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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 56

2022-05-10 14:12:05Publish Time: 5,418 views
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Chapter 56 Am I Invincible in the City of Mysteries?

On the wide long street, pigs are running, horses are barking, and people are fighting.

It's a pity that no woman sings.

Blood flowed slowly along with the gaps in the blue bricks.

It seems that because he has seen the death scene in the North City Camp, he seems to be ready to face the battle. Roger is in a calm mood this time.

He calmly commanded the city defense army to cover the dispersing civilians and protect the pigs along the way.

He is like a real general, commanding Ruoding, trying to keep all the mad believers who rushed in.

The Empire and the Church of the Goddess of War have gone to war, and every fanatic in the city will become a time bomb, and if they are hidden, it may cause more damage.

Especially not only the orcs but also the imperial people became the lambs of the gods, brazenly and fearlessly attacking their compatriots.

Both sides fought for the "beliefs" they held.

It's just that some people's beliefs are to protect the country behind them, and some people's beliefs are to exchange for promises such as money and rights to the next life.

One after another, the goddess of war believers are exposed.

This time, they did not disguise themselves as the gods of nature, and their combat power has reached a new level, which is quite brave.

But this is the home of the Empire, after all.

The city defense army is not the main battle force, but it is well prepared, equipped with an excess of magicians in an army formation activating the halo-type props of the group.

At the cost of several injuries, the city defense army has killed fifteen followers of the Goddess of War.

On the roof, the middle-aged man in Huafu snorted coldly: "Their defense lines are also completely opened, and the defense of the army is getting weaker and weaker."

The handsome young man nodded: "Indeed, they thought we were going to kill pigs, but they never thought we were going to kill the wicked people who forced pigs to do these things."

"Yes, pigs are so cute, how could they do such blasphemous things to the goddess?"

"It's all Dio's fault!"

"Cheese on two buns, killing Dio in seconds!"

"We unite!"

Right at this moment, the carriage that Roger was in passed by the place where the two were lying in ambush.

The middle-aged Huafu began to sing incantations, and the magic circles that had been arranged all around were activated.

The huge magic power of the magister level was poured out like no money, and hundreds of demons began to move towards the middle of Roger's team!

And the delicate boy's already muscular body, with one divine art after another brushed on his body, was pulled up out of thin air and made a bit burly.

The outside cracked, leaving only a body-fitting little bear, revealing a muscular body full of pimples.

A real priest is a macho man who can wear heavy armor and wield flails!

Only the pastor of Kimchi is the long-legged lady in revealing clothes!

However, his face was still so delicate, with a body nearly 2.5 meters tall, he rushed out, a bit like the governor hitting a ping-pong ball.

With the added cuteness, Roger sighed and gave in

Sure enough, faith makes people gradually move towards abnormal ideas.

Bronze body, white and tender face, this is outrageous!

But the undeniable legendary strength of the handsome young man still surprised him.

Great! Be strong! My life is finally over!

"Send a signal for help, say that there are legendary powerhouses and demons here, everyone pay attention and dodge, I'll play with him!"

Roger ordered the last of his guards to retreat.

He could be reborn into Nirvana, but his subordinates can't, and he can't harm people's lives in vain.

"My lord... We must bring reinforcements back immediately!"

The guards were moved to tears.

Where can I find such a good leader!

Strong ability, gentle and considerate personality, and willing to break up for his subordinates!

All we can do to repay him is to inherit his will and live as long as possible!

The guards quickly made a formation and rushed up to meet the demon, preparing to break out from there!

Looking at their backs without looking back, Roger felt a little strange in his heart.

Although he said that he made them retreat, everyone walked so resolutely, it still made him feel that he was not important...

Damn, why are you thinking so much!

There is a legendary powerhouse charging head-on, this time even if Little Joey explodes, he can't be saved!

"The dog officer of the empire, take your life!"

The handsome boy's ping pong head had a distorted expression, and an angry fist slammed down at Roger!

Roger straightened his chest, ready to stage a character that was not afraid of death, and completed the cabinet madman.


Like clockwork, the tremors continued for a long time.

Roger said in his heart, worthy of being a legendary powerhouse.

It was the brain's Inspiration, and even the eardrums were shaking...

Wait, it seems that all I have is this eardrum that hurts?

"By Mrs. Mosconi's order, anyone who wants to hurt Lord Brando tonight must step over my body first!"

A man who looked like a black tower carried a huge tower shield, inserted it into the ground, and stopped Roger in front of him.

Then wrap and cast a defensive spell against the shield.


Roger recognized that this was a very difficult little boss in front of Fengling Moon Shadow Palace in the game.

Originally just an ordinary guard, he was handed a few defensive spells by the Queen of Eternal Night, and after studying them, he became addicted and discovered his true talent...

Turn your shield into an iron king!

The magister's peak strength, he can only use various defensive spells.

Give him five seconds of casting time, and he can create a defense that ordinary legends can't pass.

Although the attack method is only flat A, this kind of iron king who cannot be killed is really difficult to deal with, and it takes a lot of time to fight.

This guard at the Palace, obeying the order of the Queen's Guard... Is it reasonable?

But what about my Nirvana plan?

I've been looking forward to it, the legendary powerhouse is here, but he can't break Adon's defense!

Mrs. Mosconi, thank you!

[Fortunately, there is also a demon army, Adon's defense is flawed, that is, it can only defend in one direction! 】

Roger turned around and saw the demon army approaching the carriage. He felt a little bit of relief in the cold wind.

Although it may be painful to be torn apart by these things, it is at least a way of nirvana...

"I am Ariel, the nine-blade dancer, on the orders of Lady Angelina, my blade is your will!"

A slender woman sprang out of the shadows, with nine blades flying around her, and as her figure flickered, she quickly harvested the devil's life with the utmost silkiness.

Roger was taken aback and asked instinctively, "Why are you here?"

This is the empire's strongest battle mage, a legendary powerhouse, and one of Angelina's bodyguards.

Why did you suddenly come out just to protect me?

Ariel replied: "Lord Angelina said that Lord Dio Brando is dedicated to serving the country, and he will only complete the mission while forgetting to care about his safety... Seeing it myself today, as expected, this subordinates admires it."

Roger almost vomited blood, you admire what?

This is a deliberate arrangement, it isn't forgetting about your safety...

But the requirement of Nirvana blessing is an accidental death, and there can be no suspicion of cheating.

He definitely couldn't tell Ariel to step aside, I'm rushing to death!

At this moment, Roger's eyes suddenly lit up.

Because these demon legions were quite cooperative, they entangled Ariel, and a few fish that slipped through the net rushed towards him.

There is drama, devil, please tear me apart!

"Ariel, I'll cooperate with you to exorcise the demons!"

Roger shouted boldly and took the initiative to charge the demon.

He wants to shorten the time, in case any other variables lead to his death and failure.

"Ariel, you are big and brainless. You can make mistakes in such a simple matter as protecting people. Don't you know that these familiars are commanded?"

Several streaks of cold light shot from a distance, directly pinning the demons that broke through Ariel's defense to the ground.

There was a glint of light which then tore through the air and pierced the Man in Chinese clothes.

A woman carrying a longbow the same height as herself, her eyes full of gray, and her body constantly exuding cold air walked up to Roger and gave a light salute:

"Simon Haya was ordered by Lord Margaret to be dispatched tonight."

Roger sat down on the ground.

Sge is also a famous and powerful figure in the empire.

The Gray God of Death, The Arrow of the Blind Man, and the sniper in the magical world is also legendary strength.

He just couldn't understand it. Shouldn't Margaret hate him to death because he started to group the Queen?

How can you send such a strong person to protect me?

However, to clean up the remnants of the mad believers, there are two legendary powerhouses around me and a peak magister...

Which believer can still kill me?

What a great plan.

With these three bodyguards around, they attacked, defended, and responded. It was clear that tonight I am Invincible in the City of Mysteries!

City Defense Army Headquarters.

Naturally, when the enforcement of the fishing law ended, Roger did not need to take the pigs to the streets.

In the end, a total of seventeen followers of the Goddess of War were killed, five people were seriously injured and more than 20 people were slightly injured on the side of the Empire.

These are injuries that can be quickly healed with magic.

Only Roger's trauma can't be healed in a short time.

In addition, three pigs were killed by the fanatic AOE during the war. The citizens were outraged and strongly condemned the followers of the Goddess of War for not preaching martial arts.

Although those followers of the Goddess of War would not surrender until they died, the magicians of the city defense army also obtained a lot of useful information by extracting their memories.

First of all, there are not many followers of the Goddess of War lurking in the city, but the most powerful priest of war, Joestar, is still at large and has not participated in their actions.

Secondly, I got Joestar's frontal appearance, but I can't confirm whether there is a disguise.

In the end, it was learned that Joestar entered the mysterious capital from the North City Camp, and it seemed that he was looking for a "wise man" who would help the Queen of Eternal Night to plan an operation pretending to be the Restoration Army.

Hearing the information reported by the adjutant, Roger fell into thought.

Isn't he himself the wise man who planned the operation to pretend to be the Restoration Army for the Queen?

If a chief priest Joestar could target the queen, not to mention kill in the mysterious capital, he would have already turned the auxiliary orc king's tent into a great orc empire, instead of the current scattered tribe form.

So, what Joestar came to the city to look for was not the Queen of Eternal Night.

It is a target within the scope of his ability to fight.

Roger thought about the various characteristics of magic and divine arts, as well as the monitors he had read. Many times there were only pictures and no sound...

If someone used prophecy to go back to the time when the Queen of Eternal Night chatted with him, wouldn't they put the pot on my innocent tree hole?

I didn't say anything about it!

It's just a lot of shit talk. This imitation of the Nationalist Army has nothing to do with me!

But that's quite possible.

Although the Queen of Eternal Night is not a god, she must have the means to prevent prophecy and blur the trajectory of her destiny.

Otherwise, with the level of hatred she pulls, there is no way that meteorites will be aimed and smashed down wherever she goes?

As for Roger Charles, the useless young master, Joestar should indeed be full of self-confidence, and he has already started planning to hunt me down...

Roger stood up abruptly.

He remembered an incident reported by the servants in the house. Yesterday, his teleportation array was broken.

So he came home from the camp in the north of the city in a carriage.

And the magic circle he built with 5,000 gold coins has a lot of material. It stands to reason that there should be no problems in such a short period.

In other words, is Joestar taking action against me?

"Sir, is there any problem?" the adjutant asked, concerned.

Although the city defense army has not caught JoeStar yet, they have successfully confirmed the real murderer behind the Bloody Night of Odu who had killed a large number of followers of the Goddess of War. It is a great achievement.

But why is it that Lord Dio, is not only not happy, but his face is getting more and more pale?

Roger took a deep breath and told himself to calm down.

Isn't that a good thing when someone is targeting you?

Early death and early birth!

It was only because of his instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages that he suddenly became nervous.

Calm down and think, although Joestar is smart and ruthless, he is not exhausted.

At least, he doesn't know the relationship between Roger and Dio.

The destruction of the teleportation formation was aimed at Roger's arrangement of reading books in the great library.

And this Joestar did not dare to enter the big library, nor did he dare to kill directly in the Charles House, so his frontal combat power was limited.

So he could only destroy the teleportation formation, and play with himself on the road.

It just so happens that he has been active as Dio, so Joestar should have been waiting all night last night.

"Retrieve the search records of the streets near the Great Library last night, and the search records of the route from the Great Library to Charles House, and call all the soldiers involved in the search in that area!"

Roger felt like he had the key message.

Soon, everyone discovered a contradictory message.

The owner of a small restaurant was found to have died suddenly at home at night.

And the city defense force, who was investigating in that area, said that the store was open until the early hours of the morning.

Another magician used a prophecy spell to verify: "The spell shows that the shopkeeper's main business is breakfast and lunch, and he won't be open at night, so the person seen by the city defense army is..."

"Joestar, Priest of War! He can disguise himself! He can also steal someone else's identity! I'm afraid the sudden death of the shopkeeper is also related to him!"

Roger exhaled deeply.

An enemy who can change his appearance and personality would be very, very troublesome.

But at least, he has caught Joestar's tail and confirmed that he is still in the city.

The sorcerer uses divination spells to identify witnesses at that time and then searches their memories.

Quickly pieced together Joestar's trajectory.

After he appeared near the Second National Welfare Institute, he was like a stone sinking into the sea, and he couldn't be traced!

"It seems that at this moment, he is hiding in the Second National Welfare Institute!"

"My subordinates will bring someone to search!" All the subordinates exclaimed excitedly.

Lord Dio is simply divine!

According to the unrelated information provided by the believers, in such a short period, reasoning + magic directly found the hiding place of the elusive Joestar!

Who would have thought that Joestar would dare to hide in an orphanage in a downtown area? Who doesn't search for fanatics in remote and frantic places?

"Wait, there are many innocent people there, they are still fragile children, don't act rashly! I have to think about it again..."

Roger felt that he was missing something.

This guy made a move, and would not choose a target casually.

So he asked for all the information about the Second National Welfare Institute...

Immediately followed closely: Angelina, the right minister of the Empire, inspected the Second National Welfare Institute.

He was instantly horrified.

It seems that Joestar deliberately waited at the Second National Welfare Institute, first controlled Angelina, and then targeted Roger, and wiped out the Charles family?

This man is really scary, I have to kill him quickly!