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After Becoming the Stand-in for the White Moonlight – Chapter 12

2023-10-07 23:55:00Publish Time: 6,182 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 12

Faced with Mu Xiaoxiao, Qiao Wan could only treat her as a fellow classmate and roommate.

Whatever Mu Xiaoxiao asked, she tried her best to answer in order to dispel her doubts and apprehensions.

When they first met and sat down to eat and drink together, the atmosphere was harmonious.

"When did you become a disciple, younger martial sister?"

Qiao Wan thought for a moment and replied, "Thirty years ago?"

She couldn't quite remember either, in the world of cultivation, everyone was old monsters, so age didn't matter much.

Thinking about it, she was almost forty this year.

Thinking about the little bow on her head, Qiao Wan fell silent for a moment.

But she just liked the cute little bow QWQ

As she spoke, Qiao Wan suddenly heard a buzzing noise coming from the sword on her knee. The sword trembled as if it wanted to break free from Qiao Wan's grasp.

"What is that sound?" Mu Xiaoxiao exclaimed, wide-eyed.

Qiao Wan hesitated for a moment and took off the Autumn Water Sword.

The slender sword flew out of her hand and landed in front of Mu Xiaoxiao with a clatter.

"This is..." Mu Xiaoxiao raised her head in surprise, "Autumn Water Sword?"

Mu Xiaoxiao gently touched the sword with her fingertips, and the sword seemed to sense its former owner's presence. It vibrated even more intensively, as if responding affectionately.

Mu Xiaoxiao exclaimed, "It... remembers me..."

Caught off guard by Mu Xiaoxiao's surprised and joyful gaze, Qiao Wan suddenly felt a bit awkward and remained silent, pursing her lips.

Seeing Mu Xiaoxiao wearing that headband, after all, the sword she was using now belonged to her.

This sword was given to her by Zhou Yan.

She accepted it happily at that time, only later did she discover that the sword's previous owner was Mu Xiaoxiao.

In fact, Qiao Wan didn't feel very comfortable using this Autumn Water Sword. She and the sword were more like roommates trying to get by together. Now that Mu Xiaoxiao had returned, it was only right for the sword to be returned to its rightful owner.

"This sword originally belonged to our elder martial sister," Qiao Wan said, "Now that our elder martial sister has returned, the sword should be returned as well."

Mu Xiaoxiao looked up and asked, "And what about you, younger martial sister?"

She asked with concern, "After returning Autumn Water to me, won't you be left without a sword?"

Qiao Wan replied, "It's okay, I'll just find another sword."

Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head, "After all, Autumn Water has been by your side for so long. Even if you find another sword, you might not be comfortable using it. I don't need the sword for now, so you can keep Autumn Water for the time being."

Qiao Wan also shook her head, "This is our elder martial sister's sword after all, she should take it back."

Just as the two of them were at a standstill, Lu Pihan suddenly walked into the hall.

"Elder Martial Brother!" Mu Xiaoxiao stood up in excitement.

After not seeing each other for so long, seeing Elder Martial Brother who was like a real brother, Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't hide her joy.

But Lu Pihan didn't approach her, "Lips."

Mu Xiaoxiao realized that Lu Pihan was pointing out the bits of pastry crumbs at the corner of her mouth, and her face immediately turned red.

Lu Pihan smiled slightly, which was rare for him. "Master said that you still have some residual poison in your body. If there's nothing important, you should rest first."

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded and asked, "Senior Brother, where is Master? Where did he go?"

Lu Pihan replied, "Master has some important matters to attend to, so he has already gone back. He specifically asked me to come and inform the two of you."

Upon hearing Lu Pihan's words, Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't hide her obvious disappointment on her face.

But Lu Pihan didn't look at her again.

Seeing Mu Xiaoxiao, he was indeed happy in his heart, but there was another matter at hand.

"Wan'er," Lu Pihan's eyelids drooped, "come with me."

Qiao Wan felt a sense of foreboding in her heart.

Helpless, she followed him obediently as Elder Martial Brother had been influential for too long. The years spent together before her memory recovered made Lu Pihan resemble her father too much. Although Qiao Wan felt uneasy, she still went along with him.

Mu Xiaoxiao stood still, hesitating for a moment. When she saw the two walk away together, she quickly grabbed the Autumn Water Sword from the table and chased after them.

"Younger martial sister," she gently handed the sword to Qiao Wan and said, "Here is your sword."

Qiao Wan didn't expect Mu Xiaoxiao to be so stubborn. Looking at the slender sword in her hand, she hesitated for a moment.

Seeing this, Lu Pihan asked.

Mu Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows and softly replied, "Younger martial sister wanted to return this sword to me, but I don't need it now. It's better if younger martial sister uses it for now. When you find your own sword, you can return it to me then."

Lu Pihan said, "You can hold onto this sword for now."

Qiao Wan had no choice but to accept the sword for now. However, she thought she must find a sword immediately, regardless of its quality. At least she had to return the Autumn Water Sword to Mu Xiaoxiao first.

After thanking Mu Xiaoxiao, Qiao Wan walked out of the hall with Lu Pihan.

Lu Pihan seemed to see through her thoughts and suddenly said, "In a couple of days, I will help you find a new sword. Then you can return this sword to younger martial sister."

A suitable sword is precious. A sword cultivator cannot be without a sword by their side. After returning the sword to Mu Xiaoxiao, Qiao Wan couldn't find a suitable replacement for a while. Qiao Wan knew that Elder Martial Brother was doing this for her own good.

She had used this sword for so many years, and the whole Kunshan knew that this sword belonged to Mu Xiaoxiao. It didn't make much sense to rush to return it now.

Due to his serious illness, Lu Pihan couldn't walk fast. Qiao Wan followed behind him, stepping lightly and deeply into the snowy ground. They walked until they reached an ancient plum tree on a high cliff. The man stopped and turned around, asking, "Have you been slacking off in your cultivation these past few days?"

Elder Martial Brother checking on her progress, Qiao Wan shook her head, but considering Lu Pihan's picky personality, she hesitated a bit. Before speaking, she changed her tone and said, "A few days ago, I received an order from Wenshi Hall to go to the northern region to eliminate evil. I haven't had many opportunities to cultivate these past few days."

"Did Ma Huaizhen send you down the mountain again?"


Lu Pihan said indifferently, "Battling is also a form of cultivation. Show me what you've learned. I want to see if you've made any progress while I was away from the mountain."

Hearing this, Qiao Wan knew that she was inevitably going to be beaten today.

Getting beaten is also a form of cultivation. Qiao Wan didn't say anything more and swiftly drew the Autumn Water Sword from her back.

As soon as the sword was unsheathed, a palm wind struck.

Qiao Wan hurriedly raised her sword to meet the attack. The force of the palm wind shook her sword, making it buzz loudly. The sword felt as heavy as a thousand pounds, almost causing Qiao Wan to spew blood. She had no choice but to quickly release her strength and throw away her sword before leaping backwards.

To Qiao Wan's surprise, Lu Pihan didn't care about their bond as fellow disciples. He unleashed a powerful burst of energy, accompanied by strong winds and snow, directly towards her.

Qiao Wan continued to leap backwards until she reached the ancient plum tree. With a push against the tree trunk, she transformed her body into a sword and used her momentum to charge straight at Lu Pihan.

The man still appeared weak and sickly.

As Qiao Wan approached him, she took advantage of the fierce wind and heavy snow to change her form. In the blink of an eye, she transformed into a snowflake-like plum blossom, floating and soaring gracefully.

This was the technique of concealing one's presence and changing form in Kunshan - the "Subtle Graceful Step".

A gentle breeze brushed over Lu Pihan's head, causing his eyelashes to flicker. "Hmm?"

Seizing this opportunity, Qiao Wan silently darted to his head. However, to her surprise, Lu Pihan immediately caught her.

Without hesitation, Qiao Wan raised her palm, infused it with spiritual power, and struck towards his head.

The man remained calm and lifted his sleeve, meeting her palm with his own.

Their palms collided, causing the fallen plum blossoms and snow to scatter in all directions, and the withered plum tree trembled.

A thin and dexterous hand followed the momentum, firmly grasping Qiao Wan's wrist.

Unable to evade, Qiao Wan widened her eyes and could only watch as she was forcefully pulled down from mid-air by Lu Pihan. She fell onto the snowy ground, tasting a mouthful of mud and snow.

"So this is how you use the Subtle Graceful Step?" Lu Pihan frowned in dissatisfaction.

Although the Subtle Graceful Step was not particularly profound, it was quite useful in confusing opponents during battles. However, it was clear that this move had no effect on Lu Pihan.

Elder Martial Brother's palm still contained energy, indicating that he had no intention of letting her go.

Qiao Wan rolled on the ground and, in the next moment, the spot she was just at was shattered by Lu Pihan's palm energy.

A cold sweat dripped down Qiao Wan's forehead.

It had been some time, but Elder Martial Brother remained weak and cruel.

Witnessing Elder Martial Brother's ferocious appearance, Qiao Wan no longer dared to be careless and was not in the mood to answer Lu Pihan's question. She quickly seized the opportunity to slip away from between the man's legs.

Lu Pihan probably didn't expect Qiao Wan to be so shameless. A graceful and agile young girl appeared from under him, leaving Lu Pihan momentarily stunned, his face turning pale.

In this moment of hesitation, Qiao Wan finally found her chance. With her toes touching the ground, she struck out like a shooting star. This strike pushed Lu Pihan back several steps. Qiao Wan then quickly retracted her palm, elegant and composed, standing where she was.

Lu Pihan: ...

"No more fighting, no more fighting." Qiao Wan shook her head, took a breath, her injuries from being ruthlessly suppressed by Feng Wangyan today were still not healed. Just this action now stirred up her injuries, causing her internal energy to go haywire, and her qi and blood to churn. The seal on her neck also started to feel hot.

The sword on the ground was put back in its sheath, and Qiao Wan looked at Lu Pihan with a helpless expression. "If we keep fighting, your Golden Cicada Seal will definitely be triggered, Elder Martial Brother."

This Elder Martial Brother, when he was young, had been cursed by his enemies. A row of bone-piercing nails was embedded in his back, and he was also struck by a palm from the Blue-eyed Evil Buddha, a strike named "Golden Cicada Seal." Anyone who was struck by this palm would have a golden cicada mark on their skin, and though they wouldn't die, they would be left half-disabled.

Elder Martial Brother was very strong and didn't die, but he was disabled.

But with the Golden Cicada Seal inside him, whenever he activated his martial arts, the person with the seal would experience unbearable pain.

The power of the Golden Cicada Seal varied based on the depth of the martial arts being used by the person with the seal.

In mild cases, their qi and blood would surge, and in severe cases, their tendons and meridians would be pulled inch by inch, and the skin marked by the seal would become rotten and pus-filled.

If it was constantly ignored, the tendons and meridians would break, resulting in a burst of their body and death.

That's why Elder Martial Brother Lu Pihan normally didn't make a move, and even when he did make a move, he could only do so lightly. If he seriously fought, he would cough up a basin of blood and quickly stop to prevent a miserable death.

This was something that Qiao Wan had never understood. Despite reaching this state, Lu Pihan would still inspect her cultivation every time he saw her, persistently trying to break her spirit.

Even if he didn't use full strength when sparring with her, the pain from the surging qi and blood was still real.

Compared to his gentleness and tolerance towards Mu Xiaoxiao in the book, it was a night and day difference in how he treated her.

A gust of night wind blew, and Lu Pihan's face turned slightly pale as he started coughing violently.

Qiao Wan walked up to him and reached out her hand to help him.

The man extended his hand with a deep gaze, making his intentions clear, so she didn't need to help.

Qiao Wan obediently put down her hand.

"Who taught you this?" Lu Pihan suddenly asked, "Ma Huaizhen?"


Seeing her bewildered expression, Lu Pihan's face darkened.

Qiao Wan had a sudden realization. "Not him, no one taught me. I figured it out myself."

When it came to life-and-death fights, why care about so much? As long as it worked.

Maybe she was a transmigrator herself, so she didn't understand this so-called "martial virtue" and the self-esteem of these so-called experts. After all, when she went down the mountain to exterminate demons, she used all sorts of underhanded and vicious tactics. She had exploded the anuses of demonic beasts and stabbed their livers.

Lu Pihan was actually a practical person, but being able to watch his own fostered girl crawl toward a man's crotch without changing expression was a different matter.

Lu Pihan was silent for a rare moment, before finally saying, "Next time, unless it's a critical moment, don't be so casual..."

Qiao Wan giggled and said, "Why not be more at ease when dealing with men?"

Lu Pihan rolled his eyes in response.

Qiao Wan couldn't help but feel a bit itchy when she saw Lu Pihan's lifeless face, knowing that Elder Martial Brother resembled her father. Now that their work was finally finished, she couldn't help but feel a bit excited when she saw Lu Pihan. But she also felt a bit worried, knowing that Lu Pihan's fate in the original story was to die for Mu Xiaoxiao.

"What do you want from me?" Lu Pihan asked coldly.

Qiao Wan shook her head and silently sighed, realizing that society judged people based on their looks.

Due to Elder Martial Brother's average appearance, he didn't receive the treatment he deserved, even after completing the task. The comments section was mostly concerned about when Pei Chunzheng would take revenge on him by imprisoning him.

Qiao Wan decided not to speak, and Lu Pihan chose to ignore her.

"Your cultivation has improved since I left the mountain," Lu Pihan said. "Don't become complacent in the future."

"How much have I improved?" Qiao Wan asked.

Lu Pihan replied, "A lot."

Qiao Wan couldn't help but laugh.

But she didn't take Lu Pihan's words to heart. She knew her own cultivation level very well. Her potential was there, and she could only work hard.

Qiao Wan was curious when she heard that Lu Pihan came down the mountain for the Kunlun Gathering. "Did you meet Xie Xingzhi during this trip, Elder Martial Brother?"

"I heard that Xie Xingzhi will also be attending the gathering. Is it true?" she asked.

Xie Xingzhi was a disciple of the Old Master Chidu in Chaotian Ridge. He had joined as an ordinary person and, in just a few decades, had become one of the most outstanding young cultivators in the cultivation world. He was known as the Lone Sword, alongside his title as the Ghost Sword due to his slender figure and exceptional sword skills.

Some even jokingly called him the matchmaker.

Qiao Wan herself was considered one of those people.

If Mu Xiaoxiao was the beloved daughter of the heavens, then Xie Xingzhi was their beloved son. Although Xie Xingzhi's existence was not mentioned in the book, in the younger generation of the cultivation world, he was like a protagonist who had been given a script.

Not only was he incredibly talented in cultivation, but he also faced numerous obstacles in his love life.

It was rumored that Lone Sword Xie Xingzhi had already experienced six romances, unfortunately, they all ended in failure.

"Loneliness" truly reflected his lonely character.

To be honest, Qiao Wan was quite curious about this Lone Sword Xie Xingzhi, who was on par with Elder Martial Brother.

Xie Xingzhi was also from the same hometown, it was said that before he joined the Old Master Chidu, he was a commoner in the Yongze Prefecture of Dongshang Country.

This gathering attracted elite cultivators from various sects. The competitions would last for more than a month, and Qiao Wan estimated that she would only be able to observe the first two days. For the rest of the month, she would primarily be a bystander enjoying the show.

But being able to watch these arrogant youngsters fight was also beneficial for her.

Qiao Wan mentioned Xie Xingzhi, and Lu Pihan nodded, immediately picturing a man in his mind.

This time he went down the mountain, and indeed saw Xie Xingzhi.

Xie Xingzhi had always stayed on Chaotian Peak and rarely came down. Before this, although they were both famous, they had never met.

Compared to the name "Lone Sword", Lu Pihan had heard more about the romantic stories of this Lone Sword. But unlike the rumors of him being flirtatious and passionate, what he saw was a calm, proud man with clear likes and dislikes. He truly possessed the capability to cleanse the world with a single sword.

Sitting alone in the bamboo hut, it was as serene as a tall pine under the cold moonlight.

And within this bamboo hut, there were intertwining red threads.

These red threads were irrigated day and night with Xie Xingzhi's blood, arranged into a unique formation in order to find a certain person.

"Who are you looking for?" Lu Pihan cleared his throat and asked slowly, "Maybe there's something I can help with."

He wasn't very interested in gossip, and instead of Xie Xingzhi's six love stories, he admired Xie Xingzhi as a person and was willing to make friends with him.

Xie Xingzhi glanced at him and gave an unexpectedly intriguing answer, "My little sister."

Lu Pihan: ...

Honestly, although he wasn't interested in Xie Xingzhi's six love stories, he subconsciously thought that Xie Xingzhi might be pursuing someone.

"This person is very different from what I imagined," Lu Pihan said in a deep voice, "but perhaps I can befriend him."

Qiao Wan knew that despite his seemingly weak appearance, Elder Martial Brother was, after all, an Elder Martial Brother of the Kunshan Sect, and his temperament was actually more arrogant than anyone. If he regarded someone highly, this Xie Xingzhi must not be an ordinary person.

At least, he shouldn't be the typical protagonist in a traditional horse-hanging novel that she had imagined.

Cough, cough.

After all, Xie Xingzhi's experiences and his six love stories could easily lead people to think in the wrong direction.

As for someone like Lone Sword Xie Xingzhi, he had nothing to do with Qiao Wan. After asking about it, Qiao Wan turned her attention to other matters and talked to Lu Pihan about the things happening below the mountain.

Lu Pihan's gaze inadvertently glanced over, his voice suddenly becoming colder, and his eyes growing colder as well.

"What happened here?"

Qiao Wan followed his line of sight and saw the scar on her neck left by Feng Wangyan today. During the fight just now, her collar had become disheveled and naturally exposed to everyone.

"This is..."

"Phoenix Fire," Lu Pihan furrowed his brows, "You offended Feng Wangyan."

Qiao Wan: "Elder Martial Brother, you really have excellent information."

Lu Pihan: "Don't waste words."

Qiao Wan confessed, "He did it."

She wasn't that kind-hearted, planning to cover up for Feng Wangyan. She blinked and cleanly explained everything that happened today.

"Elder Martial Brother, are you going to seek revenge for me?"

Lu Pihan looked at her, and the girl in front of him had a very respectful, serious, and solemn expression.

He turned his gaze away and walked off.

Qiao Wan : "Elder Martial Brother, where are you going? What about our camaraderie as fellow disciples?"

Lu Pihan rolled his eyes and said, "I'll avenge you, just wait."

Qiao Wan blinked her eyes in surprise. Did she hear correctly? Is Elder Martial Brother really going to avenge her?

But upon reflection, she wasn't that surprised. Elder Martial Brother earned the title not only because he was the first to join and had the highest level of cultivation, but also because he had been handling all the big and small matters on Yuqing Peak for many years.

Despite appearing proud and composed, he was actually quite caring.

Qiao Wan wasn't too worried about Elder Martial Brother. She understood that he valued his life and had long since moved past the impulsive and arrogant stage. If he hadn't considered the situation thoroughly, he wouldn't have readily agreed.

Elder Martial Brother's visit to Feng Wangyan was probably not just for her sake. If it were any other disciple from Kunshan, Elder Martial Brother would do the same.

Since Feng Wangyan was a flamboyant person, Zhou Yan couldn't intervene, so he had no choice but to leave it to Elder Martial Brother, who was ruthless and skillful.

Speaking of which, Qiao Wan would rather take matters into her own hands than have Elder Martial Brother help her seek revenge.

Deep in thought, Qiao Wan contemplated. What's the difference between relying on others for revenge and living a life like a salted fish?

She would have to work hard.

As Qiao Wan watched the slender figure of Elder Martial Brother walking away, her fighting spirit suddenly ignited.

Wide-eyed, she thought to herself.

In the future, she wanted to be as cool and powerful as Elder Martial Brother. If she said she was going to find trouble with someone, she would go find trouble with them!

That's right! If Xie Xingzhi can do it, why can't she? After all, they both came from the same place!

She would work hard!

When Xiao He heard the news of Elder Martial Brother returning to the mountain and rushed over, he only saw Qiao Wan standing dumbfounded in her original spot.

Xiao He : "Elder Martial Sister?"

Suddenly, Qiao Wan grabbed Xiao He 's hand with one hand and clenched her fist against her chest with the other. "I will work hard!"

Xiao He was confused: "Elder Martial Sister?"

"I will work hard!!"

Xiao He : "...Elder Martial Sister, are you out of your mind?"

Ignoring Xiao He , Qiao Wan felt a fiery determination burning behind her. Her spirit was high!

She would definitely work hard, just like Elder Martial Brother and Xie Xingzhi , and in the future, she would beat up anyone she wanted to!

Qiao Wan clenched her fist.

One day, she would surely taste the flavor of grilled chicken wings.

And she would make them extra spicy!