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The Polishing System Is Done

2021-12-03 14:16:41Publish Time: 951 views
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Hello readers, this site just released a new feature that can let readers help us improve the translation quality.

Everything started with this idea: I'm running this site alone, and there may be some grammar mistakes I made and others that I am still making which I don't notice. If you do find them when you are reading, of course, you can leave a comment to remind me. However, that's still troublesome, so I thought of a solution and made it true. That's the feature this site is trying at present.

How does this feature work? When you are reading on this site, at the end of each paragraph, there will be a "Correct" button. If you find mistakes in the paragraph or think that it can be translated in a better way, you can click the "Correct" button, modify the text inside and then click the "Submit" button. Your correction will get approved after the translator confirms it. After that, the original text will be replaced by your correction automatically.

To promote everyone's involvement, this site will have a Reward System to record your works, and the site's advertising revenue will be used as a reward. I'm going to share the advertising revenue with the readers who help polish the sentence (Of course, you need to have an account first, or I won't know who you are).

Yet, at present, the Reward System is not completed, it's expected to go online within two weeks (or three weeks if I encounter difficulties), which means that you won't get anything during this time. Here I give two compensations: 1, the readers who help polish the sentences during this time will have a 10% bonus forever, which means that you will obtain 10% more income than others when the Reward System gets online; 2, you will be invited to access my AdSense account so that you can see insights, view reports and even manage ads.

If you find bugs or have other suggestions, you can contact me via I may not see your email on time, but I will respond to you once I see it.

--END-- field separation characters:If you are reading on a pirate site, you will see this. Welcome to read our novels on, where you can read more chapters in advance. 0.jjzlxtzlfztfl