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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 75

2022-06-20 01:52:51Publish Time: 3,247 views
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Chapter 75 I'm going to be ruined by you!

The ice room.

Roger used the travel insoles to teleport to the center of the manor.

It's called overtime, but it's really like fishing, so it's double the joy.

If you want to come to the Acedia system, you must be able to feel your unremitting efforts on the lying flat road, and then continue to distribute treasure chests, right?

A certain leader with an evil plan in his mind quietly slipped into the female subordinate's room.

Little Joey is sitting at the desk, carefully sorting out the gains from the Law Salon this time, in case there will be forgetting and omissions when she wakes up.

Hearing the door slam, her hand paused.

There is only one person who can open the door without her permission.

And what he was thinking about, because of the exchange in that lecture hall, was already known by her.

Probably the sheep that came to the tiger's mouth as promised...

If she's found out by Montgomery Marie, she is going to be laughed at as a silly girl again!

Little Joey pursed her lips, trying hard to drive these thoughts out of her mind, pretending that she didn't know anything, and continued the sorting work at hand.

Her happiness after entering The ice room disappeared without she noticing when she saw Roger and the Queen of Eternal Night standing side by side, and after hearing their conversation.

As long as she thinks of that glorious existence that makes her feel ashamed even if it is just a back view, little Joey feels very frightened, too frightened to think about it and let what should happen happen...

Anyway, the outcome of the story will not be controlled by a small character like her.

Keeping on being useful to Lord Roger, obey him, be considerate of him, help him, make him happy and comfortable...

This is probably the meaning of your existence at this moment, right?

The above is the change in Little Joey's mood when she was waiting alone.

After Roger entered the room, he vaguely sensed that little Joey was strange.

She has always been serious about her work, and when she heard that he came in, no matter how busy she was, she would stand up, shout "Mr. President!" full of energy, and continue working.

Such an abnormal behavior of inattentiveness is because you know the reward you owe me, so you are shy?

Roger walked slowly behind little Joey, put his hands on the back of the chair, and leaned over to look at what she was writing.

Immediately, Roger's expression turned strange:

"Little Joey, you spelled my name more than a hundred times, are you trying to urge me to write so many submissions?"

"Ah? Ah! No..."

Little Joey lowered her hand and, as expected, she found the open notebook that should have recorded the suitable contributors she met tonight.

But at the moment, she filled the paper with "Roger Charles," with a few "Dio Brando" inserted occasionally.

But no matter which, it was him.

It's all because she tried hard not to think about it, but in the end, he still entered her heart through her brows and took her soul away.

She hurriedly flipped through the two pages and said, looking to the blank paper, "Master President, wait for me, I'll write down tonight's work first..."

"No, wait."

Roger held her hand and pulled out the quill in her hand.

Little Joey tried to resist, but hesitantly and not resolutely, and was finally pulled by Roger to stand up.

He turned her body over and looked at her.

The room was so quiet that only their breathing could be heard.

She waited for a long time.

Little Joey raised her head, which had been lowered all this time, and looked at Roger in confusion.

The frivolity she had imagined didn't come, didn't he come to take away the reward that was temporarily stored here?

I was already ready to be bullied severely, why did the unreasonable bandit show gentle eyes at this time?

"Have I done anything to make you unhappy before?" Roger asked.

"No, the president is very good... I'm very happy! I did a lot of things today, I'm super happy!"

"Be honest, dear."

Roger lifted her chin in a helpless tone.

If looking as if she's about to cry is an expression of happiness, what kind of emotion does she show when she smiles?

Little Joey is not shy at the moment but is in a very low mood.

She is trying to pretend that nothing happened, but a silly girl like her can't help but show everything on her face.

Isn't this kind of acting not good enough in front of an actor like him who has completely quelled the death pressure of the Queen of Eternal Night?

From Roger's eyes, little Joey also realized that her cover-up was in vain.

She felt shy and guilty and said pitifully, "Yes, I'm sorry, Mr. President, I don't want to do this either. I didn't want to spoil your mood and interest, I just... um, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

She began to apologize continuously, and Roger was stunned.

This was the first time he saw her in a bad mood; she didn't lose her temper or make trouble for no reason but instead became a girl who keep apologizing to others...

Probably used to seeing the little princesses, green tea bitches, and even boxing masters of contemporary China, it took Roger half a minute to guess the brain circuit of little Joey:

I made Roger unhappy today, so I have to compensate Roger.

But when I was making compensation, I was in a bad mood, which affected my performance. Lord Roger didn't enjoy the compensation he deserved, and he didn't even have any interest in it...

So I have to apologize!

This is probably a mixture of love, loyalty, and responsibility, which has shaped the distorted psychology of women in this era?

This was truly an experience Roger had never had before, which made him a little moved and a little distressed.

How can there be a foolish child who wrongs herself like this, and still considers other people's perceptions when she is uncomfortable?

He held up little Joey's face and gently kissed her on the lips, "Don't say sorry, the fact that I wanted you to make up for it was just a... a, um, an excuse to take advantage of you, it's not your fault, you don't have to apologize."

Little Joey was a little stunned by the sudden intimacy. She looked at Roger with watery eyes, and found that he didn't seem to be angry?

Don't you despise me?

She whispered, "But for me, I went to far at that time, the Lord should punish me."

"It's clear that the queen is the culprit. Don't take the blame for her, you can't take the blame." Roger pointed out unceremoniously.

If it was little Joey a few hours ago, she would have pointed out loudly that it was wrong for Roger to think of Her Majesty in this way, and Her Majesty was right in everything.

But at this moment, she was a little happy because Roger said that.

At least in his eyes, the Queen of Eternal Night is not perfect. Who would dare to use words like "culprit" to describe the Queen...

But the happiness only lasted for a moment, her eyes dimmed, she lowered her head, and pulled the corner of Roger's shirt, "Don't talk about Her Majesty behind her back, it's not good."

Roger keenly captured her mood changes, she was happy but became even more disappointed. He couldn't help but ask strangely, "So what did Her Majesty do to target you and make you unhappy?"

Little Joey hurriedly shook her head and denied it, "No, no, how could Her Majesty target me, a small official, she is so nice, beautiful, and generous, she doesn't show off as an emperor at all..."

"So you're not happy, because she didn't do anything?"

"Yeah, Her Majesty is such a perfect existence, just looking up makes you feel like you have no value in existence... Hmm!"

Little Joey covered her mouth.

Accidentally, she was manipulated by Roger to tell the truth.

Roger looked at the way she wanted to be angry with him but didn't dare, she was distressed, and he couldn't help laughing, "Why are you so stupid? Say it if you're unhappy, let it out if you're angry, it's hard to just keep it in your heart."

"But I'm in this Ice Room and I don't know anyone..." Little Joey was also aggrieved.

In the past, if she was unhappy, she could talk to Montgomery and drink with other comrades and classmates.

But now she has abandoned everything to stay in the Ice Room. People she knows are fighting in all directions, and there is no one to look for.

Moreover, when it comes to her little emotions about Her Majesty, even if she dares to speak, how many will dare to listen?

"You can find me!" Roger hugged her tightly, bit her ear, and said, "I've already told you my secret identity, and you won't even tell me the little things on your mind?"

Little Joey panicked and tried to avoid the itchiness of the air blowing in her ears, and blushed, "It's not that I don't want to, but you are the president, and I am your consultant and assistant, so I can't keep troubling you to listen to what I have to say....”

Roger interrupted her directly, "Then the subordinate can smack the boss?"

"At that time... I hadn't even joined the job at that time!"

Little Joey was so embarrassed with his shamelessness, she put her arms on his chest and tried to break free.

It's a pity that Roger didn't give her this chance. Instead, he embraced the tenderness, simplicity, and inferiority in her bones. He didn't even care about whether they are called a "couple" or if she's his "subordinate", so he rushed to the  side of this little girl.

It is indeed the head of love, but this kind of head is also a bit cute, isn't it?

Since he accepted it, he didn't want to turn this relationship into the obedience and flattery that little Joey was used to.

A lot of modern society's views still exist in his heart, and little Joey's performance is completely worthy of his tenderness.

Roger pressed her small head to his chest and asked softly, "If I have trouble at work, or if I'm not satisfied with a big shot, would you listen to me nagging?"

"Of course, I would!"

"Then, in turn, I will also like to listen to you. We are a couple now, and we may be partners in the future. We must support each other in work and life. You don’t need to always use your identity as a subordinate to restrain yourself, you are privileged here with me. For example, I must appease your mood."

When Little Joey heard Roger's words, she raised her face and stared at him, the moisture in her eyes became heavier and heavier.

She asked timidly, "Well, then if I'm not happy, can I tell My Lord? Does this count as causing trouble for My Lord?"

"Well..." Roger deliberately slowed down for half a beat, and when little Joey's disappointment was about to show, he quickly continued the second half of the sentence, "Well, I'm happy to deal with all the trouble you've caused because I'm willing to become your future reliance.”

"My lord! You don't have to be so nice to me! I will become more and more greedy in the future... I will be ruined by you. I will no longer be loyal, I will become jealous of others, sensitive and suspicious, and suddenly happy and angry, It's such a horrible feeling, I don't know myself..."

Little Joey hugged Roger hard with her arms, and the tears she had been holding back welled up in her eyes.

She buried her face in Roger's chest. The panic, grievance, and inferiority she had suppressed this night could no longer be controlled. It was like a flood coming up continuously as if it was going to engulf her, and the tears couldn't stop flowing.

Little Joey Barton is also a beautiful, excellent, and proud girl. She has lived in the envy of others for more than ten years, and her character is straightforward. Most of the people around her take good care of her.

But after awakening to Roger's monopoly, she will unconsciously compare herself with the women around him.

It happened that the comparison target tonight was the Queen of Eternal Night.

In an instant, little Joey's confidence collapsed.

Even if nothing substantive happened between Roger and the Queen of Eternal Night, she just looked at the backs of the two people, and it was hard to breathe.

A good partner is a good thing, but he is too good, his words and thoughts are like a dragon from the nine heavens, and he is completely outside of her control, making her feel burdened and a pressured instead.

At that time, little Joey felt as humble as mustard and totally unable to firmly grasp Roger.

The realities and gaps that she was happy and didn't care about before suddenly appeared clearly, swallowing up all the light in her small world.

In the darkness, no matter how hard that little firefly tries to shine, it cannot light up the whole world!

She thought that she should be a well-behaved and obedient deputy, staying by his side is victory.

Even though she will be swallowed by darkness in this process, this is the path she chooses.

But when she was almost in despair, Roger unexpectedly gave her the identity of his girlfriend and was willing to listen to her thoughts, and even promised to be her future support.

This is a natural guarantee for the future. In an empire where machismo is prevalent, and in a feudal era where marriage is more of a bundle of interests, it is like a ray of light that brightens up Little Joey's world again.

So, she cried unrestrainedly, because all the unease finally came to an end.

Roger thought that this little Joey must be made of water, so fierce when she cried.

She cried for a while before her emotions gradually calmed down.

He waited patiently for her to finish crying, her eyes turned into walnuts, but the vibrant smile from the past returned to her face, he finally felt relieved.

"Can you say why you were unhappy before?"

"Um... I-I've been worried that I'll be disliked by My Lord."

"You are already more beautiful than the most beautiful wife I imagined I could marry in the past. How could I dislike you?"

Roger's words are not a lie, but the real thoughts of that ordinary young man on earth.

A gentle and virtuous character was the only requirement for his wife.

"My lord, you are so good at coaxing people!" Little Joey couldn't believe it, "Compared to Her Majesty, and compared to those noble ladies in the court, I am a firefly, how can I be called beautiful? There are more, more beautiful girls... so I'm nothing..."

Roger remembered a poem and said softly, "You are not the sun, you are not the moon, don't you have a little less fun?

You have finished your existence, you have lit your lamp;

All you have is your own, and you are indebted to no one;

You simply obey, your inner strength.

You broke through the shackles of darkness, you are small, but you are not small. "

Little Joey was fascinated, "This is?"

"This is Firefly."


She leaned against Roger's chest as if she was drunk.

The girl took his hand and said like a cat, "Sir, it's very late, are you staying here?"


"Because your little firefly wants to illuminate you!"

Roger smiled, rubbed her slender waist, retreated to the bedside, and fell together.

At the same time, he released his mental power, knocked out the magic crystal lamp in the room, and untied the light shirt on her body with a dexterous hand, "Let me check where the firefly emits light."