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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 181

2023-07-02 03:38:54Publish Time: 656 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 181: Son of the System, Present!

Currently available intelligence is unable to determine whether the Seven Gods aim to conquer the Eternal Night World, or if they simply need to crush it to reach their destination, even with Shana's response.

However, through the mastery of dimensional systems by the Secret Magic Association and Naluneir's promise to escape the original dimension, wandering through the Star Realm is an operation that sounds difficult but can be accomplished.

In addition, the plan for the Son of the Dimension is akin to actively causing trouble for the Seven Gods, and delaying their arrival in the Eternal Night World, which is essentially the greatest effort the weaker party can make to gain the initiative.

There is suspicion of sacrificing lives from other dimensions to buy time for oneself...

"I mostly agree with the proposed plan." The Eternal Night Empress chose to plagiarize seriously and solemnly. "Go to the Tianhai Tower and have General Jialilei recommend a few sons of the system."

"Thank you for Your Majesty's support." Roger take a deep look at the woman.

He was previously afraid that she would rather die than escape and would be at odds with the Seven Gods.

The Eternal Night Empress heard his thoughts and explained with some unease, "We fight to the end because we cannot see hope. Since we still have room for development, we can certainly operate."

"I understand, Your Majesty." Roger couldn't help but smile, finding this shy empress slightly adorable.

The magicians present, such as Frankenstein, also looked admiringly at Roger.

Understanding the true intentions of the Seven Gods, they also harbored great fear in their hearts, feeling that their world's hope of victory was slim.

Everyone was not the kind of mindless fanatic, objectively analyzing the gap in strength between the two sides, inevitably drawing a rather despairing conclusion.

Now, Roger has found a possible path in despair by explaining his previous arrangements.

Everything is good about the industrialization of magic, the only problem is that it needs time to unfold, to make the Empire's war machine operate with unprecedented efficiency.

Roger has now bought them time.

They also understood why he concealed this step before planning it.

Roger chose to forget this matter earlier, perhaps afraid of the gods interrupting Afu's ascension and causing complete annihilation of the army.

It may even expose the existence of Shana and directly attract the attention of the Seven Gods to the world of Eternal night.

Now Afu's ceremony of becoming a god has been completed, and he has entered a hidden state with the power of freedom, making it impossible for the Seven Gods to find such a secretive and developed believer.

And with the help of the deified Afu of the Fengshen, they were able to carry out the systematic plan of the Children of the System using their divine power.

Only based on the successful implementation of the Children of the System plan could the Evernight World proceed with its wandering plane plan.

It was an intricate operation within an operation, a perilous undertaking amidst the enemy's overwhelming advantage, where any mistake could lead to a disastrous defeat.

Roger carried out the preliminary setup all by himself, and they were grateful that the boy bore all the pressure.

As they walked towards the teleportation portal together, several self-studying researchers, including Frankenstein, bowed to Roger:

"If the Empire can be continued, Charles's contribution cannot be ignored. You have worked hard these past few days."

They were good at researching, but not at this tactical game; they really weren't.

"It's okay, I've always wanted to be the one who stays behind."

Roger scratched his head and revealed a slightly shy smile.

Well, if you can speak, then say more. It's alright, I won't feel embarrassed, feel free to praise me!



The tumultuous sea surface sees a three-masted warship being tossed around by the waves. In the face of the vast power of sky and earth, even the mightiest of ships is like a toy with no ability to protect itself.

The air in the lowest levels of the ship is so murky that it makes one nauseous.

A large group of emaciated people are incapacitated on the floor, with traces of vomit everywhere, even staining their clothes.

In such an environment, just being alive and breathing takes all their effort. These prisoners of war would not dare to expect luxuries like clean water to wash their bodies.

In a slightly cleaner corner of the ship, a thin, white-haired girl holds a younger girl, letting her rest her head on her knee, and gently calling out to her ear:

"Little sister, hold on. When we get to shore, I'll find a priest to treat your wound...akh!"

The ship is swaying violently, and many immense waves make her doubt whether she is flying up in the sky.

In such a change, she finally couldn't restrain the churning happened in her stomach and turned her head to vomit some gastric acid.

As there was hardly any food consumed, how could there's anything to throw up?

The girl on her knees was also startled, she opened her eyes wide and flailed her hands in the air, "Sister, I'm scared, I'm really scared... It's so dark here, I can't see anything..."

The young girl quickly grabbed her sister's hand and comforted her, "Sister is here, don't panic, everything fine, I am here."

She struggled to drag her sister towards the swinging cabin, and approached the lights that illuminated the area around it

"Sister, I can't see anything, I'm so scared, and it's so dark, did you really light the lamp?"

The Litte girl held her hand with little strength, and her face turned fiery red because of the fever.

The young girl watched her Litte sister's shapeless eyes and blank stare, then looked at the lamp in front of her, and finally realized what just had happened. She hugged her tightly.

Due to the untreated high fever, look like her eyes might have been burned.

"Oh my, little sister, the waves were too strong and the lamp was cut over. You sleep for a while, we'll light it up again when it's dawn, okay?"

She comforted the girl in a low soft voice, not daring to tell her the truth.

The girl eventually had too little stamina left and under her sister's Low soothing voice, gradually drifted into dream, but her breathing slowed down even more.

The young girl could feel her younger sister's life slipping away, and tears of despair welled up in her eyes.

With raging waves as high as mountains and their fate uncertain, they were aboard the enemy's warship, where could they possibly find a priest for treatment?

She pleaded with the soldier who brought the food, willing to give everything, but could not receive any mercy.

"It's better not to worry about such a young child falling ill. Even if you reach the shore, there won't be any suitable work for her. Unless... I believe you wouldn't be willing to do that."

The soldier gazed at the girl's delicate face, although it was thin and dirty, she could be considered a beauty in the making.

As for her younger sister, she was still too young and unless there were some nobles with special interests, no one interested in such a sickly child.

But if she fell into the hands of those people, would she even survive?

Besides, he was only a low-ranking soldier, how could he have the qualifications to invite those priest lords to save a seriously ill prisoner of war?

It turned out that there never was any hope ahead of her.

The young girl held her sister tightly, feeling her heartbeat slow. She bit down on her lip and whispered softly, "Oh powerful God of the heavens, if anyone can hear me, please save my little sister. I am willing to devote my soul and spirit to you... Is there any God who can hear my plea?"

She wept as she spoke, yet no mysterious and magnificent presence answered her.

The deities only favor strong sheepdogs that can manage more lambs for them, and don't wish to help frail lambs directly.

Faith is not something that comes with the wind. Every bit of investment is made with the hope of reward, not to be wasted on worthless things.


The hull violently shook, throwing the girl into the air with her sister in her arms. Her sister's head hit the upper deck, and blood flowed heavily from her head.

The girl held her sister tightly, but her small hands could not stop the bleeding.

The girl woke up in pain and held onto the girl carefully, saying, "Sis, don't worry about me. I am too sick and blind. You don't need to worry about me...Just strive and live on well for yourself. We don't have the capital to hate the winners...Don't worry about this blind girl."

"No...I don't want to..."

The girl held the girl in her arms, her face showing hatred, "So, the gods never had any mercy. Those indifferent and merciless things are not worthy of our admiration every day."

Ding! As the host recognizes the truth of the world, my system unlocks by my own will.

Novice task: Assassinate the captain. Task reward: 1 scroll of healing and 2 scrolls of underwater breathing.

To balance the task difficulty due to the weak strength of the host, a novice gift package will be awarded. Would you like to open it now?

The girl was somewhat surprised and inexplicably looked at the constantly blinking words, not understanding what they were.

But when she looked at the people around her, they seemed to not have seen these words, so she tentatively whispered, "Should I open it?"

Dragonic wizard level 10 experience card.

Three small healing potions.

100 gold coins.

"Small healing potions?" The girl looked joyfully at this scene and, with a flick of her mind, a small bottle emitting a warm glow appeared in her hand.

After giving it to her sister, the girl's condition didn't worsen. The teenage girl also stood up holding a card and walked unsteadily towards the cabin door.

"No matter what this system is, as long as it can save my sister, not to mention mere captains, I will even kill the king to show you!"

With every step she took, her body underwent numerous transformations, with dragon horns and scales appearing all over her body. She didn't need to cast any spells, just one punch shattered the heavy wooden door. Under the cover of the raging waves, she walked towards the upper deck.



The scorching sun hung in the sky, casting a lazy heat over the entire small town.

The old woman on the recliner fell asleep and slipped to the floor. A teenager rushed over, helped her up and a blood-red light illuminated his hand, healing the abrasion on her knee.

"Thank you, Shiryu. Where are you going in this hot weather?" The old lady woke up drowsily and looked at the handsome young man, liking him inexplicably.

A trace of hesitation crossed Shiryu's face, but he quickly replaced it with a warm smile. "I'm going outside the town for some business. Don't worry about me."

He returned the fan to the old woman's hand and walked toward the town outskirts. His tall figure looked distorted and fuzzy in the hot air.

The old lady didn't know why, but her gaze fell on Sherry, and she had a feeling that something was about to happen.

"Such a good child, be careful not to get into trouble..."

The young people in the village are decreasing, and the few lazy men left will also criticize these old people for wasting food.

Only the newly arrived Xiri greets each elder warmly and always helps them wherever needed.

Although they are small things, it is noticeable that Xiri loves this ordinary and somewhat humble life.

Outside the town, a group of knights in bright armor are waiting for Xiri, the blood-red cloak indicating their identity: the Religious Inquisitors, church killers meant to judge heretics.

The arrogant judge exclaimed, "I can't believe that the villain who assassinated Earl Edward is playing the role of a top ten youth in such a small town. Is this hiding in plain sight?"

Xiri extended their hand, devoid of the warm smile from before and without any expression, "What I do has nothing to do with the people in the town."


The shackles locked onto Xiri's hands, and the judge sneered, "That may not be true, they took you in and thus have the suspicion of blasphemy. You must undergo judgement."

The handcuffs locked Sherry's hands, and the judge sneered, "Not necessarily. They took you in and there is suspicion of blaspheming the gods, so you must be tried."

"I said they didn't know anything -"

"The words of a heretic cannot be used as evidence, I only believe in sorcery."

The judge was about to order his judges to enter the small town, when suddenly Xiri rushed forward and knocked him off his horse, revealing a pair of sinister bat wings behind his back, with blood-red light shining in his eyes.

"I knew a demon's seed has no good intentions!" The judge and his men immediately surrounded Xiri, quickly beating him until he was covered in blood and collapsed to the ground.

Xiri's power was above these people, but the judge deceived him into voluntarily binding himself, with handcuffs that could suppress his demonic power, as a condition for sparing the townspeople.

But they had tricked him, nonetheless.

Even after capturing him, they still had to find a charge against these innocent townspeople who had taken him in.

"Take in a demon seed, also burn them together as punishment." The judge coldly pronounced.

Xiri glared at the judge fiercely, spitting out a mouthful of blood:

"My foster father is right. You judges are brainwashed lunatics! How could some ordinary people possibly know my identity?"

"That is the glory of our Lord that you have not seen," said the judge calmly. "In addition, you personally killed your adoptive father, the evildoer who killed more than a hundred devout believers. Of course, back then you were his assistant."

Shirui laughed at himself, laughing so hard that he coughed up a lot of blood.

Yes, he killed his adoptive father.

Because he was tired of killing, looking at the eyes of those believers who yearned to live, he believed that his adoptive father was a devil.

The man who implanted the demonic bloodline in his body was just like what the church propaganda said, bringing nightmares and ominous villains to people.

He grew tired of endless killing, so, after he both killed his adoptive father and a nobleman who did much evil, he hid in this small town and lived an ordinary life for a while.

However, he was born with sin and was a heresy that desecrated the gods. Not worthy of an ordinary life, death was his only ending and this brief happiness was merely temporary.

Shirui spat at these people, "But you, just a bunch of evildoers who do anything they want to please the gods, why do you have the right to act arrogantly in front of the world?"

[Ding! The system detects that the host has recognized the truth of the world. My life is not governed by God system is unlocked!]

[Mission: Kill the judge. Reward: Inheritance of the demon's soul.]

Suddenly, a beam of light bathed him, and his strange wounds disappeared without a trace.

The shackles also melted into molten iron, containing a divine power that had been polluted and corrupted, transforming into two peculiar crescent moon-shaped swords.

"I relish this mission... those of you who claim to judge evil, now it's time to count your own sins!"

Shiray gripped the sword and, in the judge's panicked gaze, had already flashed behind him.

A lifeless head rolled to the ground, oblivious until death to the sudden power that had appeared and where it came from...