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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 192

2023-08-30 12:44:32Publish Time: 403 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 192: The Fourth Prince Who Cannot Kneel Down

The second defense line of the maritime nation.

Above the narrow sea trench, the primitive jungle-like coral of the base has sealed it off, leaving only two gaps at the front and back for whale pods to pass through.

Numerous planktonic predators are busy back and forth in the coral group, and new biological fish constantly hatch from the hatching sacs and fall into the water, lurking into designated gaps according to their species and entering a state of cold hibernation.

These fast-growing species have a very limited lifespan, so hibernation is necessary to stock up on numbers, otherwise if the battle is delayed, the self-destructing fish produced in the early stages will all die out.

About one-tenth of the base coral, at this time, instead of producing self-destructing fish, produces dark red coral polyps that resemble lava in appearance.

This is a species of coral polyps that have naturally adapted to the environment here after entering the marine environment.

Planktonic predators transport these coral polyps and search for suitable areas with submarine volcanic veins to establish "sub-base" for reproduction.

Of course, such behavior is only carried out with permission.

After all, base coral is just coral without much intelligence. Lydia has designed relevant expansion programs for them, which need to be activated by the controller at the appropriate time.

Now the production capacity of this base coral group has reached the critical point that can be accommodated by nearby organic matter supply.

If the speed of organic matter consumption continues to increase, it will inevitably cause a drastic disruption of the ecological balance, causing the simultaneous disappearance of marine plants and animals, gradually turning into a dead zone.

That is the effect after the Zerg invasion: the earth becomes barren, covered with their thriving fungal mats, towering hatcheries, and everywhere are hideous insects, with no living space for any other species.

The empire also regards the ocean as its own territory, and the situation is not urgent enough to allow destructive mining of base coral, so Roger will not allow the base coral to enter the destructive mining mode.

He was only testing the weapon and transmitting the latest combat and production data back to Lydia for remote debugging and modification by the life orbit.

Expand new bases in further areas with new varieties, then increase production capacity, stockpile troops, and deploy more targeted biochemical fish groups, trying the sustainable development approach for now.

If the Naga Empire doesn't reinforce its troops, the victory of the Maritime Nation is only a matter of time.

Inside the camp in the canyon, the soldiers of the Maritime Nation who had experienced the first major battle were repairing and resting, although most of them were sleepless due to the excitement of victory.

The Maritime Nation has been suppressed by the Naga for too long, especially this time when Krunweil advanced all the way with high spirits, which can be said to have confused the mermaids.

As a result, in their first battle following the prince, they directly destroyed the enemy's central military tent, and the Naga Marshal committed suicide by taking poison, seizing countless supplies. What a glorious victory this was!

According to the commander's account, due to their victory, the besieged Black Shark Fortress was automatically relieved.

Rounded up, isn't that their prince saved the fourth prince's life?

So who is the war god of the Maritime Nation after all?

The actual situation was only that the fortress troops that went out of the city were besieged, and the commanders were just describing the situation.

However, as the story was passed from person to person through word of mouth, the errors in the details accumulated, and by the time it reached the ears of these lower-level officers and soldiers, the story had been exaggerated into a Maritime Nation version of the Siege of Wei to Rescue Zhao.

It was their successful surprise attack on the central army that allowed them to defend the Black Shark Fortress.

However, military leaders loyal to Shaker are not willing to explain to Dahl.

This version can increase the soldiers' sense of honor, help them understand the significance of their victory, and make them fight more bravely in the next battle.

Young soldiers are not only defending their homes and country for their military pay, but their passionate sense of mission is the true source of their morale.

By continuing to fight, a strong army can perhaps be forged in this way.

Of course, there were losses in the battle, but the country has a large population. The news of victory and the request to expand the army by supplementing troops have been sent back to the capital, and the results will come quickly.

At this moment, in Shaker's whale car, the meeting room.

The staff of the Sea Country and the imperial military advisors are constantly arranging the current situation and future campaigns based on the latest intelligence.

There is a cheater on their side who has access to the whole map, but this intelligence advantage is not absolute.

The frontal combat capabilities of the Nagas are still stronger than those of the Sea Country, and appropriate strategies require continuous collision and summary in order to fully exploit strengths and avoid weaknesses and prevent falling into a cognitive blindspot.

With so many brutal cases in front of him, Roger has always been a cautious person, and he cannot tolerate any carelessness. He has been controlling his troops to maintain the necessary calm.

The soldiers below can swell and be fanatical, but the upper echelon must be able to make sober judgments about the situation.

Margaret held the latest intelligence in her hand and said somewhat disappointedly, "The enemy didn't pursue. They regrouped and retreated, which shows that they are more calm than we thought."

The biggest advantage of the Coral Base is its fast manufacturing capability, and at this moment they actually have more biological fish schools than when they previously attacked.

The main force of the Nagas is launching an attack towards the second line of defense in this canyon, but they also have absolute confidence in defending it. With the support of the Black Shark Fortress, the Nagas' expeditionary force is basically going to be buried here.

Although the maritime nation is weak, after all, it is fighting on its own territory, and the supplement of troops and equipment is simpler. In contrast, the Nagas are different. Although the army that suddenly loses command has the attribute of grief soldiers, there must be a strategic shortage.

Unfortunately, the enemy didn't lose their rationality and turn into vengeful mad dogs just because Marshal Krennwehr died.

The acting commander effectively controlled the troops' emotions and chose to retreat, regroup and launch a new round of attack.

"I think it is the Holy Maiden who has already taken control of the situation." Roger knew more about the upper-level situation of the Naga's expeditionary force than Margaret did.

The military generals were not calm and wanted to pursue them, but the Holy Maiden Nicole, who prioritized fulfilling the divine prophecy, would surely step forward to stop the military's erratic moves.

Thinking of that kind-hearted girl who might also resort to killing to control the situation in moments like this, Roger couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

One wonders how much human nature is distorted by things like faith and war.

Although it was a bit regrettable that the pursuing troops didn't attack again, they had more time to rest on their side, and the atmosphere in the meeting room lightened up considerably.

This battle gave the maritime nation hope as Naga's new equipment was not unbeatable, and with the Empire's support, they had a trump card in the confrontation.

The meeting will be adjourned soon.

Roger returned to his exclusive luxurious tent, and a Night Watch appeared beside him silently, "My lord, the Fourth Prince of the maritime nation has agreed and said he is ready at any time."

"Then let's do it now."

Roger nodded, aware that His Highness Dal must be feeling uneasy at the moment, and he was very curious about what had happened on Shak's side.

Soon, a portal appeared in the tent, and Roger stood up and went forward to greet the newcomer.

The one who came out of the portal was the more popular heir of the Maritime country, the Fourth Prince, Dal.

He was shorter than Shak, but due to years of military combat, his physique was stronger, and his face carried a fierce aura, with a resolute and sharp gaze.

With Roger's invitation, he dared to come alone to the Shak army to keep the appointment, which fully demonstrated his courage and decisiveness.

Perhaps there was also an element of gambling, betting that Shak would not move against him at this time with underhanded means to eliminate a competitor for the throne.

"Thank you in advance, Lord Charles. With Cromwell's death, I will finally no longer have nightmares," he said.

Dal took the initiative to bow to Roger, displaying great courtesy and composure.

But as a prince of a country, to show equal attitude to Roger, the Duke of the Empire, was already an acknowledgment of the Empire's strength.

"Your Highness, please take a seat. Now, the Naga and the Terra Serpents are our common enemies. There is no need to distinguish between us," Roger said, inviting him to sit down.

"Indeed, I believe there are still many common interests between the Sea Kingdom and the Empire." Dal sitting down also implied that he had come with bargaining chips.

If the Empire supports his becoming the next Sea Emperor, he will certainly represent the Sea Kingdom in supporting the Empire, and both sides will establish an offensive and defensive alliance.

"Your Highness is indeed a wise person. The Empire and the Sea Kingdom will definitely move forward, and we also hope to see an obedient ally commanding the four seas."

A trace of dissatisfaction appeared in Dal's eyes, but he spoke jokingly, "The Empire is indeed powerful, but it is not so easy for you land races to intervene on a larger scale in oceanic politics, is it?"

Roger's words were a hint that he could help the Sea Kingdom to destroy the Naga nation, but the cost was for them to be "obedient" and become a vassal of the Empire.

Completely resolving the blood feud with the Naga was indeed tempting, but becoming a vassal of the Empire was a condition that Dal found difficult to accept.

He will vie with Shake for the throne precisely because of his ambitious nature and not being able to kneel down due to his unsteady legs.

So that's why he questioned Roger back, reminding him of the differences between land and sea, and that his plan may not be easily realized.

Roger smiled slightly, "Would Your Highness like to go out with me for a walk?"

Do you want to show off your muscles?

Dal immediately understood, and nodded in agreement.

He used magic to transform into a human form, changed into Imperial clothing, covered his appearance, and then followed Roger out of the camp.

After all, this is Shacker's territory, and although Roger has various privileges, inviting Shacker's enemies to come here for a visit is quite unreasonable.

They came all the way to the coral reef below the sea trench, where various planktonic predators and self-exploding fish swam around, making it a place full of diverse species and vitality.

"Your Highness, how do you find the scenery here?"

"Such a lush and vast coral reef is a rare sight even in the sea."

"Yesterday, this place was still barren. We planted these corals ourselves."

"Growing corals, this thing only grows a few centimeters a year..."

"That's natural. And these are our secret weapons in support of His Highness Shaq. It's a genetically modified creature that can explode unlimitedly."

Roger looked at Dal's shocked expression and gave him a brief explanation of the operating principle of the base coral, as well as the outstanding contribution of the biochemical school of fish in forcing Krenwell into a corner.

Although Dal didn't witness the power of the school of biochemical fish exploding on-site, with the support of the Green Vine Empire, they achieved the biggest victory since the start of the war, and the extraordinary power of the fish could be imagined.

Now I know that today was just a small test. These genetically modified biological weapons rely on quantity to win and become stronger the longer they are dragged out.

Although the Oceanic Country also trains Oceanic War Gods, "living weapons" like the base coral had never appeared before, which was a path he never could have imagined.

"This is just the beginning of the empire's foray into the ocean," Roger added.

The implication is nothing more than that with the empire's increasing understanding of the ocean, they will bring out more powerful magic, equipment, and genetically modified creatures.

Dal remained silent, knowing that possessing such technology would indeed allow trash like Shak to easily crush him.

In addition, with Roger by his side offering advice and strategy, he realized that he didn't have the capital to compete with Shak.

He has the ambition to ascend to the throne, so he will definitely collect intelligence on the neighboring Green Vines Empire, knowing that the recent changes and upheavals in the empire are closely related to the handsome young duke in front of him.

He has gained the trust of the Empress of the empire, and there are even rumors of a romantic relationship. In addition, bearing the surname of Charles, it is enough to illustrate his advanced status within the empire.

To influence the empire's foreign policy to support him instead would not solely be the result of Roger Charles's words, but it should have sufficient influence and power.

Correspondingly, supporting Shak's ascension to the throne as the Sea Emperor and continuing with the current strategy is something that really just requires a single word from Roger.

So, the Sea Emperor's abilities, high or low, have absolutely no impact on you...

At this point, Daol's expression finally changed.

With these equipment, the empire can easily conquer Nagas with time. In addition, all they need is a puppet to manage the sea races, and the puppet's abilities are not important.

Attitude may be more important.

"No, abilities are also important, because our ultimate enemy is not in the ocean floor."

Roger smiled and pointed upwards.

"Do you want us to help deal with other countries on the ground?"

"Go up further."

"Sky...gods? Is the Empire really going to be enemies with the gods?"

Dorl's face looked uncertain and surprised as he recalled an old piece of information - that the Green Vines Empire had expelled the Seven God Religion and banned its missionary activities.

"Yes, so you're not a believer of the god of knowledge, but you have more abilities and that's the advantage."

Roger smiled calmly without further explanation, believing that Dorl understood.

Shak is easier to control, but he is a devout believer of the god of knowledge, otherwise he wouldn't be with Shady. If the situation further develops he could turn into a liability.

Dorl, on the other hand, is not a believer. He doesn't like to be subordinate to anyone, even if it's a god.

"What does the gentleman think now?" Dorl asked.

"What I think doesn't matter, what's important is what you'll do next." Roger beckoned and the Night Guard appeared. "Take the Fourth Prince back and take some time to think about it properly."

Dorl had no power to choose, and after learning about the power of the Base Coral, he understood that everything was under Roger's control.

Next, it will depend on whether he can present it with enough sincerity to move the other party...

Returning to the Black Shark Fortress, Dorl locked himself in the room for a long time, silently contemplating something, and couldn't help but sigh softly, "Green Vines... that Empress is truly powerful and arrogant."

What is powerful is the national strength, what is arrogant is that the Queen of Eternal Night wants to lead the entire country and the entire world to stand against the gods.

Even just this amount of heroism made him admire it, and he was not opposed to bowing down to a warship like this.

But the problem before him now is not whether he can kneel down, but how to kneel down in a way that satisfies the other party...

Based on his understanding of his own brother, it only takes a few victories and Shaq will be comfortably nestled in his comfort zone, willing to support the Empire in exchange for a peaceful future.

That guy doesn't mind being a happy pet dog at all.

But he wants to become a war wolf with the support of the empire, and stand to eradicate the Naga.

Just as Dors was lost in thought, the Naga Empire was shocked to hear the news of the defeat on the front line and was shaken to its core.

From the streets to the top, everyone is discussing how to retaliate against the maritime country.