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After Becoming the Stand-in for the White Moonlight – Chapter 190

2024-04-03 00:00:00Publish Time: 297 views
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Chapter 190: Drinking Together

It was Xiao Huan.

Mu Xiaoxiao's fiancé, from the distinguished lineage of the Xiao family, held a high position. He was the most outstanding talent in the entire Xiao family. Currently, there was a power struggle within the Xiao family, and Xiao Huan was also the most promising candidate to succeed as the family head.

Xiao Huanwith advanced cultivation, has already reached the level of Gold Elixir. Whenever people mention Xiao Huan, they cannot help but mention his gentle and polite personality, his intelligence and composure, and his sensitive and thoughtful nature. He seems to have the qualities of a future leader of the Xiao family.

In conclusion, Xiao Huan is firmly seated as the leader of the Xiao family.

He is also Mu Xiaoxiao's fiance, a childhood promise that has been made since they were little.

The young man had a lazy smile on his lips, but it didn't come across as disrespectful because Xiao Huan's voice was as smooth as broken jade, elegant and courteous.

"I didn't expect Taoist Friend Qiao to have such a personality."

"I'm afraid my innocent Xiaoxiao has suffered a lot of grievances and hardships."

Xiao Huan let out a sigh and the smile in his eyes deepened.

The snow was falling heavily. The young man had dark hair with a golden hairpin, and he was wearing a fox fur coat. His smile was radiant, and there was a hint of warmth in his eyes.

Zhou Yan frowned, "Since we have already seen everything, why not just bring up any other requests Young Master Xiao might have?"

Xiao Huan looked up and saw the graceful sword immortal in front of him. He lowered his head slightly and instructed the maidservants beside him to bring a cup of wine.

"Today, the spiritual master has specially come for us younger folks. Despite the harsh wind and snow, let's have a drink to warm ourselves, spiritual master and Taoist Friend Lu," Xiao Huan said.

Immediately, two beautiful maidservants came forward, holding gold goblets delicately.

Zhou Yan's heart skipped a beat as he watched the extravagant and charming scene, his eyebrows furrowing.

"Please, young master Lu, have a drink," said the gentle and elegant maidservant, her voice warm and soft.

Lu Pihan's eyes darkened, but he didn't reach out his hand.

Watching Xiao Huan closely as his expression changed, Lu Pihan couldn't help but smile again.

"Is younger martial sister causing trouble for Taoist Friend Lu?" he asked.

"It seems that Taoist Friend Lu is determined to keep younger martial sister close by, but she doesn't seem to agree. Her character is quite similar to my little brother, Sui'er. I can promise Taoist Friend Lu not to harm younger martial sister," Zhou Yan said.

Xiao Huan instructed the maid to pour him another glass of wine. He rubbed his forehead with a slight headache and said, "But my impulsive younger brother, if he finds out how Mu Xiaoxiao is being treated like this, who knows what he will do."

He was talking about his younger brother, Xiao Sui, who has always had a good relationship with Mu Xiaoxiao.

Lu Pihan didn't even look at the golden goblet in front of him and didn't seem to be bothered by the gentle pressure from the young man.

With an aloof expression, he said calmly, "I'll go check on Xiaoxiao."

Pushing the goblet away, he cleared his throat and turned around without hesitation.

Xiao Huan smiled faintly, not getting angry. He called back the maid who was holding the goblet and drank the wine inside it himself.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yan had already finished his drink.

Xiao Huan threw the empty wine cup behind him. It happened to fall into the maid's arms, splashing the liquid and wetting the front of her clothing, revealing a faint, curvaceous silhouette.

Zhou Yan's gaze flickered and he furrowed his brows, looking away.

"We won't talk about that anymore," the young man said casually, wiping off the liquid from his fingers. He smiled and said, "Spiritual Master's sword skills are exceptional, known throughout the land. I came here to seek guidance from Spiritual Master and discuss sword techniques. I wonder if Spiritual Master would be willing to help."

Zhou Yan and Xiao Huan left together, while Wang Wu stayed behind and furrowed his brows.

This Xiao family seems unwelcome, but Yuqing Spiritual Master, who is also Elder Yuqing from Kunshan, had no choice but to obey this young man. What is the status of this Yuqing Spiritual Master?

Elder Yuqing from Kunshan is a cultivator at the Nascent Soul stage, so there is no need to fear a young member of the Xiao family, even if he is meant to inherit the position of the family head. Besides, the matter of the family head is uncertain, as the old head of the Xiao family seems to favor the younger Xiao Sui more.

"Wang Wu," the observing undercover disciple suddenly came to his senses and turned to ask, "What should we do now? Should we chase after Qiao Wan?"

Wang Wu glared angrily and said, "Chase? Why chase? Just pretend for a bit and that's it. Do you really want to chase after her? Can you even defeat her?"


Lu Pihan stopped in front of a side hall on Yuqing Peak.

Ever since Feng Wangyan was injured by Qiao Wan, Mu Xiaoxiao had brought him to the side hall for treatment and had been taking care of him day and night. Not everyone has Qiao Wan's strong physical condition. Thunder is a tricky thing that has caused Feng Wangyan a lot of trouble. He still hasn't woken up.

Mu Xiaoxiao was already sleeping, leaning on the edge of the bed. A few strands of her black hair hung down on her forehead, adding to her charm.

His footsteps hesitated, but he didn't enter the room.

However, the girl was already half-asleep and, upon hearing the sound, she wearily raised her head and rubbed her eyes.

After the cold and thin figure appeared in the corridor, a joyful smile instantly appeared in Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes, and she softly and elongated her voice, "Elder Martial Brother!"

A faint smile appeared on Lu Pihan's face.


But it only lasted for a moment before disappearing.

Mu Xiaoxiao quickly stood up and made room. "Elder Martial Brother, why are you here?"

"He hasn't woken up yet?" Lu Pihan glanced at the man on the bed and asked.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at the man on the bed and shook her head sadly, "Not yet."

It had been a long time since she had sat with Elder Martial Brother and talked.

Thinking of this, Mu Xiaoxiao became a bit nervous and couldn't help but look at the man in front of her.

The man had an ordinary appearance, troubled by illness to the point of looking a bit disheveled. His eyes were dark and made his high and straight nose bridge stand out. His lips were pale and lacked color, and he was wrapped in a fox fur. His eyes were as icy as a cold fire.

After all, this was her older brother who had raised her.

Mu Xiaoxiao became a bit absent-minded.

The girl couldn't help but show a small, gentle smile at the corner of her mouth: "Elder Martial Brother, do you remember the first time we met?"

Just now, on the mountain peak, Lu Pihan coughed a few times, slowly asking, "What are you thinking about again?"

She still remembered the first time she saw Elder Martial Brother.

Elder Martial Brother was born in a branch of the Lu family. Their branch suffered a disaster, and they were wiped out by the Blue-eyed Evil Buddha. The main Lu family didn't arrive in time, and only Elder Martial Brother survived. Since he was young, he has been plagued by sickness, with scars all over his body from the "Golden Cicada Seal." The young man was cold and gloomy, with only two balls of fire in his eyes, as if reminding others and himself that he was still alive.

At that time, she had just arrived in Kunshan and spent the most difficult period of time with Lu Pihan. They were together every day.

And during that time, Qiao Wan wasn't there.

"I thought of Elder Martial Brother, and he was just like now back then." Mu Xiaoxiao giggled, "Just like now, calm and reassuring."

Lu Pihan, clearly uninterested, asked, "Why aren't we resting yet?"

The girl, feeling embarrassed, lowered her gaze and whispered softly, "Because I wanted to talk a bit more with Elder Martial Brother."

Lu Pihan coughed again, a hint of amusement in his eyes, "Don't interrupt."


She felt like she had made a mistake.

Qiao Wan hid awkwardly in the bushes, holding tightly onto the jug in her arms.

She felt a bit down and guilty.

In fact, after crossing the drawbridge, she regretted it.

She shouldn't have taken her anger out on Elder Martial Brother.

With her eyes downcast, Qiao Wan felt a bit conflicted.

Now, she stood in the wind and snow, holding onto the jug, listening to the commotion coming from the side hall. Her back was straight as a stick, almost like a fool.

Originally, she quietly followed Elder Martial Brother, wanting to apologize. However, now she couldn't move forward or backward.

Elder Martial Brother's kindness towards her was selfless and without expecting anything in return.

She and Elder Martial Brother were not biologically related, so they weren't considered blood relatives.

She didn't experience the difficult times with him like Mu Xiaoxiao did.

She wasn't responsible for Elder Martial Brother.

She was the one who should be grateful to Elder Martial Brother.

Qiao Wan held the wine jar and sat down slowly against the corridor.

The wine in her arms was still warm.

The scent of the wine was strong.

But there was no one to drink with her.

Unable to resist, she tiptoed and quietly glanced at the activities in the side hall.

The girl seemed a little disappointed, clasping her fingers tightly: "Unknowingly, Martial Sister Qiao Wan has already reached the Golden Core stage, while my cultivation has been stagnant."

The man's eyes flickered slightly, and a hint of coldness seemed to flash in his eyes. After a while, he showed a little warmth: "If you want to learn, I can teach you too."

Reminded by Mu Xiaoxiao, Qiao Wan suddenly remembered.

She had already reached the Golden Core stage.

That's great.

Qiao Wan sat back down by the railing of the corridor and quietly opened the seal, taking a sip.

After flipping over the floating suspension bridge, their hands and feet, chilled by the cliff wind, immediately felt much warmer.

Gan Nan, Xiao Boyang, and Jun Caiwei probably have already successfully left by now.

Looking at the round moon in the sky, she also wanted to find someone to share her joy of advancing to the Golden Core stage.

After thinking for a while, Qiao Wan silently took another sip of wine and mumbled to herself.

"Elder Martial Brother, I've reached the Golden Core stage."

How come... I should be stronger than Mu Xiaoxiao, right?

"Second Young Master, I've reached the Golden Core stage!"

"Senior, I've reached the Golden Core stage!"

Talking to herself, she felt a bit embarrassed.

Qiao Wan's face turned slightly red, but she still drank some wine, raised her wine jar, and made a toast to the moon from a distance.


*Clank, clank, clank*.

Just then, her wine jar suddenly emptied.


Her brows furrowed, preparing to defend herself.

A proud figure suddenly appeared in front of the moonlight.

Qiao Wan, a trembling woman, looked silently towards the man standing on the tall rooftop, with the backdrop of a large round moon. He was wearing a long black robe.

The bright moonlight gently flowed onto the silver magical patterns, shimmering like dots of silver light.

Qiao Wan was both shocked and confused.

Jia Yin!

How did he end up here?!!

The man had a peculiarly curved sword hanging from his waist. His black and white braided hair was slightly lifted by the night breeze. Moonlight fell on his face, and he looked at her calmly from above: "Qiao Wan."

He lifted the jug in his hand and raised an eyebrow: "Back in Qizawa Province, you still owe me a jug of wine."

She looked up.


Behind the man, another familiar head appeared, and a young man smiled cheerfully.

"Girl, drinking alone?"

"Why not join me and His Majesty?"