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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 62

2022-05-21 03:32:17Publish Time: 4,753 views
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Chapter 62 The ice Room and Preface

Outside the government hall.

As time passed, Angelina became more and more anxious.

From her point of view, this hall is like a monster that can devour people. After her brother entered, she didn't get any news from him.

Except for the sound of the Queen of Eternal Night slapping the table at the beginning, she couldn't hear what happened later.

Especially after what happened last night, facing the unknown is sometimes the most terrifying thing.

Angelina already imagined that her best friend had diced up her brother, and was trying to put him back together, with his arms and legs misplaced...

Angelina saw the door of the Hall of Governmental Affairs open and out of it came a beautiful and extraordinary young man.

Hey, Your Majesty's fight is quite complete.

Roger has black hair and black eyes and is dressed in a straight dark blue dress. His hair is meticulously groomed, and he had a smart look ever since he was a child.

With a lazy smile on his face, his walking attitude is quite arrogant, and he has no respect or low-key for this palace.

Forget it, my stinky brother can stay like this for the rest of his life, as long as he can breathe.

Seeing him come out without any beards and tails, Angelina let out a sigh of relief, so she didn't bother to pick on his lack of noble etiquette.

And by the look of it, he also managed to get the official position he wanted from the queen...

I finally pulled my brother up, so I don't have to be afraid that he will starve to death without me!

Roger was a little surprised when he saw Angelina waiting outside the hall.

Immediately, his heart warmed.

It's a good feeling to be cared about and missed by others.

At least in this other world, he is not alone.

However, knowing Angelina‘s character’, Roger didn't want her to create an atmosphere of "Reunion after death".

Too sticky, too embarrassing.

This woman is sad in the spring and sad in the autumn. Trivial things can bring back his old and dark history when he was wearing open-crotch pants when he was three years old.

Therefore, Roger strode up to Angelina, and took the initiative to speak in a pretentious manner:

"Sister, hey, I've won, and our family won't be short of money in the future!"

In a word, Angelina's sentimentality flew out of the window all at once.

With round eyes, she lifted her leg and kicked him lightly on his calf, "Did our family lack money before? Besides, have I ever wronged you?"

He wasn't willing to try hard, but Roger still cooperated and made a grinning expression.

Angelina was also helpless.

Girls need to vent their emotional needs, but this heartless bastard doesn't give her a chance.

Oh, it's hard to be a sister!

She could only ask, "Master Roger, can you tell me which official you are now?"

Roger's expression softened, and he put one hand on his hips and held up a metal token that was dark in color and seemed to hide the light of thousands of stars.

Only to hear him say with his head held high:

"We, patrolling the eight palaces, holding the Eternal Night Order, supervising the whole country, slaying gentleman above and worthy ministers below!"


Angelina's eyelids jumped.

My dear, all the wise and worthy ministers have been beheaded. Are you afraid that the Qingteng Empire will not be chaotic enough?

There was a great eunuch in the Veronica Dynasty, who claimed to be 90,000 years old. No one can do things like you!

However, what Roger said was unreliable, and the Eternal Night Order in his hand was a fake.

This made Angelina puzzled:

Has Your Majesty given this bastard any great position, and even gave him the Eternal Night Order to spoil him?

The Eternal Night Order is a special token issued by the Queen of Eternal Night after her enthronement, to ensure that the governors and generals outside can successfully command those arrogant soldiers and local nobles.

Known as "Seeing orders as if seeing me", it is similar to the ancient Shangfang sword in the East.

In principle, the holder has the right to execute first and then to report, backed by the supreme authority of the Queen of Eternal Night, to achieve leapfrog jurisdiction and facilitate wartime mobilization.

The Eternal Night Order is always accompanied by missions. As the surrounding powerful enemies decrease, there is the Eternal Night Order that is still outside, no more than one-handed.

The stinky brother can even hold an Eternal Night Order in his hand?

What, your sister haven't even got it!

"How can there be any eight palace patrols in the empire, tell me honestly, why are you fooling Your Majesty?"

But the elder sister is still the elder sister. Seeing that the younger brother is talking nonsense, she directly picks up his ears and "tortures him severely".

Roger wasn't going to hide it from her. "The New Arcane" was going to be released throughout the empire, and he couldn't hide it at all.

He told Angelina that he was going to be the president of the magazine.

Of course, he omits all his tricks to deceive the Queen of Eternal Night.

If you are disrespectful to the Eternal Night Queen, you will be taught a lesson by the foolish and loyal elder sister.

"Fertilizer? This is a good idea. If the people of the empire can be fed, it must be a great thing, but if you transform magic like this, you will be scolded by the magicians..."

After listening to Roger's thoughts, Angelina fell into thought, her pretty brows furrowed.

She doesn't understand magic, but she understands magicians.

The Eternal Night Queen is full of martial virtues, and the imperial magicians who take her as an example naturally pursue the ultimate fighting power.

Faster, higher, stronger.

This is the motto put forward by the legendary mage, Olympic Light, Henry Martin Didon thousands of years ago.

It is still regarded as the motto by countless magicians to this day.

Everyone meditates and cultivates to become strong, not to be "Weak".

So if magic is weakened, it is a complete heresy, an evil way!

If Roger became the initiator of such a heresy, he would be resisted collectively by the magicians.

Especially not long after the empire ended the state of total war, the local war never stopped, and promotion by military merit was the mainstream thought of magicians.

However, the core idea of ​​"New Arcane" is to hope that magicians will shift from combat positions to production and research and development positions...

Of course, this will benefit the country and the people, but I'm afraid the magicians will scold Roger to death, right?

It's not easy to handle this matter with the Queen of Eternal Night.

At that time, Roger will only be regarded as a minister who will bring disaster to the country and the people and abduct the queen and will be scolded even worse...

Seeing the change in Angelina's expression, Roger knew that she had foreseen the wave of opposition that would be triggered after the release of "New Arcane", and began to worry about him.

He was going to say something to comfort his sister.

But he saw her little hand, pressing hard on his shoulder.

"Brother, do it bravely, I am proud of you!"

Angelina stared at Roger affectionately, her voice filled with the emotion of what a younger brother could ask for more.

Roger squeezed out an extremely ugly smile, "Sister, did you even think about my eulogy?"

"Her Majesty's kindness is as heavy as a mountain. Our Charles family wants to be loyal to Her Majesty. When the time comes, I will help you do it!"

"Sister, thank you!"

Roger didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

I thought my sister would dissuade me, but she made him work harder.

My brother was killed as an heretic, no way!

My brother is loyal to the country, okay!

Is this the loyalty of the ancients?

Can't afford to love, can't afford to love!

But on the bright side, at least Angelina didn't oppose him in doing something that transcended the times and challenged traditional authority but gave him full support.

This is already a good sister.

Although her starting point is a bit strange, the result is not bad...

Of course, Angelina's character and admonitions are also an important part.

"Although there is an eternal night order, it can't be used indiscriminately. Our Charles family convinces people with reason."

"I know."

"Don't embezzle, bend the law, or use power for personal gain, otherwise I'll be the first to report you!"

"I know."

"Don't be afraid when you encounter things, but you can't just offend all the courtiers either, and occasionally you also have to be tactful."

"I know."

"Would you like me to help you arrange a partner for you, in the future, I will take good care of my little nephew..."

Roger didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Aren't you too pessimistic?

Behind me is the Eternal Night Queen, who would dare to assassinate me?

Oh, there should be.

Without the blessing of Nirvana, I have to build a personal guard to protect my life...

Come and report little Joey, I need your protection this time!

However, Roger still respected his sister and asked:

"Sister, the partner you're talking about, is she beautiful?"



Angelina struck his forehead with her fist.

It also happened to be the place where the Queen of Eternal Night smashed the box, it was extremely painful!

"Work hard for Her Majesty, don't think about those messy things, the magazine hasn't been published yet, are you that anxious to start a family?"

Angelina felt that he was about to drool over the word "partner", and suddenly she was in a bad mood.

Running away after beating people, she never wants to see this stinky brother at all!

Roger looked at her back and felt aggrieved.

Very aggrieved.

It was you who brought up the subject first, so why hit me?

Smelly woman, everyone is uncertain, do you think I won't fight back?

No matter how I beat people indiscriminately, I'll be able to protest.

[Walking insole: Light, breathable, and extremely comfortable, it is guided and transmitted to the marked local plane coordinates in five seconds (CD: 40 minutes, left and right insoles are calculated independently)]

This is a pair of magic items that Roger got from opening ten treasure chests early this morning.

With the red shape and familiar functions, Roger felt that these were simply flying shoes in a certain MOBA game...

However, is the insole the body?

Although it is full of slots, it cannot be denied that this is a very powerful alchemy item, which is equivalent to Roger carrying two teleportation arrays with him now.

Rounding up, this is 10,000 gold coins!

Finally, the system is produced, there is no false advertising, and this insole is super comfortable.

Automatically adapt to all types and shapes of shoes, the familiar feeling of stepping on shit, and its anti-gravity function.

Even the heavy hard-soled big leather boots are comparable to top jogging shoes. From then on, the young man walks like the wind!

This simply makes people suspect that this pair of insoles has black technology attached...

Ah no, it's black magic!

Roger used the travel insoles to return directly to the Charles House from the Xinghan Palace.

Then, not long after, he went out, he went to a manor in the noble district, which was one-third the size of their duke's mansion.

This is a manor belonging to the Shelley family.

The main building is a four-story building, and there are several gorgeous single-family buildings in the style of Shelley I, which are well maintained.

In the exquisite small box that the Queen of Evernight smashed against him, in addition to the Eternal Night Order, there was also the title deed of this manor.

Roger naturally understood that this was the office location that the Queen had given to the "New Arcane" magazine.

As expected of Her Majesty, who was praised by my sister as "Not stingy with rewards", a manor worth more than one million gold coins, when you give something, you go all out...

Alas, what's with this urge not to work hard and beg for Her Majesty's adoption?

Accompanied by the housekeeper, Roger toured the manor.

He felt that there was no need to make a big change in the layout. After purchasing household and office supplies, the magazine could start work directly.

The housekeeper wrote down Roger's requests one by one, and then asked for instructions, "Sir, please give the manor a name."

Roger understood that this should be the Queen's order.

The Shelley family is naturally too lazy to name this kind of small garden, but for a magazine that will change the times, its birthplace will go down in history.

Roger, who is not good at coming up with names, finally decided to steal the wisdom of his predecessors, he hesitantly asks, "How about the Ice Room?"

"This lowly one doesn't have any opinion, Her Majesty said that you should do as you please."

"Then let's name it the ice room!"

"Okay, this lowly one will make arrangements."

The name of the study of a great reformer was the Ice Room. He has written many famous articles, among which the famous articles have been selected into Chinese textbooks and inspired many people.

Now Roger releases "New Arcane" in the Green Vines Empire, and what he does borrows this name, asking himself to humiliate the name of his ancestors.

The word "Drinking ice" is the earliest, from "Zhuangzi: The World in the World", "Today I am ordered to drink ice at night, do I have internal heat?".

The general idea is that the burden on the body is too great, the heart is anxious and uncomfortable, and it is necessary to eat ice to cool down.

External explanations can also say that he is serious about implementing the "New Arcane", not just finding an easy job to loaf around...

Although this kind of innovative thinking is effortless for a traveler who is very different from the eternal night world.

If you casually release some advanced theories, progressive ideas, and opposing viewpoints, you can make the magicians of this era quarrel.

From key politics to academic discussions, to the decisive battle at the top of arcane magic, he believes that the magicians of the Qing Ivy Empire will fall in love with his magazine, giving them a platform to force national events...

This kind of coercion is not empty talk to mislead the country.

It was a theory that Roger couldn't grasp, combined with the reality of the Qingteng Empire, and it was possible to implement it.

Roger also wanted to spread the red flag all over the world, fast forward to the point where there were no fairy emperors.

But that's unrealistic. As long as those thoughts dare to appear, without immortals coming to the door, the emperor will not let him go.

The old lady trusts you so much, you want to kill me?


Moreover, the education level and ideological awareness of the people in this world are not enough to support higher social forms.

Just like giving Uncle Black unlimited supplies, they will not create rich and splendid fruits of civilization, but will only use bullets as firecrackers and kill each other.

You can imagine what those black-skinned basketball stars generally do when they get rich.

The magical civilization in this world is very splendid, the nobles are elegant and smart, but the education level of the people at the bottom is not as good as that of Uncle Black.

As we all know, productive forces determine production relations.

The Jagged Queen coupled with centralized power is the most suitable administrative system for the Ivy Empire at present.

However, the Queen of Eternal Night relied on force and the commander-in-chief's ability to take the route of conquest by force, then create an unprecedentedly vast land in the Green Vines Empire.

At most, she is the female version of Genghis Khan, but she doesn't have a BT template.

Even with the assistance of Angelina, the internal affairs ability is not satisfactory in the eyes of the Chinese people. It can only create external pressure to divert domestic conflicts, and the method is very crude.

The Queen's economic policy is more simple and crude:

Is the construction of wonders in China causing a financial shortage?

Hit another big dog and move the treasury to fill the deficit!

The foundation of "New Arcane" was successful, with the support of the Queen of Eternal Night, and temporarily shackled her violent tendencies.

After fighting the Orc King's tent, there should be a period of recuperation, right?

Then, the goal of the first stage of "New Arcane" doesn't need to discuss production relations, just liberates the productive forces first.

That is how to start the magical industrial revolution through ideological innovation.

I didn't stir up the magician's enthusiasm for the debate from the first issue, the headline party attracted the magician's attention, and then the Chonggu faction and the Arcane faction directly sprayed, how can I mix traffic?

A smile appeared on Roger's mouth.

The preface of the first issue must be full of firepower!

Although something like the preface must be signed by the Eternal Night Queen, with her temper, some ghostwriters will only have fun, right?

Roger wrote the preface title for The New Arcane:

Learning magic can't save the imperial people!