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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 156

2023-04-03 08:36:28Publish Time: 719 views
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Chapter 156 Can't the Queen Take a Vacation?

In the end, Roger managed to partake of his midday meal.

After all, the Eternal Night Queen had been busy for half a day preparing this specifically for him. If the rightful recipient didn't eat it, she would feel like she had wasted all her effort.

Who says cooking isn't as fun as studying magic?

However, the barrier still existed, this time preventing anyone from leaving the dining room.

The first time a certain empress was tasked with the role of a chef, she didn't have the slightest notion of providing smiling customer service.

"Not a single bit should be left. Eat everything and then get fat!"

Obviously, she was still holding a grudge for being called "fat".

This resulted in her own dish, which she had made with her own hands, being barely consumed by herself, and in the end, a full 80% of the food was placed in front of Roger.

Then, she stared at him while he eats.

This feasting table, although it didn't reach a lethal amount, will definitely make you feel very full for some time after eating.

"Your Majesty, you have missed the Cabinet meeting. Do you not need to handle state affairs promptly?" Roger kindly reminded, which was also a disguised call for his resignation.

The Queen of Eternal Night smiled and responded: 'Thanks to the diligent efforts of all my beloved ministers, the situation of the empire is thriving, and everything is proceeding smoothly. I have taken a week off for myself.'

"Even though you are the emperor, you still have the privilege of taking breaks?" Roger expressed his envy with a tinge of admiration.

"I am already the emperor, can't I take a break?" The Queen of Eternal Night asked, slamming the table in a bold manner. "As long as I am willing, I can skip court forever and no one would dare to say a word!"

The Eternal Night Queen's words weren't just boasting.

She now holds the military and political power of the Empire alone. If she wants to make a big move, she may be voted down by the Parliament, but who can control her when she has the Blood Spring Hanging Scroll?

In the past, there used to be 'public opinion', which was very concerned with the gossip of the nobles.

But now, even if the aristocracy themselves are halfway into the soil, the only newspaper, "Long Live the Queen", is still a government mouthpiece.

I, the queen, am free!

And recently there hasn't been anything particularly significant happening within the empire, so she can take a few days off without any delay in her work.

The rebellion of the 17 states had been quelled, and the people are now looking towards the empire. A brand new administrative arrangement is gradually being implemented, but its feasibility remains to be tested through practical experiment.

The Orc Kingdom was newly established, the Tianming Army was defeated in one fell swoop, and for the time being, there were no visible enemies both inside and outside the empire.

All the research of the Secret Society has been arranged and now we must wait for time to reveal its results.

The proxy war of the Mermaid Sea Kingdom will not start immediately, as Prince Shack's control over the country is somewhat lacking.

The Empire is under pressure from the Seven Gods, but the Seven Gods will not come immediately.

After calculating for a while, there really is nothing in the following section that the Eternal Night Queen needs to immediately handle.

Even in the event of an emergency, it can be taken care of remotely through magical means.

Roger felt helpless. In terms of slacking off, His Majesty was no worse than anyone else!

Her only obstacle remained.

Roger said in a indifferent tone, "Never attending court, but I suppose your Majesty's conscience can't bear it?"

The trashy empress, who was posing with an attitude of "I am the best in the world" and "I can go whereer I want", almost choked on her own saliva.

This blow to the heart, she was unable to refute it!

Although she can freely arrange her own schedule, she only dared to indulge herself a little when the problems were solved recently. How can she really bear to abandon the empire?

If she had that kind of personality, she would not have lived such a tiring life. She would have roamed multiple universes long ago, inherited the title of "Wandering Voyager of the Hall of Horus", and gone on her carefree way.

But that's how women are, they could do it themselves, but no one else can say it, especially if she is wearing her best dress. Having her secrets exposed by this bastard made her itch with anger!

Dialectically speaking, adopting a positive perspective signifies a diminishing sense of distance between her and roger.

Before, he used to only vent his grievances in his heart, now he dares to express them directly. This is a symbol of a good friend and a sign of increased courage.

Nevermind, let's just cultivate the child's confidence!

The Queen of Eternal Night took a deep breath, calmed her emotions, and resumed her smile to show her magnanimity, '...Let's just say that I will take it as a compliment that you think I have a kind heart!'

Roger subconsciously lowered his gaze and nodded subconsciously.

[Indeed, it is very big, that cannot be denied!]

Queen of Eternal Night: ???

Is it referring to this conscience when you say 'conscience'?

Her false identity as an experienced driver was instantly exposed, her pretty face blushing as she awkwardly turned to the side to avoid being taken advantage of by some guy.

Do you think it's alright to eat my food and then also try to take advantage of me?

Beautiful as you are!

Actually, her turning around had an element of spite.

Last night, you didn't even have the chance to lay a hand or speak out, now you came to satisfy your curiosity?

With your little achievements and your little pursuits, you disgrace us. Get out of the empire!

[Alas! Alas! Keep on eating!]

Upon hearing the regretful sighs behind her, the only consolation for the depressed Eternal Night Queen was that her charm was still sufficient!

Isn't it simple to tidy up your little self?

The only sound that filled the room for a while was the clattering of dishes and utensils.

But Roger's eating speed gradually slowed down.

My stomach was already full, but I had to work hard under the oppressive tyranny of the despicable empress, so naturally I wore a troubled expression on my face.

How to put it, someone was blessed with a remarkable appearance, their facial features are rated top-notch.

Without the need for special attire, even dressing in a neat and tidy manner is pleasing to the eye.

Now, with a displeased expression, is genuinely quite distressing.

It is necessary to denounce this superficial world, where attractive individuals are unjustly treated and may receive more compassion than others.

The Eternal night empress was only angry with him for calling himself fat. By now, she was not as angry anymore.

Moreover, the once promising young man has ballooned into an actual blimp, parading aimlessly before his own eyes every single day. Is that not a form of self-flagellation?

The Queen of Eternal Night gestured casually, and said, "My, you eat so slowly. Come walk with me outside."

"Alright, then!" Roger threw the table onto the ground, bounced up, and responded in a split second, "Your Majesty, where are we going?"

The Queen of Eternal Night couldn't help but twitch her face

She finally understood what it meant to shine when given even just a little bit of sunlight.

Looking at Roger's appearance, it's likely that he had already been waiting for his forgiveness.

Such a commodity is not worth pitying at all, not worth of any absolution!

While she was reflecting on being too soft-hearted, Roger quickly changed into his going-out clothes and looked at her with a hint of hurry.

[Anyway, as long as we leave the house, we don't have to keep eating...]

[Not that difficult to eat, but if you eat too much, you really can't handle it! It's just a common level of home-cooked food~]

The Queen of Eternal Night gave a cold snort, 'You just ate and now you're being picky?'

The storage ring on her finger shimmered, and the dishes on the table disappeared without a trace. She said with an inscrutable expression, 'It's good that you can share another meal with me tonight, my dear.'

The queen led the way, and Roger stood dazed for several seconds before following.

[Are you still playing around like this? Your favoritism is so obvious that even dinner is arranged in a transparent way, what a generous royal grace.]

Today, Roger understood what it meant when they say that "the greater one's knowledge, the greater the devil one faces".

When the Queen of Eternal Night starts playing tactics on you, your heart becomes quite dirty.



Noble District.

The Queen of Eternal Night took a break, Roger naturally assumed he was also on holiday and didn't have to work, so he wandered aimlessly along with her.

While playing the role of sacrificial offering, both the Ice Room and the Dark Night Guard had both entered autonomous mode without any mishaps, indicating that it would be safe to hide for a few more days.

It's delicious to fish with others!

Two people were not in a hurry, so they came over in a carriage, taking the opportunity to appreciate the daytime scenery of the city of Odessa.

Although teleportation is fast, it can also make us miss the beauty of life in its fast pace. Sometimes, slowing down to savor the ordinary moments is also a form of enjoyment.

The Queen of Eternal Night usually resides in the Palace of Maple Spirit and Moon Shadow. She also has informants who keep her updated on the happenings in the streets of Otter City. She takes pride in discussing with Roger the subtle changes in people's livelihoods and the newly constructed buildings.

The empire's vigorous vitality, given sufficient time and allowance for development, shall assuredly engendered wonders that hitherto unseen in this realm.

Roger chuckled and said, "With the empire's progression is that good, shouldn't the military also have its own share of credit?"

The carriage came to a stop in the noble district, and the two individuals alighted to continue on foot. Before walking much further, the Queen paused and beheld a magnificent estate that was even grander in scope than the House of Charles.

Roger had vaguely noticed some construction going on here before, but had not paid attention to whose land it was on.

However, as he followed the empress's gaze and looked over, he suddenly froze upon seeing the plaque above the mansion.

[Duke Larkapas's residence... Is this my new title? My new mansion?]

Feeling Roger's gaze on the estate for a while, and then surprised when his eyes turned towards her, the Eternal Night Queen held back her pride and calmly said, "Although you abolished the aristocracy by yourself and the Duke doesn't have any additional powers, for the moment, I cannot think of any good rewards for you."

"Thank you for your appreciation, Your Majesty. It is my great pleasure as a subject to witness the rise and prosperity of our empire," Roger spoke with genuine sincerity.

As long as the house is big enough to live in, having a bathroom which has been on his mind is now fulfilled. Even with a larger property, sleeping in just one bed is insignificant to him.

Listening to his thoughts, the Queen of Eternal Night was rather displeased, "You are currently holding multiple positions and have repeatedly achieved remarkable success. If I don't provide you with sufficient rewards now, who will continue to serve the Empire in the future?"

"I haven't let you take it back either..." Roger said shamelessly.

Merely being modest, I definitely wouldn't push away the reward that was handed right in my hand.

"Hmph, in any case, work diligently, and I won't mistreat you," encouraged the Queen of Eternal Night with a sentence.

Elevating Roger's status, creating a spectacle for him, also hold great significance even for the Queen herself.

A real prince cannot just be dismissed, or else one would be the subject of ridicule.

Now with step by step we will promote Roger, and if he performs meritoriously in the future and there is no more reward left to give, I will award him myself, isn't that just logical?

Who says I lack strategic vision? This is a long-term plan, aiming for far-reaching goals!

The sound of the tiny abacus in his heart was crisp and clear, but it was not yet time to reveal his cards.

The Queen of Eternal Night took Roger on a tour of the new ducal mansion.

The estate is vast, occupying an area two to three times that of the Charles' mansion, and the overall layout is exquisitely planned.

The sentence translated into English is, "There were old buildings with historical traces, as well as newly constructed landscapes. Looking at the unusually high courtyard walls in many places, Roger suddenly showed a look of realization."

"I was still amazed that in the aristocratic district where every inch of land is precious, there could be such a vast expanse of land. It turns out that you have requisitioned the villas of those aristocrats who lived here before."

"No, it was taken by you yourself. The previous owner either fled or was killed. The Dark Night Guard played a significant role in it."

"Am I also considered to have plundered and coveted others' properties by lucky chance?"

"Nonsense, it is the losers who resort to dishonest means. We are the absolute winners of this struggle, this is acting in accordance with divine justice and making the most of our resources!"

The Queen of the Eternal Night stood tall with unyielding righteousness.

After all, she has a penchant for warfare and has gained too many good things through victories.

Roger suddenly thought of something unpleasant and sighed softly, "Your Majesty, you have rewarded me with the estate, but from now on, I will have to live separately from my sister..."

Both Charles and his siblings were made Dukes, although they were no longer substantial aristocrats with land and military power. Nevertheless, this honor was still quite remarkable.

In accordance with the Empire's past traditions, Roger had actually established a Southern Charles-like family and was on equal footing with his sister.

Roger only just realized at this moment that any rewards he would receive for his accomplishments should rightfully belong to his sister Angelina under normal circumstances.

After all, she was the head of the Charles family.

The actions of the Eternal Night Queen suggest that she may have undermined the authority of the patriarch, and thus betrayed him.

[So after all this manipulation... Did His Majesty actually sacrifice his sister?]

[Of course, now that I have a house, my sister has lost me in a way. I should make it a point to spend more time with her.]

He had a jumble of chaotic thoughts swirling in his mind, which almost made the Eternal Night Queen burst out laughing beside him.

What the heck, what do you mean by telling me to get rid of An Jielu?

Acting like we care about you so much!

Still digging at the wall's base, do you have any value to be dug out?

Don't be too narcissistic

Although the Night Queen had received professional training to refrain from laughing, Roger's peculiar way of thinking was so ridiculous that she could not help but stifle a laugh, causing her pretty face to turn red as she snorted through her nostrils.

Roger turned around and caught a glimpse of the Queen of Eternal night in this state, he inquired perplexedly, "Your Highness, are you feeling unwell?"

Arbitrarily more puzzled, the Eternal night queen's strength is such that those who come from heaven cannot defeat her. At the very least, she is invincible in the world. Could she still be defeated by a cold?

[Could it be that Nellie has come to visit?]

"It's nothing, just a minor curse from the early years that has now taken effect, it will be over soon." The Night Empress turned away, not wanting him to see her chuckling.

Nalynir, damn it all, came knocking at the door!

Why does it feel like it's been so long since I've heard the voice of the heart, has it gone bad?

Classmate Xiao Ao tried to distinguish what was wrong with Roger's thinking, but she overlooked that the problem was with herself.

Before, she regarded Roger as a rule-abiding courtier, and such reckless speculation and questioning only made her angry.

I felt offended by that.

Through repeated interactions and cooperation, we deepened our understanding of each other and increased our mutual trust, especially through the act of humbly compromising.

She suppressed her laughter as those random guesses became amusing misunderstandings.

This is a matter of perspective.

The same fall on flat ground could be either "this paratrooper" or "so cute and adorable".

"Well, the difference depends on it's appearance," he said.

Also, the paratroopers are suspected of prejudice. They can't be used casually anymore, please directly scold them as idiots [Beep].



We spent this afternoon admiring the garden and chatting leisurely. Later we had dinner by the artificial lake.

The cook was directly brought from Charle's mansion nearby.

As for the leftovers that were put away at noon, the happy-go-lucky queen forgot about them altogether.

A person who is not even a little hungry wouldn't naturally bring it up.

The scenery and ambiance of the new Duke's mansion were splendid, and a certain queen was secretly delighted to have infiltrated Roger's household on the second day.

Although no one has ever lived in the house that she gifted, rounding it up, it is a strategic great success!

For both Roger and the Queen of Eternal Night, this slow pace of life is still somewhat unfamiliar.

After the meal.

Two people entered another long, endless night - the stage where we have to find something else to entertain ourselves.

It is not working, and it hasn't been working for these few days.

"How about we pay a visit to that fake Nalinair?" Roger suggested.

"Umm, I think I forgot something..." the Eternal Night Queen agreed.

To know the privacy of the Seven Gods, this is not work, it is a hobby!