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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 73 part2

2022-06-12 06:40:50Publish Time: 3,141 views
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Chapter 73 I heard you wanted to defect? (2)

Your Majesty wants to establish a new magic industry system for the prosperity of the empire, and it will touch the interests of more people. In their eyes, Your Majesty is wrong. Infamy and stigma will follow, I believe Your Majesty also had expectations.

"If someone is on the wrong team, just send this person away, there is no need to expand to the whole group of innocent people just because of emotions."

"Don't worry, the innocent won't be implicated." The Eternal Night Queen sneered.

Fortunately, this guy has some conscience and knows he has to take all the blame.

Roger Charles' treason has nothing to do with Angelina Charles, and I will not magnify it with guilt.

But she still felt that what Roger said was inaccurate, and asked, "Don't divert the topic, just state your position, what did I do wrong?"

[This question is completely irrelevant to the present? What is my position?]

[The southern nobles have nothing to do with me. In the current situation, it is not good to kill them directly but, with your strength, they can be suppressed.]

[Wait, with her wording, she directly asked what was wrong. Did she think this happened because she did something wrong? 】

[This is too unlike Your Majesty, and this state is not quite right...]

Roger became more and more confused when asked and had no idea at all.

He always felt that he and the Queen of Eternal Night seemed to communicate face to face, but they didn't connect at all.

He tentatively said, "Your Majesty, you don't need to pay too much attention to the attitudes of these nobles. The empire is big, and there will be people talking. You should rest first, don't hurt your body."

"You don't need to care about my body! You just need to answer directly. Where did I go wrong?"

As she stepped forward, the Queen of Eternal Night's eyes grew fiercer and fiercer.

Isn't it your bird that I care about now?

He's been liying all the time, his words are all false, he lied to me to play me, and now he is pretending to care about me?

Liar liar liar liar...

She stopped just a step away from Roger.

At this distance, her perfect face is breathtakingly beautiful, but Roger felt that, under her threatening aura, she was concealing confusion and grievances.

[You took a big blow and want me to comfort you? But I am the master of ridicule, not the best at inflating egos! 】

"Your Majesty, you are the strongest leader in this world! You are talented, powerful, charming, and you have the world in your heart..."

"Wrong, talk about my mistakes, I hear that kind of flattery more than 30,000 times a day!"

The Queen of Eternal Night couldn't stand his evasive attitude any longer. She raised a hand and was about to bring it down. She wanted to slap him.

You are about to betray me for the church, yet you are still pretending, aren't you tired?

If you are not tired of this, I am, very much so!

If you don't tell the truth, I really won't be able to stop myself!

Roger felt that the Queen of Eternal Night was getting more and more impatient, like a repressed volcano, clearly on the verge of an emotional outburst.

Her eyes, in particular, were showing too many complicated suppressed emotions, making him a little afraid to face them.

But what is certain is that I don't have room to maneuver, so it's easier to avoid the important things.

[Those southern nobles are to blame for this crisis! 】

[The angry queen is really scary, but also a bit pitiful... She has done so much for this empire, and yet, this is how she is treated!】

Because the Queen of Eternal Night is pressing step by step, Roger doesn't have much room to think. He can't help but blurt out the complicated understanding of the Queen of Eternal Night in his heart:

"Your Majesty, the only mistake you made was loving this kingdom too much!"

The Queen of Eternal Night was surprised by this answer. After thinking about it, she sneered, "Patriotism, is this also a mistake?"

Is this the position of the traitor?

I'm afraid, I'm afraid, let me listen to your final explanation, how exactly do you want to prove that patriotism is a mistake?

The Queen of Eternal Night put down her arm, but her eyes grew colder.

She couldn't wait to crush his face and kill this guy on the spot.

Roger felt the killing intent. Sure enough, this woman asked for it herself, but she still couldn't listen to criticism. What contempt. But after he started, he could only grit his teeth and continue, otherwise, his life would be in danger:

"Your Majesty's hard work and dedication to the Empire is well known to the Empire and, because of this, everyone takes Your Majesty's contribution for granted. Just like these nobles, they criticized Your Majesty for not protecting the interests of the nobles, but never thought that if Your Majesty was not the queen, they would have already become slaves of the subjugated countries. How could they have the capital to bargain with the church?"

The firm killing intent in the Queen of Eternal Night's heart stirred up a bit.

It turned out that she took too little, gave them too much, and encouraged the greed in people's hearts?

Is the young man in front of her also defecting to the church for this reason?

Just when she was thinking that, she heard Roger continue, "If Your Majesty didn't love this empire deeply and didn't mind letting innocent citizens become lambs, then you would not forbid the Church of the Seven Gods to preach, and the Seven Gods would also be happy with Your Majesty. As the patriarch of the world, you are in charge of 40,000,000 people.

If Your Majesty didn't love this empire deeply, you wouldn't do everything in your power to make the country strong, break the class system that has been solidified for thousands of years, bear the incomprehension of countless people, and lose the opportunity to be a free and insignificant queen your whole life.

If Your Majesty didn't love this Empire deeply and faced all disasters and crises with the Empire, you could get away when things are getting impossible. Whether it is to come back in the future or to travel through the multiverse, with Your Majesty's strength, if there is no Empire, if you are not dragged down, even the gods can't stop you.

There are not many choices for the empire, but your choices are always many. However, you have not chosen any of the paths that are more beneficial to you. Instead, you have chosen to bear the pressure of the Seven Gods and lead the empire to untold glory.

You have paid too much, and you want to do too much beyond this era. Fools cannot understand it and wise people have a clear stand and are unwilling to follow. Therefore, Your Majesty, you must be extremely lonely but you cannot force everyone to have the same moral level as you. The thorny road goes to the end."

"Force..." The Queen of Eternal Night repeated that word and the icy murderous intent on her body gradually dissipated.

As he said, I, the emperor, am able to leave at any given time and I can abandon this empire that cannot understand me and live in another world if I want.

What's more, it's excusable for this rubbish lazy younger brother to leave this building that is bound to collapse, right?

She loves this empire so much that she doesn't see how hard she's exacting herself. How can she judge others with such a standard?

Thinking of this, the Queen of Eternal Night "understood" Roger's defection and a wry smile emerged, "Roger has helped me a lot. If one day you want to leave, I will not stop you."

"Your Majesty, to be true to my heart, I will never stand under a dangerous wall."

The fact that the Queen of Eternal Night was telling Roger something like "You can betray me" was both unexpected and surprising to him. He suddenly felt some heroism rise in his heart and smiled, "Your Majesty doesn't mind losing with a smile though that loss would be earth-shattering. I don't mind crying on the path to victory. And victory is whimsical, until the last moment, who knows if the gods won't be the ones to lose?"

"Dear Roger, you're so daring, are you willing to fight against the gods in the sky with me?" The Queen of Eternal Night's eyes lit up, and surprise appeared on her face.

"Since Your Majesty has gone forward and secured their hatred, why not make up for some output later?" Roger suddenly showed a hint of cunning in his heroism, "What's more, if there is a day when things really can't be done, Your Majesty will take the initiative to take me to a safe place, right?"

The Queen of Eternal Night was startled.

To be honest, she thought about it when she confirmed Roger's ability.

If she was certain to die, she would send Roger away to  keep a piece of the empire's blood safe. Maybe one day they'll have a chance to make a comeback.

But when he says it himself, it's too shameless and I want to beat him!

She stretched out her hand and tapped Roger's forehead a few times, "You look like a hero, but not quite."

After all, she was amused by this outrageous sentence pattern.

She suddenly stopped being angry. As she thought, people who don't understand her should leave.

At least she isn't alone, now there is one more person who knows what she's done and what she is going to do, and then they will die together.

The Queen of Eternal Night turned around and pointed to the group of southern nobles who had finished drinking and were about to leave.

"Roger, what do you think we should do about these southerners?"

Roger was fortunate to have survived and his trust in the Queen of Eternal Night seemed to have risen again, so he dared to say, "According to Your Majesty's character, it would be murder, but I'd rather we crush their hearts before killing them."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's let them know that we know and arrange for them to defect to the church country through the goblins, then let them watch the rise of the Empire, feel the despair of being swept away by the empire and, finally... hang them on the street lamps."

"That's a good idea."

The two talked about the follow-up arrangements for "New Arcane".

Outside the door, the Law Salon had ended, and little Joey followed the sound and found this room.

Looking at the backs of the Queen of Eternal Night and Roger standing side by side, talking about profound topics that she didn't understand at all, she stopped and didn't approach them.

Inexplicably, she felt that her heart was punched hard.

It turns out that I don't understand at all what Mr. Roger is thinking.

That's why Her Majesty can appreciate him like this, so only Her Majesty can talk about this with him, right?

Suddenly, a strong lack of self-confidence surged in her heart, and she panicked uncontrollably.

It's not that she is worried that Her Majesty will rob her of her man, but that Roger sees the queen every day, and is used to seeing her beauty, her strength, and have those conversations that can only happen between monarchs and ministers...

At that time, how can he even consider her? I can't even understand him!

How can a little firefly be brighter than the moon!

She clenched her fists tightly, and unconsciously pushed her nails into the flesh without noticing.

The Queen of Eternal Night suddenly turned around and asked in surprise, "Little Joey is back too? How's the harvest?"

"Report to Your Majesty: I have recorded a lot of names that are suitable for submission!"

Little Joey tried her best to keep her energetic voice while lowering her head at the same time, so as not to get caught in the emotions she shouldn't have.

It's the first time that I have someone I like, the first time I see the idol I like, and the first time I participate in the salon I longed for when I was a child...

But why does it add up like this?

She finally realized that idols are unattainable stars in the sky, and she didn't want the perfect man beside her to fly into the sky too, getting further and further away from her...

Absolutely not!

Her feeling of possessiveness overwhelmed loyalty and admiration and opened a gap in little Joey's heart, which quickly grew like wild grass, entwining her tightly and tightening her heart.

This night, the staggering fate continued to gallop in an unstoppable direction.