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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 50

2022-05-03 03:51:01Publish Time: 6,087 views
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Chapter 50 Magic is banned, please make a reasoning

Mainly, the locations of the three deaths all affected the mansion of the conservative nobles, resulting in a lot of deaths there.

After the three self-destruction attacks on the auction house, the Colosseum, and the North City Camp, there were a series of intensive small-scale "attacks" that followed, and the dead nobles could all be classified as conservatives.

This too is also targeted. On the surface, it seems that the believers are making trouble, killing the powerful figures of the empire.

But if you think about it these attackers chose their target carefully, the behavior of the believers can be given a pennant with the words "killing harm for the people".

There are coincidences in the world, but if there are dozens of coincidences, it must be done willfully.

On the bright side, the mysterious power can quickly arrange a second wave of intensive attacks after the church's sudden attack in such a short period. People with this energy are no more than...


That is the Queen of Eternal Night.

Roger sighed softly, holding the letter on his leg, thinking in his mind, "Hey, hello..."

"If you have something to say, say it, my magic doesn't need a test signal!"

The impatient voice of the Queen of Evernight was directly thought of in his mind.

So fast? so sensitive? so clear?

Roger was a little embarrassed.

This one left by the queen is...cough, the magic beacon can show his location and teleport directly across the plane.

It is naturally not difficult to use it as a walkie-talkie within ten kilometers.

In Roger's subjective perception, it was the first time he used this kind of instant communication method sent by brain waves to chat.

Subconsciously, it was like making a phone call. After feeding it a few times, the queen disliked it.

But it was also the Queen who asked him to report the progress at any time, so he didn't talk too much, just thought in his mind:

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty, does the death of the last three chiefs have something to do with you?"

The Queen of Eternal Night replied: "Yes, I killed them. The matter of civilians entering officialdom has not come to fruition. I took this opportunity to let people get rid of a few hardcore who were begging for death."

"You... did a good job."

Roger felt chills in his vest, but that was the only way he could respond.

How many?

You have to add two zeros after it!

The queen is ruthless!

Roger loosened the letter, raised his head, and said to his subordinates in half the room, "These cases don't need to be investigated. Put them away, and try to summarize the remaining information."

The city defense troops were all very puzzled. Lord Brando just patted his thigh and went out of his mind for a while, so did he come to any conclusion?

Naturally, Roger did not dare to tell them that Her Majesty the Queen declared that she was solely responsible for these cases.

Fortunately, he is a cabinet minister, with a lot of privileges personally bestowed by the Queen of Eternal Night, and even airborne has a very high authority.

Of course, it can also be said that it is entirely responsible.

The subordinates did not talk nonsense and immediately followed his orders.

Roger didn't even have time to think about why the Queen, who had been chasing the parliament, suddenly accelerated her use of violence.

But since these attacks have nothing to do with the real murderer behind the Odu Bloody Night, the target he wants to lock on to is much narrower.

Continuing to read through the files, testimonies, and many other materials, he tried to capture the intricate relationships behind them.

When he encounters something he doesn't understand, I don't have a search engine, but there are a lot of subordinates who can help me find information, which is very convenient.

He quickly found a lot of hidden information.

As a transmigrator, he once again took advantage of his way of thinking.

Although he is not a famous detective, he has read a lot about dead elementary school students and detectives on blogs. He has also played script killing with his friends. The modern criminal investigation and case handling ideas always have a general idea.

And people in this world don't value these things.

Just like seeing a doctor, the search and solving of cases in this world are simple and crude and more than 90% of the problems can be solved directly with magic.

The remaining 10% is due to the lack of magic level, so it's better to apply for the support of a magician with a higher level.

The city defense army is responsible for the security of the mysterious capital. Although the combat level is the third line of the empire, it supports many magicians, which is comparable to the front-line troops of other countries.

Therefore, the detection rate is quite high on weekdays, and the speed is also very fast.

There are 10,000 interpretations for predicting the future, but for what has happened, the boss of the prophecy school is the power trainer.

Unless there is a Babel on the opposite side.

Unfortunately, behind the bloody night of capital this time, the gods directly blocked the prophecy spell, which is the top one in the Tongtian generation.

Not to mention the magicians in the city defense army, the Queen of Eternal Night had no choice but to scour the whole city using stupid methods.

In this way, the magic effect was removed, and everyone returned to the level where the chickens pecking at each other. Roger, who used to play natural reasoning, naturally had an advantage.

You can't directly predict the identities of those self-exploding believers, then go back in time to the places and scenes they passed by.

Then, by comparing the timeline, you can get a lot of hidden information.

The cover of the gods is not omnipotent. In this era, no one will spend time and magic power to read this useless information.

Unexpected, naturally unable to prevent.

Shielding prophecy spells may sound  high-level, but in fact, it is only installing a firewall to protect important information.

And Roger is a new type of virus that has never existed in this world. The gods don't know his way of thinking and behavior, so naturally, they can't prevent him.

Through "adjustment monitoring", Roger has mastered a lot of information he needs.

It's just that the monitoring on Earth costs electricity, and the monitoring costs magic power in the Eternal Night World.

But now Roger can command enough magicians.

Not to mention the city defense army, as long as he needs it, the Secret Law Society is also on stand-by at any time.

So through this timeless and extravagant method, combined with the clues and testimonies that the city defense army had mustered, a lot of seemingly unrelated information is woven into a network.

The source of these nets points to the North City Camp.

The densest poisonous threads all radiate out from there.

"There are also smart people within the church. This wave of Her Majesty was taken care of by the generals. No wonder the Mysterious Capital that has been protected by layers had been infiltrated by others..."

Roger squinted his eyes and pushed out an arterial artery in reverse.

He pretended to be an officer of the Restoration Army to defraud the church to obtain supplies and had contact with the people of the church

Someone in the church saw that the leader of the Restoration Army was an undercover agent of the empire, and quietly controlled some of them.

When these officers returned to the capital to report their duties, the church members followed them into the city...

It was much easier to pass the inspection by taking the special passage of the military, and the officers should be the inner responders, so the high-level cultists successfully snuck into the mysterious capital.

After that, things were much easier.

Activate the believers who have been hidden in the Mysterious City, and call them to risk everything for God, and there is the bloody night of capital.

The city defense army has information on several officers who have obtained the source of the initial self-destruction. After identification, they are not considered high-level believers.

These are lambs. Lambs have no brains. There must be a shepherd.

"I'm off to the hospital to ask these officers for more information."

Roger ordered someone to arrange a teleportation formation and went directly to a nursing home with his staff.

Of course, he didn't forget to synchronize the latest news with the Queen of Eternal Night.

When the queen heard that her perfect plan had become a loophole for others to exploit, she sighed softly after being stunned.

Don't underestimate any opponent, the church has existed for so many years, if you relax a little bit, they will seize the flaws and tear the wounds.

The Queen asked, "Is that Shepherd still in the Mysterious Capital?"

Roger replied: "The conditions are insufficient to judge, but we only need to determine which god the real murderer behind the scenes believes in."

The Queen asked: "Then you can quickly confirm, what are you going to do in a sanatorium?"

Roger replied: "Of course, we want to ask for further investigation, what else?"

The queen was suddenly suffocated by this "what else".

if not……

Otherwise, I thought you were in a hurry during work hours and went to a secret meeting with your little colonel lover!

She was inexplicably irritated.

As for the personal relationships of courtiers, she has no reason to intervene or inquire too much.

The queen was suddenly unhappy.

Leaving the sentence "Busy. Report back when there is progress" to end this conversation.

It's just that she couldn't figure it out, why am I unhappy?

At the nursing home.

Roger didn't think too much about whether the word "busy" from the Queen was a sign of anger.

Looking at it, the king of a country is only a problem when he is not busy, right?

It's impossible to be like a domineering president and an evil and charming prince, who is idle and pestering people every day to fall in love, right?

The queen is very hard-core, so she won't be the kind of love brain.

He and his subordinates split up and asked the surviving officers for information.

Walking through the ward, he suddenly stopped outside award.

The name tag reads "Little Joey Barton". According to the information, she has no intersection with the target of this investigation and is not within the scope of evidence collection.

But when some of the memory fragments of last night appeared before him, Roger sighed softly.

He knocked on the door of the ward.