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After Becoming the Stand-in for the White Moonlight – Chapter 11

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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 11

Elder Martial Brother Lu Pihan.

He is the most proud disciple under Yuqing Spiritual Master, but also a sickly individual.

The man in front of them had an ordinary appearance, with a sickly complexion and a bony frame.

"Xiaoxiao," Lu Pihan's voice was light, weakened by his illness, but filled with determination.

When he saw Mu Xiaoxiao, Lu Pihan showed no surprise.

He had already received news of his younger martial sister's return. Otherwise, he wouldn't have hurried back to the mountain so quickly. However, he didn't expect to see Zhou Yan and Qiao Wan as soon as he arrived at Yuqing Peak.

Seeing his beloved disciple return, Zhou Yan was also a bit stunned, but then his tense expression softened slightly.

"You've returned?"

Lu Pihan bowed, his deep eyes glanced at Qiao Wan.

Upon receiving the gaze from Elder Martial Brother, Qiao Wan kept her eyes on her nose, with her mind focused, and remained silent.

Mu Xiaoxiao walked up to the three of them and asked softly, "Elder Martial Brother, you're back?"

Lu Pihan looked at Mu Xiaoxiao.

Just two months ago, he had been sent down the mountain.

One reason was to establish contact with the major sects regarding the Kunshan Fellow Practitioner Meeting, and the other was to investigate the recent appearance of evil spirits in the vicinity of the mountain.

After receiving news of his younger martial sister's safe return, he hurried back along the way.

Mu Xiaoxiao had a blush on her face, her eyes shimmered with watery waves, and she looked soft and obedient.

Lu Pihan's gaze swept across her face, noticing the trace of spring on her cheeks, her plump lips with a hint of strange redness, causing his eyelashes to flutter slightly.

Even Lu Pihan didn't think that she would come back alive after falling into the Broken Bone Deep Abyss. Seeing that she was indeed unharmed, Lu Pihan felt relieved, and a touch of warmth appeared in his usually cold eyes.

"I came back to see you," Lu Pihan nodded, "It's good that you're okay."

"I'm fine, but it made master and martial brother worry." Mu Xiaoxiao smiled, and then she noticed Qiao Wan standing on the side and became curious, "Are you...Martial Sister Qiao Wan?"

Qiao Wan replied, "I have met Elder Martial Sister Mu."

Mu Xiaoxiao said, "You don't have to call me elder martial sister, just call me Xiaoxiao."

Lu Pihan looked at Qiao Wan for a moment before turning his head to Zhou Yan.

"When this disciple came, he saw master and younger martial sister standing outside the hall. Did younger martial sister do something wrong again?"

With Lu Pihan's interruption, Zhou Yan's mind was in turmoil, and he felt even more uneasy when he met his eldest disciple's gaze. He composed himself, spoke in a deep voice, "It's nothing major."

As the master refused to speak, the disciple didn't dare to press further.

Lu Pihan paused, "If she did something wrong, it's ultimately because I, as her elder martial brother, didn't teach her well. After we go back, this disciple will have a good talk with her."

At this moment, Zhou Yan had no intention of paying attention to Qiao Wan anymore. He asked Qiao Wan to follow Mu Xiaoxiao into the side hall to get to know each other, while he and Lu Pihan stayed outside the hall, where he listened to the reports of the situation during the past few days when they were away from the mountain.

Before entering the hall, Qiao Wan lifted her eyelids and glanced at Lu Pihan.

Lu Pihan noticed her gaze and slightly shifted his eyes.

Qiao Wan : ......ORZ

Maybe it's because of Lu Pihan that she looked at his plain face and thought he looked more like her father than Zhou Yan .

After Qiao Wan and Mu Xiaoxiao left, Lu Pihan looked back at Zhou Yan .


The man had silver hair flowing like a waterfall, with a majestic presence, but there was a strand of black hair that didn't fit on his shoulder.

Though hidden, it was clear as day to those with excellent eyesight.

Thinking of Mu Xiaoxiao's slightly red face and plump lips, Lu Pihan lowered his eyes and looked away.

Perhaps because Qiao Wan had discovered their secret relationship, Yuqing Spiritual Master was unusually uneasy in front of this senior disciple, but he couldn't express this uneasiness and had to suppress it.

Zhou Yan frowned and asked, "What have you gained during your time away from the mountain?"

Lu Pihan replied, "Regarding the Fellow Practitioner Meeting in a few months, the Venerable One from Great Compassion Cliff has agreed to attend, Qingyang Academy has also agreed, but Cloud Mist Fairy Mansion has not given a definite answer yet."

Zhou Yan didn't usually pay much attention to Kunshan Sect's affairs, so he only listened to Lu Pihan's report because he was currently distracted and needed something else to focus on.

Kunshan Sect, Great Compassion Cliff, Qingyang Academy, and Cloud Mist Fairy Mansion were known as the four major sects in the cultivation world, with Kunshan Sect being the most respected. The Fellow Practitioner Meeting in a few months was a famous martial arts gathering, so of course the other three sects would attend.

"What about the demonic atmosphere on the mountain during this time?"

Lu Pihan said, "It doesn't seem to be caused by the demon realm. The demon realm has suffered heavy losses in spiritual energy, and Mei Kangping is cautious. After the Demon Emperor was sealed, he has been focusing on maintaining his spirit and accumulating spiritual energy. He hasn't made any moves in the past few years."

The Mei Kangping mentioned by Lu Pihan was one of the Demon Emperor's right-hand men in the demon realm. After the Demon Emperor was sealed, Mei Kangping became the true person in charge of the demon realm.

"Then where does this demonic atmosphere come from?"

With the wind and snow swirling on the mountain, Lu Pihan coughed a few times and slowly said, "It's the Demon Emperor. He went to the Blood Mist Mountain in the demon realm these days, forcing the demons on the mountain to flee."

It wasn't surprising if it was Demon Emperor Jia Yin . Although he was the current Demon Emperor, he was aggressive and didn't pay much attention to the matters of the demon race. He either fought with others every day or was on his way to a fight.

With the demon realm's spiritual energy severely depleted and the Demon Emperor busy fighting and not taking care of matters, the demon realm was in disarray.

The cultivation world was currently in a rare period of peace.

Upon hearing this news, Zhou Yan relaxed his expression and nodded, saying, "I already know. You've worked hard these days. There's nothing urgent, so go rest for now."


When Qiao Wan saw Mu Xiaoxiao today, Mu Xiaoxiao was still lying in bed. Now she finally saw the living Mu Xiaoxiao , and even she couldn't help but look at her a bit more.

Mu Xiaoxiao was wearing the headband on her forehead.

Mu Xiaoxiao is a small woman, with a slender waist and very fair and smooth skin. Her eyes are bright and her eyelashes are curly and long. When she speaks, she does so slowly and methodically.

She and Pei Chunzheng, also known as the "sweet and soft, healing little coward X gloomy illness queen", are mentioned by the author.

In the comments section, Mu Xiaoxiao has countless fans who call her "adorable", saying things like "Oh, Mu Xiaoxiao is such a precious treasure" and "What a celestial being Xiaoxiao is". In the book, Mu Xiaoxiao is the beloved younger martial sister that everyone in the Kunshan Sect envies.

Before Qiao Wan regained her memories, she was always compared to others.

Now that Qiao Wan sees Mu Xiaoxiao in person, Qiao Wan can't help but admit that she really is no match for the female lead, Mu Xiaoxiao. Although they have a similar appearance, Qiao Wan feels like a plain Jane next to the graceful and soft Mu Xiaoxiao. It's no wonder the female characters in the book are so jealous, even Qiao Wan herself feels a little envious.

After all, the author wants to create a sweet and enjoyable story, and throughout the book, Mu Xiaoxiao is portrayed as a flawless character. She is delicate and charming, with fair and beautiful skin. No matter what danger she faces, she always has a male lead or multiple male characters protecting her. She effortlessly overcomes any obstacles that come her way.

She can find treasures just by walking, she doesn't need to work with her hands on a daily basis, and she can cultivate just by lying down. Apart from being fought over by male leads, being confined and having kisses forced on her, and dealing with dangerous situations, she doesn't have any major troubles.

Qiao Wan silently bites her handkerchief.

She is jealous.

Comparing her own talent and character to Mu Xiaoxiao's, she can't help but feel envious to the point of silent tears.

At the same time, Mu Xiaoxiao is secretly observing her.

The girl beside her lowers her brows and remains silent.

She is the disciple who was taken in by the master after falling into the Broken Bone Deep Abyss. She does indeed look very similar to Mu Xiaoxiao.

Being a young girl, Mu Xiaoxiao can't help but make comparisons in her heart.

She actually doesn't have any good impressions of this younger martial sister. After all, who would be generous enough to have a good impression of someone who took their original identity and position?

Her skin is not as fair as Mu Xiaoxiao's, her waist is not as slender, and although she is taller, her tall stature lacks the softness of a daughter.

Thinking back to what happened earlier, Mu Xiaoxiao secretly breathes a sigh of relief. But in an instant, she becomes worried again, unsure of how much the younger martial sister heard or saw.

She doesn't want to ask.

Thinking about what Zhou Yan did just now, Mu Xiaoxiao's face turns slightly red.

"I've heard everything about the younger martial sister from the master," the girl's voice is gentle, "Thank you, younger martial sister, for sacrificing your blood to save me."

Mu Xiaoxiao initiates the conversation and Qiao Wan follows, "It was just a small effort, especially since it was my carelessness that caused you, elder martial sister, to suffer from the old poison and now the new one. I should be the one apologizing."

"Younger martial sister, don't say that. I am grateful that you are willing to save me, how could I blame you?" The young girl smiled lightly, her small face appearing even more delicate against her snow-white forehead.

Qiao Wan's gaze landed on the bandage on her forehead, then looked away.

Mu Xiaoxiao didn't understand why she was looking at her bandage.

The two entered the hall, and Mu Xiaoxiao gestured for Qiao Wan to sit down.

In the side chamber where she lived, the translucent curtains hung like mist, and pearls the size of fists adorned the curtains. The table was filled with various pastries and fairy dew.

Mu Xiaoxiao blushed and said, "I apologize for my indulgence in worldly desires, even though I have joined the sect. My master and Elder Martial Brother have scolded me many times for this."

"Younger martial sister, you should try these pastries. Don't worry, they are made from the spiritual plants of our sect and won't hinder your cultivation."

Qiao Wan sat down and ate a pastry with Mu Xiaoxiao, and they both drank fairy dew.

During their conversation, Mu Xiaoxiao subtly tried to test Qiao Wan.

Qiao Wan, of course, could see that Mu Xiaoxiao was testing her.

Obviously, if it were her parents who had brought a girl home thinking she was "dead," she wouldn't be happy either.

In the original story, Qiao Wan and Mu Xiaoxiao had many intense conflicts. Since Mu Xiaoxiao's return, she had been targeting Qiao Wan in various ways and acting pitifully in front of Zhou Yan. However, no matter how Qiao Wan tried, in the eyes of Zhou Yan and others, she could never compare to Mu Xiaoxiao.

One was raised by Zhou Yan, while the other joined the sect later on. There was a difference in their status. Moreover, one had experienced hardships in the Broken Bone Deep Abyss, while the other lived without troubles in the Kunshan Sect. In any argument between the two, Zhou Yan naturally leaned more towards Mu Xiaoxiao, at least during the time when Mu Xiaoxiao had returned.

Unfortunately, Qiao Wan could not see this clearly. And because she couldn't see it clearly, she became more resentful. The more resentful she became, the more she tried to cause trouble. This eventually led to Zhou Yan and the others becoming disappointed with this "cruel" disciple, and in the end, she was killed by Pei Chunzheng.

However, in reality, Qiao Wan had no intention to be enemies with Mu Xiaoxiao, the daughter of the Goddess of Fortune. The events in the book and her experiences in this life made Qiao Wan have a positive mindset. There was no good outcome from opposing the female protagonist.

This was a blood-curdling lesson learned by countless malicious supporting characters.

But in truth, Qiao Wan couldn't bring herself to suck up to the female protagonist. She couldn't bring herself to do something as shameless as that.

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