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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 144

2023-03-03 08:27:53Publish Time: 1,032 views
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Chapter 144 Special Trap for Angels

The shadow puppet can pretend to be Roger and replace Dio. It frees up a lot of time for Roger himself.

If the empress was supervising the work, it became twice as exploitative.

But when she has no time to supervise the work, someone will slack off twice as often.

So on the surface, work is becoming busier and busier, but in fact, the frequency of dates between Master Charles and Little Joey is much higher than before.

It's just that the plot is too one-sided and dog abuse is not suitable for the month when the crab is listed.

But what we're talking about today is serious.

After some intimate contact with bodily fluids, the conversation is about serious business!

This round of "New Arcane" enrollment expansion, is not only because Roger can't spare more energy to drink ice, but also because of the excessive work pressure on little Joey.

A person's energy is limited. Unlike Roger who only focuses on the general situation, little Joey has the kind of character that pays attention to every detail.

No matter how many assistants she had, in the end she couldn't help do everything herself.

The business volume on both sides was increasing, and she gradually found it difficult to balance work. Her working hours began to take up too much of her personal life until it finally took over so much that Master Moyu couldn't help but protest.

He is not clingy, but he doesn't like being completely ignored either.

It is known that the girlfriend of a superior is a workaholic. The girlfriend refuses the superior's date request because she has too much work. Try to find out the psychological shadow area of the superior at this time.

Little Joey herself was very tired, so tired that she was going to collapse.

But because of some kind of paranoia, she always forced herself to persevere despite the pressure from both sides.

Seeing this, Roger felt helpless and distressed and felt that it was time to remind her not to torment herself so meaninglessly.

"I want it all" and "I refuse" belong to the kind of momentary pleasure, but in the end, it is very likely that you can't eat it.

Making choices is a skill that adults must learn.

A change in original intention is not necessarily a bad thing. It may also be a kind of growth, to get more practical work and life.

Roger first instilled chicken soup into little Joey, and finally summed up his point of view, "The ice room or Dark Night Guard, you should choose one of the two."

"Is it my work that dissatisfies adults?" Little Joey raised her head again, with tears in her eyes,she was very pitiful.

Roger pulled her to sit on his lap and said softly, "You didn't listen to what happened before, so you just remembered the last sentence. You think I'm going to fire you?"

This is enlightenment, my dear!

It seems that I don't have the talent to be a mentor, but unfortunately, the real mentor has disappeared by now...

"Isn't that just dismissal?" Little Joey pouted.

Roger raised his forehead, "It's not, silly girl. I am satisfied with your work. No one can help me sort out the ice room and Dark Night Guard more worry-free. But I hope that you can have your own life."

"My life is to reduce your burden, my lord, to help and assist you so that you will not be troubled by trivial and mundane affairs..."

"I have seen your thoughts and kept them in my heart." Roger reached out and pressed her cherry lips to stop her from continuing.

The more this girl talks, the more distressed she becomes. She is always afraid that she has paid too much unilaterally, and that I will never end my life.

It is hardest to bear the grace of beauty.

Such a twin-type wife had a good first experience, but from the perspective of modern people, she always feels that this is too unequal to her.

Well, it's hard to say that love is equal, but you can't take other people's wishes for granted because of this.

Little Joey didn't speak, and could only lie on Roger's left chest, listening to the heartbeat that was stronger than usual in her ears, and finally believing that this man was not a cold-blooded and heartless man who would throw her away after using her.

He has herself in his heart, and only because of this he will have emotions.

Little girls are always more emotional than they are rational, and therefore, often are not persuaded by logic, but moved by the other party's attitude.

Make sure you treat me well, then whatever you say is fine, I will obediently listen to everything!

Roger watched the quarrelsome girl gradually calm down, hugged her, and said softly:

"I enjoy your tenderness, but I can't always occupy all of your life like this. You should have your happiness, your own goals, and your ideals, instead of living as my shadow."

"But my happiness and goal are to be with you all the time. My idea is that you always remember that there is a fool who likes you with all her strength."

" are indeed an idiot, unique, and a little idiot that I will never forget." Roger looked at the girl's serious and somewhat shy face and felt that this scene was so moving.

Even if the real master is here, he can't help but return to vulgarity and pamper her for the rest of his life, right?

"My lord is not fond of deceiving people..."

"I understand the rules. It's a lifetime. One day less, one hour less, one minute less, and one second less will not last forever."

"Hey!" Little Joey hadn't seen Farewell My Concubine, but he still became shy after hearing it. He hid his face in his chest and only used his little hands to hold Roger's clothes.

"Then... choose one of the two?"

"Okay, I'll choose the Night Guard."

She has been persuaded just now and has been thinking about it.

"Well, very good. In this way, you don't have to work so hard and you can use the time you save to experience life more and find a new fulcrum in life."

Little Joey pondered over this strange order and suddenly winked like silk, "A new fulcrum? Does it count if the adults send me a child?"

"Are you provocative?"

Roger's mouth became dry all of a sudden, he failed to control the gun and forced the little woman into his arms.

She started the fight first, can a real man pamper her?

Let's get wet with a messy stick first!

The increase in harmonious feelings can also make cooperation in battle smoother.

After a long time, the clouds and rain disappeared.

Roger hugged the girl who was almost limp in his arms, with a cute expression, and reluctantly said, "Next, the Night Guard will be handed over to you. I'm going to act as a sacrifice, and communication may not be timely."

Little Joey suddenly became worried. He also heard him talk about the next arrangement, and asked worriedly, "Is your lord going to leave tonight? Can't we go together?"

"Don't worry, the empress is personally involved this time, so don't worry about safety." Roger rubbed her ears.

Joey has a delicate gaze because of the empress' participation that I'm worried.

She used another excuse to complain in a low voice, "Your Excellency is so cold-blooded, you let me go idle, but you ran away..."

Roger thought about it for a while, and it was indeed a bit cruel for him to do so. He pondered and said, "Let Dio accompany you at night?"


The little scheme succeeded, and Little Joey immediately agreed to avoid telling him that he would go back on his word.

The shadow puppet shares the body's sense, so it can be regarded as being by his side, at least it can attract a little of his attention, right?


Same night.

A certain half-breed devil who mustered up her courage ordered in a luxury restaurant, and wanted to express her gratitude for the proxy war:

"Do you have an appointment? That's alright, I'll take care of it another day... It's fine, you're busy!"

Someone's voice is laughing and tears are falling, but you don't know what is happening on the other side of the magic communication.

Woohoo, how many good friends does Dio still have?



At the pier on the Qiangwei River, a heavy cargo ship was setting sail.

The emblem of the Mermaid Sea Country reflected dense lights on the bow of the ship. The freighter was full of cargo, with its sails bulging, and sailed smoothly towards the east.

The warehouse is full of tea, steel, and other goods needed by the sea country, and in the deepest part, there is a special cabin with luxurious decoration and a perfect ventilation magic circle.

This freighter is one of the water channels that Shady is planning to use to escape. It can enter the sea from the Qiangwei River and sneak into the vast territory of the Mermaid Sea Kingdom.

If it wasn't for the Dark Night Guard who possessed advanced arcane equipment and opened up the full map to gain insight into every move of the Tianming Army, it would have been possible for Shady to capture Roger alive and flee by water.

But now this specially prepared freighter is part of the empire's plan to trap Nalinelle.

In the special cabin, there are Roger, Shady, and old Joestar.

It's just that the state of the three of them is not very serious.

On the bed in the cabin, Shady was half lying down, reading a book.

But she has lost herself, and now she is the marionette of Ah Fu, the Eris monster, and he arranges everything she says and does.

Perhaps after reading a certain memory, Shady can act as the former Tianming mentor as usual, and even answer the questions fluently and respond quickly.

But everything is just an afterimage of the old days.

Now she is just a shell without a soul, and her self-consciousness has completely sunk into Eternal pain in the realm of demons.

Roger was tied up and hung in the middle of the cabin, and he was bound with a full set of alchemy equipment that prohibits fluctuations in magic power.

He kept shaking within the cabin. The good news is that the binding designed by the Night Guard torture experts is quite humane, sharing the stress points on his body as much as possible.

Although the visual effect is a bit embarrassing, the experience is quite comfortable, similar to a hammock.

The bad news is that after the long journey, I have maintained a unified posture, and I still have backaches.

In front of the dressing table, old Joestar had a makeup box spread out in front of him, and he kept busy facing the mirror.

At this moment, he is acting as the priest of the God of Knowledge, assisting Shady in the sacrificial ceremony.

But I don't know if it's a coincidence, or if it was intentional by Empress Yongye. The body she provided to old Joestar was a mermaid lady with a charming face and long legs.

"So I somehow became a specialist in women's clothing?"

False women's clothing, wearing beautiful skirts and stockings, wearing colored contacts and fake fur.

The real women's clothing directly occupies the body of the big beauty, forcing the big man to pick his feet and smile like a flower.

"I think you enjoyed it quite a bit, at least your makeup level is much higher than the original owner's."

Roger sincerely praised.

The mermaid priest has a good foundation, but after old Joestar made up and restyled his hair, his charm increased by 50%.

"This... just triggers the muscle memory!"

Only then did Old Joestar realize that he was instinctively trying to make himself look better. Holding up his eyebrow pencil, he stared blankly at himself in the mirror.

With such proficient makeup skills, should I be happy, happy, or happy?

This is the core operation team of the Empire's plan to trap angels.

The bait that Roger made Nalinelle show up, it was a trap set for greed to influence her judgment.

Theoretically, Nalinel's battlefield is the multiverse, and it is impossible to focus too much energy on this side.

But with that level of existence, what if there are preventive means and intelligence channels that others can't think of? So from that moment, they boarded the boat, Roger and the others were already performing for the remnants of the Tianming Army on board.

It's difficult to explain that Shady disappeared for a while. It can only be inferred that the situation in the city was complicated, the Tianming Army suffered heavy losses, and Shady waited for the opportunity to arrive safely at the dock area.

Fortunately, the responders on the cargo ship didn't have any doubts, so they handed over the command to Shady.

As for their prince Shaq, he said he was addicted to playing cards, and he would have to play in the mysterious city for a few more days before returning home.

The people of sea county were not surprised at all. As expected of His Royal Highness, it is truly indeed something that only him can do.

In addition to the three of Roger, the Night Guard and the Mystic Society secretly dispatched several teams to the scheduled sacrifice location - an uninhabited island in the sea.

These teams are responsible for supervising and helping the Tianming Army and the sea county personnel arrange the sacrificial ceremonies, in case they are not skilled enough and make omissions.

Of course, while helping, the Secret Law Society secretly installed a series of the latest models of arcane equipment below.

For the final arrangement, Empress Yongye set the teleportation coordinates and was always on standby for support.

If their previous arrangement fails, they will prepare to capture Nalinel alive by violent means and prevent her from dying together.

Because of the existence of barriers between planes, even if Nalinier descends, she will only have part of her consciousness and part of her strength.

If the situation is not right, you can completely abandon this body and make a big commotion.

That's why the place of sacrifice was chosen as an uninhabited island.

No words all the way, two days later.

The cargo ship arrived at the border of the sea country, and under the guidance of the school of fish, it came to the target island.

Another burst of intense preparations.

Roger was hung on the cross, and Old Joestar and Shady worked together to prepare for the sacrifice.

The Tianming Army and the sea county employees didn't know that their tutors had been replaced with cores, and there were elaborate arrangements by the empire under the altar.

In their view, this is a huge success of sacrifice, and they are preparing the sacrifice with a very serious attitude, to make the sacrifice of their comrades worthwhile.

Then they acted in the wrong direction. No matter how hard they worked, they couldn't reach the other side of success.

Finally, everything is arranged.

The holy flame was lit, and the mysterious magic circle lit up with sacred light, and Shady began to call Nalinelle's name.

Behind Roger, there appeared a cross-space passage that was opened and arranged unilaterally.

But the exit at the other end of the channel has never been opened.

At this time, there were only two minutes left before the signing of the VAM agreement.

Cold sweat dripped down Shady's forehead.

Nalinaier didn't respond, and the sacrificial ceremony could not be completed.

There are many reasons for not responding.

There was a deviation in the consciousness of cross-plane magic and there was interference in the position of the astral world, and because of that Nalinelle entered a special plane...

Or, it was simply that the woman deliberately pretended not to hear.

According to Shady's original caption, she set aside at least one day for herself to sacrifice after the action, just to prevent the above accidents.

But because of the "impediment of the empire", the time for her to leave the mysterious capital was delayed a lot.

There were some small accidents in the construction of the ceremony, and the time was delayed again and again.

By now, the countdown to my bet is already on.

Shady's expression became more and more anxious. She cut her finger and dripped blood into the magic circle to increase the effectiveness of the summoning.

Old Joestar commanded the other priests, adjusting the magic ritual nervously, trying to find the reason for the failure of the sacrifice.

The believers put in more sacrifices to please Nalinelle.

In the silent but increasingly dignified atmosphere, two minutes passed relentlessly.

After two minutes and one second, six pure white wings appeared at the other end of the space channel constructed by the sacrificial magic circle.

The beautiful angel walked out slowly, ready to reap the benefits.