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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 47 part1

2022-04-29 12:14:12Publish Time: 6,354 views
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Chapter 47 You will eventually find your heroic path(1)

The Queen of Eternal Night's question can be said to have directly caused a series of critical blows to Roger's mind.

This is the core question that he has been confused about tonight.

The queen couldn't read his heart again, because his thinking was in chaos.

But the Eternal Night Queen was not angry.

She thought that Roger's reaction was a good sign.

This means that even though Roger knew the most desperate fate, he did not give up on the empire completely.

He was still hesitating and hadn't made a final choice, so he was confused.

The Charles family has a good son!

If in this situation, no one like him declares allegiance to the Empire...

The queen also suspects that he is a traitor, playing as a good official through self-hypnosis.

Because the ignorant are fearless.

After recognizing all the darkness in the world, it is true courage to still love this world, knowing that it cannot be done.

She doesn't demand what Roger must-do for the empire.

The ending is undecided, and it is still possible to fight a wave of miracles.

But if the ending has already been written, and knowing that there is no miracle, it would be very difficult to die calmly.

The Queen of Eternal Night looked at Roger quietly, waiting patiently for him to give her an answer.


Now that she knows the ending of the empire, she is not the only one who is tangled and uncomfortable, so she has a lot of balance.

This bastard has been suffering for longer than me, uh hey hey!

And Roger was indeed as uncomfortable and tangled as the Queen of Eternal Night had analyzed.

Though he already had a thought in mind, the recent happenings changed it.

He is familiar with the plot of the game, and there is always a road in front of him that can easily win the favor of the gods, waiting for him to step on it.

Especially the Queen of Eternal Night will one day meet her end, and the Green Vines Empire will fall.

Based on the biological instinct of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages, this is an excellent choice that is not a loss no matter how you look at it.

Beauty, artifact, strength, and fame, there are also many on that road.

I don't want to work hard, so I just ask Tianming's tutor to lie down.

It is the great beauty of the Queen of Eternal Night that conquered the hearts of countless players.

But in the empire, seeing the changes made in this country led by the Queen of Eternal Night, and seeing the brilliance created by the unity and struggle of the empire, Roger's position has unknowingly shifted.

Especially after the believers blew themselves up tonight, he went upstream and walked towards the center of the camp, thinking about stopping those believers who were ordered to make up for the sword, his heart was unprecedentedly happy.

So far, I have no regrets.

Even if it would cause him to be exposed before the gods, it would increase the risk of uncertainty in the future "reclusion".

But he felt that at that moment he was truly alive.

He remembered what little Joey said to him, the glory of a soldier is to die on the battlefield, not in bed.

When he lay flat on the bed again, he was also a young man.

I want to live, but it's hard to warm blood.

For a moment, he wanted to do something for the world, even if it was a fool who charged at the windmill with a spear.

There is a more simple yet brilliant way.

That's great, great, but I'm resisting.

With a lay-flat system, a future traveler with a promising future, but he was tied to a chariot of inevitable destruction, this must be stupid, right?

After all the calculations, he didn't have a final decision.

Facing the deep eyes of the Eternal Night Queen, Roger suddenly didn't want to lie and deceive her anymore.

The slogan of loyalty can be shouted, and there is no difficulty or psychological burden for him to lie.

But this time, he chose to obey his true thoughts and said seriously

"Your Majesty, I don't know what to do at that time, but I do hope that the empire will never have a day when mountains and rivers lay destroyed."

The Queen of Eternal Night looked at him, a little smile gradually emerged from the bottom of her eyes, and finally blossomed into a very bright smile on the corner of her lips.

This waste young master in front of her has been lazy, fearful, confused, hesitant, desperate...

But he was not completely overwhelmed by the fate and gods that stood in his way.

The Queen of Eternal Night said with deep meaning: "Roger, you are very good. I believe that you will eventually find your heroic path."


Roger felt as if something had pricked his heart.

This is a comment he never thought would fall on him.

He smiled bitterly and said sincerely: "Your Majesty, you think highly of me. I never want to be a hero, I'm just a very ordinary little person, if I can, I just want to live under my sister's wings and be an ordinary person. The playboy who is drunk and dreams of death, lives a hundred years, even if he wastes his time, he doesn't want to use his brain."

"Really? Maybe I know you better than you do!"

The Queen of Eternal Night suddenly raised her hand and poked Roger's chin, "Little people don't have much, they don't expect too much, and they don't ask too much from the world. But if some beings are greedy beyond imagination, seeing them even the little people cherish what little they have in the end. If I keep trying to take something away and step on the last line which he draws while retreating and retreating... Tell me, how will this little guy react?"

"The little average person will finally be angry, and even blood will be splattered ?"

"Correct answer!"

The Queen of Eternal Night snapped her fingers and stared at Roger with gleaming eyes, "Little people have always been good at patience, but if they can't bear it, their reaction will only be more intense and firm than those of the superheroes and heroes on the surface."

Roger shook his head: "Your Majesty, don't have too high expectations for me. I'm afraid the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment."

"Can you teach me to do things?" The Queen of Eternal Night snorted, "Although I am not far older than you, I have seen too many things. Do you want to bet, that you will be the one making fool out of your words just now? I choose to believe, you will become a hero that everyone under this starry sky will tell the story of."

What she said was a bit domineering and unreasonable.

It could be heard in Roger's ears, an inexplicable hint of coquettishness.

Inexplicably, she is like an innocent little girl, pestering you to promise her the beautiful doll she wants.

Heroes, a starry sky, and the future may have been romances that only young people can imagine.

When a person reaches a certain age, he will be very tired just to survive, and it will become a reality. With hunched waists, he can only see the soil under his feet, and he can no longer see the distant light of the starry sky.

The Queen's unreasonable belief made him feel warm, but also very uneasy.

For a young man, the encouragement of girls would be enough for him to make various impulsive choices.

What's more, the king of a country, the most beautiful, powerful, and proud Queen of Eternal Night in the world, gave him such recognition.

Roger has always felt that he is just an ordinary person or a refined egoist.

He is greedy for life and fears death, dislikes the poor and loves the rich, is timid and fearful of things, is lazy and lustful, and has all the faults that small people have and great people do not have.

Relying on the foresight of a traveler, and on an unstable golden finger, some things were done but they were all trivial matters.

You can't pick up your shoulders, you can't lift your hands, you can't cast a single magic spell, you can't play a complete set of swordsmanship...

How could such a being be associated with the word hero?

So looking at such a determined Queen of Eternal Night, he had the upper hand again and chose to hold on:

"I am not the one gambling, because everything now belongs to Your Majesty, and I have nothing for me to lose. It won't be fair to Your Majesty."

"Hmph, cunning!" The Queen of Eternal Night gave him a vicious look.

I'm just cowardly, but I have to play this kind of cleverness.

So in her heart, she announced that she had won unilaterally today.

So the Queen of Eternal Night smiled again. She turned around and looked at the Mysterious City that was doomed to be sleepless. There was a faint cry that never ceased.

Her voice suddenly seemed to be coming from far away: "Roger, do you know why I trust you so much?"

"I don't."

"Because I was just like you, I just wanted to be a little trash!"

An involuntary smile appeared on the corner of the Queen's mouth, "Green vines little princess is possession of no ideals. Fighting eagles and dogs, riding horses for hunting, and practicing magic is only to bargain with the father and king during the marriage, greedy and playful, I also liked to sleep until late, and imagined with my sister what kind of Prince Charming we will meet one day..."