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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 32

2022-04-14 03:30:10Publish Time: 6,942 views
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Chapter 32: I Want to Protect Him

Because of Roger, the cabinet meeting was able to move down more smoothly.

The Queen of Eternal Night accepts the game theory and understands that it is impossible to have a perfect solution to governing a country, so she is just casual.

And the cabinet ministers were stimulated by Dio's remarks, and their attitude also quietly changed.

Naturally, they didn't want to see the Queen of Eternal Night be so fond of a lunatic.

Isn't it obvious why the Queen tolerates this kind of person?

Because her cabinet ability is limited, she must rely on Dio!

This time achieved the catfish effect.

Everyone here is the old cabinet, and no one wants to let this Dio take the limelight.

It is easy to share weal and woe, but  it is difficult to share the wealth.

When the Green Vines empire was in danger, everyone worked together to perform their respective duties.

Now that the empire is strong, there is trouble, but it is all trouble. The ministers can't help but shirk each other and defend their interests.

Compared to the past, everyone's mind is not as pure.

The treatment plan that came out is too wasteful, thus the effectiveness would naturally decline.

Now Dio is crazy about hatred, and the twelve cabinet ministers have people fight against each other. They can't care about intrigue and quarrels with each other. There is much less prevarication and quarrel.

They take another provocative look at Dio, don't try to steal the Queen's favour from us, you kid!

The Queen of Eternal Night hoped to use the "catfish effect" achieved by Roger, and finally achieved it.

And it was much better than she thought.

So the Queen recognized Roger's contribution more and more.

It was he who sacrificed himself in exchange for the harmonious scene that she had not seen for a long time.

Time seems to have returned to the state where the Green Vines Empire was first established, where everyone worked together and was full of vigor.

She couldn't help but sigh, her mind getting more complicated.

After half an hour, things that might have been tossing about for a few days without results, were all settled before lunch.

The ministers all left in turn, except for Roger.

The Minister of History will also accompany her to the palace.

When Angelina passed by Roger, she asked in a low voice, "Did you make any deal with Her Majesty?"

Roger's face immediately became serious: "Minister Charles, how can you be innocent?"

"I see, you don't have to do this."

Angelina had sensed the truth from Roger's forced gesture.

He's as stupid as her stupid brother. Lying has to be careless to be effective. If you swear, there is a problem at first sight.

No wonder the two have something in common.

Roger was a little depressed.

My sister is like this, and so is Margaret.

Why are you being seen through without saying anything?

Am I a colander?

Seeing his confused and aggrieved appearance, Angelina thought for a while and sighed:

"However, it is not appropriate to let more people know about this matter for the time being. You now have a special catalytic effect on the cabinet, so you can only be wronged."

"Ms. Charles is joking, how can I feel wronged? It's my greatest joy to smack people and fight against the government. What's the point of you being wasted?"

"Okay okay, since you are so bold, call me Angelina directly in the future, and I will also call you Dio."

Angelina gave Roger a deep look and then left the council hall.

This glance made Roger float a little.

Sister, she actually... admires me?

Did I make a mistake? I came here to loaf around, why do you admire me?

Admire me for daring to spray the queen, do you dare?

This is also called a thing?

Roger, a modern man, really didn't know. In this era of deep-rooted feudalism, it's annoying for a person to dare to spray the empress.

Especially Angelina thinks that he is not crazy, but to restore the image of the queen and reunite the cabinet.

For this reason, he did not hesitate to make himself a target for their scorn.

This noble sacrifice is the loyalty Angelina most appreciates.

Because she is extremely stupid and loyal and will be called stupid behind her back.

When she found out that Dio was the same, Angelina felt a sense of camaraderie.

But obviously, this is not a good time to have a deep chat.

Soon, only Roger and the Queen of Eternal Night were left in the political hall.

Previously the Queen of Eternal Night would have directly ordered Roger to work.

But at this moment, she looked at Roger with a complicated expression.

She seemed to be struggling to decide if she should speak.

This situation confused Roger.

[What's going on today? Angelina is not right, and the queen is not right. Every one of them looks at my expression and hesitates to say anything...]

[It can't be that my body has some terminal illness, I don't know? No, this side character will not die from a foreign enemy, but from some congenital disease, right?]

But the Queen didn't speak, and he didn't dare to be pretentious. He lowered his eyebrows and pretended to be obedient.

The queen was amused by Roger's wild thoughts.

Are there any terminal illnesses that cannot be cured with a single spell?

If there is, then two spells.

But she also keenly captured a new key message.

Roger has been hiding behind his clumsiness, not exposing his talent and intelligence, is it because he once predicted his death?

Or, did someone prophecise his death?

The Queen of Eternal Night naturally does not understand the concept of time travel, she thinks of prophecy-like spells.

This is a kind of unstable, unreliable, and super difficult spell.

The difficulty is not in casting but deciphering the feedback of the spells.

The River of Destiny has countless tributaries. Some fish jumped up a few steps and looked forward, but they didn't necessarily know where the river was flowing.

In other words, most prophecies are useless.

Any magician who is good at prophetic spells is more or less mentally abnormal.

If the prophecy school was powerful enough, the queen would directly rule the country with a crystal ball.

However, sometimes some people's vague perception of the future can be particularly accurate.

Roger's performance just now, in the eyes of the Queen of Eternal Night, maybe like this:

Roger knew that he was going to die at a fairly close time.

But he didn't even know how or when he died.

Therefore, he is quite cautious and refuses to reveal his genius, only secretly accumulating strength.

This death may or may not be related to the gods.

But it should be fairly unavoidable.

After all, she had rewarded him with the Deep Sea Heart Talisman.

He doesn't have many artifacts of that level, so he can avoid many fatal risks.

But Roger is still insecure.

But with the identity of Dio, he is much bolder, and can even be said to be unscrupulous.

This is a new and interesting situation that the Queen had never met before.

If you are so sure that you are at risk of death, but don't know the specific method, you will suspect that you have a terminal illness...

The Queen of Eternal Night immediately cast a prophetic spell.

Let me see your fate, Roger!

Then she saw a vast white fog.

There is no past, no future, and it seems that it does not exist in any river.


She casts a more powerful divination spell.

It's still blank!

The Queen of Eternal Night had no idea.

She had limited information on the School of Prophecy, and can only transfer this matter to the Secret Law Society later.

But she was certain of one thing.

Roger's performance today has won the Queen's award and aroused her curiosity about Roger's strange fate, so...

I want to protect him!

Even his death requires my permission first!

At least, you have to go to the scene to see what's going on.

The queen didn't finish her words, after all, this situation is quite strange.

"Master Dio."

"The minister is here."

"Come forward."


"Come closer."


Roger took another step and stepped on the last step, only two steps away from the Throne of Stars.

At this distance, he and the Eternal Night Queen were only an arm's length away.

It seemed that when he reached out his hand, he could touch her flawless face.

Apart from her magical power, she seemed to be just a tall, slender and pretty girl.

Her eyes were shining, and the curves of her eyebrows were rarely softened as if she was thinking something.

It doesn't seem to be so unattainable.

At this moment, her terrifying magic power suddenly moved and condensed between her fingers.

It was the first time since he had crossed over that he saw the Queen of Eternal Night spend time preparing a spell instead of instantly casting.

The terrifying magic energy that made the hair stand on end gathered at her fingertips, slightly overflowing with flickering electric light.

The magic power above the legend, even if it was mobilized in an orderly manner, made Roger's whole body tense, and he didn't dare to move too much.

This was simply the difference between life forms.

There was no wind, but the hem of Roger's robe was raised, and his trousers were torn open, revealing his left leg.

The Queen's fingertips tapped slightly below the base of his thigh, and the magic energy poured into Roger's body, on his leg...

Leaving a golden symbol.

"A Chinese square word."

Roger: ? ? ?