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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 147

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Translated by: Ben-Jackson

Edited by: everton-alves

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Chapter 147 Do You Want to Be the Father of an imperial Princess?

In the void, there is a hidden chamber filled with mirrors.

The six-winged angel Nalini floated quietly in midair, sat cross-legged in meditation, silently sensing the projection of her own existence, and then continuously calling out actively.

After a long while, she opened her eyes and let out a soft sigh.

From a timing perspective, that projection currently has no response, and there is a 98% chance that it has already been sent.

But here... It shouldn't be!

Nalinair was puzzled, but still confident in her own abilities.

Clearly, I only went to collect a debt from the little chive plant owned by Charlotte, but the Eternal Night World was so tempting in terms of strength that I directly invested in the maximum strength of that world.

This configuration, with the top-level creature riding the face output of the pyramid, can still have unexpected outcomes?

What remains is the fact that the projection she sent out disappeared into space without giving her any response.

Due to the successful application of imperial authority, Naline's projection is unable to obtain divine power support from the entity and the entity is unable to sense what the projection has encountered in the Eternal night world.

So the experiences that were projected during that period became a black box for the essence of Nalinaier, which she could not understand.

The information she mastered is only that the projection will be sent through the sacrifice channel, timing will be perfect, and she is ready to receive Charlotte's body in accordance with the gambling agreement and get Roger.

Then the projection lost its signal and to this day, there has been no news.

Asking the followers of the god of knowledge in the Eternal Night world, they responded that there has been no earth-shattering battles or other major events happening in this dimension.

All the believers, including Charlotte, who participated in the worship on the unnamed island lost their chance to respond.

As a result of retaliating against Shati, their avatars and followers were all affected and directly wiped out.

Narinair has analyzed a commonly occurring accident in the exploration of multiple universes based on known conditions.

But such an accident, happening to oneself, is still the first time.

Her strength is quite scary. Her natural ability "Time Stop" is considered a divine technique that is both offensive and defensive due to its incredible flexibility.

Even when faced with powerful demons at the bottom of an endless abyss, Nalinor can defeat them. However he always chooses to escape using time spells that ignore divine power.

"Now something interesting has happened, my own projection, which I didn't even use time stop on, was taken down by someone."

Now she doesn't even have the slightest idea about the battle information, which is unprecedented.

"Interesting, Xiao Ao's essence, his ability to cause trouble is quite good!"

Nalinea's face revealed a playful smile, as she mentally made note of the name of the Eternal Night Queen.

Chatty and her Tianming army's enemy is the Green Vines Empire. If anyone has the potential to instantly kill her projection, it would only be the queen of the Green Vines Empire.

Nalina paused and boldened the offering Roger that appeared in the sacrifice ceremony.

She is preparing to dispatch her followers to investigate. If Roger is not dead, it can be confirmed that the Green Vines empire has set a trap for her.

By then, she would have a reason to visit the Eternal Night World again and investigate how she disappeared... no, she would investigate how her projection was silently killed.

Nalina quietly accumulated the power of faith, totally unconcerned about the loss of a projection.

However, such inexplicable and pointless losses made her very discontented and left her in disbelief.

Impossible, those mortals cannot achieve this level.

Something definetely went wrong at a special moment, or perhaps there was some stupid mistake with their projection.

Just now I picked up the God of Hope, who can come and go freely in his own divine realm. How could Nalina accept crashing in this small ditch of the Eternal Night world?

There must be a big problem inside here.

Maybe there's some powerful being lurking behind the scenes. Relying solely on those indigenous creatures definitely won't achieve this level.

"This matter must be followed up and thoroughly investigated!"

Due to her dissatisfaction and curiosity, Nalinna's attitude towards the Eternal Night world has fallen into a very dangerous state.

Angels should not have these emotions, as the swords of the gods, they should not even have thoughts or self-awareness.

Discover problems, solve problems, and report unsolvable problems to the gods you serve.

Dana Lainer had long intercepted more and more trouble, analysing and solving them on her own, digging out spaces where she could make a profit.

Her Eternal life is just an endless repetition of grazing, like a sacrificial lamb that provides faith.

As she gazed upon mortals, many traces belonging to them had unconsciously imprinted on her heart.

The divine has methods to ensure the purity of angelic consciousness, but even for the divine, not all mysteries of the soul can be deciphered.

Over time, Nalina's massive memory iceberg is formed, holding hidden information frozen within it. These pieces of information will overlap and combine, ultimately creating something that even the god of knowledge cannot predict.

He habitually confirms with his most trusted angel whether she sympathizes with those fleeting, ant-like worldly things.

Just like generation after generation of Little Ao clones, memories, and consciousness accumulate, and a massive amount of information has been accrued that cannot be resolved through conventional logic.

Uncontrollable unexpected situations have occurred, and Nalina is now unable to directly solve them. It can only be intervened by means such as restarting, restoring to the factory settings, or even redesigning.

The control of the god of knowledge over Narinair is actually similar.

There are usually no problems on weekdays. If there is a problem, it must be a big problem that cannot be repaired and can only be remade from scratch.

Through their long period of collaboration, the god of knowledge has acquired a high level of trust in Nalina, and she has always performed extremely well in completing tasks assigned to her.

In the end, she became powerful but no longer pure.

Nalina has secretly done many things that harm the interests of the Seven Gods, but either these things were not discovered, or they were within the limits allowed by the God of Knowledge.

So she remained safe and sound all along, even shouldering heavier responsibilities.

"An angel who plays with others by manipulating the rules is also a master of surviving in the grey area by bending the rules when they want to make a move."

With constant success and no mistakes, Nalina's courage grew, and she dared to operate in a wider range, becoming increasingly unrestrained with her emotions.

She is curious. She is not satisfied. She begins to pay attention to the world of Eternal night.

She has already scheduled to go there again one day to look for the reason why the projection disappeared into thin air.

Nalina has thought of many possibilities, but she never considered her own projection being cut like a kite and falling into the Eternal night world, until it became a timed bomb just for her.

What kind of chain reaction will occur when a self-conscious projection influences its original form?

Her beliefs and loyalty were already in a dangerous state...

However, nobody can be certain if this angel is unconsciously causing trouble, deliberately ignoring a certain possibility, and then passively opening up some kind of attempt that has long been desired, right?

When divine creations develop human nature, they automatically possess the master level skill of deceiving themselves and others.



The Eternal night world, above the sunken unnamed island.

The Queen of the Eternal Night and Roger backed away a certain distance from each other but still maintained their flanking position looking at the projection of Nalinea.

After she shouted about negotiation, she didn't take any further actions. The situation remained awkward.

But both Roger and the Night Queen were not surprised.

Strictly speaking, from the proclamation of imperial power starting to operate, to the completion of their third disposal plan, what has now descended into Shati's body is no longer the six-winged angel, Naliniel.

She is a special life form that can exist for a long time after being modified by the magic of the Empress Eternal.

In short, the projection came to life.

In a sense, Roger and the Queen of Eternal night teamed up to create a "newborn."

Although she looks like a grown-up girl, just like a certain lady who is only one year older than her daughter, in terms of age, she can only play games for one hour a day!

Nalina's "little projection" has her intelligence and some memories, so it definitely won't be as innocent as a newborn.

But the confusion of suddenly "coming to the world" is no less than that of a newborn baby.

After shouting out the word "negotiation," the small projector didn't, as before, start spouting countless attractive terms.

She stared at the sea, thinking in confusion:

Who am I? Where am I? What am I going to do?

She kept searching but found no answer.

The only clear thought deep in my heart was the fear of death under the siege of Roger and the Eternal Night Queen.

"If I am no longer a tool, I can make my own choices..."

In short, I don't want to die!

The Eternal Night Queen and Roger were not hurrying the still chaotic little projection and didn't take advantage of the opportunity to launch an attack. They were communicating through brain waves via a magic beacon.

After seeing the state of the small projection, Roger thought of a very serious question, "Your Highness, is she human now?"

Queen of Eternal Night thought and answered, "With the possession of one's body, consciousness can completely control the body, and the body will also affect the soul due to aging, illness, and emotions. The two are interdependent... No different from humans."

Angels are not afraid of death, relying on pure faith. After death, their souls will naturally regroup in the kingdom of God and become prayer mergers.

If the gods need it, bestow strength to create a new angel, wh

But if the mini projector dies now, she will really be dead.

Losing the characteristics of being created by God and falling into the mundane world, we should and can only be humans.

Roger followed the train of thought of the Eternal Night Empress and said, "If she is a human, she should be considered our prisoner, or our spoils of war, or a citizen of the empire, or... our princess?"

There are many wizards in this world who are indifferent to romance between men and women. They prefer to treat their creations as children and nurture them, rather than getting married and having children themselves.

Following this line of thinking, it wouldn't be wrong to address the Queen's "daughters" as "Your Royal Highness, Princess".

Upon hearing this, the Eternal Night Queen narrowed her dangerous eyes and chuckled to herself, "Is Lord Roger in a hurry to become the father of an imperial princess?"

Roger was startled and then blushed.

He just made a move too. All things considered, he was truly her "daddy".

"One mother, one father. To round it up, did she become the spouse of the queen?"

"This is openly taking advantage of the Queen, this is the ambition of wanting to be an imperial prince, this is someone who talks without listening."

In an instant, Roger broke out in a cold sweat, and he quickly explained:

"Your Majesty, I don't have this intention... No, I do have intention towards Your Majesty... But not like that! what I mean is... is... you know!"

Roger was too anxious that he made himself dizzy.

He really forgot that he had his own things to do and just enjoyed eating melon. As a result, the melon field extended directly to his own home.

But if I completely disassociate myself from this statement, it may seem like I have no feelings towards Your Majesty, which is untrue.

Recently, the little bit of popularity we managed to gain, is it going to regress back to the level of "Innocent and cute Little Roger"?

"Alright, no need to explain further, I'm not going to get angry over such a trivial matter."

The Eternal Night Empress interrupted Roger's incoherent speech, devoid of anger, and even felt a little proud in her heart.

The inner thoughts of a vengeful queen are: Hehehe, look at your panicked expression, you have been toyed with by me this entire time, haven't you?

Isn't she just a princess? It's not a big deal. Even if we have to support seven or eight of them, the empire can completely stand it.

Lord Roger, please be more bold, I don't mind at all!

Roger observed the expression of the Eternal Night Queen carefully and discovered that she seemed to not really mind, thus he smoothly changed the subject, "Your Majesty, may we try to absorb this projection as an imperial citizen first? This would result in the highest profit..."

He briefly explained his ideas and thought process.

The Eternal Night Empress exerted great effort to leave this small projection, not to force her to death, but to hope that she would cooperate as much as possible to contribute intelligence.

Actually, the current situation is pretty good.

The mini projector had a burst, but after being suppressed by force, she was just confused, without showing too much excitement.

Angels were originally supposed to be the most fervent believers, so in times like these, it is normal for them to seek death or life in order to be loyal to their faith.

The small projector didn't do this, which already explains a lot of things.

Her faith is definitely problematic and it's a big problem!

In this way, if we can make the little projection feel the beauty of ordinary life and have a firm belief to keep living, the Empire may have one more golden hitman.

After all, whether it is the original Nalnir or the God of Knowledge, they cannot tolerate such a high-level angel breaking free from control.

With the information she knew, even just a projection with incomplete memories, it was extremely dangerous.

If this little projection is discovered by the Seven Gods faction, they will definitely pursue it with all their might, and their pursuit will be more ruthless and unreservedly invested than towards the Eternal Night World.

This is the treatment of a "traitor", even if she has not revealed any secrets now.

So as long as she wants to live, she will eventually realize what kind of dire situation she is in.

Sooner or later she will realize that the enemy of her enemy is her ally. She has no choice but to join the imperial camp if she is to have a chance of survival.

Because of this reality, Roger and the Eternal Night Queen didn't need to hurry. They just need to delay and appease to gradually make this little projection accept reality, accept itself, and accept the empire...

"Okay, let's handle it according to your plan. Your Excellency, please take good care of our princess."

The Night Empress snapped her fingers and teleported herself, Roger and the small projection back above the mysterious capital. Then she went to the Secret Magic Association by herself.

This battle actually revealed a lot of information, and she is eager to further research and analyze it.

"Oh no, Your Highness, I was actually about to say that you're a girl, which would improve our relationship..." Roger was stunned.

This worthless empress is so lazy, she even asks someone else to take her test for her instead of copying the answers!

The little projector, who was staring blankly, blinked its blurry big eyes and looked at Roger with confusion.

Does Xiao Ao bring himself to the capital? Isn't he afraid of causing trouble?

"Wow, why did she leave?"

"Sacrificial offering classmate, do you have anything to say?"

Roger and the Little Projection looked at each other in confusion. They felt anxious inside, as they weren't sure if they could really beat her!

"But on the surface the rounded Prince Charles still appears calm and collected, presenting himself as a sort of life mentor."

"I don't need to introduce myself to you. What you should do now is to give yourself a name, because you are no longer Narine."

The little projection repeated dreamily, "if I am no longer Nalini, then who am I supposed to be?"

"That is something you decide for yourself. In this world, you can become anyone you want to be."

Roger's voice is as tempting as a devil's.

Little Projection looked at Roger and felt an infinite radiance emanating from him. Roger looked at her with tenderness and encouragement, his body shaking slightly as if he had realized something.

"I am just myself!"

She firmly clenched her small fist.

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