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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 77

2022-07-03 09:36:48Publish Time: 3,124 views
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Chapter 77 I want to be a bad woman

Looking at Margaret's surprised expression, the Queen of Eternal Night revealed a mysterious smile.

Human nature is an interesting thing.

Just a little guidance and her thoughts went astray.

The Queen of Eternal Night is very sure that Margaret must now think that she is supporting her to engage Angelina.

It's just that she needs to come up with a smarter and more perfect plan to do it.

The Queen of Eternal Night waved her hand and made this little half-blooded devil retreat.

Although she was limping, Margaret didn't lose her will, but entered into a high fighting spirit!

Indeed, Margaret also thought in her heart that Her Majesty's last sentence implied that there "must be a next time"!

Brave Mary is not afraid of difficulties!

Next time, little auntie, I will come up with a more exciting way to let the Blue-haired Virgin also feel the pain I am suffering today!

Looking at her retreating back, the Queen of Eternal Night sighed softly, "Is this forcing me to be a bad woman?"

Just then, a little bit of anticipation appeared on that beautiful face.

If Margaret could command Angelina, how would Roger react?

Will you pretend you can't see and continue to lie down or will you help your sister fight back?

The Queen of Eternal Night wanted to see if that guy would move.

Of course, she didn't do it just for fun, but as an attempt.

In the past, she believed that the charm of the king and the clear rewards and punishments were enough to control these subordinates.

But as the empire grows, there is insufficient external pressure, and more and more entanglements of interests are involved, making it difficult to lead the team.

Even the previously most loyal subordinates have wavered.

The nobles received numerous awards and tax cuts again and again, but they didn't gain loyalty and it only doubled their greed.

No matter how harsh the punishment is, as long as it is profitable, someone will be looking for loopholes.

This is not the era of the past when everyone was united and worked together just for the weak to survive.

Roger, the little ancestor, even made the Queen of Eternal Night understand that the benefits of sowing chaos are not bad and ruling with an iron fist may also have the opposite effect.

So, she beat Margaret. She didn't turn her hatred toward her and she will work harder to overpower Angelina.

Such an outrageous reality made the Queen of Eternal Night realize that it is both difficult and simple to control people's hearts.

Carrots and sticks.

As long as you find the carrot and hang it in front of the donkey's eyes, you can make sure that the donkey will spread its hooves and run fast.

In the past when she was reading history books, she read that an emperor of the Veronica Dynasty came to the throne at the age of eight; the regent and officials had a lot of power and the little emperor was shivering.

But his mother was very brave. The queen mother used all sorts of cunning methods and manipulations available to women to the limit, guiding the influential ministers to fight and restrain each other, delaying the onset of internal and external troubles, and stubbornly persisting until the little emperor grew up and took power.

The Eternal Night Queen once thought that only the weak would resort to tricks.

But after being hit hard by reality, she abandoned many shackles and tried to let go of herself once...


This effect is so good that it makes my back feel cold!

What's wrong with being a little addicted?

Tonight, I realized!

Only by falling into darkness and becoming a bad woman can this empire have a bright future!

The Queen of Eternal Night stood up from the Star Throne and stepped down, turned to look at it and frowned slightly.

The powerful and domineering appearance of this throne was co-designed by the master alchemists and her during the founding of the Empire, and it was only after more than ten revisions that she was satisfied.

But now, she is not satisfied.

Changes in mentality have brought about changes in aesthetics.

Especially since the throne forced her to sit up straight, which is not suitable for loafing around.

The Queen of Eternal Night dislikes it a little bit, thinking it is not worthy of her current self.

The Queen of Eternal Night recited an incantation and pointed her finger at the throne of stars.

The magic power forms a furnace, and the throne of stars melts under high temperature, but it doesn't completely liquefy.

The corpse of a powerful beast fell from the void, turned into bones and merged into the throne of stars, and it began to be rebuilt according to the queen's wishes.

The magic energy arrives and then recedes like a tide.

On the nine-layered stairs at the end of the Hall of State Administration, the new version of the palace's Star Throne reveals its true appearance.

The base is spirally stacked with white bones and stars meteorites. The white and black add radiance to each other, filled with an inexhaustible mist of blood, which seems to be accompanied by countless unwilling roars, imprisoning the souls of countless beasts.

The throne is taller and wider overall, with a certain reclining angle on the backrest.

Originally, the top of the throne was decorated with elegant ivy branches, but now it was dyed with blood, with fang-like thorns, which were ferocious and majestic.

The Queen of Eternal Night sat on the new Star Throne and leaned back.

Although it is made of hard materials, because the curves of the throne fit the body ingeniously, it is indescribably comfortable.

The contact area is large, the pressure is small, and the comfort is not directly related to the hardness of the material.

If it's just an ordinary family, there is no need and no spare money to accurately customize an ergonomic iron sofa based on their body data.

But to set off the image of a bad woman in her heart, the Queen of Eternal Night spent countless materials and magic power, and she was very satisfied with the result.

It's just that in the past, she always sat upright and leaned forward slightly, giving off great pressure.

Now that the new Star Throne has become wider, the back of the chair is tilted back, and she is not sitting on it, but lying on her side.

Her two long legs overlapped, her eyes were narrowed comfortably, and her expression made her look a little carefree.

Lazy, mysterious, and powerful, people can't read her mind at all.

In her majesty, there is an indescribable charm.

If the Church of the Seven Gods sees her current state, it will preach that the Queen of Eternal Night has fallen into the evil and chaotic camp again.

But the Queen of Eternal Night likes her new throne very much.

Her lazy appearance shows some lack of respect for courtiers, and it is very different from the teachings of all her past court etiquette teachers. She is afraid that she will be scolded as "indecent" by rigid nobles.

But it's all over if you're happy, you can't care about what those people think!

She is the queen of this empire, so how could she even be taught by someone?

I will find my path in the future!

She seemed to have opened some shackles, and the bottomless magic power faintly echoed and resonated with the blood mist of the Throne of Stars.

It replenished the consumption faster than before, and then broke all the way through her previous upper limit!

The rippling magic energy overflowed from her body and condensed into many dynamic magic spirits, giving birth to a very weak and very instinctive consciousness.

These magic spirits assist the magic and can magnify its power tenfold.

The Queen of Eternal Night didn't ignite the divine fire to take the road of absorbing faith and life essence to strengthen herself.

That way consist of destroying all beings and integrate them into yourself.

And you will steadily become greedier for faith.

The Queen believes that the path of the gods is powerful, but it is a bit eviler than the demons in hell.

So she is only exploring the end of magic.

In terms of magical reserves, purity, and control, she is now standing on top of all beings in the Eternal night world.

The magic energy moves slightly.

Twelve magical eyes appeared in the air, and from different angles, they used the photo-taking technique to capture the peerless elegance of the Queen of Eternal Night.

Then she picked out the most satisfying "selfie" and sent it directly into Roger's mind through the magic beacon.

After pondering for a while, she stretched out her hand and grabbed it. The Queen of Eternal Night took out a tattered magic notebook from the great library and read it with relish.

"Tierra Anecdote Examination"

The author's name was scraped off, and she could only spell out the word "Joe" vaguely, as he said he was a certain high priest of the Church of the Goddess of War.

She don't know wether if this notebook is true or not, and She also don't know if it's just black or full of exaggeration, but it does record a lot of tea-flavored operations.

Bad is bad, and effective is effective.

For the Queen of Eternal Night, who is determined to be a bad woman, it cannot be said to be a guiding light but it's still a reference work.

Copying homework, or something, I like it the most!

So, Dio has to work hard to become bad today!

The Ice Room.

Roger and little Joey fell on the bed in a mess, staggering against each other like octopuses, and slept deeply because of extreme exhaustion.

The match was successful last night, and with the sound of the whole army attacking, one piece frantically pushed the line and directly entered the tower. After taking care of his position, he was robbed of blood by the Firefly in a few seconds.

The piece became angry and, with the blessing of the deep sea heart, he directly returned to the battle line and the two sides fought together again.

Although the Firefly has a blood advantage, the piece is a line tyrant in the early stage, and she will soon be fully suppressed.

The two sides are rookie chickens who don't speak the rules and rely on instinct to peck each other.

The Firefly has recovery skills, but there is always an upper limit on the amount of mana. After consuming all her mana, she will lose her advantage, and have no way to fight back.

For the rest of the time, she could only beg the enemy to quickly go to the finishing line and end her torture as soon as possible.

However, the piece was unreasonable and started to abuse the spring according to the moves he learned from his teachers.

It dragged on for three hours, and the two of them were exhausted, so they hugged each other and fell asleep.

The sky is getting brighter.

Little Joey suddenly felt a hard foreign body sensation on her legs.

Her little hand touched it subconsciously, and she sensed something familiar. It was the piece's violent blade that could be called the king of torture.

Suddenly she was frightened and sober.

Here, Roger also woke up. Little Joey shrank to the corner of the bed with a squeak, and asked timidly, "Boss, are you okay again?"

"Cough, it's a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding..."

Roger blushed unusually and pulled the quilt to pretend that nothing happened.

It's normal for young people to have wet dreams. After all, the meals in the duke's mansion are nutritious.

However, he woke up with someone next to him, which was embarrassing.

What's even more embarrassing is that the one in his dream was not the beauty by the pillow but the Queen of Eternal Night...

He reacted to that scornful woman. He really couldn't say this to little Joey.

After calming down for a while, Roger realized that it was not a dream.

It is the photo-taking technique sent by the Queen of Eternal Night through the letter on his leg, the magic version of a "selfie".

He couldn't help feeling that the blood mother's magical attainments were bottomless. It seemed that she could unilaterally upgrade the version of the magic beacon and add new functions?

No one is better than you!

What's even more outrageous is that the Queen of Crap wasn't sleeping in the middle of the night, melted the Throne of Stars and remade it into version 2.0, and then still had the spare time to take selfies?

This is so...

Who can stand it?

The former Queen of Eternal Night, even if she stepped on a mountain of corpses and a sea of ​​blood, still had a little bit of the shadow of the little princess, and there was a girl's delicacy hidden in the depths of her coercion.

She is a "queen" with both strength above legend and lofty ideals, and she gives off an unreal feeling of perfection.

The inviolable aloofness between her eyebrows of the dignified villain boss has a kind of holy taste, do you dare to believe it?

In the selfie that Roger just received, the Queen of Eternal Night is lazy and mysterious, lying on her side on the monstrous throne.

There is contempt and playfulness between her brows and the corner of her mouth is a smirk that is condescending to all living beings.

A proper lousy woman.

Is this unlocking new attributes and awakening the Queen of Darkness?

Roger suspects that he has touched a hidden plot line that no player in his previous life has opened.

Compared to her current self, the Queen of Eternal Night's last appearance in this picture is indeed too different; so much so that even a straight man would think they are two different people.

At this moment, the Queen of Eternal Night has lost the last trace of greed and the world became clear and magnanimous.

This taste is so delicious, Yu is home!

Maybe, this is what the real villain should have?

The complete body of the Queen of Eternal Night that had not been completed by the production team before?

I... I can do it!

Roger tried to not pull the trigger of the gun, but the more he tried, the more excited he became.

For a gluttonous eater, it is hard to not be interested in food.

A young man who has been crazy all night without restraint doesn't want to click the license plate number when he sees it.

As a result, there is now a picture of the Queen of Eternal Night forcibly ending his sage time early, and his LSP is full of blood and resurrected.

This was something she could have never done before.

The person is still the same, and the imperial robe is still the same imperial robe.

Not revealing or demonic, but with a delicate fragrance that entices people's hearts, it turns into a unique style, which makes her extraordinarily charming all of a sudden.

It was just a glance, but it was as profound as it was engraved in his mind.

The beauty is so beautiful that she would make him hang around the beam for three days without rest.

Little Joey, who was huddled in the corner, finally had a shallow understanding of men as a creature.

Hearing that Roger said it was a misunderstanding, he didn't mean to bully her again, she rolled back into Roger's arms, clinging to him, her voice soft like a lazy cat, "Then continue to sleep, you are still exhausted. …”

What is adding more fuel to the fire?

A certain person was already full of evil thoughts, but when he was pushed by the body that let him taste the wonderful taste, he couldn't control the gun at all!

He hugged little Joey back, and a pair of hands that had grasped her sensitive weaknesses began to play tricks.

Soon, the girl's sensitive body also reacted.

"You can be bad and toss people around, you bastard who doesn't let people sleep..."

She pouted a lot, but because of the gentleness of her character, she tried her best to cooperate with his unbridled plunder.

Roger kept his movements as light as possible and said in his heart that he was wronged.

It's all an accident caused by your idol being inappropriate, posting pictures indiscriminately, and not giving you a holiday.

I am also a victim!

Although he was doing happy things, Roger suddenly felt a regret for something he wanted but couldn't get.

"The number one bad woman in the world!"

He said something vaguely and finally ended an unexpected battle.

He tenderly cherished the little woman who almost fainted in his arms.

Don't think too much about what you can't get, and cherish the talent in front of you.

They slept again until the sun rises three poles.

It's noon now.

On the northern coast of the Ivy Empire, there lay the sixteen provinces of Yamen.

This is the most powerful Yamen Empire before the Ivy Empire, also known as the Veronica Dynasty.

Afford, the former capital of the dynasty is now the capital of a province…

This is a magnificent city, with a white wall 45 meters high. It was designed and built by the Church of Wisdom under the God of Knowledge. It is strong enough to resist the full blow of a legendary powerhouse.

As a result, a 500-meter-long section was directly smashed by the Queen of Eternal Night, and the Ivy Iron Cavalry drove straight in.

The nobles and officials who had been in contact with Nightingale for a long time bowed their heads and escorted Veronica XVI to the guillotine.

The change of dynasties, which should have been magnificent, was so unpretentious and boring.

"Smart people" will always buy new tickets in advance when the ship is about to sink.

Of course, there are also bereaved members of the Veronica family who have always been in the underground of Afford City.

A few days ago, they finally got the eldest princess they were looking forward to.

Shady Veronica.

The eldest princess of the previous dynasty, the saintess of the god of knowledge, was pinned on by the remnants of the seventeen kingdoms and prophesied that she would overthrow the tyranny of Ivy and end this Eternal night's Mandate of Heaven rule.

This is a quiet girl with black hair and blue eyes, as beautiful as a work of art.

The slender hand who should be reading the scroll is now in charge of life and death, shouldering the heavy responsibility of revitalizing the family and the dynasty.

At this moment, Shady ends her magical communication with Princess Yashica.

She turned to look at the nearly 1,000 members of the Tianming Army who were wearing hoods, old and young, with their faces hidden in the shadows.

Her eyes gradually became firm, as if a fire was burning, "Our actions today will announce the existence of the Tianming Army to the world. This may be the beginning of the road to recovery, or it may be the end of our lives. Everyone, be prepared to face the violent storms of the Ivy Empire. Are you calling for the dawn?"

A group of people folded their hands in front of their chests and responded in unison:

"We're always ready, Tutor!"

They are the backbone of the Tianming Army, the elite of the Church of the Seven Gods, the last resort of the Veronica Dynasty, and the dead men that Shady has been training.

They are also the gravediggers who should have stabbed the most deadly sword against the Ivy Empire in the long river of fate.

But in the river channel that has turned into a tributary, if they debuted two years earlier, could they still have set off huge waves in the future?

she didn't know.

But she will still move forward firmly until she dies.

Only the will that is inextinguishable under all odds can be worthy of everyone's "Teacher."