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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 133

2023-02-04 08:09:26Publish Time: 1,223 views
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Chapter 133 What Are the Seven Gods Doing?

A piece of the blue like a false painting, without a single wave, like an Eternally still sea.

It is vast and boundless, without any piece of land or sky.

It is clear, but you can't see the bottom. There is no living thing in the sea.

A lovely lady with short black hair struggled to get out of the void, then turned around, closed the gap with chubby little hands, and let out a long breath.

There was no one around, and she couldn't even feel the breath of any living beings, but she moved carefully, as vigilant as a thief who had snuck into the palace.

Immediately afterward, the black-haired girl was flying over the sea very carefully, keeping a distance of one centimeter from the sea's surface at all times. From time to time, she had to look at the soles of her feet to confirm that there was no distance error before continuing to fly forward slowly.

A world that can make the most powerful knowledge god among the seven gods so cautious, there is one and only one among the multiple planes: the source sea.

This multiverse is where all rules, souls, and matter are born, and it is the origin of all planes.

What appears to be clear sea water is not water at all, but the source between the mental state and the physical state.

Even if it is as strong as the God of Knowledge, if it is contaminated with the source quality, the body and spirit will be assimilated and become such clear water. There will no longer be any breath of life, no fluctuations in thinking, and the Eternal and immortal life will end instantly.

Since ancient times, the existence of the source sea has been circulated among some ancient gods, but very few of them can find it, and there is only one who can explore, analyze, and use it.

The God of Knowledge stopped suddenly. Although there was no reference, he knew that he had arrived, and called out softly, "Father God, I'm here."

After a long time, ripples appeared on the surface of the sea, and a hooded cover floated to the surface, but there was no one underneath, only a twisted shadow, supporting the cover without deflating.

The God of Knowledge felt an inexplicable pain in his heart.

He raised one hand, the palm of which was pure light-like power of faith, and with the slight shaking of Baby Fat's palm, the light was like a broken lake surface, turning into bits of light that sprinkled on the shadow.

The power of faith contributed by countless planes and people can directly give birth to a middle-level divine power of faith, helping the shadow to condense bones, and then condense flesh, skin, hair, and clothes.

In the end, the shadow turned into a tall, middle-aged man who was as prosperous as a flame.

In the early stages of the rise of the Seven Gods, his portrait was still circulating:

The creator of the Seven Gods, God King Amilas.

"Alpha, you did a good job."

Amilas was doing chest expansion exercises. He stretched his newly condensed body quite happily, and then condensed a thick tome at his fingertips, "This is the last batch of node information."

The God of Knowledge took it solemnly, hesitated for a moment, and then asked, "Father God since the nodes have been found, can you stop exploring the source sea?"

Amilas's eyes flickered slightly, he turned his head to avoid the expectation in the black-haired Zhengtai's eyes, and said softly, "In the source sea, more secrets are waiting for me to unravel."

"But this is too dangerous. The strength of your body condensed with the power of faith is getting weaker and weaker. It is impossible to resist the assimilation of the source sea. You may fall into it next time..."

"But I've given everything to you, you can still fulfill our dream, can't you?"

"That may be true, but I still need your guidance, Father God."

The God of Knowledge raised his head, looked at the tall figure, stretched out his left hand to press the restless right hand, and while restraining his emotions, said "wait until you break this box and ask the creator of the box for clarification, then you shall know everything you wish to know."

Amiras turned his head, looked into his eyes, and said calmly, "You should make sure that breaking the box will lead to the outside world, or we may die from landslides."

"That's unlikely to happen..."

"Don't lie to yourself, the two outcomes are equally possible. Therefore, it is always good if you can get more information here." Amilas narrowed his eyes slightly, and hammered his chest boldly, "Don't worry, if I melt into this sea, there must be some important discovery that causes it, and our connection will allow you to receive my final gift."

He stretched out his hand, trying to rub the black-haired Zhengtai's head, but was roughly pushed away.

The God of Knowledge was a little angry, "Father God, I don't want a gift, I just want you to live forever."

There was a flash of light in Amilas' eyes, and the God of Knowledge froze.

He had some bad intentions, and finally got his wish and rubbed Zhengtai's head.

The black hair was short, hard, and a little prickly, which made him laugh.

When a child grows up, they start gradually having their ideas, right?

"What's the point of Eternal life? Like those clay statues lost in faith, looking at the unchanging mortal dogs. I've seen too much, and now I just want to go outside and have a look."

Amiras scratched his hair, "Alpha, you are a good girl, but you are still too young compared to me, so you don't understand how angry I am when I look back at my manipulated fate in my early years. "

"But you are always calm."

"Because a long life will dull your emotions, I must stick to a belief so as not to sink into the chaotic power of belief of all beings."

The God of Knowledge recalled Father God's early teachings, and softly recited, "Faith is the root of the power of the gods, and faith is the beginning of the destruction of the gods."

Amiras laughed, "So, what I've been doing, is talking to the person who pushed me on this path, is it interesting to play with my fate like this? Or, is it acting? A stage play, to add a little after-dinner fun to those boring people outside the box?"

"But you also said that if we break the box, we may not be able to jump out of it. Facing the creator of this world, we are too powerless, just like this sea of origin, we know its power, but we can't use it at all. But he only needs one thought to reshape the rules of the entire multidimensional plane at will."

"It seems that you have also noticed the chaos and contradictions at the bottom of the world, and you are indeed suspected of scratching your head." Amiras laughed, "The creator is powerful, but there must be rules he must abide by, otherwise we will The trial of those things that have passed has already returned to the source sea..."

Simply conquering, plundering beliefs, and killing countless lives are just small ripples to the multiverse.

However, Amilas is guiding the Seven Gods, using the method of comprehending from the source sea, but returning those node planes to the original chaos, directly knocking out their existence, and turning them into "empty".

This is like hitting the load-bearing wall of a tall building.

Even though this building is extremely strong: with many backup measures and redundant design, when all the node planes he found are knocked out, a terrible chain reaction will inevitably occur.

A new life or the destruction.

Even if he ends up dying, he still wants to monitor the world outside the box as he has been working hard on it.

"Perhaps, this is also part of the Creator's stage play?" The God of Knowledge asked back.

Amiras said firmly, "Whether I've been manipulated or not, I can tell and then resist. So even if the creator wants to play outside the rules, he can only lay out the layout in other places and layout super-standard chess pieces ."

"About the creator's chess piece, Father God, do you have anything to guide me?" The God of Knowledge asked solemnly.

"Pay more attention to those who are not in the River of Destiny."

"Are there more?"

"No more. The creator came from a higher-dimensional world beyond my guess."

"I know but I believe we can win."

Amiras laughed suddenly, "Alpha, you are arrogant. Your definition of victory is too optimistic!"

The black-haired man lowered his head too. "Please teach me, Father God."

Amilas stretched out his hand and gently stroked the top of her head. This time, the God of Knowledge didn't dodge or resist.

A soft voice came softly, "Don't be blinded by praise and worship, we are not gods, we are just stronger ants, just trying to bite the caged animals out of this cage. As long as the creator and his kind don't want to see even if we die, it is our victory."

The Shinto of Knowledge said, "It's like an experiment with no results at the end, and it's a great discovery to prove that this path doesn't work."

"Alpha, your time is up." Amiras squinted his eyes and the water vapor evaporated from the source sea was inhaled by the God of Knowledge. The seemingly immature but incomparably powerful body of the God of Knowledge tended to blur.

The more node planes knocked out, the stronger the source sea's power will be.

This is also why it is more dangerous to explore the source sea even if he is as strong as a god.

"Father God, I am looking forward to seeing you next time."

The God of Knowledge nodded, holding the classic book, tearing apart the space, and returning to the Ten Thousand Dimensional Gap.

Amilas watched him, his figure gradually sank into the sea, took a deep breath, and then disappeared, exploring the deeper sea.

In the huge relics that existed since the foundation of this world, he had to rummage through them incomparably hard before he could find valuable information.

It's as difficult as finding a brand-new flagship phone in a mountain of garbage.

The God of Knowledge walked towards his room with heavy steps and merged the thick book he had just obtained into the heavy and simple classics spread out on the table.

In his eyes, this is not a book, but a detailed three-dimensional structure diagram.

An exquisite and complicated fourteenth-order Rubik's Cube connected by gears, hinges, levers, and pistons, driven by the source, rotates and twists continuously to form various patterns.

It's just that there are traces of corrosion by black rust in many places.

It is the node plane "Transformed" by the Seven Gods.

Now, Amiras has added a batch of newly confirmed node planes all marked with a special red color.

The God of Knowledge is thinking about the relationship between these planes and is starting a new round of strategy.

How can we consume the least power of faith and occupy as many planes as possible?

Roger felt that the strength of the Seven Gods was irresistible, and the Queen of Eternal Night dreamt of the unstoppable side of the Angel Legion of the Kingdom of God, which was pouring like fire from heaven.

But in fact, the Seven Gods also felt that their strength stretched before the grand goal of the God King, and every step needs to be carefully calculated.

However, the fact that the Seven Gods have grasped the structural diagram of this 14th-order Rubik's Cube means that because Amilas explore the source sea, the Seven Gods faction has advantageous information that all the gods in the past and present cannot match.

It was the belief that those gods who only knew belief in the past didn't have.

"Currently, we rebels have become old and conservative evil spirits in the eyes of the new generation, right?"

The God of Knowledge tilted his head, showed a smile, and began to draw complex thin lines on the fourteenth-order Rubik's Cube.

This will be the next phase of the offensive strategy of the Seven Gods camp.

The world named "Eternal Night" is also one of the red marks strung together by these thin lines.



The endless abyss is a level that cannot be entered.

The Eternal Night Empress broke down the door with violence, led the elite team of the Secret Law Association to bless them with protective magic, and passed through the gap that seemed to absorb even light and seemed to hide a shocking secret.

Then, they all froze.

What appeared before their eyes were...



Everyone was worried that behind the door was the secret training base of the Seven Gods. There were mixed-blood demons with angel wings all over the mountains and plains, all of whom had legendary strength. When the door was opened, countless meteor waterfalls hit their faces and smashed wildly.

Or a reformed believer, praying crazily and obsessively, giving birth to a child while praying, the child is planted in the ground and grows rapidly, and a new believer who can pray grows up a few minutes later...

Or the Goddess of War smiled mockingly, and said to the Queen of Eternal Night, little cutie, you have finally cast yourself into the trap.

Or it might be some new divine technique that they have never seen before, transforming it into a terrifying scene that should not be seen by the outside world.

In short, there must be a reason why the Seven Gods closed the door so tightly, right? You must be holding back your big move, right?

As a result, none of the pictures they inferred appeared.

There was nothingness in front of him, as empty as a star world.

There should have been a chaotic world full of lava, filled with the smell of sulfur, filled with demons running wildly, but it turned into nothingness.

"What kind of power is this, directly smoothing out a world?" A legendary mage calculated the magic power needed to achieve this step and his back felt cold because of shock.

"Maybe it's a chain reaction in which matter collides and annihilates each other?" Another magician proposed a possibility that was only possible in theory.

Half of the magicians are lunatics, and half are rationalists like scientists.

They only believe in the world they see and understand, and they will admit that the gods are very strong, but they didn't think that the gods can be infinitely strong.

Relying on their strength alone, annihilating a world into nothingness is beyond their comprehension of gods.

Because the things in front of them were too contrary for common sense, even though the Queen of Eternal Night was right in front of them, these mages couldn't hold back and began to discuss in a low voice.

The Queen of Eternal Night didn't speak, she listened silently.

Her perception is sharper than that of her subordinates, and she can confirm that the abyss level, which was not much smaller than the Evernight World, has completely turned into nothingness.

There is no matter, no energy.

In contrast, the Star Realm is a bustling idealistic world. There are native creatures, but here is a terrible silence.

The observers in it, if they don't communicate, might be swallowed by the silence and go crazy, right?

She snapped her fingers, led everyone back to the normal abyss level outside the door, and then quickly closed that damned gap as if it were hot.

The magician was still discussing, she coughed lightly, and interrupted:

"My dear friends, stop your deduction about annihilating the world. Can anyone tell me why the gods did this operation?"

She has an intuition that those vanished abyss levels, and even the material planes that have fallen into the gods, have become similar.

The gods who intend to plunder the power of faith are destroyed. This is abnormal.

If such unreasonable methods are also used in the Eternal Night World...

Nervous as thick as the Queen of Eternal Night, she couldn't help shivering.

Who do I pray to, and hope that our world will not block the way of those lunatics of the Seven Gods?

For the first time in her life, she was timid.