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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 131

2023-01-28 09:35:54Publish Time: 1,326 views
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Chapter 131 The intelligence battle with the full map was extremely smooth.

Hicks Quick, the legendary sword master.

That is the one-eyed man who questioned Roger's overconfidence before the Night Guard's first move, before attacking Fergus Castle.

After that battle, Hicks was completely overwhelmed by Roger's inhumanity...ah no charisma, and he planned to retire from the Night Guard.

He was born as a civilian, not a strong man trained by the military complex. He was a mercenary before, visited the Underdark, and explored ancient ruins.

Thousands of combat experiences, continuous practice, and a little luck are indispensable to being promoted to legend.

Perhaps it has something to do with his upbringing. In his bones, he has a bit of hatred and disdain for nobles and officials.

This person was originally the core character of a sideline in the game. After completing the mission, the protagonist will have a choice of three sword moves, all of which are powerful.

From this, it can be judged that Hicks' combat effectiveness will only be stronger, so Roger wrote his name on the recruitment list and handed it over to Little Joey.

In the end, he was recruited.

It's also interesting to say that during this period, Hicks hadn't returned to the hermitage, and was taking risks everywhere and looking for an opponent worthy of the challenge.

This is hard, dangerous, and expensive work.

As the party that took the initiative to challenge, if he lost, he would go to the priest for treatment, and if he won, he would pay the other party money. As a result, he would be short of money.

The Night Guard's wages are not low, and "Long Live the Queen" said that this organization will supervise nobles, so even though Hicks rejects the official organization, he finally decided to mix some wages here.

There's no way, the Commander gave too much.

First, the delivery of equipment, then the destruction of the noble castle, and then the public trial of the noble lord. The series of operations made Hicks look stupid.

Especially after sweeping the dregs of the nobles from south to north, Hicks suddenly realized that nothing could be changed by relying on personal bravery and willingness to reciprocate.

Only by relying on the huge state apparatus of the Ivy Empire and under the command of correct ideology, can we truly create a new era and give the people a bright future.

The stronger the empire, the better life will be.

The Night Guard might be the best, a warrior who only knows destruction, can't build an empire.

Because of this awareness, Hicks gradually became more serious in the follow-up actions, and no longer had the mentality of just being a worker.

In addition to his combat effectiveness, he has gradually demonstrated good command ability and insight, and his charm convinced many people.

When the Night Guard was reorganized, Roger personally asked this sword master, who had the feeling of an oriental ranger, if he would like to be a golden sleeve.

Hicks was flattered. He didn't like those annoying mundane affairs, but he was not willing to let the situation of the Qingming Empire deteriorate again after so much effort.

The work of the Night Guard has a sense of mission that makes him feel that his life is very meaningful.

In the end, Hicks agreed and became a gold sleeve.

And because of his boldness and fearlessness, he was in charge of the intelligence system of the City of Mysteries.

By the way, he also took over a group of intelligence personnel, related industries, and top-secret files from the military department...

There is a struggle for power within the empire, but Margaret is not convinced by the handover that Empress Eternal Night has confirmed, and she dares not put on little shoes for Roger anymore.

The threat of solid-liquid separation was something she would never forget.

As Hicks' authority in the Nightguard system increased, he could access more and more information.

He not only witnessed the vicissitudes of the empire's politics, the supremacy of the imperial power, the abdication of the nobles, and the rise of the common people.

Also, as more and more new equipment was acquired, I secretly felt the true vitality of the empire.

There are more and more equipment items that make him incredible, and they are not expensive.

At least, it's not expensive for the Night Guards, and it belongs to the category that can be purchased in large quantities.

If this equipment is deployed in an all-around way, it will increase the combat effectiveness of the regular army of the Empire several times.

Even if Hicks kills hundreds of magicians, he has to admit that the Mages/magi is/are the darling/s of the world, the group who can truly change the world and lead the times forward.

From high-level weapons and equipment to the way of meditation and cultivation of fighters to advanced sword masters, tracing back to the source, they are all inseparable from the caster.

And the empire after the release of "New Arcane Art" may not be known to the outside world, but Hicks can see the updates of the Night Guard and a series of military equipment.

There are also multiple consumptions of various minerals, increased production brought about by state farms, and brand new buildings called "factories" quietly appearing and attracting a large number of laborers...

These changes appeared in every corner of the empire in a very short period. The speed was so fast that Hicks almost didn't recognize this world.

For example, the detection aids of the Night Guard are updated three rounds a month.

First, it was the "Druid's Eye" that Roger used, which uses magic-modified creatures as detectors.

This set of equipment has now been popularized by every Silver Sleeve team, allowing them to gain an infinitely high intelligence advantage before taking action.

Furthermore, the "Justice Gaze" series of alchemy cameras, have gradually been installed in the streets and alleys of the city of mystery. They are installed in a fixed location and can obtain a field of view without magical fluctuations.

From the eyes of ordinary people, it is just that there are some cute little sculptures on the roofs and street lamps.

But in fact, the Night Guard is watching you.

The gaze of justice has increased the Night Guard's control over the entire imperial capital.

In the past, many cases were committed by supernatural powers and could not be solved. Now look at the surveillance, it can be done in minutes.

A week ago, the latest generation of eavesdropping equipment "The whistle Bee" series first popularized the Dark Night Guard in the Aodu area.

Each silver-sleeved team under him has popularized several sets of sentinel bees that look similar in appearance and function. According to the secret arts, there are various nuances.

"Forget it, you don't need to worry about the specific indicators, just tell me which set is the most stable and durable after a month."

The person in charge of Whistlebee's research and development looked at Hicks and other combatants' expressions as if listening to heaven, and gave up continuing to introduce the differences between several models of his proud work.

Although he didn't know it, Hicks still recognized the function of the whistling bee.

Its receiver is about the size of a magazine and looks like a tablet.

Electromagnetism is used as the transceiver device, but the core control and storage are still magic, which can be regarded as the fusion of two technical systems.

The launcher is a creation of pure technology, it's just the size of a button, with a quick-drying sticky substance on the back, which can easily stick to the target's carriage, room furnishings, and even personal belongings.

For a dexterous high-ranking thief, this operation is much easier than stealing secret letters from the opponent's clothes without anyone noticing.

The Whistlebee's transmitter is a complete electronic device, without any magical fluctuations, pure electromagnetic waves, which will not arouse the slightest vigilance.

However, there are many disadvantages, such as limited power, and the signal transmission radius is only one kilometer.

This is still a theoretical value. In Aodu, it is still disturbed by various variables like inexplicable magic equipment, wall materials, etc.

But with this size and function, what kind of bicycle do you need?

A group of foreign spies detected the magic aura in the room and activated the soundproof circle to discuss confidential matters, but because of the sentinels arranged in advance, every word they said was being monitored by the night guards a few rooms away.

Who dares to say that this intelligence advantage is not big enough?

In a month, Roger would have to admire the alchemists in this world for being able to miniaturize pure electronic equipment to such a degree, their hands-on ability is simply outrageous.

Who is the real master of alchemy, who is not a fierce man with more than a dozen layers of magic circles in small daggers, brooches, and magic rings?

Putting it on the earth, the handcart industrial mother machine, and the senior technician who carves rocket fuel are like this.

In terms of the manufacturing accuracy of human hands, there may be no limit in this world.

After all, the manufacturing of equipment with a purely electronic structure only requires that there be no magic fluctuations during operation, and there is no need for the manufacturing process to be purely physical. Alchemists can still use various magical aids.

As long as you are patient enough, it is not a dream for these masters to rub integrated circuits with their hands, and the spirit of the device will silently kill all artificial mentally retarded people on the earth.

After all, the artificial intelligence that people on Earth are playing with is essentially a program.

But it is possible that it was someone he knew from his past life.

In this era, the concept of human rights and scientific research ethics have not yet emerged. Wars, large and small, will never stop. Magicians are much more unscrupulous than scientists.

Let’s not talk about how the Necromancer School developed and grew. It is the Druid School, which is known as the most advocating nature. Guess when they switched between using human bodies and magical creatures, they didn't want to be stuck as abominations, right? Sufficient anatomical accumulation?

So, don't think about what a great magician has done, just don't think about it.

Electronic equipment manufactured by a magician may sound counterintuitive, but you have to understand that there is no limit to the manufacturing process, the difficulty will only be lower than knocking out a piece of extraordinary equipment.

Of course, the current Whistlebee has not yet reached the mass production level. Only a small amount of the night guards are equipped that provided test results, and a series of processes such as collecting feedback for improvement and finalization have to go.

After that, it's the production line, mass production, and application for more intelligence personnel.

The Imbalanced Chapter is still very happy to manufacture arcane equipment, at least in terms of the required raw materials, it saves a lot of trouble.

They are all common minerals, there is no need for strange feathers, the blood of special monsters, mysterious plants, and the like...

Alchemists often encounter the embarrassing situation of holding a peerless formula in their hands, but failing to collect all the materials after hundreds of years.

The big difference between modern industry and high-end magic equipment lies in the difficulty of obtaining raw materials and the convenience of replacing raw materials with standardized processing.

Every time he explored new equipment, Hicks would always see those mages in his mercenary regiment who were having fun because of a certain experiment.

These magicians in the empire should have been inspired by the "New Arcane Art" to add new ideas, plus the gold coins and materials that the empire supports infinitely, and then continue to make new attempts, right?

For them, it's like a long-term game. With the DLC being suddenly dropped, with new maps, new plots, new wives, and even brand-new mechanisms...

The enthusiasm that had been extinguished immediately was rekindled in an instant.

And according to the Commander, with the dividends brought by the wave of new ideas, these mages can "think" out many interesting new things by playing exhaustive methods with their eyes closed.

Of course, the new equipment that the Dark Night Guards keep acquiring also needs training and adaptation. It takes time to make more attempts and carry out targeted training to fully control and adapt to the new equipment, to become familiar with this kind of working mode that seems to have opened up the whole picture, and maximize its use of it. All of these advantages are brought by new equipment.

[A group of purgatory mode has been played too much, the micromanagement position is engraved into the DNA, and the cheating device is suddenly activated, and it will not be unreasonable, but it will lead to inefficient stupidity! 】

An official complaint from a commander.

And in the process of familiarizing themselves with the equipment, one of Hicks's copper-sleeved detectives heard the conversations of several suspected members of the Tianming Army.

Everyone is extremely alert to this terrorist organization that once caused a massacre in the empire and declared responsibility.

Without any additional instructions, the Tongxiu immediately reported the situation and then followed him secretly from a distance.

And the Tianming Army was discovered to be only a peripheral Part of The army, so naturally, they don't find themselves exposed.

They have been dormant for a long time, and recently they finally waited for the order from Tianming Mentor to round up and make preparations.

The discovery of the copper sleeve was reported all the way, and it received more and more attention.

Aristocrats are class enemies, and it is still necessary to distinguish between good and bad, but Veronica, a remnant of the previous dynasty, sees one, and it is absolutely fine to kill directly.

No one wants to see the tragedy in Ashford City repeated in the City of Mystery.

Even in the eyes of the people of the empire what happened was the result of the former ruler's liquidation of the former traitors.

But the culprits who caused the excitement came to their door, and the imperial people would not let them wander casually.

Information about the Tianming Army reached Hicks's desk, and he immediately arranged for action, drawing five out of the fifteen silver-sleeved teams guarding the Mysterious City to follow it all the way.

It is required to investigate the reason and then target the Tianming Army in the empire's capital without alarming them.

Finally, it will be reported to the commanding envoy to decide on the next step.

So far, the intelligence station has gone extremely smoothly.

Electronic equipment is a complete blind spot for the strong in this world. This makes the tentacles of the Night Guard seem invisible, covering the members of the Tianming Army and monitoring their every move.

No matter how cautious Xia Di was, she would never have imagined that while her actions were still in the preparation stage, the other side had already opened a full map to observe and analyze all their actions.

As a believer of the God of Knowledge, everything about her is outside the prophecy, and her subordinates have arranged a prudent code of conduct. Before she acts, she is super concealed.

Just like before committing suicide, who knew that a cute little girl was strapped with bombs?

But all the conversations of this child's parents are monitored, and they frantically trigger sensitive words such as 911 without shyness. If they don't stare at you, who else?

So the next day, Roger got the news that the Tianming army was going to round up Dio.

Apart from being wrong, I also felt inexplicable, and after being inexplicable, I also became angry.

Before Joestar wanted to kill himself, it was still the secondary target of the capital's bloody night queen.

Now that the Tianming army has held back for so long without taking any new actions, there is nothing else to do with a large-scale invasion of Austria, just to catch themselves.

A bit too much, isn't it? There are so many people in the capital, so it depends on me to be easy to bully.

"It seems that we have to do whatever we can, and give shady and her old man some fun."

I have worked for Xia Di for several weeks. According to her style and methods, Roger can casually have a lot of countermeasures, backup countermeasures, and backup methods of backup countermeasures...

You can tell me how to lose the spy battle even with the full map, right?