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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 9

2022-03-23 01:52:23Publish Time: 10,489 views
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Chapter 9: I didn't ask him!

In the cold library, Roger was acting crazy about the queen’s latest action.

But no matter how sad your heart is, you still have to be grateful and honorable.

The queen also wanted to test him.

Because he could see through the real identity of gods.

He said he just wants to loaf around, just wants to be a wasteful brother, she can't believe that.

Before saying anything, please explain your spiritual power, ok?

Without a lot of hard practice, it is impossible to have such spiritual power.

First, she spoke of the turmoil of the seventeen countries.

“Those people are losers, don't worry.” Roger pretended to act like her fan.

[This should be the butterfly effect of banning the mission of the Church of the Seven Gods, right? The people of the Seventeen Kingdoms are really stupid, and they aren't even aware that they are being used by the gods as attack dogs!]

[Although it's just a group of fools, it's bothersome to make trouble. The empire is troubled by internal and external troubles, and the military force is probably going to be tight.]

She felt happy to listen but soon she became angry.

He's playing with me!

When I mentioned the turmoil in the Seventeen Kingdoms, he immediately thought of the gods, and also analyzed that the empire's troops were insufficient.

Ordinary generals of the empire do not understand the big picture.

He's pretending, but he's very smart!

If you have a brain, you don't need, you just have to do nothing, right?

How did he say that word?

Loaf around!

She thought the picture that Roger lay on the bed and lost his dream…

Real image!

Is it reasonable for an 18 years old boy to loaf around?

Just say you want to disguise yourself! We can maintain a tacit understanding, secretly pass news and you can secretly help me build up the empire!

The gods are not omniscient and omnipotent!

With me at the front, they will never notice you, little guy. So why are you afraid?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

She turned the tide on her own, swept the seventeen countries, and had clear rewards and punishments. She combined strength, beauty, and wisdom. Isn't it worth helping?

But she must endure it, and not let him know the secret that she can listen to his heart.

If it makes him alarmed, there may be no interesting complaints to listen to in the future.

Thinking of this, the Queen of Eternal Night can only hold off on Roger's deliberate hiding for the time being, and she has to use Roger's [tree hole] on the surface.

She remembered Angelina’s thought.

She concluded: “The right minister loves the people of the world, she suggests taking it slowly, but I think it's too slow.”

Roger admonished respectfully: "Your Majesty, the haste is not enough. Governing the country cannot be successful overnight. You must not be too anxious."

The Queen was not in a hurry to express her opinion.

Because she knew that Roger's voice was the key, and in his chaotic thoughts, "digging for gold in shit" was the top priority of this question.

[Take it slowly? Let the seventeen countries appreciate the goodness of the empire and naturally surrender? Stupid sister, wash and go to sleep, that's a pipe dream!

[Besides, how can the empire now have time for you to do it slowly? No matter how strong your ability to manage internal affairs is, you cannot create something out of nothing to support the people of those seventeen countries! 】

[The people of the Seventeen Kingdoms are used to pretending to sing their praises on the surface. When the empire needs them one day, tax and labor will be imposed on them, and the people will immediately turn their faces and deny them! 】

[And treating the people of the Seventeen Kingdoms so well, what would the local people of the Green Vines Empire think? After ten years of hard work, sweeping the world, and finally supporting foreigners? Are the imperial people inferior instead? 】

His sentence-by-sentence analysis was shocking, and the Queen of Eternal Night immediately figured out a lot of things!

Just thinking about the Seventeen Kingdoms, but forgetting the thoughts of the people of the Empire!

They fought hard for ten years with me, but in the end, my treatment of them was not that good like as that of surrendered bunch…

This really shouldn't be it!

No one can make trouble, and whoever can take advantage!

With Roger's analysis, Angelina's certification policy was directly rejected by the Queen.

And because Roger called Angelina a "stupid sister", the Queen of Eternal Night showed a smile.

Someone was being scolded aside from me, so comfortable!

This kid's heart is bold and unscrupulous, even to his sister he is not polite.

"What Roger said is very true, I have already realized it!"

The queen was quite satisfied, and was ready to return to the palace to announce the implementation of Margaret's tyranny policy!

"Congratulations, Your Majesty, come as soon as you have time!" Roger put on a reluctant look.

[It can be considered that the broom star was coaxed away. Starting from tomorrow, I will never come to this room again]

The Eternal Night Queen snorted.

It's just that this kid has one thing in his mouth and one thing in his heart. He has never said the truth. It's dishonest!

However, he is also really smart, and he sees things quite comprehensively.

Otherwise, ask him what he thinks of the policy proposed by Margaret?

The Queen of Evernight had a lot of dissatisfaction and worry about this policy in her heart, otherwise, she would not be able to discuss the results.

But asking this bastard for advice on everything makes me seem incompetent?

If I don't ask, I'll feel quite uneasy…

The queen, who has always been decisive in killing, is rarely tangled.

As soon as she looked up, she saw Roger shrinking into a ball, her eyes suddenly lit up:

I won't ask him.

I'm just looking for an excuse to freeze him for a while to punish him for the crime of disrespecting me in his heart!

Yes, that's what it looks like!

The Queen of Eternal Night praised her wit.

So I saw that when the Queen of Eternal Night stood up halfway, she sat down again, and said softly:

"Roger, what do you think of the practice of shaving hair, changing clothes, and dividing the people of the seventeen countries into different classes?"

"Ah...Is this Margaret's idea?"

"That's right, there are other supporting plans such as..."

The Queen of Eternal Night spoke eloquently.

Roger shivered as he faced the fierce wind:

[No, why didn't this woman leave? 】

[Isn't the old cold legs blown out in such a short time? 】

[My God, she started chatting again, women are such long-winded creatures! I don't want to hear what plans the little ceiling fan has! 】

[Shaving hair and changing clothes? Isn't that the sorcery that Margret pulled out of nowhere? It's really simple and straightforward, but it's too late to implement it now! 】

[In the first three years of the empire, the policy was inclined to relax, and the sudden execution of such a harsh tyranny would only make people feel that the public order has changed, and the relax policy lacked deterrence! 】

[Moreover, there are remnants from the Seventeen Nations and the Church of the Seven Gods who are encouraging them to use this iron-fisted policy to escalate conflicts and promote turmoil throughout the Seventeen Nations! 】

[The most important thing is that the empire is currently lacking in troops and is in the stage of recuperation. As such, it is unable to forcefully subdue the Seventeen Nations! 】

Roger thought about a lot of things in his mind, and by the way, he also complained about Margaret's policy.

But the words were concise and comprehensive: "Your Majesty's plan is wise, and it will have an immediate effect. "

The Eternal Night Queen has become accustomed to his style.

As soon as this kid opened his mouth, his words were like gas; without substance.

Just listening to his inner drama was enough.

You see, Margaret's policy was also picked out by a lot of faults.

In this way, both policies had serious drawbacks and could not be implemented.

Next, how to solve the problem of the seventeen countries?

The Queen couldn't help but sigh, "Isn't there a way in this world to make the Seventeen Kingdoms submit to the Empire forever?"

"I’m just mediocre, I don't know how to make the chaotic people of the Seventeen Nations return to their hearts! But I believe that if you look for it slowly, there will always be..."

Roger spoke a few words, but keep speaking in his heart unconsciously:

[The queen's education level is not good, even "Let the two wheels of all carriages be equally spaced, let all people use the same words when writing letters or articles, teach the same laws and handpick officials in charge of education in all Provinces"? 】

In an instant, the Queen of Eternal Night got up, and her beautiful eyes fixed on Roger.

Let the two wheels of all carriages be equally spaced, let all people use the same words when writing letters or articles, teach the same laws and handpick officials in charge of education in all Provinces ?

Not many words, but they contain supreme philosophy!

The Queen of Eternal Night is keenly grasping something, and she refuses to miss a word…

Hurry, hurry up and think about it!

Whatever you are doing Roger, don't stop!

Let me listen to what good ideas you have!