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After Becoming the Stand-in for the White Moonlight – Chapter 189

2024-04-02 00:00:00Publish Time: 270 views
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Chapter 189: The Green Hat King

After successfully delivering the invitation, Jia Yin glanced at his subordinate next to him with indifference as they passed through the mountain gate.

The young person casually looked away, but then their eyes accidentally caught sight of something, and they exclaimed, "Oh! Your Majesty, look! There are people over there! It seems like there's a fight happening." They quickly pulled their Emperor close with a nervous smile.

Jia Yin's gaze slightly shifted.

I have to say, after working for so long behind our Majesty, Xiu Quan can guarantee what our Majesty likes.

A wig running wildly in the night sky is quite attention-grabbing.

Xiao Boyang runs halfway and suddenly sees the wig beside him, fiercely saying, "Split up!"

Splitting up and running faster, Xiao Boyang and Jun Caiwei exchange glances and silently agree with this plan. The four of them go in four different directions, swiftly carrying the wine jugs.

However, Qiao Wan , not long after running out of the Wenshi Hall, suddenly brakes.

It's not that she doesn't want to run, she just can't escape.

She's been surrounded.

A group of patrolling disciples, holding lanterns in their hands, block the path. The leader immediately recognizes who this running wig creature is.

"Yes! Yes! It's this wig creature!" the furious leader shouts, "Catch her for me!"

The towering leader clenches his teeth silently, "Qiao Wan , long time no see."

Qiao Wan looked at the man in front of her, and her mind suddenly recalled something, Wang Wu? she asked in surprise.

He was the undercover disciple who entered the Mudstone Secret Realm with her before! The rugged-looking man in front of her was none other than Wang Wu, leading a group of patrolling disciples with a sullen expression.

"I told you to come back when you come back. Can't you avoid giving us more work?" he complained.

At least they had fought their way out of the Mudstone Secret Realm together, and their camaraderie remained. Even though he had been ordered to capture her, Wang Wu didn't intend to make the atmosphere so tense.

Qiao Wan glanced back and silently touched the wig on her head. "Let's make a deal. Can you give me a chance and let me pass first?"

Wang Wu looked troubled. "I'm sorry, but we have orders to follow."

"Master Ma and Elder Martial Brother arrived early?!" Qiao Wan exclaimed.

"Hall Master Ma? Wang Wu was even more shocked. His hands trembled, and the lantern fell to the ground. "You've gotten into trouble with Hall Master Ma again?!"

The man looked like he was going crazy, not caring about the lantern on the ground. He kicked it in frustration and cursed loudly, "Qiao Wan, have you gone mad?!"

Qiao Wan's face froze again, and she quietly asked, "So, there is more than one person coming to catch me?"

Wang Wu pointed at her, looking even more despairing than Qiao Wan. "So, the ones coming to catch you are more than one? Why?!"

Qiao Wan asked, "Then who is the other person?"

Wang Wu's expression suddenly became complicated. He looked at her, unsure of what she was thinking. There was sympathy in his eyes, as if he was trying to protect her.

"See for yourself."

As soon as he said that, the disciples guarding the area suddenly made way for a path."

The lanterns in her hand gathered into a shallow river of light. At the end of the river, there was a white-haired deity, wrapped in a soft yellow glow, walking towards her.

"Wan'er," he called.

Tall and elegant, with eyes as cold and piercing as frost.

This is Zhou Yan.

Qiao Wan pursed her lips, transforming her appearance once again.

Yuqing Spiritual Master's gaze fell upon her, his brows furrowing. "Enough playing around, come back to Yuqing Peak with me."

Qiao Wan's heart tightened, quickly regaining her composure. She asked in response, "Why is Senior Yuqing here?"

This unfamiliar address made Zhou Yan fall silent for a moment.

"I came to find you," he said, looking at the girl under the warm light. "Did you injure Feng, your taoist friend?"

Qiao Wan did not deny it.

Zhou Yan sighed softly. "Your elder martial sister is still taking care of him at Yuqing Peak."

He knew that it was somewhat unfair to Buping, but he still felt a little guilty for going against Qiao Wan's wishes and bringing her to Yuqing Peak. However, when he heard the news from Qiao Wan's cave, he was slightly surprised by how intense her hostility had become.

He felt remorseful for what he had done to Qiao Wan, but that was all.

It wasn't entirely fair to think this way about Qiao Wan, but emotions are difficult to control. Both of his disciples, Mu Xiaoxiao and Xiaoxiao, were important to him, and he couldn't help but favor Xiaoxiao a bit more.

At the thought of this, Yuqing Spiritual Master's furrowed his brows even tighter.

"Let's go back," he said.

"Feng Wangyan is just a sentient being who has gained wisdom. There's no need to pay attention to him. He's just overly concerned about your elder martial sister."

"After he got hurt, Xiaoxiao has been taking care of him every step of the way."

Qiao Wan paused for a moment. "So, should I apologize to him?" she asked.

Zhou Yan looked slightly surprised and coldly turned his eyes towards him, saying, "He offended you first, so you don't need to apologize to him."

Although Zhou Yan felt displeased at the thought of Feng Wangyan, he wasn't going to argue with him.

"Then apologize to Taoist Friend Mu."

Zhou Yan paused and continued, "She is your elder martial sister. Do you know how much Xiaoxiao secretly did for you after you returned to the mountain?"

At that moment, Qiao Wan caught a glimpse of Lu Pihan standing not far away, who had just caught up with them.

"Elder Martial Brother, do you also think the same?"

Lu Pihan didn't answer. He silently looked at his younger martial sister in front of him, lowered his eyes, and remained silent.

He never liked to tell lies or speak empty words. However, if he had to exchange pleasantries, especially in official settings, he could do it with a smile.

Lu Pihan always valued his fellow disciples and friends.

He valued relationships.

This also meant that he valued Mu Xiaoxiao in the same way.

After all, Mu Xiaoxiao was his first younger martial sister.

Qiao Wan suddenly felt a bit anxious, her hands were a little cold, and her throat felt a bit blocked. She seemed to forget that Mu Xiaoxiao was also Elder Martial Brother's younger martial sister, and the first one at that.

Lu Pihan cleared his throat and said, "Xiaoxiao, this has nothing to do with you."

After a long time, Qiao Wan finally calmed her breathing and stared at her intently, slowly saying, "But you must come back with me."

This was an unquestionable statement.

Qiao Wan held the wine jar tightly in her arms. Although her expression remained calm, she couldn't quite describe her feelings.

This feeling, truly, was incredibly defeatist.

Qiao Wan suddenly realized that protecting Mu Xiaoxiao had become almost instinctual for them.

The sharp and beautiful features of the Buddha suddenly appeared in her mind, and Qiao Wan couldn't help but feel defeated.

Senior, I was wrong. This step of cultivating the heart is too difficult. Although I've tried to be open-minded, when the truth is brutally revealed before your eyes, it's like a stab to the heart.

"I won't go back."

Qiao Wan shook her head as the night breeze woke her up from her drunkenness.

Silently, she counted the people in front of her.

One, two, three, four, five... There were more than ten people.

It seemed unrealistic to force her way out.

Zhou Yan looked at her reluctance to go back and his stern face softened slightly. "I promised you that I would find a better sword embryo than the Red Fire Golden Fetus for you."

"I know why you don't want to go back to Yuqing Peak," Zhou Yan lowered his gaze. "But there are disciples on the higher floors with a cultivation level of Golden Core, which you can't defeat."

"I will prove it to you in three days," Qiao Wan said expressionlessly. "In three days, I can reach the top by myself."

"I have experienced many things at the foot of the mountain," Qiao Wan said.

Zhou Yan frowned.

"I have encountered many difficulties, but I'm not complaining to you," Qiao Wan took a step back. "I mean, the things I have experienced at the foot of the mountain are much more than you can imagine."

"I have made many friends."

In Kunshan, it snows all year round. At this time, the snow started falling again.

It fell gracefully on the stone path and the suspended wooden walkway. The wind and snow on the cliff were cold and chilling. The wind blew the paper lanterns, causing the flickering lantern light to shower golden red glow.

In the midst of this wind and snow, Qiao Wan suddenly started a challenge, planning to rush straight ahead!

The accumulated snow on the pine trees was shaken off, and Wang Wu widened his eyes, unable to help but shudder. He immediately raised his voice and shouted, "Stop!"

Although he felt sorry for Qiao Wan in his heart, after all, he worked in the dark and in the nearby vicinity, there was also the formidable Yuqing Spiritual Master, who couldn't be provoked. One must show respect in the presence of such a noble person.

The disciples on the night patrol were all startled, quickly following suit.

This was the first time, since returning to Kunshan, that Qiao Wan truly took action!

It was completely different from when dealing with Feng Wangyan. She moved like thunder and lightning, shooting through the air like a streak of snow!

The snow from the pine trees fell gently.

The young girl brushed off the snow from her shoulder, with a cold expression and graceful movements.

She made many friends and also learned the Wuxiang Technique from Demon Emperor Jia Yin!

Wang Wu was stunned for a moment and confused.


Why does it have a bit of Demon Emperor Jia Yin's presence in it?

And Qiao Wan , her skills are impressive too?

Facing more than ten people, Qiao Wan remained calm, with a hint of alcohol on her, ready to fight anyone. She displayed fierceness and extraordinary freedom.

For a moment, even the other junior disciples who were on patrol were dumbfounded, looking at the falling snow.

Is this the same Qiao Wan as before?

In a fleeting moment, Qiao Wan had already crossed the floating drawbridge and flipped over.

"Demon Emperor Jia Yin ?" whispered a naive younger martial sister from the hidden sect.

Wang Wu silently nudged her elbow.

"Are you lacking in common sense! Is this the time to bring that up?"

Although there were rumors before that Qiao Wan and Demon Emperor Jia Yin were very close, in reality, hardly anyone believed these rumors.

Who is Demon Emperor Jia Yin? Can an ordinary cultivator have contact with him?

"Besides, who is this Demon Emperor Jia Yin? Do you really believe these rumors?"

We shouldn't believe them.

Standing on a distant mountain peak, he could see and hear everything happening below.

On the mountain peakwith disguised cat ears moved his dog-like ears and smiled warmly.

This was the first time his boss had actively invited someone from the demon clan to work for them. This was a highly recommended employee personally chosen by the Emperor.

"Your Majesty, should we go down?" Xiu Quan scratched the back of his head.

He really wanted to help Miss Qiao, but he had a feeling that if they went down now, things might not end well.

"No need," Jia Yin stood calmly with his hands down. "She can handle it."

"This is the subordinate I've taken a liking to."

"Besides, there are outsiders."

"Is there someone unfamiliar here? Xiu Quan, the monk, can't figure out who this outsider is."

More than ten night patrol disciples were stunned and couldn't stop Qiao Wan alone.

Lu Pihan slowly lowered his eyes, showing no intention to intervene.

Wang Wu felt slightly uneasy from the atmosphere. What on earth is going on?!

But just at that moment, a beautifully decorated carriage suddenly drove into the crowd, breaking the deadlock.

The golden and white curtains, gold decorations on the wheels, a white fox fur draped inside, and the tinkling sound of bells. Three or five beautiful maids were following beside the carriage.

Suddenly, a fair-skinned finger emerged. The joints were distinct, slim like beautiful jade, with an amber-colored gem hanging from the wrist.

"Spiritual master, is this... Taoist Friend Qiao?"

The smiling voice sounded very elegant and composed.

The night patrol disciples present were all shocked, recognizing the embroidered family badge on the carriage as the symbol of the Xiao family.

And based on this grandeur, the person sitting inside must not be an ordinary person.

The curtain of the sedan chair was slightly lifted, revealing the silhouette of a noble person sitting inside.

With dark hair and golden earrings, their eyes filled with a warm smile. Their eyebrows were slender and their lips curled up with a playful smile. Their eyes seemed to be filled with a soft amber light.

"It is quite admirable that the spiritual master went out of their way to come here for me, a younger generation."

A maid beside the sedan chair held a lantern adorned with plain silk, and the light reflected off the falling snow.

The young man's voice sounded slightly surprised and lazy, "So this is... Taoist Friend Qiao, who has taken a soft approach towards my fiancée, Jiaojiao?"

However, there was no trace of anger or love for his fiancée in his words.

Zhou Yan's face finally showed a slight change.