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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 99

2022-09-18 11:24:21Publish Time: 2,213 views
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Chapter 99 Are you learning this to keep an eye on me?

Roger stepped out of the space door and bowed apologetically to the Queen of Eternal Night:

"Your Majesty, I'm late because I was waiting for the delivery item CD."

[I spent too much time speculating about the other person's mind and was late for a date, I can't say such a shameful thing...]

After listening to the inconsistent rhetoric and inner voice, the Queen of Eternal Night immediately understood the cause and effect, and couldn't help but smile.

She brought up the teapot that was going to be poured directly on him and instead poured a cup of tea for Roger.

I can only say that it is like you.

That's all, if you don't think wildly, I'll be surprised.

For the sake of you telling me a joke, I won't care about your cowardice.

"It's okay, it's good that you're here." She pushed the teacup towards Roger.

Roger felt that he had escaped the catastrophe, so he lifted it with sincerity and fear, and asked at the same time, "I don't know why Your Majesty has invited this minister here, what are your orders?"

Her eyes drooped slightly, "I have nothing to order. It's just that I figured out some things, I wanted to get back some of the lazy feelings I had back then and invite the fourth brother to better the atmosphere."

Roger was surprised.

She let it go, how could she mention the fourth prince so calmly? Without getting angry?

Because that memory was too painful, Roger was also very impressed. He took advantage of the situation to change into the cynical tone of the fourth prince, and deliberately asked, "The atmosphere that the little sister wants doesn't include stabbing the fourth brother with your own hand, right?"


The Queen of Eternal Night was a little sullen, and said angrily, "If you want to experience it, even if you die dozens of times now, I can save you."

In theory, Roger made a slightly overboard joke.

But the Queen of Eternal Night found that she was not angry. On the contrary, after the joke, she became more relaxed.

Because her fourth brother is such a guy who can laugh at her while wounded.

If he is reborn, he said that means he has completely forgiven her.

Even though Roger was his face, the tone and demeanor were so familiar to the Queen.

With him, it seems that she can get back the feelings of the former little Green Vines princess.

Even though they said goodbye in the realm of inner demons, now it is like a reunion in a different time and space, as beautiful as a dream.

True or false, who can tell the difference?

This is a dislocation and gratification that only two people who have experienced so many nightmares can understand.

Roger can bear the pain of death for her, but it doesn't mean that he likes that feeling, so he quickly said, "Seeing blood is too bad. I'll still use tea instead of wine, and respect my sister who will build a great empire."

"I also hope the fourth brother likes such an empire."

The Queen of Eternal Night blinked and clinked glasses with Roger.

Immediately, the two looked at each other and laughed at the same time.

She thought, if this empire can be so evil, he is the only one.

He thought, how beautiful is her smile with no impurities and no pressure?

The queen, who is in charge of all kinds of things, occasionally steals her life back for half a day, is it that bad?

Pretending to be drinking tea, the queen hides a smug little expression.

She was praised again!

Master Tai is right. The sudden innocence of a bad woman and the sudden charm of an elementary school girl are all poisons that make people stop in their tracks.

The Queen of Eternal Night put down the teacup, feeling that the atmosphere of the opening was good, and continued to maintain a rather casual tone and asked, "What are you preparing for tomorrow night's celebration?"

Roger smiled and said, "I don't care, but my sister should be preparing some clothes for me. I'm not a protagonist anyway, so I'll just show my face."

He's not interested in the nobles. He has been running around for the past two days, going to the military and the Ice Room, so he doesn't bother to think about these details.

The Queen of Eternal Night was slightly unhappy.

For the first time in so many years, I will attend the ball in person and have specially prepared dresses, why don't you take it seriously?

Is it amazing to have a sister or what!?

But I don't know if the clothes Angelina prepared for him looks good or not, and if it match mine, should I send an extra set to Charles House...

Cough, what am I thinking?

It makes me look like I want to dance with him and be considered his partner!

The Queen of Eternal Night sneered angrily, "Why aren't you the protagonist? Marquis Lacapas, a new and rising powerhouse who has made great achievements in battle, must be the protagonist who is popular among noble girls at the celebration."

Roger frowned, and suddenly remembered those noble girls who madly winked at him at the knighthood celebration...

[Also, those boring women would madly avoid the trash younger brother.]

[Now that he has become famous in the first battle in Serena City, coupled with the promotion of the "Long Live the Queen", with the military exploits and the halo of the strong, those women will only want to hook up the golden turtle son-in-law more madly, right?]

He spread his hands helplessly, "Forget it, I'm not going to the main party, is that clear?"

The Queen of Eternal Night first affirmed his attitude of having no interest in those noble girls.

This shows that the charm of this queen is still working. Under the light, he has lost interest in those vulgar fans.


The Queen of Eternal Night said in an unquestionable tone, "Of course not. You are the hero of this battle, the role model of the military, and you must not be absent."

Although I don't want to dance with you, if I'm in a good mood to dance the opening dance, I must have a suitable dance partner, right?

Rommel has already worked very hard and I can no longer give him more tasks.

Roger didn't answer, he lowered his head to add tea to the two cups, which was considered to be acquiescing to the queen's statement.

Even if he is not interested, he also understands that it is impossible not to go to such a major triumphal celebration.

To integrate into an environment, one must compromise and adapt.

Neither "New Arcane" nor the industrialization of magic can be done by him alone. To gain prestige through celebrations is also an inevitable step.

As long as the mentality is adjusted well, he can lie flat in the face of everything!

I want to be calm, I want to be detached——

Seeing his aggrieved expression, the Queen of Eternal Night gave him a sideways look, "This is the wonderful night that many noble children look forward to, how can you be so reluctant? A dance may be an affair, but you should cherish it. It' a chance."

"It's true. But I refuse!" Roger said firmly.

"Don't refuse!" The Queen of Eternal Night subconsciously ordered.

Roger, "???"

[No, Your Majesty, do you even care about this? Can't you give your servant a holiday?]

The Queen of Eternal Night realized that she had said the wrong thing, and she projected herself too deeply without realizing it, giving a stress response after being rejected.

And it's just a dance, it's not like I asked you to use that organ!

But to avoid causing more doubts due to her guilty conscience, she could only bite the bullet and say:

"What do you think, Roger, a girl have summoned up her courage to invite you, after thinking about it and doing a lot of psychological construction, she will make her decision. Wouldn't it hurt her heart if you refused bluntly without giving her face? Leaving a psychological shadow on her? What should she do if she becomes socially phobic in the future?"

"What does that have to do with me?" Roger rolled his eyes, "First of all, you can't rule out that she might have cast a wide net and invited all high-value targets. If there is such a situation as Her Majesty said, then this kind of thing is also true. Want to talk about love?

Everyone is an adult. Everyone should be responsible for their behavior. It's not because they are women that I should always think about what kind of preferential treatment they want. All human beings don't have to let them do what they want and follow them, and there is no obligation to spoil them. If they impulsively challenge the goal of surpassing their level, should I also be blamed for being too rough?"

"You... as a gentleman of the Empire, you must have grace!"

"Demeanor can't be eaten as a meal."

"You are so upright, aren't you afraid of being single for the rest of your life?"

"I'm not afraid!"

Roger answered very confidently.

The Queen of Eternal Night, who was trying to regain her girl's heart, snorted.

Isn't this person's confidence at the moment strange?

Why is he confident? He's also a single dog!

Just because he is a pufferfish monster? One moment he's a coward, the next moment he's full of confidence, it's so difficult!

Then I will call you little puffer fish from now on!

The Queen of Eternal Night secretly gave Roger a nickname to make him cry every day, like a curse!

However, her eyes moved slightly, but she still asked begrudgingly, "Dear Roger, why do you reject dancing so much?"

"Because I can't do it,” Roger answered confidently.

The Queen of Eternal Night was stunned for a moment, and then she realized that Roger was telling the truth.

He really can't dance.

In his previous life, he was an otaku who could dance with Ctrl+3 under the tower, but he has never played such advanced things in 3D.

In this life, the trash younger brother was lazy and slow by nature, he never had any interest in girls, and when he was growing up, he was caught up by the chaos of war, and this skill was also delayed.

So this made Roger a rare existence in the aristocracy, who really can't dance.

The Queen of Eternal Night stretched out her hand and pointed to his shoes, and the magic light flashed.

Immediately she showed a bad smile, "Okay, now your feet are the feet of the King of Dance. Before midnight tomorrow, if you don't find a partner of the opposite sex to release their nature, they will leave you. Go away, and then dance until the blood runs out on capital Boulevard."

Roger was stunned, and in his mind came the image of two feet on the street doing a tap dance, while the blood was flying...

[Blood mother, it turns out that besides killing people, your magic can also be used as a spoof?]

[To directly release such vicious magic on my feet, this is even more terrifying than Cinderella's crystal slipper, you're ruthless!]

Roger knew that even if he didn't want to, he couldn't escape dancing.

But then again, he doesn't reject dancing.

Who doesn't want to hug the sweet and soft little sister spin, jump, and close her eyes?

He was subconsciously curious and worried about things he hadn't done.

It's like a person who doesn't sing often who comes to KTV and doesn't know how well he sings, so he doesn't dare to pick up the microphone easily.

Roger is also shy. What if I dance and get ridiculed?

Then I might as well not dance!

The more people there are, the more stage fright there is.

Tomorrow there will be a triumphal celebration that will affect the entire Empire.

He, the Marquis of Lacapas, was turned into a fat man by the Queen of Eternal Night.

But if you have the level of the capital Dance King...

That's alright, everybody sits down and watches me perform high-end operations!

"Since Her Majesty's kindness is difficult to reject, I can only do it reluctantly so as not to embarrass the Empire!" Roger put on a helpless expression.

"Pretentious." The Queen of Eternal Night rolled her eyes.

Look, isn't this resolved?

The sky is clear, the rain has stopped, and you think you can do it now?

Thinking that Roger's rejection of dancing has been subtly resolved, the Queen of Eternal Night plans to record the experience of this wave of operations so that she can continue to handle this little puffer fish next time.

Suddenly, she found a strange place and looked at Roger suspiciously.

I hadn't paid much attention to it before, but today Roger's voice sounded a little different.

"Your Majesty, what's the matter?" Roger was a little hairy when he saw her and was worried that he had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

"Shut up, I'm thinking." The Queen of Eternal Night listened to his voice carefully.

After comparing it with her memory, she confirmed that she was not delusional, but that the quality of Roger's voice had improved!

It's like a broken speaker on the playground, but upgraded to HiFi!

It seems to be a gift of headphones with active noise reduction!

In the past, Roger's thoughts were just a lot of murmurs.

The queen needed to pan for gold in his feces and organize and take notes to get what she needed.

But now, Roger's voice has no murmur, and his conscious thinking appears pure and clear, mellow and magnetic, the frequency response range has greatly improved, the bass is also sufficient, and there is a bit of depth...

Is this because his mental power has become stronger or is there an unusual change in him?

The Queen of Eternal Night's mountain-like mental power quietly swept towards Roger, and suddenly he felt a little tingling feedback.

Roger let out a scream.

All of a sudden, his head felt as if it had been hit by a dump truck head-on.

He was aware of the layer of thorns wrapped in the outer layer of his spiritual ocean, because he keenly took the initiative to counteract the spiritual power of the Queen of Eternal Night's investigation, causing all the barbs in his life to be broken and flattened.

The feedback was a pain in Roger's mind.

This is also a visualized warning of this defense method. Use severe pain to tell practitioners that the enemy is unmatched, and run!

Roger rubbed his head, hating the active defense of this passive skill...

The scumbag who is over his strength!

A foolish comparison who is indistinguishable between us!

Why did you provoke her?

[Is this the real power above the legend? It's just that there is no hostile probe, but it shocked me.]

[Theoretical thorns of the mind can defend ten times my mental power. Does this result mean that Her Majesty's mental power is more than ten times higher than mine?]

[Is this a strength that human beings should have?]

The Queen of Eternal Night showed a rather surprised expression.

Mind thorns visualization?

Although it was the first time she heard about this skill, she instantly understood the function of the skill based on the reaction she had just observed.

It is a good conscious defense skill, you have to take the initiative to counterattack.

In the future, if someone wants to cast mind-reading, hypnosis, suggestion, and other spiritual faction spell on him, they will probably die miserably.

Fortunately, although the mental power of the little pufferfish is good, it is only one percent of mine.

But if he practiced this skill, wouldn't it be possible to prevent his mind from being read?

Thinking of this, the girl's mentality that the Queen of Eternal Night had just found, immediately turned strange.

She subconsciously revealed a playful and unreadable expression, leaned forward and approached Roger, like a cat scrutinizing the prey in her palm, and whispered in his ear lazily and sarcastically:

"Roger, why did you suddenly visualize the thorns in your heart and practice so well? Are you guarding against me?"

The Queen made this gesture completely naturally.

She found that she was past the stage of pretending to be pure, and was more comfortable being a bad woman.