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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 153

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Translated by: Ben-Jackson

Edited by:

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Chapter 153 The Queen's Intricate Scheme

Although Roger ultimately devoted his loyalty to the Empire in error and missed a great opportunity to significantly increase his favorability, he still had the chance to "take a walk" with the Eternal Night Empress on this night.

He is a fool, but the queen can still come up and move on her own...

Actually, it's about creating romance proactively, not about those messy things!

The empire has a typical climate with distinct four seasons, but its spring and autumn are relatively brief. After the rainfall a few days ago, the night wind carries a chilling sensation to the bone.

The slight temperature change actually has little impact on professionals.

Magic is also a form of energy that, when integrated with the body, has a protective effect. Although it may not make one immune to extreme temperatures, in theory, even a wizard's physical constitution must be stronger than that of an ordinary person.

The physical constitution of magicians is not strong, though this is not determined by the cultivation system, but rather by their long-term lack of exercise, exposure to various toxic and harmful magical materials, and the constant stacking of bold ideas in their minds.

Only a certain incompetent junior magician who rarely studies or conducts magical experiments enjoys the slight attribute bonus from the promotion of the magician profession.

As for the Queen of Eternal Night, her various attributes cannot be speculated upon by common sense.

Being able to transform into a battle mage form, and fight Nalinea in close combat, their physical abilities are certainly not weak.

With their faces slightly veiled, Roger and the Queen of Eternal Night slipped out of the common area where many people still gathered, strolling leisurely, and crossing through an area seldom visited on ordinary days.

The two of them carried heavy thoughts in their hearts, and neither took the initiative to speak, walking together in silence like this.

While stealing a glance at the other, the protagonist noticed that they were fully engrossed in admiring the scenery. As a result, the protagonist put on a similarly captivated expression and resumed their silence, as though enjoying an even more stunning view.

Actually, the scenery isn't really that beautiful!

The man and woman took a stroll, their focus undoubtedly fixated on one another.

Simply put, the two people who always had countless topics to discuss on a regular day, suddenly found themselves without any particularly good content to talk about.

Perhaps, as they say, it was the law of nature that everything comes to an end; everyone they ran into on the street was discussing political, military, and imperial development matters, but the two instigators only found it uninteresting.

The two of them subconsciously felt that discussing such important national affairs was a bit of a mood killer in an atmosphere filled with fallen leaves, artificial lights instead of sunlight, and with the festive atmosphere of the overall city.

Please, we've been discussing these things all the time, now that we finally have some free time and can take a walk, do we still have to continue talking about this?

Two doctors on a date, amidst a snowy and windy night... do they still need to carry on discussing the five-year survival rate of cancer, the operative techniques of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, and total aortic replacement?

It really makes me nauseous!

However, the problem arises when these two guys, who always have their own set of principles when discussing things, suddenly find themselves in a situation where they believe they can easily take each other down with just a few punches and kicks, without discussing any of the aforementioned content.

When it came time to face each other and show their skills, they both shied away at the same time.

These two shameful fellows are both waiting for the other to break the ice and speak first.

In a breath holding competition, someone always runs out of breath first, right?

The Queen of Eternal Night finally squeezed out a sentence, "Are you hungry?"

Roger touched his belly and said, "Seems like I'm not very hungry."

The Queen of Eternal Night smiled and said, "What a coincidence, I am not hungry either."

So, the sky was talked to death, and the two of them continued to stroll leisurely forward.

We can't possibly continue discussing the follow-up arrangements for the captured angel and the refinement of the empire's foreign strategy...

It would be better to go shopping instead, let's just continue shopping!

Okay, let's just walk around aimlessly and rack up some steps!

Besides aimlessly wandering around, the two fools couldn't think of anything to do. There didn't seem to be any special activities to arrange either.

If it were modern times, we could go watch a movie, but unfortunately the Odeon Theatre and the Music Hall are not showing anything tonight...

To ease the heavy atmosphere, both people diverted their attention to the street.

Fortunately, the topic of discussion regarding "The Mysterious Capital" tonight was rather boring. However, the atmosphere in the streets was lively and there were many interesting incidents taking place. Although I remained silent throughout, it didn't feel particularly awkward.

Because the Queen of Eternal Night personally announced the news of the destruction of the Tianming Army, the Night Guard began to clear out the remnants that they had long been watching. Then Roger gave another speech on "My Ideal Prosperous Age", which truly inspired many people.

For the commoners of the imperial era, news such as the nobles giving way, the empire ending the war for recuperation, and the initiation of magical industrialization would instinctively bring joy to them.

But what kind of changes these specifics will bring and what the empire will become in the future is not something they can predict.

The limitations brought about by time, education, and culture, coupled with poverty, restricted their imagination. How could they possibly know to what extent the material wealth of future humanity could abound?

Even rabbits experience changes in their daily routines, from struggling to have enough to eat to making weight loss a common goal, all within just a few decades.

Over two hundred years ago, humanity completed a journey that had remained unchanged for thousands of years, in this magical world which had remained static for tens of thousands of years where everyone had lived similar lives for generations and could truly not envision what the future held.

Although there is still some empty promises in Roger's speech, it is indeed what the people of the empire need right now.

Let more people understand why they should fight, stimulate subjective initiative, for a better country of future generations, and have the upper echelons provide future guarantees, so that even in the face of setbacks and difficulties, more people will choose to endure together.

The Empire no longer carries the burden of aristocracy, which is something that other countries and races in the Eternal Night world cannot achieve.

The Eternal Night Queen had to admit that even when it came to similar themes, no one could narrate them in a more detailed and beautiful manner than Roger.

Regarding bragging, she lost completely.

In her view, this was just a spur-of-the-moment performance by Roger, but who knew it was simply someone's average past life. What could the Eternal Night Queen use to win against it?

I imagine that in tomorrow's "Long Live the Queen" newspaper, they will definitely feature excerpts of Roger's speech. The troubadours will also work hard to spread the idea of an "ideal golden age", and the authorities will release promotional materials in the form of comics to allow more imperial citizens to envision their future utopia.

This kind of thing is actually quite easy to spread because the rulers of this era have not evolved to the stage of constantly making empty promises like Western politicians.

The story, "The Wolf is Coming," didn't come true, but the common people still had faith in such promises.

After all, the ruling class in this world used to rely too heavily on military power, completely disregarded the thoughts of the lower class people. Then naturally didn't bother to give them any promises or comfort - it was more efficient to let cavalry charge, tear and cause chaos.

Then, in just one night with the boundless enjoyment of a better life in the future, the entire mysterious capital was enveloped in a festive atmosphere.

Your Majesty has said that the meals and drinks will be cheaper in the future. So, would it be acceptable to indulge ourselves in a small luxury tonight without causing too much trouble?

In the bustling streets, intoxicated individuals incessantly sang until their voices howled like ghosts and wolves, yet the crowd looked upon these revelers with tolerant eyes.

The happy things in ordinary life are indeed too few, and the mere fact that there is no longer the threat of the Tianming Army brings about safety which is already worth celebrating for everyone.

Although it was not actually a festival day, the atmosphere of celebration was forced upon it, representing the further improvement of the Empire's standard of living.

The increase in commercial vitality and people's willingness to consume is what motivates businesses to enthusiastically create the environment for such promotion.

Since everyone was very poor in the past, no matter how much promotion was done, no one could afford to consume, so naturally there was no need for effort.

The two individuals traversed the commoner district without using any magic, ultimately arriving at the commercial sector.

Seeing a sweet shop with beautiful decorations on the street, the Night Queen finally found an excuse to enter and indulge herself with some sweets and cake, even if she wasn't hungry.

The decor of this establishment is quite tasteful, and the selection of desserts available for purchase is also very carefully chosen, featuring many ingredients not locally produced in the empire.

As the empire entered a state of ceasefire, even the church could not indefinitely suppress the profit-seeking desires of its followers.

Although official trade has not yet opened, many clandestine trade routes with neighboring countries have already been restored.

The rare and exotic fruits from the elven empire, the ferocious beasts from the dark realms, and the fresh and lively seafood from the sea nations are gradually returning to the menus of even non-premier restaurants.

The awkward atmosphere between the two finally ended with the beginning of the meal, and a new topic was introduced.

The Queen of Eternal Night was once a little princess who indulged in eating, drinking, and leisurely activities. As she traveled to different dimensions and challenged legendary magicians, she killed many unique prey, and developed a fondness for food. There are many topics to discuss regarding the breadth of ingredients she has explored.

Roger, leaning on the rich productive power of the earth, brushed up on almost all culinary skills from the system's treasure chest, and could create over a hundred exceptional dishes even with the most common ingredients.

This is a collision of two foodies on a film set: One curious about an ingredient never tasted before, the other amazed by a technique never tried before, and the collision truly has no losers.

"In fact, this restaurant used many good ingredients, but the taste is somewhat disappointing," Roger commented with regret.

"Little Roger, do you want to show off your skills?" Egging on Roger with the method of the Eternal Night Empress.

"Choose whatever you like, whether it's milk tea, coffee, or cocktails," said Roger, looking quite confident.

"We'll all try it since it's been made."

"The materials over here are not sufficient..."

"Then wherever you think is enough, just go there."

"My home has collapsed nearby."


The Queen of Eternal Night casually twirled her finger and fearlessly declared her readiness to change the scene at whim.

Our combat power, could it be possible for us to suffer a loss?

As the conversation topics were light, the Queen of Eternal Night naturally didn't carry her usual imposing air. She was clad in her battle attire for ease of movement, appearing like a beautiful and powerful adventurer tonight.

It's definitely not a case of simple-mindedness, but the ease with which she jokes, rages and freely expresses herself gradually made Roger relax.

Even a feeling that it was an illusion chatting with modern outstanding women.

Even the women that Roger has come into contact with, including those with good backgrounds like Angelina and Tasika, are also bound by the traditional mindset of male superiority and female inferiority, and loyalty to the nation.

Confident, but not the modern woman's soaring self. She had plenty of concerns.

Shana may have entered a state of madness, but she still doesn't have any feminine charm.

Therefore, when the Night Queen set aside her royal airs and communicated with Roger on equal footing, the two of them were able to indulge in luxuries that even the aristocrats of Versailles couldn't enjoy together, truly making it a very opportune moment.

The Queen's appearance, demeanor, eloquence, and worldviews tonight were all very impressive.

The dust has faded away, while a faint fragrance lingers in the air.

After successfully completing a major project, the beautiful female leader celebrated with her team and engaged them in fanciful conversations. Suddenly, she announced her plans to visit your home. Who could possibly refuse such an offer?

The house in the Dio business district is nearby, and has enough ingredients and utensils. Roger happily agreed and prepared to continue the game in a new location.

Stepping out of the dessert shop and into the sparkling night, the Eternal Night Queen inadvertently fell behind pace, rubbing her tingling temples.

Thousands of layers of tricks had to be used to get to this point. It's was so difficult for me!




The Conqueror's Canyon.

The goddess of war Tybella, the sea god Delia, and the dragon god Sembes, are currently consoling the god of hope, Tesrales.

These four deities belong to the weaker side among the seven gods. It is difficult for them to conquer a plane on their own. Recently, they have begun to try working together and their speed in conquering the world and achieving "voidification" has increased significantly.

The tasks arranged by the god of knowledge all come with rewards. The higher the conquered completion, the more faith they receive as an additional reward apart from the harvest of faith from the world. It is definitely a profitable deal.

After doing several deals like this, the other three gods were steadily developing, but unfortunately Tesseract was too young and easily swayed by the faith he had dealt with, so he drifted away.

In the end, Nalina harvested them in one wave, and they instantly returned to the state before their liberation.

Although he had his own reasons, the senior figures present had also suffered at the hands of that angel. Upon hearing of his plight, they felt a strong sense of solidarity.

"What a great grudge, to have the divine kingdom be destroyed, this is truly outrageous!"

The dragon god Sambez's rarely united minds agreed that even though they usually found Testlais more objectionable than him, at this moment they would unconditionally stand on his side.

"Oh, the Moneylender, your reputation precedes you indeed..."

Tybella remembered the nickname Nalinier, and upon hearing it, all four deities sighed deeply.

Interest is like a weed, it grows tall if you don't pay attention and although the consequences may not be as dire as Teslais, the pain is still heart-wrenching.

The Four Gods rebuked Narinier for three whole days before finally calming down and beginning to discuss future collaboration.

Cooperation is beneficial, and the Four Gods have acknowledged its value, and are also willing to allocate a portion of their faith to Teslais due to his recent losses.

Otherwise, he really couldn't hold on, and even the management he taught would have problems.

"Do not worry, as long as we continue to collaborate tirelessly, faith will soon be restored."

Tybella encouraged Teslais who remained dejected.

Just as they had finalized their marching route, they suddenly received a message from the God of knowledge through the divine communication channel.

"This format is clearly from Nalinair's proxy...". Teslais almost had a PTSD trigger.

[Investigation mission: Offering a reward of XX units of the power of faith, requesting detailed intelligence on the Green Vines Empire in the Eternal Night World.]

"Isn't this easy money?" Tybella saw the Green Vines Empire and suddenly remembered that she had sent one of her subordinates there to create trouble, right?

He should have obtained a lot of information by now from his side, and then rewarded himself with a white-collar award.

She attempted to call out to elderly Joestar, but after shouting for a long time, there was no response.

"Huh?" Tybella looked perplexed. "I, such a legendary priest, was left behind and there is no news?"

Shouldn't even one bubble when they die?

"This world, well, the little cubs under my command are developing well over there. I'll accept it!" The sea god revealed a proud smile, obviously tempted.

At this moment, Tybella got in touch with the temple of the orcs and found out that they had established a kingdom. She felt a bit relieved and said, "I have some influence too. Since you have established a kingdom, would you like to cooperate with me in the land and sea of the Wave?"

Tesslease reminded with concern: 'Two seniors, the reward from Nalinaer is not easy to obtain...'

"Don't worry, a simple reward is not a problem. As long as we are cautious, there will be no problem!" Tybella and Delia spoke in unison.

From the distant 25th dimensional plane, Nalinna sensed that the divine has taken up the task she had arranged, and a content smile graced her face.

Well, after contemplating for a moment, I decided to first seek someone to probe and ascertain whether that plane is truly perilous and if it can make the incarnations disappear without a trace.


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