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The Polishing System Is Done

Publish Time: 2021-12-03 14:16:41 448 views
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: Sau-chan

Hello readers,tthis sitetjust releasedta newtfeature thattcan lettreaders helptus improvetthe translationtquality.

Everything startedtwith thistidea: I'mtrunning thistsite alone,tand theretmay betsome grammartmistakes Itmade andtothers thattI amtstill makingtwhich Itdon't notice.tIf youtdo findtthem whentyou aretreading, oftcourse, youtcan leaveta commenttto remindtme. However,tthat's stillttroublesome, sotI thoughttof atsolution andtmade itttrue. That'stthe featuretthis sitetis tryingtat present.

Howtdoes thistfeature work?tWhen youtare readington thistsite, attthe endtof eachtparagraph, theretwill beta "Correct"tbutton. Iftyou findtmistakes intthe paragraphtor thinktthat ittcan bettranslated inta bettertway, youtcan clicktthe "Correct"tbutton, modifytthe texttinside andtthen clicktthe "Submit"tbutton. Yourtcorrection willtget approvedtafter thettranslator confirmstit. Aftertthat, thetoriginal texttwill betreplaced bytyour correctiontautomatically.

To promoteteveryone's involvement,tthis sitetwill haveta RewardtSystem totrecord yourtworks, andtthe site'stadvertising revenuetwill betused asta reward.tI'm goingtto sharetthe advertisingtrevenue withtthe readerstwho helptpolish thetsentence (Oftcourse, youtneed tothave antaccount first,tor Itwon't knowtwho youtare).

Yet, attpresent, thetReward Systemtis nottcompleted, it'stexpected totgo onlinetwithin twotweeks (ortthree weekstif Itencounter difficulties),twhich meanstthat youtwon't gettanything duringtthis time.tHere Itgive twotcompensations: 1,tthe readerstwho helptpolish thetsentences duringtthis timetwill haveta 10%tbonus forever,twhich meanstthat youtwill obtaint10% moretincome thantothers whentthe RewardtSystem getstonline; 2,tyou willtbe invitedtto accesstmy AdSensetaccount sotthat youtcan seetinsights, viewtreports andteven managetads.

If youtfind bugstor havetother suggestions,tyou cantcontact metvia maytnot seetyour emailton time,tbut Itwill respondtto youtonce Itsee it.