activated his sword light, chasing after the streak of white light.

In mid-air...

"Ah... Ahhh!"

In a flash, the white light turned into a naked, handsome young man.

Tears welled up in the young man's eyes. "Fairy, are we going to die?"

Even in this situation, Gan Nan still remembered to tightly squeeze his legs together.

He had to maintain some dignity.

Even if he was about to die... he couldn't let people... see him like this!

Qiao Wan covered him with her skirt and pulled him, her mind racing.

At this moment, she couldn't bring Gan Nan along on her flying sword.

With a change of thought, Qiao Wan shouted and forcefully used the palm strike that the Buddhist sect had taught her!

"The Radiance of Light!"

The palm print descended from the sky, creating a deep pit on the ground, and generating a strong air current shockwave. With a gentle push of her spiritual energy, she slowed down their fall.

This move was effective.

Qiao Wan took a deep breath and quickly delivered three to four more palm strikes.

The palm energy surged like a mountain torrent, shattering rocks and piercing through clouds!

After barely striking four palms, Qiao Wan started to feel a bit overwhelmed.

"I can't go on." Qiao Wan gritted her teeth. "I have no spiritual power left."

Just as she finished speaking, someone flipped her hand over and a surge of heat flowed through her back, rushing into her limbs.

In an instant, her lower abdomen was filled with this spiritual power, like a vast ocean.

The young man transmitted spiritual power to her while tremblingly saying, "Hold on, fairy friend."

Qiao Wan: ...

Even though they had agreed that they were all useless, it turns out that he's also a weakling.

With this fully charged large power bank of spiritual power, Qiao Wan took a deep breath and tears streamed down her face.

She couldn't resist it.

The feeling of being fully charged with spiritual power was so amazing.

It was the first time she had so much spiritual power, and Qiao Wan was still not used to this wonderful feeling. She was about to strike again when, perhaps due to exhaustion, her hand involuntarily trembled, causing her to lose balance.

"Radiance! No intervals!"


A burst of palm energy flew out, instantly blasting away a small hill in front.

Qiao Wan: ... She was so jealous!

With the super-sized power bank, Qiao Wan continuously struck several palms.

The full moon hung in the sky, and Qinghuan Peak was a mess, obviously having just gone through a fierce battle.

Rocks tumbled down, and more than half of the trees were burned, lying askew.

The commotion on Qinghuan Peak had long awakened countless disciples of the Kunshan Sect who were eating, sleeping, or picking their noses. However, when they rushed to the foot of Qinghuan Peak and saw several fierce gods on the mountain, they immediately held back.

Damn, aren't those Ma Huaizhen and Lu Pihan?

Due to Ma Huaizhen's reputation, the disciples silently squatted on the side to watch.

On the peak, a young man dressed in fiery red was shocked and angry.

Facing him, Ma Huaizhen sat calmly in a wheelchair.

Standing between the two was a slender figure, dividing the battlefield.

In the intermittent night breeze came Feng Wangyan's voice.

"... Is this how your Kunshan Sect treats guests?"

"This is certainly not how our Kunshan Sect treats guests." Lu Pihan remained calm and said lightly, "The Kunshan Sect has always treated people with sincerity. If someone treats us with courtesy, we will respond in kind. If someone is disrespectful, they can't expect me to be pleasant."

"Immortal friend, my rudeness came first. Not holding it against you is my sincerity."

"Sincerity?" Feng Wangyan sneered, "So, your sect's sincerity is to gang up on the outnumbered? Aren't you afraid of being laughed at by the world?"

Lu Pihan didn't answer him, but instead asked, "I heard it was the immortal friend who brought my younger martial sister back to Kunshan. Since the immortal friend came for her, have you truly considered her well-being?"

"Are you using Xiaoxiao to blackmail me!" At the mention of Mu Xiaoxiao, Feng Wangyan was both shocked and furious.

"Alright, alright." Feng Wangyan seemed to have realized something and suddenly laughed coldly, "What did I think it was for? It seems it's for Qiao Wan, this useless..."

Before he could finish his sentence.


A golden column of air descended from the sky, like a falling meteor, creating a mighty gust of wind.

Feng Wangyan's expression became serious as he quickly stepped back half a step.

The spot where they were just standing was forcefully hit by something, creating a deep pit.

Feng Wangyan: ...

The dust gradually settled.

"Cough cough cough..."

A series of coughing sounds rang out, and a young man alongside a woman lay in the deep pit, covered in stars from their eyes.

The fallen debris, Qiao Wan: Ouch, it hurts.

Qiao Wan raised her hand and wiped away the dust in front of her, coughing, and looked up.

Both of them froze.

"Immortal lady..." The young man, trembling, tightly held onto the dress Qiao Wan gave her. "Where... where are we?"

Following Qiao Wan's gaze, the young man also froze.

The fallen debris, Qiao Wan: ... Oh no.

The fallen debris, Gan Nan: ... Oh no.

It seems like they have... stumbled upon some extraordinary occasion.

That man sitting in the wheelchair must be Ma Huaizhen.

And the one in front, is he Elder Martial Brother?

As soon as Qiao Wan raised her eyes, she met the man's deep eyes.

Big... Elder Martial Brother.

Qiao Wan's scalp tingled.

Looking to the left, Ma Huaizhen was sitting in a wheelchair with a slightly surprised expression.

Looking forward, Lu Pihan's gaze held an unknown meaning.

And behind them, Feng Wangyan's face looked extremely displeased.

Gan Nan silently tightened the dress Qiao Wan gave her: Help... help us.

We're... going to die. Why are there so many people here?

The young man's face turned red, and his heart broke.

Qinghuan Peak fell into a strange silence.

Amidst this perplexing silence, Qiao Wan bravely stood up, brushed off the dust on her body, and respectfully bowed.

"Big... Elder Martial Brother..."

"Mr. Ma..."

Lu Pihan didn't respond, his gaze shifted, and his eyes, as deep as ghostly flames, fell upon her snowy white pants.

As if stimulated by the dust that had just risen, he coughed against his lips, then looked at the young man behind her.

His gaze met the young man's body and the pale pink light gauze dress on him. The man's eyes sparkled with coldness, burning in silence.

Gan Nan silently drew back, trembling, curling into a ball.

This... this immortal friend's gaze... why is it so strange...

So... scary, QAQ.

Qiao Wan's mouth twitched.

It's over.

One of them was disheveled, wearing only snow-white pants.

The other was sitting in the deep pit, with a rosy face.

Qiao Wan pretended to remain calm, her face seemed expressionless, but she secretly reached out and straightened her collar that was blown out of place by the wind.

Gan Nan blushed with shame, his horns trembling, and instinctively held onto the only piece of fabric he had left, the pale pink light gauze dress.

After witnessing Qiao Wan and Gan Nan's descent from the sky, and seeing the dress in the young man's hands, the Kunshan disciples who gathered under Qinghuan Peak couldn't contain their gossiping hearts.

Isn't this Qiao Wan?! Who is this male disciple?!!

Well... this really isn't difficult to misunderstand.

Looking at what was happening before their eyes, the disciples' thoughts accidentally drifted, causing them to all run off in different directions.

One of the younger martial brothers stuttered and blurted out the question that was on everyone's minds, "H-How intense does it have to be?! To fall from the sky like that?"

The disciples from Kunshan were amazed... "Wow, this is something!"

Lu Pihan...